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University of Toronto. Centre for International Studies

Administrative and operational records consist of subject files, appointments, review of the centre, grants, public lectures, projects and publications. Includes series on the Bissell professorship and the visiting professors of German and European studies. Photographs of visiting Professor of German and European studies.

University of Toronto. Department of Alumni Affairs

Lists and correspondence relating to University College classes (1921-1961); minutes and miscellaneous records regarding the University College alumnae and alumni associations (1932-1970); records of other alumni associations (1957-1970); minutes, briefs and reports of the President's Long Range Planning Committee on Alumni Affairs (1968-1971); correspondence, applications and lists relating to scholarships and loans, particularly War Memorial Scholarships (1931-1971); correspondence and reports relating to Branch Alumni Associations (1925-1970), University of Toronto Alumni Association (1927-1971) and Alumni House; general files (1936-1970); correspondence, publicity and minutes relating to Homecomings and Spring Reunions (1951-1971); miscellaneous printed material (ca. 1914-1966) and photographs.

University of Toronto. Department of Alumni Affairs

Contains the following series: general subject files 1973-1975; Director and Assistant Director subject files (100 series) 1973-1975; Alumni House 1973-1975; University of Toronto Alumni Association, directorate and executive minutes and subject files 1973-1975; Branch files 1973-1975; Association files 1973-1975. Also includes minutes and agendas of the the Associates of the University of Toronto 1970-1976 as well as records relating to the administration of the University of Toronto Loan Fund.

University of Toronto. Department of Athletics and Recreation

Photographs of the building of Varsity Stadium, various sporting activities such as football, fencing, hockey, gymnastics, track and field, basketball, etc. Some individuals are identified such as Bruce Kidd, Jack Porter, Mike Rathan, Bill Carruthers, J.R. Evans, Dick Brown, etc. Many photos are undated.

University of Toronto. Department of Athletics and Recreation

Photographs, negatives, and slides of athletic events and teams, including rugby, squash, gymnastics, golf, tennis, hockey, sailing, track and field, skiing, wrestling, assault-at-arms, water polo; views of coaches and professors. Also includes 2 posters and a drawing regarding the Athletic Association.

University of Toronto. Department of Athletics and Recreation

Graphic records documenting men's and women's athletic teams including football, water polo, english rugby, squash, boxing, fencing, curling, basketball, volleyball, hockey and gymnastics.
Film: Game or match footage of University of Toronto intercollegiate sports teams including basketball (men and women), fencing, football, hockey and soccer (men only) 1972-1980.
Textual: Game reports for rugger, skiing, soccer, squash, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball and wrestling (1970s)

University of Toronto. Department of Art as Applied to Medicine

Contains original drawings done by members of the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine including M.T. Wishart, long time director of the Department and her assistant E. Hopper. They were done for two publications: "Surgery of the Hand" by Dr. John H. Cowen, University of Toronto Press 1939 (box/001); "The Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynaecology "by Dr. A.W. Scott and Dr. H.B. VanWyck, Philadelphia, Lea and Fabiger, 1946 (boxes /002-/006).

University of Toronto. Art Service (Faculty of Medicine)

Contains eight drawings mounted on a board illustrating a lobectomy. Based on information on the back of the illustrations, they were prepared by Faculty of Medicine Art Service for the Department of Surgery. They were used first by Dr. Norman Shenstone of the Department of Surgery and the Toronto General Hospital and possibly later by Robert M. Janes, head of the Department of Surgery.

University of Toronto. Department of Botany

Report, guest list, speeches, articles and photographs of the opening of the Botany Building (1932); list of donors to the Robert Boyd Thomson Portrait Fund, with plates, screen prints for and photoprints of the portrait (1941); four blueprints for the proposed greenhouse for the Botany Building (1935).

University of Toronto. Department of Botany

Correspondence and related award record sent to the Dean of Botany regarding the Isabella Moffat Gilchrist Prize (1973) and four photographs of Archibald Gilchrist and his Gilchrist Lillies (n.d. but pre-1936). Textual records relate to records in A82-0036 - see Box 14 File 'Isabella Moffat Gilchrist Prize'.

University of Toronto. Department of Botany

This accession consists of approximately 2700 glass lantern slides used for teaching and publication in the Department of Botany. There are four distinct series: slides of plants arranged by plant family; slides of wilderness in Western Canada and North Western United States, including views of mountains, glaciers, settlements, infrastructure such as bridges, and vegetation; microscopes and views of plant specimens and vegetation taken from both original and published sources. Also in this accession are approximately 300 glass negatives of wild flowers. The photographer is amateur botanist R. S. Cassells and were used in Some Familiar Wild Flowers (1930) compiled by J.E. Jones. There are two index books listing illustrations. Their relationship to the slides remains unclear

University of Toronto. Department of Botany

Snapshots taken around the time of the opening of the Botany Building in 1932. There is one view of the procession and several views of professors and dignitaries visiting the Ontario Agricultural College in Guelph and surrounding area. Identified is Professors A.C. Seward of the Botany School at Cambridge University who visited the University of Toronto for the opening. He was accompanied by Prof. A.P. Coleman, H.S. Jackson of Botany, J.E. Howitt of Guelph as well other botanists presumably from Guelph. There are also numerous views of "pot hole" formations at Elora taken presumably around the same time.

University of Toronto. Department of East Asian Studies

Records from the office of the Chairperson, Department of East Asian Studies, consisting of correspondence, memoranda, minutes, drafts of reports, and publications in general administrative files, financial records (general accounts and budgets), applications for employment, student records (including applications and withdrawals), and course outlines; also photoprints relating to the Japanese and Korean programs.

University of Toronto. Department of Engineering Drawing

Records of the Department of Engineering Drawing, consisting of instructions and problems sets for 1st to 4th year courses in engineering problems and drawing (1936-1965); problems in mathematics for 1st and 2nd year students (1944-1963); course notes in mathematics taken by Professor William James Turnbull Wright from Professor Samuel Beatty during the summer of 1933 and the academic years 1934-1936; lantern slides, most of which belonged to Professors Roy Cockburn and C. H. C. Wright (1912-1946). Also included are records of the Department of Civil Engineering, consisting of a report on hydro-electric power on the Bow River by John Bow Challis (191-) and undergraduate project reports (1970) on the problems of parking on the University of Toronto campus.

Wright, William James Turnbull

University of Toronto. Department of Health Administration

Records of former senior administrator of Dept. of Health Administration and predecessor, School of Hygiene. Gerald Turner (former Pres. of Mt. Sinai Hospital), Ron McQueen, Peggy Leatt, Eugenie Stewart. Also reports relating to Accreditation (1974-5), development of programme on Health Administration and Society of Graduates.

University of Toronto. Department of Industrial Engineering

Correspondence, reports, statements, etc relating to curriculum development (1965-1972); NRC Scholarship applications for Undergraduates in Industrial Engineering (1966-1969); lists of 4th year thesis students including names of students and topic (1965-1972); enrollment applications and statistics for undergraduates in industrial engineering; recommendations for summer employment for undergraduates and for fellowships, (1961-1970); photoprints of students (1968-1969).

University of Toronto. Department of Surgery

Contains files of the Department Chair, (ca. 1920-1973)(incomplete); records of the Kergin Surgical Society, 1966-1974; records of the Gallie Club, 1953-1978; photographic portraits of individuals who taught in the department, and a composite of the Toronto School of Medicine third year class, 1884-1885.

University of Toronto. Department of Zoology

This accession consists of photographs and videos documenting the faculty, staff and several events held at the Department of Zoology. Sound recordings consist mainly of recorded lectures from BIO 110. There are also four boxes of administrative files documenting mainly external reviews, planning committees and various reports.

University of Toronto. Department of Zoology

Consists of records related to the Department of Zoology's Landscape Committee, specifically their project called "Zoo Woods", which was a green space project situated between the Sidney Smith building and the Ramsey Wright Laboratories. The records in this accession come from one large 3-ring binder and contain correspondence regarding the Zoo Woods project, clippings from 'Zoonews' and print-outs on related landscaping projects, site inventories, and research materials on plant-life to be used in the project. The accession also contains slides documenting the project.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Forestry

Records of the Deans: B.E. Fernow, C.D. Howe, G.G. Cosens and J.W.B. Sisam (ca. 1907-1971); logging reports (ca. 1909-1964); subject files regarding research, teaching, surveys, associations and institutions related to forestry work (ca. 1907-1971); photographs and lantern slides; maps and publishers' plates.

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