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International Rocketship Ltd. fonds

  • CA ON00349 2008.016
  • Fonds
  • 1969-2004

This fonds is composed of the production material from 20 short animated films and 14 television commercials produced between 1969 and 2003. The fonds is divided into 5 series. These are: Textual Material, Graphic Material, Film Elements, Video Material, Audio Material, and Ephemera.
The first series, Textual Material, includes scripts, contracts, timing sheets, notes, advertising art, and 36 information binders.
The second series, Graphic Material, constitutes the bulk of the collection and includes several kinds of animation cels, pencil and pastel sketches, ink drawings, backgrounds, posters, design work, models, advertising artwork, layout drawings, and storyboards.
The third series, Film Elements, consists of 16mm and 35mm release prints and elements (including duplicate negatives, optical and magnetic soundtracks, outtakes, and picture trims).
The fourth and fifth series (Video Material and Audio Material) consists of video and audio components of International Rocketship productions.
The sixth series, Ephemera, includes t-shirts and puppets.

This fonds includes textual material relating to a number of productions, including:

Bambi Meets Godzilla (Film, 1969)
Sing Beast Sing (Film, 1980)
The Butterfly (Film, 1983)
Points (Film, 1984)
Anijam (Film, 1984)
Hooray for Sandboxland (Film, 1985)
Dry Noodles (Film, 1985)
Lupo the Butcher (Film, 1987)
Black Hula (Film, 1988)
Dog Brain (Film, 1988)
Waddles (Film, 1988)
Earl’s Restaurants—Table at Earl’s (Commercial, 1990)
Let’s ChoopSooE (Film, 1991)
Pink Komkommer (Film, 1991)
Pollen Fever (Film, 1993)
BC LottoVarious (Commercial, 1993/1995)
Interior Plumbing (Film, 1994)
Midas Muffler—Three Headed Guy (Commercial, 1994)
Parker Bros—Various (Commercial, 1994/1995 )
Nalley’s Dippers—Football (Commercial, 1995)
Nickelodeon—Nick Jr. Dinoslide (Commercial, 1995/1997)
Ottawa ’96 Signal Film (Film, 1996)
FUV (Film, 1999)
Friday Night Idiot Box (Film, 2001)
Explodium (Film, 2001)
My Friend Max (Film, 2001)
Beijing Flipbook (Film, 2003)
Converse Shoes—(Commercial, n.d.)
Microsoft (Commercial, n.d.)
This fonds includes audiovisual material relating to a number of productions, including:

Bambi Meets Godzilla (Film, 1969)
Sing Beast Sing (Film, 1980)
The Butterfly (Film, 1983)
Anijam (Film, 1984)
Points (Film, 1984)
Hooray for Sandboxland (Film, 1985)
Dry Noodles (Film, 1985)
Lupo the Butcher (Film, 1987)
Dog Brain (Film, 1988)
Black Hula (Film, 1988)
Waddles (Film, 1988)
Earl’s Restaurants—Table at Earl’s (Commercial, 1990)
Let’s ChoopSooE (Film, 1991)
Pink Komkommer (Film, 1991)
Pollen Fever (Film, 1993)
BC LottoVarious (Commercial, 1993/1995)
Interior Plumbing (Film, 1994)
Midas Muffler—Three Headed Guy (Commercial, 1994)
Parker Bros—Various (Commercial, 1994/1995 )
Nalley’s Dippers –Football (Commercial, 1995)
FUV (Film, 1999)
Friday Night Idiot Box (Film, 2001)
Explodium (Film, 2001)
My Friend Max (Film, 2001)
Beijing Flipbook (Film, 2003)
Nickelodeon—Pop Goes the Monkey (Commercial, n.d.)
Converse Shoes (Commercial, n.d.)
Microsoft (Commercial, n.d.)

International Rocketship Ltd.

Jim Szakacs

  • CA ON00349 2023.017
  • Fonds
  • 1917 - 2019

The Jim Szakacs collection is separated under these series:
Series 1 – 5
Series 1: Books
Series 2: Vintage Magazines
Series 3: Press Clippings
Series 4: Stills
Series 5: Scrapbook

Series 1: Books
Jim Szakacs collected an incredible number of books on Hollywood celebrities and movie production from the golden and silver age of Hollywood. Book series with the collection includes “The films of…” a collection of books that detail the film history of the actor or actress. Also, in the first series includes the book collection “What ever became of…” the stories of what happened after a celebrity loses their fame or retires from show business.
Series 2: Vintage Magazines
The second series contains the collections of vintage magazines that retells the stories and news of the Hollywood celebrity stars on their roles in Hollywood and their lives. Szakacs collected publications mainly from the United States that focused on the Hollywood stars from the late 1940s to the 1980s. Publications includes “Motion Picture Herald” started off as the “Exhibitors Herald”; “Who’s Who’s in Hollywood”; “Modern Screen”; “Screen Stories”; “Hollywood studio Magazine”; “Hollywood then & now”; “American Classic Screen”; and “Photoplay”. There is also an international magazine from Swedish magazine “Fiskejournalen”. Most of the vintage magazines are in good condition, however, there are a few that will have images of the celebrities cut out. As the magazines that were collected by Szakacs was also as materials to be placed in his collection of scrapbooks.
Series 3: Press Clippings
The third series is a collection of press clippings that Jim Szakacs collected over the many decades. Articles from American publishers and international publishers. Press clippings come from vintage news articles from the 1930s to as recent as of 2019. The various clippings chosen by Szakacs from magazines covers, newspapers, articles, and marketing advertisements from various Hollywood stars. A few of the clippings he collected for the scrapbook do contain nudity.
Series 4: Stills
The fourth series contains Szakacs collection of celebrity portraits. Many of the photographs in the collection are reprints and reproduction of the original. Hollywood stars included in the collection are George Segal, Elizabeth Taylor, Sean Connery, Valerie Harper, James Hill, Virginia McKenna, Roland Winters, Rick Vallin, and other Hollywood celebrities.
Series 5: Scrapbooks
The fifth series is a collection of Jim Szakacs’s Scrapbooks. Szakacs was an avid scrapbooker, who would dedicate his scrapbooks to various stars and films. Jim Szakacs’ hand-made collection of celebrity obituary scrapbooks, all oversized ring binding scrapbooks that hold a collection of clippings, collages, stills, articles, and obituaries that he sourced and compiled over decades. Szakacs dedicates entire pages to chronicling the careers of prominent film stars, musicians, and public figures. Figures he collected include Dame Vera Lynn; Ian Holm; Joel Schumacher; Linda Cristal; Carl Reiner; Hugh Downs; and others. He dedicated obituary scrapbooks on Rock Hudson, Clark Gable, and Marilyn Monroe. The clippings he sourced were from vintage magazines from 1917 to the modern-day articles and posters from 2015.

Szakacs, Jim

Lorraine Segato Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2023.024
  • Fonds
  • 1974 - 2015

This fonds has been arranged in two different ways. The first is an arrangement scheme based on the creator’s order by box number. The second arrangement divides the fonds into a series of functional classifications based on the creator’s career and work. Those series, and subseries are as follows:
Series One: Early Recording Career
This series includes audio recordings made by Segato in 1977 while she was attending Sheridan College. It also includes two recordings by the No Frills Band (which included members of Segato’s first band, Mama Quilla II).

Series Two: Mama Quilla II
This series includes records related to Segato’s first band, Mama Quilla II. It has been arranged into subseries as follows:
Subseries One: Press Clippings
This subseries includes press materials pertaining to Mama Quilla II, including press kits, newspaper and magazine clippings, and a softcover book featuring Mama Quilla II.
Subseries Two: Photos and Posters
This subseries includes posters for various Mama Quilla II gigs, as well as photographs of the band.
Subseries Three: Recordings
This subseries includes a commercial 12” record released by Mama Quilla II, as well as outtakes and songs on ¼ in. audio tape.
Series Three: V
This series includes records related to Segato’s band with Mojah, Jeffrey Holdip, Terry Wilkins and Billy Bryans. This series includes posters for various V gigs.
Series Four: Parachute Club
This series includes records related to The Parachute Club. It has been arranged into subseries as follows:
Subseries One: Business and Legal Files
This subseries includes records related to the business and legal affairs of The Parachute Club. This includes correspondence, various contracts, music licensing and sync agreements, royalty statements, budgets, financial details and expense reports, tour riders, tour itineraries, management company proposals and strategies, and merchandising reports. This subseries also contains records related to a lawsuit launched by members of The Parachute Club against EMI for use of the song “Rise Up” in advertising.
Subseries Two: Press Clippings
This subseries includes various newspaper and magazine clippings pertaining to The Parachute Club.
Subseries Three: Ephemera
This subseries includes ephemeral materials related to The Parachute Club, including invitations, flyers, guests lists and other planning documents related to their self-titled album release party at the Bamboo Club. It includes various programmes, flyers, photographs, and backstage passes relating to Parachute Club gigs. It also includes notebooks belonging to Segato, containing song lyrics and journal entries. Finally, this subseries includes promotional items such as a branded folder for “At the Feet of the Moon” as well as a Parachute Club t-shirt.

Subseries Four: Awards and Honours
This subseries includes records related to awards and honours received by The Parachute Club. This includes Juno nomination certificates, a Northern Lights for Africa Society certificate and correspondence from various dignitaries. It also includes a Juno Award for Best Video, “Love is Fire,” a CASBY Award for Album of the Year, “Small Victories”, and two CFNY U-Know Awards, 1983 Most Promising Female, Lorraine Segato and 1984 Female Vocal of the Year, Lorraine Segato. This subseries also includes the Juno Awards Official 1984 Program, the year The Parachute Club won the Juno for Single of the Year, “Rise Up.”
Subseries Five: Music Videos
This subseries includes records related to the making of The Parachute Club’s music videos. This includes rushes and raw footage on video as well as film. It includes rough cuts and offlines of various videos on video, as well as some finished, final music videos on VHS. This subseries also includes music video budgets, treatments, proposals, crew lists, shoot schedules, and set designs (particularly for the U.S. version of “Rise Up”).
Subseries Six: Performances & Appearances
This subseries includes records related to The Parachute Club’s performances and appearances. It includes set lists from various shows, videos of live performances, as well as videos of interviews and appearances on television.
Subseries Seven: Photos
This subseries includes photographs, negatives, transparencies, and contact sheets related to The Parachute Club. This includes candid snapshots of tours, performances, events, and studio recording sessions, as well as promotional and press photographs.
Subseries Eight: Posters
This subseries includes posters and flyers for various Parachute Club gigs.
Subseries Nine: Recordings
This subseries includes records related to recordings by The Parachute Club. This includes original recordings on ¼” audio tape, as well as commercial LPs, 45s and cassettes of The Parachute Club’s singles and albums. This subseries also includes liner notes and sample album artwork for a demo recording.
Subseries Ten: Billy Bryans’ Materials
This subseries includes records created by and related to Billy Bryans of The Parachute Club and Mama Quilla II. This includes press clippings, flyers, posters, photos, and ephemera related to his time in Mama Quilla II and The Parachute Club. This subseries also includes photographs and press kit materials related to his first band, MG & The Escorts. Finally, this subseries includes records related to Billy Bryans’ music promotion and DJ-ing work, post-Parachute Club – which consists of photographs, flyers, press clippings, album charts, and ephemera.

Series Five: Solo Career
This series includes records related to Lorraine Segato’s solo music career. It has been arranged into subseries as follows:
Subseries One: Business and Legal Files
This subseries includes records related to the business and legal affairs of Lorraine Segato’s solo music career. This includes correspondence, various contracts and agreements, album budgets, loan applications and loan agreements, album investor reports, royalties and publishing statements, press releases, performance agreements and gig riders.
Subseries Two: Press Clippings
This subseries includes various newspaper and magazine clippings pertaining to Lorraine Segato’s solo music career.
Subseries Three: Ephemera
This subseries includes ephemeral materials related to Segato’s solo music career, and consists of festival, concert, and theatre performance programmes and 1 t-shirt.
Subseries Four: Music Videos
This subseries includes records related to the making of Lorraine Segato’s music videos. This includes rushes and raw footage on video tape as well as film. It includes rough cuts and offlines of various videos on video tape, as well as some finished, final music videos on video tape. This subseries also includes music video scripts, treatments, director notes, storyboards, budgets, crew lists, call sheets, and location scouting photographs.
Subseries Five: Performances and Appearances
This subseries includes records related to Lorraine Segato’s solo performances and appearances. It includes performance agreements, guest lists, ticket stubs, and set lists. It also includes photographs of performances, as well as video tapes of performances and interviews.
Subseries Seven: Posters
This series includes posters and flyers related to various Lorraine Segato solo performances.
Subseries Eight: Recordings
This subseries includes records related to solo recordings by Lorraine Segato. Included in this are original recordings on 2” audio tape, as well as track sheets and cue lists, and commercial 45s, cassette and compact discs of Segato’s singles and albums. This series also includes reference tapes and demo tapes on cassette.
Series Six: Filmmaking
This series includes records related to Lorraine Segato’s filmmaking work. It is arranged in the following subseries:
Subseries One: Early Work
This subseries consists of records related to Segato’s early filmmaking work, particularly work done at Sheridan College. This includes original negatives, prints of rushes and films, and magnetic audio. It also includes a small amount of correspondence, a film festival participation certificate and programme, and a broadcast acceptance sheet pertaining to Segato’s short film “Larking.”
Subseries Two: “Good Medicine”
This subseries consists of records related to Lorraine Segato’s directorial work on “Good Medicine,” a music video for the single of the same name and campaign video for CAW, produced with Barna-Alper productions. This includes work tapes and rushes on video cassette. It also includes auditions on video cassette. This series also includes finished copies of the campaign video on VHS and Betacam. Note that other materials pertaining to “Good Medicine” can also be found in Series Five, Subseries Four: Music Videos. For other records pertaining to the CAW campaign, see also Series Twelve: Issues & Activism.
Subseries Three: Queen Street West: The Rebel Zone
This subseries consists of records related to Lorraine Segato’s research, producing, and directorial work on the documentary film “Queen Street West: The Rebel Zone” as well as the film’s soundtrack. This includes an extensive number of research documents pertaining to the Toronto film music and art scene in the 1970s and 1980s. It also includes correspondence, press clippings, documentary treatments and outlines, budgets, funding applications, shot lists, scripts, lists of interview subjects, credits, and supers lists. This subseries also includes raw interview footage, work tapes, archival and research footage, and final copies of the completed production on video cassette. Finally, this subseries includes records related to the film’s soundtrack, including license agreements, soundtrack production budgets, liner notes, and album artwork proofs.
Subseries Four: Poetry Film
This subseries includes a video tape labeled “Poetry Film,” directed by Lorraine Segato.
Subseries Five: Worth Every Minute
This subseries includes a copy of the final mix version of “Worth Every Minute,” a film co-directed by Lorraine Segato, on video cassette. This subseries also includes a Mayworks Film Festival, at which this film was shown.
Subseries Six: Keep the Tribe Alive
This subseries consists of records related to a series of PSAs directed by Lorraine Segato. Included in this subseries are work tapes and dubs of these PSAs on video cassette.
Subseries Seven: Proposals
This subseries includes a music video proposal and budget for a Lillian Allen music video, to be directed by Lorraine Segato. It also includes a proposal for a television series created by Lorraine Segato and Rita Davies, as well as related correspondence.
Subseries Eight: Miscellaneous
This subseries includes film and video records that could not be ascribed to a particular production. It includes several reels of Super 8 film, as well as VHS tapes.
Series Seven: Acting
This series includes records related to Lorraine Segato’s acting career. This includes a copy of the film “Heart Songs” on Betacam and VHS, as well as press clippings and a flyer related to that film. It also includes a copy of the film “The pINCO Triangle”, as well as a flyer for that film.
Series Eight: Composing
This series includes related to Lorraine Segato’s composing work and original scores for film and television productions. Included are records related to “Apples and Oranges”, a film by Lynne Fernie with original music by Lorraine Segato. These consist of music cue sheets and lists, correspondence, invoices, music commission contracts, song lyrics, storyboards, work tapes, rough cuts, and finished versions of the production. It also includes records related “The National Drug Test”, a documentary with original music by Segato. These consist of documentary scripts, treatments, proposals, and a finished copy of the production on VHS. Finally, this series contains records related to documentary film “Status Quo: The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada,” with music by Lorraine Segato. These include correspondence, various contracts and agreements, correspondence and notes.
Series Nine: Event Management and Coordination
This series includes records related to Lorraine Segato’s event management and coordination work. It is arranged into subseries as follows:
Subseries One: The Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards
This subseries includes records to Segato’s event production work on the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards in 2003 and 2004. Records included in this series include correspondence, event schedules and show running orders, invoices and estimates, show budgets, award nomination forms, lists of nominees and winners, seating charts, performer bios and releases, photographs of nominees and winners, performer itinerary and travel details, stage plots and technical requirements, scripts, speeches, media and press reports, show programmes, and backstage passes. This subseries also includes a substantial number of audio recordings on compact disc, submitted by potential nominees and performers for evaluation by the Awards. It also includes some video elements from the 2003 awards show, including nominee packs and a sponsor reel on Betacam SP cassettes.
Subseries Two: Peter Gzowski Event
This subseries includes records related to Segato’s event production work on “An Evening With Peter's Friends: A Celebration in Support of Peter Gzowski College", at Trent University. This includes the show script and programme, as well as the event schedule, correspondence, theatre rental contract, insurance documents, venue technical specifications and requirements, and performer technical riders. It also includes a compact disc of songs played at the event.

Subseries Three: House Party
This subseries includes records related to Segato’s event production work on “House Party”, a benefit concert for the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee. These records consist of correspondence, event project management reports, budgets, receipts and invoices, press releases, press clippings and media relations summaries, venue rental information, poster and art proofs, and photographs from the event. It also includes audio recordings by artists participating in the concert, as well as recordings of the concert on VHS.
Subseries Four: Jack it Up
This subseries includes records related to Segato’s event production work on “Jack it Up”, a fundraiser for Jack Layton. These records include and event proposal and budgets, a production meeting agenda, press releases, press clippings, media sign-in sheets, ticket stubs, riders, performance contracts, stage plots, as well as an all-access pass to the event.
Subseries Five: Hope Rising
This subseries includes records related to Segato’s event production work on “Hope Rising”, a benefit concert for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Records in this subseries include correspondence, event schedules, show running orders, budgets, tech requirements, performer itineraries, and stage plots. It also includes original drawings of stage show artwork.
Subseries Six: Events – General
This subseries consists of records related to Segato’s event production company “It’s a Wrap,” including a promotional mailer and art proofs for company logos.
Series Ten: Public Speaking
This series consists of an audio tape of Lorraine Segato and others speaking at the 71st Annual Couchiching Conference: Urban Diversity and Cultural Expression.”
Series Eleven: Writing
This series consists of records related to Lorraine Segato’s writing work. This includes a speech written for the 2004 Junos. It also includes an author’s agreement for a chapter in the anthology book “Shakin’ All Over,” as well as drafts of said chapter and a copy of the book. It also includes articles for various publications, including Xtra and NOW, written by Segato. Finally, this series includes a folder of general correspondence.
Series Twelve: Issues & Activism
This series consists of records related to various issues and causes supported by Segato. This includes records related to Segato’s involvement with efforts to prevent clear cutting in the Stein Valley in British Columbia, including correspondence, press clippings, petitions, proposals, reports, and a thank you card from Chief Leonard Andrew, and Chief Ruby Dunstan. This series also includes a video tape of a performance by Lorraine Segato and others to benefit the Stein Valley conservation effort.

This series also includes records related to Segato’s involvement with the Kumbaya Festival, to benefit charities doing work around HIV and AIDS. This includes two Kumbaya Festival calendars.
This series also includes records related to the CAW “Good Medicine Substance Abuse Campaign”, consisting of correspondence, program brochures, a press kit and press clippings.
This series also includes the music and lyrics for a song written by Lorraine Segato and Lynne Fernie for Jack Layton’s 2003 federal NDP leadership campaign.
This series also includes records related to Segato’s research into women in music, for a Status of Women Report.
Finally this series includes two books about people experiencing homelessness in Toronto.
Series Thirteen: General Career
This series includes records related to Segato’s career in general, not easily ascribed to particular musical groups or events. It is arranged into the following subseries:
Subseries One: Press Clippings
This subseries consists of press clippings pertaining to Segato’s career in general, as well as flyers and photographs.
Subseries Two: Ephemera and Miscellaneous
This subseries consists of ephemera and other miscellaneous materials related to Segato’s career. Included in this series are an event pass, Segato’s bio and resume, and a Juno Awards Tenth Anniversary Special Issue book. There are also four video cassettes of various programs.
Subseries Three: Posters
This subseries includes posters with artwork by Barbara Klunder.
Series Fourteen: Box Inventory Lists
This series consists of original box inventory lists.

Lorraine Segato

Richard Flohil Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2023.027
  • Fonds
  • 1970 - 2014

Scope and content: The fonds is arranged into two series, largely based on the creator’s original order.
Series One: Festival and Conference Programmes consists of Flohil’s collection of programmes for various folk music festivals across Canada, including the Mariposa Folk Festival, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and the Hillside Festival. This series also consists of music conference programmes from conferences such as the International Folk Alliance Conference and the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference. A small number of music magazines and trade publications can be found in this series as well.
Series Two: Clippings, Ephemera and Photographs includes a small amount of materials related to Flohil’s music publicity career, including correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings, trade publications, road atlases, and promotional 8 x 10 photographs of various musical artists represented by Flohil. It also includes candid photographs of Flohil, various musical artists, concerts, and music industry events.

Richard Flohil

Roman Bittman and Marilyn Belec Bittman fonds

  • CA ON00349 2021.013
  • Fonds
  • 1941 - 2020

The Roman Bittman and Marily Belec Bittman Fonds is separated based on Roman and Marilyn’s projects and business under these series:
Series 1 – 11
Series 1: Program environment
Series 2: Anglosea Guides
Series 3: NAAF Business – National Aboriginal Achievement foundation
Series 4: Man Alive
Series 5: Agenda and Journals
Series 6: Awards
Series 7: Roman Files
Series 8: Family History
Series 9: NSFDC – Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation
Series 10: APTN – National Indigenous Television Network
Series 11: Mobius Productions

Series 1: Program environment
The first Roman Bittman and Marilyn Belec Bittman collection series is from the National Film Board (NFB) Program Environmental—a research film funded in 1974. The series consists of research notes, conceptual analysis, and the proposed working plan for other films to be produced by the National Film Board.
Series 2: Anglosea Guides
The second series consists of documents used in research and support of the documentary Anglosea. The files include research notes and other supporting documents. Records include the Anglosea Scheduling for Scriptwriting overseas (with additional written information), correspondences, schedule of visits on board Baltic and Oresund Ferries, and schedule of the Programme of Mr. Roman Bittman’s visit to the Arab Maritime Transport Academy. It also includes various business cards from the Ministry of Canada, transportation companies from Canada and international business cards (mainly Arab countries). The documents also contain guidebooks of the area and a navigation booklet for the teachers and students for the St. Lawrence seaway. The International Maritime Lecturers Association approved both manuals.
Series 3: NAAF Business – National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation
The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (NAAF) is a charitable organization dedicated to raising funds to deliver programs that provide the tools necessary for Aboriginal peoples, especially youth, to achieve their potential. The Foundation has awarded more than $37 million in scholarships and bursaries to more than 9,800 First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students nationwide. Roman Bittman produced the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Awards show, and he also served as the organization’s interim CEO.
The series contains business cards of various government offices and businesses involved in supporting the NAAF. It includes the NAAF Five-year plan 2006-2010 as Roman Bittman’s acting CEO; it also consists of the verbatim of what he said and has comments to his plan. The series contains the planning and description of the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards. Business records includes the schedules for the Ottawa Meetings of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation with John Watson, Mark Wilgen, Dahlia Stein, Jascha Jabes, Rick Hansen, and Pat Martin MP. Email correspondence on various business proposals and Roman Bittman assuming acting CEO duties. Lastly, the series also consists of financial documents for the NAAF.
Series 4: Man Alive
The fourth series focuses on the writings of Thomas Merton. Merton was an influential American Catholic author of the twentieth century. His autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain, has sold over one million copies, and he wrote over sixty other books and hundreds of poems and articles on topics ranging from spirituality to civil rights, and the nuclear arms race. The collection contains audio tapes of the interview and writings of Thomas Merton for Roman Bittman’s production, Man Alive. The tapes are titled Letter of Bernaro to Robert – Peter the Venerable letter of Defense; Race situations – St Basil Ascetical Discourse; Abelard and his Lark of Spiritual Insight; Silence and Makins signs; Poetry and Song; Chinese thought; and other tapes based on Thomas Merton travels.
Series 5: Agenda and Journals
The fifth series contains the agendas and journals that once belonged to Roman Bittman. His journals write of his personal life, but mostly his work, such as his research on Thomas Merton, his trip to Norway, sea battles in WWII and NATO. The agendas consist of meeting schedules, films he worked on, the contact information of his colleagues, and his travel and shooting schedules of various locations, such as his trip to Prince Edward Island, Miami, and Washington, DC. It also includes the agenda that belonged to Marilyn Belec, with her daily schedule and contact list of her colleagues.
Series 6: Awards
The sixth series consists of awards that Roman Bittman won during his extensive career and honoured after his death. Awards for his short films, early films and documentaries include the Screen awards, CFTA film awards, Family Life Film award, Banff International, American Film Festival and many more national and international Film Festival awards. It also includes the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards, which he attended and wrote a message in the award booklet. After his death, many people in the entertainment and the Indigenous community came together to celebrate, honour, and recognize Roman Bittman’s life works. Many include speeches on his achievements, tribute letters, and people sending in letters to various awards nominating him after his death.
Series 7: Roman Files
The seventh series consists of Roman Bittman’s files for researching various films, company correspondences, and corporate financial papers. Documents consist of research and proposals for the potential work of the Pilgrimage sent by Roman Bittman when he was a part of Marilyn Belec Bittman’s company, Mobius Media Corporation. Furthermore, he spent his time at CBC News before becoming a producer of the documentary series The Nature of Things. The seventh series also includes his travel documents and souvenirs. His academic and personal documents include his personal poem and writings; his Ryerson University (now called Toronto Metropolitan University) letters and photos of Ryerson class reunion, touring Ryerson’s new Rogers Communications Centre with his old classmates.
Series 8: Family History
The eighth series focuses on the research done on Roman Bittman’s family history and lineage. Documents include Roman Bittman’s Genealogy Chart. Roman Bittman’s aunt, Sarah Norjard, researched papers he collected in 1992. Research notes contain photography of Sarah and Roman with family, articles from the Record-Gazette and his Métis card. It also includes his family connections towards the Bourassa and St. Germain families, two notable family members in their province’s history.
Series 9: NSFDC – Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation
The ninth series contains his development in the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation (NSFDC). Documents include press releases from the NSFDC from the board of directors’ appointments and letters from various media companies such as Screen Star group and Mobius media production—project letters for the plans to build and operate the province’s first full sound stage. It also includes a discussion on Roman Bittman’s contract as he served as President of the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation but was later dismissed in 1996 after the NSFDC board rejected his financing plans for the sound stage.
Series 10: APTN – Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
The tenth series of the fonds contains documents of Roman Bittman’s involvement in the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN). Bittman was an early advisor to the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network which was launched in 1999 as the first national Indigenous broadcaster in the world. Since then, the network has become a global leader in programming that celebrates the rich diversity of Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island and beyond. The documents include the Aboriginal Broadcast Talent Directory book from the Centre for Aboriginal Media (CAM), press clippings on Roman Bittman establishing the National Aboriginal Television Network and business cards from various production companies, government cards, finance, and Hotel cards. Lastly, it includes the APTN Board of Directors/AGM Meeting and conference binder that provided investors and producers information on the APTN mission and the agenda for the APRN Teleconference meeting.
Series 11: Mobius Productions
The last series within the fonds is Roman and Marilyn Belec Bittman’s career and work in Mobius Media Productions. Marilyn Belec Bittman was president of the independent production firm, Mobius Productions, and Roman was a partner. Documents entail their correspondences on their various films and productions—government letters from the Ministry of Skills Development, Labour Canada, and other partners. Lastly, it includes corporation magazines and financial works such as Mobius Productions guide to film titles and price lists.

Bittman, Roman and Belec Bittman, Marilyn

Ray Jafelice Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2022.012
  • Fonds
  • 1980 - 2011

Fonds consists of material related to Jafelice’s animation career. Records include animation elements, storyboards, and reference books related to the field of animation. Titles represented in the fonds include: Take Me Up To The Ballgame, Rupert, Strawberry Shortcake, The Adventures Of Tintin, Little Bear, Stella And Sam, Harry And His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs, Fievel’s American Tails, Family Dog, Busytown Mysterys; Pippi Longstocking, Tales From The Cryptkeeper, and Max & Ruby.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: Animation Elements
Series 02: Storyboards
Series 03: Publications

Ray Jafelice

Bob & Evelyn Kain Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2022.011
  • Fonds
  • 1997 - 2010

Fonds consists of material related to Chirp Magazine, including published magazines, books, and original drawings.

Bob Kain

Jerry G. Gray / The Travellers Collection

  • CA ON00349 2022.019
  • Collection
  • 1939 - 2021

Fonds consists of material related to the life and career of Jerry G. Gray. Records are predominantly related to his membership in The Travellers, but also include material related to his career as a lecturer on Folk and Protest Music and Yiddish Music. Records dealing with the Travellers include photographs, audio recordings, video, event listings, programmes, and newspaper and magazine clippings. There is a large collection of reference material related to Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and folk music in Canada and the United States, as well as reference material related to Jewish music. The fonds also includes records from Gray’s adolescence, including his early musical performances at Camp Naivelt and the University of Toronto, and his amateur athletic career in secondary school and at the University of Toronto.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: The Travellers
Series 02: Jerry Gray Adolescence
Series 03: Songbooks, Books, and Magazines
Series 04: Woody Guthrie & Pete Seeger Publications
Series 05: Jewish Music Publications
Series 06: Civil Rights Songbooks
Series 07: Recordings
Series 08: Lectures and Teaching Materials

Jerry G. Gray

Colin Campbell Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2022.007
  • Fonds
  • 1966 - 2021

Fonds consists of material related to the filmmaking career of Colin Campbell. Many of the videos, photographs, and documents in the fonds were digitized by Vtape and can be found in the Electronic Records series.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: Exhibition Promotional Material
Series 02: Press Clippings
Series 03: Published Material
Series 04: Photographs
Series 05: Photographic Negatives
Series 06: Electronic Records
Series 07: Scripts
Series 08: Memorial Material
Series 09: Correspondence
Series 10: Other
Series 11: [Clippings, Scripts, and Unpublished Manuscripts]
Series 12: Videos

Colin Campbell

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO) Collection

  • CA ON00349 2023.002
  • Collection
  • 1960 - 2008

Collection consists of film prints and video materials held by the Toronto TECO office.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: 16mm Movie Catalogue
Series 02: 16mm Documentary Catalogue
Series 03: Video

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO)

Kensington Communications Fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1973-2019

This fonds consists of 38 series corresponding to documentary films and television series, the majority of which were produced by Kensington Communications. For most productions, many different elements are represented: source tapes, audio, edits, rough cuts, fine cuts, and distribution versions for various broadcasters and international audiences.
The fonds also contains textual records relating to Kensington’s productions. Most textual records relate to productions filmed after 2000. Textual records may include research, funding applications, agreements with broadcasters, cast and crew contracts, scripts and transcripts, call sheets, schedules, insurance, budgets, mock-ups, correspondence, and other documents related to production.
Several series also include photographs and graphic material related to documentaries and tv series such as promotional photographs and photographs taken during filming.
For productions that have associated websites or mobile apps, the relevant series may contain planning documents, correspondence, mock-ups, budgets, site content, videos, and other records relating to the creation of apps or websites. However, this fonds does not contain archived versions of the websites and apps themselves.
A few of the series in this fonds represent Kensington productions that were unproduced or did not proceed past a pilot.

  1. Childhood’s End (1981)
  2. Vaclav Vaca: Fantastic Visions (1982)
  3. Joe David: Spirit of the Mask (1982)
  4. Kanan (1982)
  5. A Great Tree Has Fallen (1982)
  6. USC Films & Promos: Bangladesh From the River, Moving the Banyan Tree/Sur Le Chemin de Tahkuragaon (1984), Path to Nepal (1987)
  7. Fragile Harvest (short version: Seeds) (1986)
  8. Stepdancing (1986)
  9. Out of the Past (short version: On the Run) (1989)
  10. One Warm Line: The Legacy of Stan Rogers (1990)
  11. Sacred Rhythm/Rythme du Monde (1990) Jenfilms
  12. Mariposa: Under a Stormy Sky (1990)
  13. Earth Journal with Richard Leakey (1991)
  14. The Biggest Little Ticket (1993)
  15. "Parliamentary Hearings for Designing Foods" (1994, unproduced)
  16. Pacific Rim: A Park and Its People (1995)
  17. A Place in the World (1996)
  18. Separate Lives (1996)
  19. Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science (1997-2002) (Textual and graphic files only – see Creative Anarchy Fonds for Exhibit A videos)
  20. My Beat: The Life & Times of Bruce Cockburn (2001)
  21. Sacred Balance/ Mystérieuse Planète (2002)
  22. Almost Home: A Sayisi Dene Journey (working title Full Circle) (2003)
  23. 72 Hours: True Crime (2003-2007)
  24. Was Justice Denied? (2005, unproduced)
  25. Port Hope: A Question of Power (2005)
  26. Flap! (2006, unproduced)
  27. Diamond Road (2007)
  28. Life in the Crisis Zone (Unproduced, 2008)
  29. Return to Nepal (2008)
  30. City Sonic App (2009)
  31. Raw Opium (2010)
  32. Museum Secrets (2010-2014)
  33. Shameless Idealists (2012)
  34. National Secrets (unproduced, 2015)
  35. The Drop: Why Young People Don’t Vote (2015)
  36. Risk Factor (2017)
  37. The Equalizer Shorts (2017)
  38. The Shadow of Gold (2019)

Kensington Communications Inc.

The Toronto Film Society

  • CA ON00349 2017.009
  • Fonds
  • 1938 - 2018

Scope and Content: Series 1 – 5
Series 1: “People” Clippings Files
Series 2: AGE Series III
Series 3: Film Company Catalogues
Series 4: Dorothy and Oscar Burritt Award
Series 5: Toronto Film Society Administration

Series 1: People
The first series contains press clippings from various publications of various actors, reviews, and critics of the films—numerous articles on the Directors, musicians, producers, and writers. Press clippings are organized alphabetically by last name, from Joe Abeywicrema to Valerio Zurlini.

Series 2: AGE Series III
The A-G-E Film Society of Toronto was created in 1955 until 1962 for the purpose of “providing those who lived through the cinema’s formative years with the opportunity to relive the past, and to give the new generation of film enthusiasts a chance to see what had been accomplished in motion pictures before their interest in films began.” Within the second series, the AGE collection includes the application for membership in the AGE. It contains the AGE 2nd to AGE 6th Season programmes letter from the AGE Film Society of Toronto to various partners and film organizations. The series also includes several newspaper clippings on the AGE Society.

Series 3: Film Company Catalogues
The third series contains the documents and items from various film production companies whose titles are included in the TFS collection. Production company catalogues collected are from Canadian and international film companies. Companies included in the series are A World of Entertainment, Universal/16, Pan Canadian Film Distributors Inc, Cinematheque Ontario, Paramount, Universal Pictures and more. Many catalogues also come from the TFS Summer series and other film events hosted by TFS.

Series 4: Dorothy and Oscar Burritt Award
The Fourth series contains the textual files and objects on the Dorothy and Oscar Burritt Award. The award was named in honour of Dorothy and Oscar Burritt, who left Vancouver from the Vancouver branch of the Canadian film Society to aid in the creation of the TFS. The Burritt’s contribution to the film society movement was recognized by a special Canadian Film Award in 1963, just a few months before Dorothy’s death. The Toronto Film Society established the Dorothy Burritt Memorial Award (later renamed for Dorothy and Oscar Burritt Memorial Award), an annual cash grant to support projects that contribute “to greater understanding and enjoyment of the film as an art”. The collection includes correspondences from various film societies, such as the Vancouver branch and other film production companies. It also contains reports, Memorial Award packages, press clippings, marketing on advertising the various TFS events, and correspondence to the Burritt Memorial Award Committee.

Series 5: Toronto Film Society Administration
The Fifth series contains the documentation on the administration side of the TFS. Many of the TFS's administration documents include meeting minutes from their AGM (Annual General Meeting) and TFS Board Meeting Minutes. Such meetings include the general and board meeting minutes, documents that pertain to the international film festival and many other festivals, TFS committee report, and correspondences. The series also contains the administration for their awards, such as the Dorothy and Oscar Burritt Memorial Award and film acquisitions. TFS administration documents include their members' information, votes and questionnaires for their members. It also consists of the Eastman House, financial reports, and statements on the TFS events, such as the summer and seasons series. Lastly, include film acquisition documents of various films.

The Toronto Film Society

Rush Productions Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2017.037
  • Fonds
  • 1972 - 2010

This fonds consists of one series, arranged according to the creator’s system. Boxes 1-33 represent the accounting files of Rush Productions, ORS Management Corporation, and By-Tour Inc., in rough chronological order from 1972-2009. Boxes 34-47 represent the accounting files of PLD UK, PLD Tourco (also listed as 113696 Canada Ltd.), and LDP Entertainment, also in rough chronological order, from 1986-2010. Records in this fonds include correspondence, road floats and expense reports, payroll reports and summaries, income statements and work dues invoices, import/export documents and customs invoices, equipment lists, equipment lease agreements, bus and transport rental agreements, immigration documents, tour itineraries, tour riders, agreements with various sound, lighting, pyrotechnical and laser companies, corporate tax returns, various receipts and invoices, and various corporate year-end accounting reports.

Please note that this fonds contains personally identifying information found in payroll statements, tax returns, immigration documents, contractor invoices, and other documents, including names, addresses, birth dates, social security, salary information, social insurance, and passport numbers, therefore, due to privacy concerns, those records are restricted.

Rush Productions

Robert Sandler Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2022.015
  • Fonds
  • 1976 - 2003

The Robert Sandler Fonds is separated under series based on the production of various TV series and movies.

Series 1: Northrop Frye Lectures (Frye) Collection
As noted, as the ‘Fyre Collection’ by Sandler in his writings. The collection includes Professor Northrop Frye’s writings and Sandler’s own lectures note from his time as student under Professor Northrop Frye in English literature. The textual in series contains lecture notes on Shakespeare, a collection of William Shakespeare’s various plays. Which was the winner of the Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction. The series contains Sandler’s audiotape collection of Professor Frye’s undergraduate classes Introduction to Shakespeare for two plus years. Frye’s lectures were transcribed, and Professor Northrop Frye’s edited them into a book, which Sandler sold to publisher Fitzhenry & Whiteside. The documents and audiotapes lead to the publishing of Northrop Frye on Shakespeare: Edited by Robert Sandler won Professor Northrop Frye his only Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction.

Sandler worked on multiple projects with Professor Northrop Frye, such as the Bible and Literature and Story of Us. Professor Northrop Frye and Sandler had a good student and teacher relationship, to the point that Professor Northrop Frye wrote a letter of recommendation for Sandler’s CBC application. Sandler was able to work with Professor Northrop Frye when Sandler worked with the University of Toronto’s Media Centre to record the professor’s lectures. Formats within the series includes video and audio copies of the original 25-hour long lectures, used in Bible and Literature, Sandler’s notes to edit the hour-long lectures into 30 ½ hour programs, notes for the 30 roundtable discussions, promotional material are Sandler’s contribution to initiating the Frye project.

Series 2: Fraggle Rock
The second series holds mostly screenplays and script for the children’s program Fraggle Rock. Fraggle Rock is the first series HBO commissioned and created by Jim Henson and his team. It was nominated and won various awards. Sandler was a writer brought on in Season 2 and wrote six episodes and one of his shows was nominated for an International Emmy. Documents included in the series includes episode script proposals, correspondence with Jim Henson and other producers, cast and crew. Also includes the first, second, and third readthrough drafts, written by Robert Sandler and other writers on the show such as Jerry Juhl, Laura Philips, David Young, bq Nichol and Jocelyn Stevenson. The series also includes photographs of cast and crew members on the production set of Fraggle Rock; Fraggle Rock Christmas CDs and an award with a piece of Fraggle Rock presented to Sandler for his years of achievement on the show. Lastly are the lawsuit documents involving the series’ writers not being proper financially compensated.

Series 3: Eric’s World
The third series contains the documents and items from the children’s sitcom series that aired from 1991-1996. The show was a 30-minute program broadcasted on TVO, Knowledge Network, SCN, Access and Family Channel. Sandler was hired to create a children’s series featuring Eric Nagler as a children’s performer and his manager, CJ, a puppet manipulated by John Pattison. Robert Sandler and Allen Booth were the co-creator, co-creative producers, Writer, and co-story editors of the series. They also had various writers also contribute to the series as well.

Documents include both the failed and successful documents to pilot the series, drafts, script notes and final drafts of my 30 plus scripts, the remaining scripts from five seasons, writer’s guides, organization papers. Digital and DVD copies.

Series 4: Traders - Street Legal
The fourth series contains the textual files and video from the Canadian prime-time drama set in a Toronto investment firm. The show is about the professional and private lives of a group of young, aggressive attorneys in partnership together in Toronto. The series was broadcasted on Global TV from 1987-1994. Robert Sandler and Allen Booth are the Co-Story Editors, Episode Co-writers. The documents contained in the series are various drafts of scripts such as the first and second draft written by Robert Sandler, production script, outline of scripts, contract between CBC and Robert Sandler; and correspondences from various production and broadcasting companies like CBC.

Series 5: Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science
The Fifth series contains the documentation and episodes of the award-winning and nominated TV Series that pioneered the true crime genre. This series features interesting crimes stories where forensic science played critical role in solving. This program re-enacts cases in which forensic scientists have used their expertise to find and examine evidence that would have previously been undetectable. 30 minutes TV docudrama series, where Sandler was the Creative Producer, Co-Creator, and Episode Writer. The files included in the series, contains the scripts that Sandler wrote and co-wrote in the first season and important episodes in later seasons. It also includes drafts of the script as well as a VHS and digital copies of the show, plus PR material, documents that pertain to the production of the series, screenplays, court orders, and transcripts of interviews from various scientists, police investigators and comments on the case.

Series 6: 72 Hour - True Crime
The Sixth series contains the textual files and videos a half- hour true TV crime docudrama follow up that focused on the investigators. The series ran three seasons, 45 episodes which Sandler had a hand in writing many of the episodes. The series contains the pitch documents, scripts written by Sandler, scripts he was credited, and script notes on the other 43 episodes, and rewritten scripts. Documents also include production photographs, research documents, crew resume, press clippings, tape interviews and notes.

Series 7: Extreme Clergy
The Seventh series are from the ½ hour TV documentary series where Sandler was the creator, writer, and an episode co-writer. The TV series documented the story of one or a team of clergy in social hot spots around the world. Some people in religious orders were surfing the waves, fighting in warzones, artic, and more amazing places outside a place of worship. The collection documents from Sandler includes the pitch documents for the TV series, drafts of the scripts Sandler wrote or co-wrote, DVDs of various steps in the edit, DVDs of the final episode and various tapes and digital copies of the episodes.

Series 8: EXC Finance
The Eight series in the Sandler collection, include the financial documents for various productions. Textual materials obtained from various production companies such as Two Sands Productions and Creative Anarchy. Also includes the applications and forms to fund various film projects; such as the Canadian Television Fund Agreement, Ontario Declaration of Residency/Consent Form 2008, letter from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Heritage letter. Financial papers included in the collection contains various bank statements, audits, notices from banks, authorization form, Tax documents; T2 Corporation Income Tax Return form, claim forms and Invoices.

Series 9: Sex and Religion
The Ninth series in the collection are documents based on the TV documentary series Sex & Religion. Robert Sandler was the co-creator, and episode writer. A documentary series that travels the world looking for the line between sex and sin. Robert Sandler noted that, “in conjunction with Riddle Films, I was wholly responsible for 5 of the 13 episodes about how major religions viewed various aspects of sex.” Textual documents in this series includes Sandler’s involvement in the writing of the scripts and includes DVDs and edits of these episodes.

Series 10: Real Voodoo
The Tenth series in the collection formats features textual, data, video, and photographs. Short tv-movie that includes financial records of various forms from the Canadian Revenue Agency, notice of (RE)Assessment and form of Claiming a Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit. Correspondences, proposals, and draft of scripts.

Series 11: My Pet’s Gone Viral (MPGV)
The Eleventh series in the collection features textual, data, video, and photographs of production. Holds eight episodes ½ hour documentary series starring the cats and dogs in YouTube pet videos that went viral. In the collection include script drafts and final scripts written by Sandler. In the collection also include the DVDs of the final episodes. Financial documents include cost report spreadsheet from various budget, MPGV Banking Summary Notes (2014), breakdown of Canadian costs, and eSubmission Summary. Correspondence to and from Animal Planet on distribution and production of the series.

Series 12: Brebeuf and the Huron Carol
The Twelve series in the collection of the A 1-hour TV musical biography, produced by Creative Anarchy and CBC Radio Canada. The TV special was written by Robert Sandler on the dramatization on the life of Father Brebeuf and his time among the Wendat (Hurons) and his The Huron Carole, the first Christmas Carole in the New World. In this series the various versions of the script and drafts are written by Sandler with his corrections. It also includes research notes and articles on Brebeuf. Video copies are in VHS and digital formats of the show, which also includes photos from the filming, flyer, and episodes.

Series 13: Assholes *A Documentary
The Thirteenth series is about novels by Aaron James turn TV documentary. The TV adaptation was written by Robert Sandler and John Walker with the broadcasting channels NFB and CBC Documentary Channel. It is a feature length documentary based on the New York Times’ best seller of the same name. The TV documentary is inspired by the NYT bestselling book, this lively philosophical investigation into the rise of asshole behaviour across the world asks: What does it mean to be an asshole, and more importantly, how do we stop their proliferation. The show has been nominated for a Writer’s Award and a Gemini Award.

With in the collection includes the research journals/notes, drafts and final editions of the script, invoices, email correspondence between Sandler and his co-writer/director John Walker. Majority of the formats in the collection are data floppy disk drives.

Series 14: Make Me Read
The Fourteenth series short internet films, co-written by Robert Sandler and long-time partner Allen Booth. Make Me Read is a series of YouTube videos with young comedians interviewing popular Canadian authors. However, there are no videos of the short films within the collection, instead the collection holds an array of drafts and final editions of the YouTube videos. The series also includes the novels of the Canadian authors that Sandler interviewed. Most of the authors were a part of the Toronto festival ‘The Word on the Street Festival’.

Series 15: Music
The Fifteenth series contains the audio recordings of various artists that Sandler either produced or had some influence in. Textual documentation contains contracts and agreements for BMI Canada - the Music Scene and SOCAN, song lyrics and correspondences between Sandler and artists. Audio holds recordings from vinyl records and audio reels – such as the album for the movie Foxy Lady and the album for Tony Kosinec.

Series 16: Miscellaneous Produced
The Sixteenth series holds various files of various smaller rolls in TV series throughout his carrier. They include drafts of scripts, proposals, resumes, correspondence between networks, writers' contracts, and miscellaneous documents. TV series included in the series are Under the Umbrella Tree, The Biggest Little Ticket, Sesame Street, Dudley the Dragon, and more. Most of the textual documents are transcripts, various versions (drafts) of script & screenplays, correspondences, and financial files. Within the collection also include his personal academic essays from his time in University of Toronto. Most of the produced series and files are labeled as such in the notes.

Sandler, Robert

Robert Kerr Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2021.003
  • Fonds
  • 1965-1998

This fonds consists of records relating to the creation and management of IMAX Systems Corporation, as well as Robert Kerr’s daytimers and some of his personal correspondence. The series are:

  1. IMAX Promotional Materials
  2. IMAX Technical Specifications
  3. IMAX Financial and Corporate Records
  4. Planning and building IMAX Theatres
  5. Film Production
  6. Robert Kerr’s Daytimers

Kerr, Robert

Robert Lang Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2018.016
  • Fonds
  • 1972 - 2005

This fonds consists of a single series Robert Lang Early Films that includes Robert Lang’s film productions from the 1970s.

The series includes the short films:
• 70 Cycles
o About the cycling road race at the Montreal Olympics
• Tracks
o Featuring a cross-country ski race from Montreal to Ottawa
• Jano
o Note from donor: Robert doesn't remember when this film was made or where, but he thinks Nigeria or elsewhere in Africa in the early 1970s
• Seeds (short version of Fragile Harvest)
• Woroko Po (filmed during A Great Tree Has Fallen)
• Elmina
o Filmed during A Great Tree Has Fallen and focuses on the slave castle on the Ghanaian coast. Elmina was produced independently by Lang, and later picked up by CBC.

And the longer films:
• A Great Tree Has Fallen (1973)
o This is the first film Robert Lang made. It remains in distribution today as the only documentary about the traditional 8-day funeral ceremonies and “enstoolment” of the king of the Ashanti people in Ghana – the Asantehene. Narrated by Roy Sieber, well known writer and art historian.
• Joe David: Spirit of the Mask
o Documentary about Indigenous artist Joe David
• Potatoes
o Directed by Robert Lang for the National Film Board in Montreal during the mid-70s. “Potatoes” was one of the documentaries that was commissioned by the short-lived Environment Unit at the NFB and was an early investigation of the corporatization of farming and loss of family farm-based communities.
• An Easy Pill to Swallow
o Directed by Robert Lang for the National Film Board in Montreal during the mid-70s
• Ridley: A Secret Garden
• Taking Chances
• Path to Nepal

The films are all finished productions (release print, video master, or screeners) and some include promotional sheets to accompany the films.

For A Great Tree Has Fallen, original A+B rolls are present. Original sound elements for music and effects and the final mix were included, but unfortunately they were in unplayable condition and they have been destroyed.

Lang, Robert

Mia Tsuji – The Tsuji Communications Inc.

  • CA ON00349 2012.012
  • Fonds
  • 1921-2001

The fonds consists of 6 series sorted by production companies and subject.
Series 1: NHK, Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai
Tsuji Communications became the distributor/agent for NHK programs from Japan. The first series includes four popular TV series in Japan. The first includes the popular Japanese show Kōhaku Uta Gassen, translated to the Japanese Red and White Show. It is an annual New Year’s Eve television special produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK. The show is broadcast live simultaneously on television and radio by the NHK network and TCI productions. The Japanese Red and White show part of the series features master tapes with edited and satellite versions, from 1976 to 2000. Also included are the promos, clips, and episodes from Toronto Kohaku. The second Oshin is a popular series in Japan, episodes 1-271, in English subtitles and cue sheets to explain the episode’s content. The third is Japan Video Topics, short 15 minutes episodes on different topics in Japan. Lastly is the NHK Weekly News and various news clips aired on the NHK network.
Series 2: Tsuji Communications (TCI)
Susan and Roy Tsuji created the TCI Communication company, sometimes labelled as Tsuji Productions in 1980. Their popular Television series Hello Japan was a half-hour weekly program produced and hosted by Susan Tsuji. The episodes and clips spread from 1977 to 2000, including the short program Hello Toronto. It consisted of interviews, musical performances, and on-location shoots of community and public events (1984-2004). The Tsuji’s captured and recorded the visits of visiting dignitaries (such as the Prince and Princess of Japan). They capture interactions the Japanese Canadian community with federal and provincial politicians, conferences pertaining to the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC), Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC), and the Redress Campaign and more. As the Tsuji Family was very well connected in their community, they could attract all the important guests to speak on all the topics of importance to the community.
Series 3: Tsuji Family
This series consists primarily of personal videos, documents and objects that once belonged to Susan and Roy Tsuji. The Tsuji’s main objective was to promote Japanese culture to Japanese Canadians, not only in media but to support local schools for children to learn the language and culture of Japan. The textual documents include the materials and textbooks used by the Language International (LI) schools. These textual documents include the international students’ textbooks, schedules, and journals, which students had to keep studying the Japanese language.
Series 4: National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC)
The collection also features video recordings and textual documentation of the Redress Campaign and the 10th Anniversary of the Redress. The NAJC negotiated the historic Redress Settlement on behalf of all Japanese Canadians who suffered injustices and acts of discrimination during World War II. Led by the NAJC, the movement sought to hold the Government of Canada accountable for the severe human rights violations suffered by the community between 1941 and 1949. Many Japanese Canadians were interned and deported, while others were sent to the sugar beet farms of Alberta and Manitoba. The property of Japanese Canadians was seized by the Government and sold without their consent. Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and NAJC President Art Miki ended a successful campaign that led to the historic signing of the Redress agreement on September 22, 1988. The Tsuji family interviewed and captured key events and spokespersons from the NAJC for the Redress journey across Canada to Ottawa. Most notable interviews were held for Roger Obata, Joy Kogawa and Art Miki, the president of the NAJC.
The fonds includes footage of the march and progress to Ottawa, city hall, and the Redress rally to celebrate their victory. Interviews of Bob Ito, Roger Obata, various Prime Ministers, and supporters of the Redress campaign are also included in the fond. Footage of the Redress campaign spreads from 1983 to 1997. The last sub-series is the 10th Anniversary Banquet and Gala of the Redress, the gala was to thank the leaders of the NAJC, such as the tribute to Roger Obata.
Series 5: Television Commercials
The Tsuji family also obtained a vast collection of 30 seconds and 60 seconds commercials aired during their programs. Many created by Japanese companies such as the Japan Airline, Sanyo, Mita; and western commercials.
Series 6: Miscellaneous
The final series of the collections are the Miscellaneous. Overall, this collection is a balanced combination of entertainment, drama, local affairs, and international programming of interest to the Japanese Canadian community from the 1980s to 2001.
Please note that this fonds contains confidential information in relation to organizers names, and contact information. This fonds contains primarily textual documents to the Redress campaign, and the media format includes tapes such as Umatic, BetacamSP, and VHS. Also included is Roy’s vinyl collection, Hi8 cassettes, floppy disks, and photographs with colour prints of the singers from the Red and White show.

Tsuji, Mia - The Tsuji Communications Inc Fonds

Kensington Communications & Creative Anarchy Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2021.007
  • Fonds
  • 1997 - 2008

This fonds consists of two series corresponding to two television programs co-produced by Creative Anarchy:

  1. Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science (Seasons 1-5), and its French language counterpart Pieces a Conviction (Season 1-3)
  2. 72 Hours: True Crime (Seasons 1-3), and its French language counterpart Indices pour l’Eternite (Season 1-2).

Included are raw footage (here called source tapes - interviews, b-roll, re-enactments, establishing shots, graphics such as newspaper headlines, credits, stock footage), audio elements (stems, dialogue, narration, music, master mixes), and video masters.
There are numerous versions represented in the video masters including closed captioned distribution master, anamorphic version, layback master, PAL master (U.K.), “Teaser” version, APTN version, Astraltech version, Canal D version, CBC broadcast version, ContentFilm PLC version, and Discovery Canada version.

Textual and photographic records related to Exhibit A and 72 Hours can be found in the Kensington Communications Fonds, accession number 2018.017.

Creative Anarchy

Edie Steiner Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2022.018
  • Fonds
  • 1973 - 2021

The records in this fonds include Steiner’s photography, from her student work, to her documentation of the Toronto music scene and music portraits, to her exhibition work. Also included is a selection of published work and commercial photographs. The collection also includes Steiner’s Super 8mm films and recordings of live musical performances, as well as Steiner’s narrative and documentary films. The fonds consists of five series, based on the creator’s major artistic and creative activities, and are arranged in rough chronological order. The series are as follows:

  1. Series One: Narrative and Documentary Films
  2. Series Two: Super 8mm and Performance
  3. Series Three: Works in Audio
  4. Series Four: Photography
  5. Series Five: Creative Writing
    The first series, Narrative and Documentary Films, is divided into four subseries. The first, Subseries One: Film elements and masters includes the masters and audio/visual elements of Steiner’s narrative and documentary films shot on 16mm and video up to “Borderland Memories.” The second, Subseries Two: Film Research, consists of a series of research interviews shot on video for a project entitled “Dreams of Solidarity.” The third sub-series, Subseries Three: Film Promotion, Exhibition, includes textual and graphic records related to the production and promotion of Steiner’s narrative and documentary films. The final subseries, Subseries Four: Film Stills Photography and Promotional Shots, includes prints and negatives of film stills and promotional shots of Steiner’s narrative film projects “Places to Stay” and “Felicity’s View.”
    The second series, Super 8mm and Performance, is divided into two subseries. The first, Subseries One: Films and Soundtracks includes Steiner’s finished Super 8 films, as well as recordings of her live musical accompaniments to these films on cassette and in some cases, compact disc. The series also includes VHS and Betacam SP copies of Steiner’s final Super 8 film “Who is #1?”. The second, Subseries Two: Outtakes and Works in Progress, consists of outtakes and miscellaneous Super 8 film reels.
    The third series, Works in Audio, is divided into two subseries. The first, Subseries One: Music Recordings and Performances consists of audio and video recordings of Steiner’s original music, solo and in collaboration with other artists. Included in this series is a recording of Steiner playing with her band The Elementals, and several recordings of Steiner’s cover of Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line.” It also features recordings of Steiner’s collaborations with Chip Yarwood, Malcolm Lewis, and Colin Offord. Finally, it includes both audio and video recordings of Steiner’s work with The Band That Dare Not Speak Its Name. The second subseries, Subseries Two: Radio Interviews includes recordings of Steiner being interviewed and playing music at various Canadian radio stations.
    Series Four, Photography, is divided into seven subseries. The first, Subseries One: Portraits, Fashion, Landscapes consists of prints, contact sheets, and negatives of Steiner’s portrait photography work from the 1970s to the 2000s. Portrait subjects include Toronto musicians, artists, filmmakers, writers and poets – many of them friends and contemporaries of Steiner. This series also features Steiner’s photos and portraits of musical artists Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, Lydia Lunch, Rough Trade, Bryan Adams, and author Margaret Laurence. There is also a small collection of fashion photography, as well as two large format landscape photos. Subseries Two: Photo Exhibitions, features negatives and proofs of work featured in exhibition, as well as large format exhibition prints. Subseries Three: Travel Photos (for Exhibitions) consists of negatives and prints of travel photography. Subseries Four: Projects and New Works consists of negatives and a videotape related to a photography project entitled “Episodes in Dreamtime,” as well as one roll of test negatives shot in 2021. Subseries Five: Photography Publications consists of a publication entitled “Great Lakes Logia,” for which Steiner contributed photographs. Subseries Six: Various Events and Arts Documentation consists of various photographs and negatives documenting Steiner’s various artistic endeavours over the years, including live performances, music, openings of gallery shows, directing, and teaching. The final subseries, Subseries Seven: Commercial/Published Work includes newspaper and magazine clippings of Steiner’s published photography, as well as posters, album covers, promotional cards, and postcards, for which Steiner was the photographer.
    The final series, Series Five: Creative Writing, consists of a zine called “Gathering Blossoms Under Fire,” for which Steiner contributed an essay.
    This fonds includes textual and audio-visual material relating to the following film productions:
    • Places to Stay
    • Roses are Blue
    • Felicity’s View
    • Northland: Long Journey
    • Conversations on the Lake
    • Borderland Memories
    This fonds includes audio-visual material relating to the following film productions:
    • You Always Think About Things Like That
    • Post-Industrial
    • These Experiments
    • Dreams of Solidarity
    • Fake Milk Commercial (Super 8mm short)
    • White Flag (Super 8mm short)
    • Dance Party (Super 8mm short)
    • Examination Aboard a UFO (Super 8mm short)
    • Eclipse (Super 8mm short)
    • Happy Holidays (Super 8mm short)
    • Northern Journeys (Super 8mm short)
    • Chronicle (Super 8mm short)
    • Symphonic References (Super 8mm short)
    • Episodes (Super 8mm short)
    • Who is #1 (Super 8mm short)
    This fonds includes photographic material relating to the following exhibitions and photo series:
    • Painted Photographs
    • Mostly Rock & Roll
    • Urban Underground
    • Residual Landscapes
    • Recent Work
    • Earth and Bone
    • Day + Night
    • New Work
    • US Shrines
    • Great Lakes
    • Northland
    • The Artifice of Nature (sometimes titled The Nature of Artifice)
    • Condo Boom!
    • Views From Home: Facing North
    • Landscape as Power
    • The Poetry of Chance
    • Abject Transformations

Edie Steiner

Cinemavault Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2021.004
  • Fonds
  • 1980 - 2014

This fonds consists of 15 series, divided by the company’s functional activities, by format, and where possible, alphabetically by title, based in part on Cinemavault’s original organization records. The series are as follows:

  1. Distribution - AV Deliverables
  2. Distribution Master Tape Library
  3. Distribution – Trailers, Logos, EPKs and Shorts
  4. Distribution – Commercial DVDs and VHS
  5. Distribution – Deliverable Documents
  6. Distribution – Business and Legal Affairs Files
  7. Distribution – Theatrical Releases
  8. Distribution – Films Festivals and Markets
  9. Press and Publicity Materials
  10. Promotional Materials
  11. Key Art & Stills
  12. Educational and Industrial Films
  13. Reference Material
  14. Office Files and Data Backups
  15. Nick Stiliadis’ Personal Films
    The first series, Distribution – AV Deliverables represents the audio-visual elements of Cinemavault’s distribution catalog, and includes audio-visual elements received from producers and filmmakers for distribution purposes, as well as materials from the SC Entertainment back catalog. These materials include camera originals, raw footage, raw audio, final audio mixes, and release prints. These materials were received on a wide variety of formats, but 16mm and 35mm moving image and magnetic audio film predominate.
    The second series, Distribution – Master Tape Library represents Cinemavault’s library of distribution titles mastered to video tape. Some tapes are labeled with an identifier originated by the creator, which has been indicated in the description. There are a wide variety of tape formats within this series, with Digital Betacam predominating.
    The third series, Distribution – Trailers, Logos, EPKs and Shorts includes audio-visual elements received from producers and filmmakers for distribution purposes, including film trailers, company logos on film and video, electronic press kits, and promotional film shorts. Most of this material is on video cassette.
    The fourth series, Distribution – Commercial DVDs and VHS includes commercial copies of Cinemavault’s library of distribution titles on DVD and VHS. This series includes North American English and French versions, as well as international and foreign language versions of Cinemavault titles.
    The fifth series, Distribution – Deliverable Documents includes records received from producers and filmmakers for distribution purposes. It also includes production files related to the SC Entertainment back catalog. Textual materials predominate in this series, which includes distribution deal memos and contracts, chain of title documents, copyright and clearance documents, copies of crew agreements and other film production-related documents, music licenses, MPAA film rating certificates, Errors and Omissions insurance certificates, lab access letters, head and tail credits and credit obligations statements, billing blocks, and scripts. There are also some press and publicity-related items in this series, including promotional one-sheets, production stills, and slide kits.
    Please note that this series contains personally identifying information found in crew deal memos, including crew names, addresses, birth dates, telephone numbers, social security and social insurance numbers, therefore, due to privacy concerns, those records are restricted.
    The sixth series, Distribution – Business and Legal Affairs Files includes business and legal affairs records related to the international distribution of Cinemavault’s catalog of titles. These include lists of sales territories by individual international distributor, distribution and assignment agreements, distribution deal memos, sales reports, development agreements, various other contracts, and correspondence.
    The seventh series, Distribution – Theatrical Releases includes records related to the Canadian theatrical releases of a limited number of Cinemvault titles. This includes film distribution agreements, box office and sales reports, publicity and marketing materials and strategies, and distribution licenses.
    The eighth series, Distribution – Films Festivals and Markets consists of records related to attending and taking part in film festivals and international sales markets. This series includes festival programs, catalogues and guidebooks, as well as general textual records related to film festivals such as entry forms, screening invite lists, press clippings, and correspondence.
    The ninth series, Press and Publicity Materials includes general files pertaining to press and publicity efforts undertaken at festivals and international sales markets, as well as press kits for individual titles within Cinemavault’s distribution catalog. Materials in this series include press clippings, film reviews, film synopses, cast and crew bios, production stills, promotional postcards and flyers, as well as key art for each title. There is also a small number of video recordings of televised publicity efforts pertaining to a few SC Entertainment titles.
    The tenth series, Promotional Materials consists of promotional posters, carboard standees, flyers, promotional one-sheets, and postcards related to Cinemavault’s distribution catalog titles. There are also a small number of product reels and promos on DVD.
    The eleventh series, Key Art & Stills consists of a library of key promotional artwork and stills related to Cinemavault’s catalog of distribution titles. This includes key art samples and proofs, sample printouts of key art originally contained in reference binders, promotional art and stills received on data disc, and sample VHS and DVD artwork.
    The twelfth series, Educational and Industrial Films represents early titles written and produced by Nicholas Stiliadis and SC Entertainment. These films were not made for theatrical release and instead were aimed at the educational market. They center on themes of health, wellness, self-esteem, and skill-building. This series consists of the films themselves, as well as some marketing materials related to the films such as posters, sell-sheets, and activity workbooks.
    The thirteenth series, Reference Material consists of various film and television industry reference guides and catalogues, as well as various trade publications. It also consists of web clippings from the Internet Movie Database, pertaining to various Cinemavault titles.
    The fourteenth series, Office Files and Data Backups consists of various Cinemavault staff member computer and email account backups, as well as office database backups on data disc.
    The fifteenth series, Nick Stiliadis’ Personal Films consists of various audio-visual material belonging to CEO Nicholas Stiliadis, including some commercial work, as well as student films from his time at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson).
    This fonds includes textual and audio-visual material relating to the following film productions:
    • 16 to Life
    • 1-900
    • 2 By 4
    • 2001: A Space Travesty
    • 24 Hour Woman, The
    • 30 Days (aka Cross the Line aka Full Court Press)
    • 4 Jacks (aka Four Jacks)
    • A Beautiful Secret
    • A Fool and His Money
    • A Previous Engagement
    • A Tale of a Naughty Girl
    • A Touch of Spice
    • Adrenaline Drive
    • Afrika Unite (aka Africa Unite)
    • Aging of North America, The
    • Alarm
    • Alzheimer Case, The
    • And She Was
    • Another Day in Paradise
    • Apart
    • Art Killer (aka Still Life, aka A.K.)
    • Artefacts
    • At the End of the Day (aka War Games)
    • Atanarjuat (aka Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner)
    • Bad Money
    • Ballad of Sexual Dependency (aka Sexual Dependency aka Dependica Sexual)
    • Ballad of the Nightingale
    • Barber, The
    • Beyond Retirement
    • Big Slice, The
    • Blackout, The
    • Blind Date (original)
    • Blind Date (remake)
    • Blood Relations
    • Blue Blood
    • Boca
    • Brand New World
    • Breakout
    • Bumblebee Flies Anyway, The (aka The Bumblebee Flies Away)
    • Canvas
    • Capital Punishment
    • Career Planning
    • Caribe
    • Carolina
    • Central Park Story (aka Harlem Aria)
    • Channel 1 (aka True Rights)
    • Chatham (aka Golden Boys)
    • Cherish
    • Cinderella (aka Cinderella 3D)
    • Circle, The
    • City of the Dead
    • Clandestine Marriage
    • Clash
    • Cognac (aka Secret Ingredient)
    • Collector, The
    • Comfortably Numb
    • Coney Island Baby
    • Confessions of a Superhero
    • Copper Mountain
    • Cornered
    • Crazy Horse (aka Friends, Lovers & Lunatics aka Fous a Lier)
    • Crime Guys (aka Shark Skin 6)
    • Crooked Lines
    • Crop, The
    • Crossing (aka Dress to Kill)
    • Dangerous People (aka Les Dangereux)
    • Dark Blood
    • Dark Descent
    • Dark Rising 2
    • Dark Warrior
    • Dead Meat
    • Dead Stop
    • Deadly Attraction
    • Deadly Engagement
    • Deception
    • Delivery
    • Depraved, The
    • Diamond Cut Diamond
    • Dinosaur Hunter, The
    • Disturbed, The
    • Dixie Lanes (aka Relative Secrets aka La Guerre en Famille)
    • Dominic's Castle
    • Donkey
    • Dope
    • Dragon Fighter
    • Duska
    • Dust
    • Edelweiss Pirates (aka Eidelweiss Piraten)
    • Employee Fitness: Fact or Fantasy
    • Equinox
    • Erik (aka One Man Out)
    • Eve
    • Exit 67 (aka Sortie 67, aka Gangsterland)
    • Expecting Mercy
    • Exposure
    • Extreme Days
    • Family Flaw
    • Fat Head
    • Fight Night (aka Rigged)
    • Finding Lenny (aka Les Deux Sont Tombes Sur le Foot)
    • Firecracker
    • First Saturday in May, The
    • Follow Me Outside
    • For the Bible Tells Me So
    • Foreign Bodies
    • Framed
    • Frogs for Snakes
    • From Within
    • Galaxies are Colliding (aka Galaxies, aka Planet of Love)
    • Gangster Exchange
    • Gas Hole
    • Getting to Know You
    • Girl in 3D
    • Gladiator 2000
    • Gladiator Cop (aka The Swordsman II)
    • Global Heresy (aka Rock My World)
    • Going Back
    • Gold Medal Years, The
    • Gospel of John
    • Graveyard Shift
    • Gruesome (aka Savage)
    • One Day Remains
    • Hammer, The
    • Harrison Montgomery
    • Health Fitness Professionals, The (aka Health Fitness Pro)
    • Heart Disease
    • Heist, The
    • Hell Cab (aka Hellcab)
    • Hidden, The
    • Hide & Seek
    • High Adventure
    • Hochelaga
    • Hockey Mom
    • Home
    • Hope & A Little Sugar
    • Hotshot (aka Coup de Verité)
    • How Streetproof Are You? (aka Street Proofing)
    • How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer
    • I Woke Up Early the Day I Died
    • I.O.U.S.A
    • Ignition
    • Incredible Mrs. Ritchie, The
    • Innocence
    • Inside (aka Histoire de Pen)
    • Interceptor Force
    • Interview (remake)
    • Into the Fire (aka The Legend of Wolf Lodge)
    • Julie Johnson
    • Kevin of the North (aka Chilly Dogs)
    • Kids World
    • Kill Me Tomorrow
    • Kinta
    • Komodo
    • LA Run
    • Lady of the Lake
    • Last Lovecraft, The
    • Last Night at Eddie's
    • Last Rites
    • Late Last Night
    • Lawman (aka The Mountie)
    • Leaving Barstow
    • Legionnaire
    • Level, The
    • Lifestyle Workout
    • Like Water
    • Limit, The (aka Gone Dark)
    • Listening, The
    • Loins of Punjab
    • Loons, The
    • Lost Lake
    • Lost Things
    • Love & Savagery
    • Love Thy Neighbor
    • Lovely, Still
    • Low Down, The
    • Luck of the Draw
    • Lymelife
    • Made in Jamaica
    • Making It Young (aka Makin' It Young)
    • Making of Films, The
    • Mallory Effect, The
    • Marcus
    • Mario's Wedding (aka The Undertaker's Wedding)
    • Meet the Deedles
    • Merchant(s) of War
    • Midnight Clear
    • Mile Zero
    • Mirage Man (aka Mirageman)
    • Murder One
    • Murder Set Pieces
    • Must Love Death
    • My Dog Tulip
    • Newsmakers (aka News Makers)
    • No One Can Hear You
    • Nothing Man, The
    • Offscreen (aka Off Screen)
    • Office Party (aka Hostile Takeover)
    • Once in the Life
    • Orient Express (aka Death, Deceit & Destiny on the Orient Express)
    • Outcast, The
    • Outsourced
    • Paris
    • Parsley Days
    • Paul Shore is Dead
    • Payback
    • Perfect Happiness
    • Perfect Lover (aka The Woman Every Man Wants)
    • Picking Up the Pieces
    • Pink Chiquitas, The
    • Plan Bart
    • Plato's Breaking Point
    • Poker Run
    • Primal Instinct
    • Productivity and Performance by Alex K.
    • Psycho Beach Party
    • Puck Hogs, The
    • Puffy Chair, The
    • Pump Up the Volume
    • Quantum Hoops
    • Queen's Messenger, The
    • Reason for Living
    • Red Blooded American Girl (aka Red Blooded)
    • Red Blooded American Girl 2 (aka Red Blooded II)
    • Red Hot
    • Return to Hansala
    • Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre, The
    • Ringmaster
    • Ripper (aka Ripper, Letter from Hell, aka Letter from Hell)
    • Road Rage
    • Rockaway
    • Savage Messiah
    • Savage Tales (of Summervale)
    • Scar (aka Scar 3D)
    • Sea Wolf
    • Search for Intimacy, The
    • Seven of Daran, The
    • Sex, Dogz & Rock N Roll
    • Sexiest Animal, The
    • Shattered
    • She Who Must Be Obeyed (aka She)
    • Shergar
    • Side by Side
    • Silence of Fear, The
    • Silent Partner, The
    • Silver Man
    • Silver Wolf
    • Sister Blue
    • Slow Burn
    • So Goes the Nation
    • South Beach Dreams
    • Spinning Into Butter
    • Spirit Trap
    • State of Emergency
    • Steal a Pencil For Me
    • Stepping Razor - Red X (aka Stepping Razor)
    • Stoneraft, The
    • Stranded
    • Strange Culture
    • Strangeland (aka Dee Snider's Strangeland)
    • Survivors of the Titanic
    • Susan's Plan
    • Suspect
    • Tale of the Dog
    • Teknolust
    • Terror Island
    • Terror Lodge (aka Tryst)
    • That's Entertainment
    • The Body Ages, The
    • Thirsting, The
    • Thirteenth Sign, The
    • This Filthy World
    • Thou Gilds't the Even
    • Threads
    • Three
    • Ticking Man, The
    • To Kill a Killer
    • Tom White
    • Touch and Go
    • Trail of Passion
    • Travelling Trio, The
    • Twilight Time
    • Under the Influence
    • Understanding Adolescence
    • Used Parts (aka Partes Usadas)
    • Vita Cane (aka Johnny Nitrate)
    • Vivid (aka Luscious: The Art of Eroticism)
    • Wannabes, The
    • Water Under the Bridge
    • Wellness in the Workplace
    • West of Here
    • When Brendan Met Trudy
    • When Harry Tries to Marry
    • Where God Left His Shoes
    • White Heat (aka Blow Torch)
    • Willful
    • Wind Man
    • You Can Count on Me
    • Youth Stress
    • Zemanovaload
    • Zombie King
    This fonds includes textual material relating to the following film productions:
    • 3D Chef
    • A Taxing Woman
    • Ballistic
    • Blind Justice
    • Blood Rising
    • Bloodlust
    • Brasserie Romantek
    • Capture
    • Chained Vengeance
    • Citizen Marc
    • Corner Shop
    • Corridor, The
    • Crash Fans
    • Cries of Innocence
    • Crypt
    • Dakota
    • Dark
    • Dark Secrets
    • Dark Side
    • Dark Waters
    • Daybreak
    • Dead End
    • Dead on the Beach
    • Deep Core 2000
    • Dirty Minds
    • Distanz
    • Flying High
    • Forbidden Rage
    • Freak City
    • Freeway
    • Friends & Lovers
    • Geld
    • Girl Camp
    • Heartland
    • Illtown
    • In Search of Alexander
    • In the Flesh
    • Killer
    • Killing Moon
    • Interview (original)
    • Last Call
    • Layin' Low
    • Legionnaire 2
    • Lockout
    • Lost Lullaby
    • Lost Valley, The
    • Meffi
    • Minus Man, The
    • Moment, The
    • Movie Entertainment
    • My Brother the Pig
    • Niagara, Niagara
    • Once in a Lifetime
    • One
    • One Day Removals
    • Peaches
    • Pythons 2
    • Recreator
    • Red Robin
    • Rub & Tug
    • Sentenced to Death
    • She Likes Me
    • She's My Baby
    • Sinners Need Company
    • Skills Like This
    • Spreading Ground, The
    • Strange Creature
    • Sumuru
    • Suriyothai
    • Sweet Angel Mine
    • Tangerines
    • Te Amo Ana Elisa (aka I Love You Ana Elisa)
    • Tears at Dawn
    • The Colour of the Chameleon
    • Truck
    • Vir (aka Whirlpool)
    • Water Damage
    • When
    • Who Do You Love
    • Wicked Minds
    • XL
    • Young Alexander
    This fonds includes audio-visual material relating to the following film productions:
    • 3 Ninjas et L'invention du Siecle
    • 48 Weeks Later
    • A Time for Drunken Horses
    • Always, But Not Forever
    • Antibody
    • As It Is In Heaven
    • At Sundance
    • Baby Blue
    • Baby Fever
    • Banged Up
    • Barenaked in America
    • Best Friends Forever
    • Blue Hour, The
    • Body & Earth
    • Bollywood Idol
    • Boy Ages, The
    • Braineater
    • Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker, The
    • Can She Bake a Cherry Pie
    • Candy Rush
    • Car Hole
    • Charley
    • Christmas Evil
    • Coach Lenny
    • Colpo Grasse
    • Cool
    • Crazy World
    • Croupier
    • Dark Rising
    • Day I Became a Woman, The
    • Daylight
    • Dead
    • Dead Leaves
    • Dead Time
    • Deep Cove
    • Deep Force
    • déjà vu
    • De Pijnbank
    • Drunks
    • Edge of Darkness
    • een dagje narr Let Stand
    • End of an Empire: Making of Red Hot
    • Epoch Evolution
    • Escape Under Pressure
    • Eureka
    • Extraordinary Egg, The (aka Eggs Please)
    • Eye of Silence, The
    • Family Man
    • Fighting Tiger
    • Fin de Siecle
    • Fitness Formula
    • Four Dragons
    • Fraternity, The
    • Free Tibet
    • Furida Omicida
    • G2 (aka G-2, aka G2: Time Warrior aka Time Warrior)
    • Garmento
    • Genius: Life of a Drug Dealer
    • Get Going
    • Good Rockin' Tonight
    • Guard Dog
    • Hit and Run
    • Hot Blooded
    • How to Make a Stone Raft
    • Human Resources
    • Hypersonic
    • I Went Down
    • If I Didn't Care
    • Interceptor
    • Interceptor Force 2 (aka Alpha Force)
    • Judy Berlin
    • Landspeed
    • Last Lullaby, The
    • Last Resort
    • Last Summer in the Hamptons
    • Lilith
    • Loos
    • Lost Voyage
    • Love
    • Loving Jezebel
    • Luger
    • Mad Cows and Zombies
    • Making of the Circle
    • Many Secrets of the Universe
    • Maximum Velocity
    • Memory of a Killer
    • Middle of Nowhere
    • Music For Film
    • New Alcatraz
    • New Interceptor Force
    • New Joy of Sex
    • Non-Stop
    • Orphans
    • Patriot, The
    • Pig
    • Python
    • Raindrops
    • Ranch Trap
    • Rapid Exchange
    • Rough Shot
    • Run for Your Life
    • Salvage
    • Saves
    • Season's Beatings!
    • Shark Hunter
    • Skills Training
    • Someone to Love
    • Somewhere Tonight
    • South Paw
    • Stress Management
    • Such a Long Journey
    • Sure Hand of God
    • Survival of the Fittest
    • Survival Island
    • Swordsman, The
    • Tevgnaar Oegstgeest
    • Titanic Town
    • Too Much Sleep
    • Treasure Island
    • Trucker
    • Under Heavy Fire
    • Vals Licht
    • What I Like About You
    • Why We Love
    • Woundings
    • Yesterday


Cylla von Tiedemann Fonds

  • Accession
  • 1981-2009, 2019

The Cylla von Tiedemann Fonds is separated under series based on her works with various institutions:
Series 1 – 14
Series 1: Press Media Material
Series 2: National Ballet commissions
Series 3: Stratford Commissions
Series 4: Tale of a Mask
Series 5: India; 1998-2000
Series 6: Cambodia Margie Gillis
Series 7: Dance Company
Series 8: Rhombus Media
Series 9: Tarragon Theatre
Series 10: Toronto Dance Theatre
Series 11: Personal Earlier Negatives
Series 12: National Ballet Yearbook
Series 13: Early Photography

Series 1: Press Materials

The first series contains the collection of press materials that Von Tiedemann accumulated throughout her career, that her work was featured in. Her works have been featured in magazines such as the National Ballet of Canada magazines seasons and in programs and pamphlets (in English and French) such as the Ballet of British Columbia, Stratford Festivals, Danse-Cité and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. The Press Materials also includes her very own exhibition cards and invites. Lastly are the press clippings from Globe and Mail, and other newspaper publications.

Series 2: National Ballet commissions

Cylla von Tiedemann had many partnerships and collaborations with the Canada’s National Ballet, and this series features much of her work. The National Ballet of Canada was founded in 1951 with the goal of presenting the best of classical and contemporary ballet. Today the company is among the world’s finest, and Von Tiedemann has been involved in many of the earlier production photography portraits and stills. Within the collections contains commissions labeled and separated by job titles or Von Tiedemann’s original category labels. Various National Ballet negatives taken by Von Tiedemann includes productions from Married Widow, Les Sulphides-the four temperaments-elite synocopatrows, Arabian Nights, and Nutcracker. The series contains mostly negatives and black and white contact sheets of dancer performances and portraits. The second series is separated into three subseries from National Ballet commission and the second is the National Ballet Portraits (1990-1995), and lastly is the National Ballet Yearbook (1992-1995) various negatives of dancers performing on stage and some portraits of dancers.

Series 3: Stratford Commissions

Cylla von Tiedemann is renown for her performance photography, and she has done much at the Stratford Festival. In brief, the Stratford festival began when the railway industry pulled out of Stratford in the early 1950s, and journalist Tom Patterson had an idea for breathing new life into his native city’s economy: a festival of Shakespearean theatre. They did not have a venue, only a tent. From there it grew and is now the company has many venues and has a state-of-the-art technical systems and equipment, the theatre is a space in which the Festival and artists from across Canada can imagine and create. Within the collection the jobs are separated by titles and Von Tiedemann’s original category labels. Similar to the National Ballet series, most of the works are negatives with black and white contact sheet and prints. Plays and performances includes Equus the setup photos, Oedipis rex, and Filumere-on the run negatives, Richard III, Death of a Salesman, Romeo & Juliet, and more. There are also negatives from special events that includes a visit from the Queen. Cylla von Tidemann’s work has been used on Stratford’s website and in their seasonal programs.

Series 4: Tale of a Mask

In this series, it contains the screenplays and drafts of Terry Watada’s work. The titled play is on fiction retelling of immigration and crimes in Canada, focusing on a first-generation Japanese immigration family. Terry Watada is a Toronto writer with many productions and publications to his credit. His publications include Light at a Window (manga, HpF Press and the Greater Toronto National Association of Japanese Canadians 2015), and other works in poetry. Just like the focus of Tale of a Mask, his works primarily focuses on the Japanese Canadian history and their experience in Canada.

Series 5: India

This series features Von Tiedemann’s personal and work-related work on her trip in India. Also included in the series is the Peter Chan’s visit to India and Indonesia, and mostly slides of Lata Pada, founder, and artistic director of Sampradaya Dance Creations.

Series 6: Cambodia Margie Gillis

Includes mainly DVD-R data disks and videos of MiniDVD. The collection shows various clips and cuts from her travels and work in Cambodia, Norway, St John, and Vancouver. People included in the tapes are Margie Gillis, Martha, Holly Hocks, and Peter Chin. Lastly, it includes settings in Martha’s Vineyard and Cloud Piece and Wood dance Margie Robin in Wasser.

Series 7: Dance Company

The series includes commissions and works from various dance companies in Canada. Companies and works includes Denise Fujiwara’s Fujiwara Dance Inventions. Fujiawa is one of the founders of T.I.D.E. (Toronto Independent Dance Enterprise) and negatives of her dances are in this series. In 1991 she formed her own company, Fujiwara Dance Inventions, to house the development of her solo projects. The next company is Claude Moore. Claude’s Moonhorse Dance Company was founded in 1996 which specifically celebrates the work of senior dance artists, continues to develop meaningful relationships and programming that serve to connect senior dance artists and the public. This series includes her work in Children’s Dance and Subway-shot, portraits, mode test and wedding shots.
The third is the Canadian Stage company, founded by Dora Mavor Moore in 1938 first called the Village Players. Today Canadian Stage is one of Canada’s leading contemporary performing arts organizations. In the collection Von Tiedemann photograph their production on Midsummer nights dream, Les Belles Soeurs, and the Beauty Queen of Leename.
Lastly, are the job-related photography shots for Canadian Broadcast Corporation also known as the CBC. Production shots from the House of Martin Guerre, Hard Hearts, and dancers Jan Oddie and Maggie Gill.

Series 8: Rhombus Media

Rhombus Media is a Toronto-based production company and has produced a number of theatrical feature films, TV drama, documentaries and performing arts programmes the over the past 44 years. The collection includes works that Cylla von Tidemann took under Rhombus Media. Most of the formats are negatives of Sheena MacDonald Portrait, director shot, and headshots of Barbara Sweet.

Series 9: Tarragon Theatre

The ninth series is based on Cylla’s work with the Tarragon Theatre. The Tarragon Theatre is one of Canada’s main centers for contemporary playwriting in the country. The theatre was founded by Bill and Jane Glassco in 1970. The series contains mostly negatives and prints of various performers. Including production shots of King Fisher Days headshots, and Little Mercy’s fist murder. This also includes various headshots, and an email correspondence from Kirk Thomson to von Tiedemann on the prints.

Series 10: Toronto Dance Theatre

The Tenth series includes the negatives and prints of various dancers from the Toronto Dance Theatre. The Toronto Dance Theatre was founded in 1968 by dancer and choreographers Peter Randazzo, Patricia Beatty, and David Earle. The company quickly became popular with their charismatic dancers and a repertoire of original work created in collaboration with Canadian composers and designers. The series also contains work from NY Times and from Christopher House.

Series 11: Personal Earlier Negatives

The eleventh series contains the personal and earlier works of Von Tiedemann. Most of the formats in the collections are negatives and a few black and white prints of various dancers, actors and landscapes from her work and personal travels. People in these sections includes Yseult & Robert, Nicholas & Graeme, Graham McKelvie, Maxine Heppner, Margie Gillis, Marie Josée Chartier, and Eryn Trudell. As noted in the finding aid, many of the performers in the series shows nudity. Travels includes Indonesia, Italy, South France, and Vancouver. Production companies also included in the series are Mirvish Production, ARMS, Deaf Planet show, Destination foundation, and Nightwood Theatre.

Series 12: Early Photography
This series spans the years of the late 1980s to early 1990s. It contains the early photography of Von Tiedemann, which includes dancers, performers, personal peers, and trips. Mainly includes works on portraits and photo shots for Danny Grossman. Danny Grossman is a Canadian dancer, choreographer, and activist. His performance in the series are Devine Air, Age of Darkness, Memento Mori, Ces Plaisirs and more. He created the Danny Grossman Dance Company which produced his political dances James Harcourt, San Miguel de Alleude, Roshar-show, David Arthur, and others.

Series 13: Miscellaneous

The Miscellaneous section includes a variety of CDs that contain her collection of digital files. The disks contains the digital version of her photographs, which includes her commissions for dancers and performers. They also contain the commissions from Koresh Dance Company, Dance Boom festival, and Dance Advance; productions such as Touching Wild Horses, Child star, and the Producers.

Cylla von Tiedemann

Nancy Nicol and Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2019.020
  • Fonds
  • 1967 - 2016

The fonds is divided into 15 series broadly based around themes in Nancy Nicol's work. They include: Series 1: Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights; Series 2: From Criminality to Equality; Series 3: Proud Lives; Series 4: Abortion Rights, The Struggle for Choice and A Choice for Irish Women; Series 5: Miniature Theatre; Series 6: And That’s Why I’m Leaving; Series 7: From Russia, In Love; Series 8: Pride and Resistance; Series 9: Mini Skools Pays Mini Wages; Series 10: Working for Piece Work Wages; Series 11: Migrante; Series 12: Sacrificial Burnings; Series 13: Let Poland Be Poland; Series 14: Awards, Reviews, and Publicity; and Series 15: Oral History

Nancy Nicol

Shirley Hughes / William Petts Collection

  • CA ON00349 2016.006
  • Collection
  • 1905 - 1997

This collection consists of 14 series arranged by format and subject matter. Several of the films included in Series 1 and Series 3 are incomplete. Excerpts were made of musical performances or key moments in the narrative from these films and subsequently assembled into compilation reels. Compilation reels containing excerpts from the films in Series 1 are in Series 2, and compilation reels containing excerpts from the films in Series 3 are in Series 8.

Series 1 (35mm Feature Films) is comprised of commercial feature films that were intended to be shown theatrically. These prints are believed to be original to the films’ initial theatrical release. The series contains the following titles:

A Hole In The Head (1959)
All Neat In Black Stockings (1969)
Arthur (1981)
Bells Are Ringing (1960)
Billy Rose’s ‘Jumbo’ (1962)
Damn Yankees (1958)
Death Of A Scoundrel (1956)
Dog Day Afternoon (1975)
Fiddler On The Roof (1971)
Firefox (1982)
Five Star Final (1931)
Girl On A Motorcycle (1968)
Hair (1979)
Hello Dolly! (1969)
Honeysuckle Rose (1980)
Hot Millions (1968)
Independence Day (1983)
Interrupted Melody (1955)
Love At 20 (1962)
Magic Fire (1955)
Mame (1974)
Merry Andrew (1958)
Nearer To Heaven (1954)
On The Riviera (1951)
Personal Best (1982)
Popi (1969)
Porgy & Bess (1959)
Serenade (1956)
Sharkey's Machine (1981)
Sincerely Yours (1955)
So This Is Love (1953)
Song Of Norway (1970)
Sport Fishing, Family Style (1962)
Stop The World: I Want To Get Off (1966)
Swan Lake (1969)
Sweet Charity (1969)
Table For Five (1983)
The Goodbye Girl (1977)
The Great Race (1965)
The Greek Tycoon (1978)
The Music Man (1962)
The Reluctant Saint (1962)
The Shining (1980)
The Slipper And The Rose (1976)
Tom Horn (1980)
Tom Jones (1963)
Up The Down Staircase (1967)
Who Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe? (1978)
Who’s Minding The Mint? (1967)
Women In Love (1969)
Woodstock (1970)

Series 2 (35mm Newsreels, Trailers, and Excerpts) contains 35mm films that are not commercial features and compilation reels made from the excerpts taken from the films in Series 1. Where possible, the titles comprising the compilation have been identified. The series contains the following titles:

[Basilio Vs Robinson] (1958)
[Compilation: Jewish Artists Musical Clips] [Various]
[Compilation: an unknown ballet scene; musical numbers from Al Jolson and Eddie Cantor; and a song from A Star is Born (1976)] (1955, 1953, 1976)
[Excerpts: “Bells are Ringing” (1960); “Pete 'n' Tillie” (1972); “Fiddler on the Roof” (1971)] (1960, 1972, 1971)
[The Nutcracker] [1966]
[Title Tests For 'Bug Bunny's All-Star Cartoon Review] [Unknown]
[Trailers: “Dog Day Afternoon” (1975); “Sparkle” (1976); “Let's Do It Again” (1975); “Barry Lyndon” (1975); “St. Ives” (1976); “Dirty Harry III” (1976); “The Enforcer” (1976); “Exorcist II” (1977); “All the President's Men” (1976)] (1975)
[Trailers: “The Outlaw Josey Wales” (1976); “Ode to Billy Joe” (1976); “St. Ives” (1976)] (1976)
[Unknown Musical Group] [1961]
[World Cup 1966] (1966)
A Concert Album [Short] (1950)
A Star Is Born [Clip] (1976)
A Star Is Born [Trailer] (1976)
Call Of The Holy Land (1960)
Blazing Saddles [Excerpt] (1974)
Fashions, Flowers And Favourites [Short] [1963]
Football Royal [Short] (1955)
Fortress Formosa [Short] (1958)
I Want To Live! [Trailer] (1958)
La Sonnambula [Trailer] (1954)
Legend Of The Orient [Short] (1958)
Mame & The Music Man [Clips] (1974 & 1962)
Mel Allen's Football Highlights 1961 [Short] (1962)
Quebec Sports Pageant [Short] (1962)
[“Robin And The 7 Hoods” combined with an excerpt from “Pete Kelly's Blues”] (1964, 1955)
Serenade [Clip] (1956)
Sex And The Single Girl [Tail Credits] (1964)
The Critic [Short] (1963)
The Getaway [Trailer] (1972)
The World According To Garp [Trailer] (1982)
Vesuvius Express [Short] (1953)
Wild Race For Glory (1958)
World's Heavyweight Championship Fight (1959)
Zepplin [French Titles And Credits] (1970)

Series 3 (16mm Feature Films) is made of 16mm prints of films that were originally released theatrically in 35mm. The prints in this series were created at a later date for television broadcast and were not a part of the initial theatrical release. This series contains the following titles:

1776 (1972)
A Man Betrayed (1941)
A Man, A Woman And A Bank (1979)
A Pain In The Ass (1973)
A Quiet Place To Kill (1970)
Adiós, Sabata (1970)
Agatha (1979)
Alaska Patrol (1949)
All The President's Men (1976)
Atlantic City (1944)
Avalanche (1978)
Bang! Bang! You're Dead! (1966)
Beloved Infidel (1959)
Billy Jack (1971)
Birch Interval (1976)
Blood On The Sun (1945)
Bowery Blitzkrieg (1941)
Breakout (1975)
Bullfight (1951)
Bye Bye Birdie (1963)
Calcutta (1946)
Carnegie Hall (1947)
Champ For A Day (1953)
Claudia (1943)
Compromising Positions (1985)
Crazy Mama (1975)
Digby: The Biggest Dog In The World (1973)
Dirty Harry (1971)
Doctors' Wives (1971)
Fanny (1961)
Father Of The Bride (1950)
Fighting Man Of The Plains (1949)
Final Assignment (1980)
First Family (1980)
First Monday In October (1981)
Flame Of Calcutta (1953)
Flight Commander (1930)
For Heaven's Sake (1950)
For Love Or Money (1963)
For Them That Trespass (1949)
From The Mixed Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (1973)
Go Naked Into The World (1961)
God Forgives….I Don't! (1967)
Guardian Of The Wilderness (1976)
Gunfighters (1947)
Guns Of The Black Witch (1961)
Hellfire (1949)
Hopscotch (1980)
How To Beat The High Cost Of Living (1980)
In Old Oklahoma (1943)
Inside Daisy Clover (1965)
International Velvet (1978)
Irreconcilable Differences (1984)
Isle Of Sin (1960)
Josephine And Men (1955)
Just Before Dawn (1981)
Kiss The Boys Goodbye (1941)
La Guerre Des Momes (1962)
Lady For A Night (1942)
Land Of No Return (1978)
Law Of The Badlands (1951)
Le Silencieux (1973)
Light Of The Western Stars (1940)
Lonely Heart Bandits (1950)
Luv (1967)
Monte Carlo (1930)
Murder By Decree (1979)
My Wife's Family (1956)
Naughty Marietta (1935)
Never Trust A Gambler (1951)
Next To No Time (1958)
Nothing Personal (1980)
Of Unknown Origin (1983)
Oh Heavenly Dog (1980)
Operation Mad Ball (1957)
Panic In The Streets (1950)
Pony Express (1953)
Psyche 59 (1964)
Rage (1966)
Range Defenders (1937)
Ready, Willing And Able (1937)
Reckless (1935)
Renegade Girl (1946)
Roaring Westward (1949)
Run Of The Arrow (1957)
Running Wild (1973)
Russian Roulette (1975)
Sanders Of The River (1935)
Séance On A Wet Afternoon (1964)
Second Childhood (1936)
Seven Alone (1974)
Shadowed (1946)
Sing Me A Love Song (1937)
Smile (1975)
South Of Tahiti (1941)
Spook Busters (1946)
St. Ives (1976)
Street Bandits (1951)
Such Good Friends (1971)
Summer And Smoke (1961)
Susan Slept Here (1954)
Taras Bulba (1962)
Tarnished (1950)
Tender Mercies (1983)
The 3 Worlds Of Gulliver (1960)
The Adventures Of Mark Twain (1944)
The Bramble Bush (1960)
The Bride Goes Wild (1948)
The Burglars (1971)
The First Traveling Saleslady (1956)
The Flame And The Arrow (1950)
The Golden Madonna (1949)
The Good Guys And The Bad Guys (1969)
The Hard Way (1943)
The Hellfire Club (1961)
The Honkers (1972)
The House Of The Seven Gables (1940)
The Lady In Red (1979)
The Lady In The Car With Glasses And A Gun (1970)
The Last Word (1979)
The Lawless Nineties (1936)
The Magic Carpet (1951)
The Magnificent Rogue (1946)
The Magnificent Seven (1960)
The Mercenary (1968)
The Millionairess (1960)
The Mississippi Gambler (1953)
The Night Visitor (1971)
The Nine Second Adventure [1962-1966]
The Other Side of the Mountain (1975)
The Pharaoh's Woman (1960)
The Pink Panther (1963)
The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)
The Producers (1967)
The Psychic (1977)
The Sandpiper (1965)
The Story Of Dr. Wassell (1944)
The Story Of Mankind (1957)
The Tall 'T' (1957)
The War Between Men and Women (1972)
The Way to Love (1933)
There's No Business Like Show Business (1954)
They Call Me Trinity… (1970)
Thundering Trails (1943)
Tomahawk (1951)
Trinity Is Still My Name (1971)
Twice Two (1933)
Valley of the Doomed (1960)
Valley Of The Kings (1954)
Viva Maria! (1965)
Viva Max (1969)
What a Chassis (1961)
Win, Place or Steal (1974)
Wind Across the Everglades (1958)
Zorro: The Gay Blade (1981)

Series 4 (16mm Television Movies) contains 16mm prints of films and TV specials initially intended for television broadcast. These titles did not receive a theatrical release in 35mm. This series contains the following titles:

A Merry Mirthworm Christmas (1984)
A Movie Star’s Daughter (1979)
Andrea’s Story: A Hitchhiking Tragedy (1983)
Duel In The Wind: In Defense Of America's Cup (1970)
Eugene Onegin (1958)
Free To Be…You & Me (1974)
Hand Me Down Kid (1983)
Judge Horton And The Scottsboro Boys (1976)
Lionheart (1954)
Love Leads The Way: A True Story (1984)
Mission: Monte Carlo (1974)
Nearly No Christmas (1983)
Night Chase (1970)
Panic On The 5:22 (1974)
Paper Dolls (1982)
Patience Of Bunthorne’s Bride (1957)
Summer Switch (1984)
The Day The Earth Moved (1974)
The Forgotten Man (1971)
The Life And Assassination Of The Kingfish (1977)
The Red Room Riddle (1983)
The Sex Symbol (1974)
The Wave (1981)
They Call It Murder (1971)

Series 5 (16mm Educational Films) is comprised of shorts created for an educational context. The films in this series were largely targeted at young people and intended to be educational or informative. The series includes the following titles:

Alaska! [1967]
Authority And Rebellion: ‘The Caine Mutiny’ [1982]
Between Two Loves (1983)
Christmas Lace (1978)
Crime And The Criminal: ‘In Cold Blood’ [1983]
Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment (1971)
Four Centuries: The Firearm In Canada [1982]
Power And The Press: ‘Citizen Kane’ [n.d.]
The Lilith Summer (1985)
The Northeast, Headquarters For a Nation (1967)
The Odyssey II: Return Of Odysseus (1965)
The Sound Of Sound [1971]

Series 6 (16mm Documentary Shorts) contains short documentary films. Many of these films were produced by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and were not explicitly educational. The series includes the following titles:

[Artic Tundra] (n.d.)
[Pioneer Life] [1944]
A Sports News Review: Faster And Faster [1956]
A Time To Rise (1982)
A. J. Casson: The Only Critic Is Time (1981)
Between Two Loves (1983)
Bighorn (1970)
Children Of The World: The Trumpet [1968]
Coppelia (Winter Night) (1957)
Danses Sacree et Profane (n.d)
Dories (1979)
Going The Distance (1979)
Hunting The Devil Cat (1944)
J’me Marie, J’me Marie Pas (1973)
Julie La Rousse (1959)
Kiel Olympiad (1972)
Láge Des Pigeons (1983)
Les Maitres Fous (1957)
Matisse: A Sort Of Paradise (1969)
Musical Masterpieces: Grieg's Piano Concerto - Two Norwegian Ranges [1949]
Paul Robeson: Tribute To An Artist (1979)
Picture Canada (1973)
The Farming Of Fish [1977]
The Lilith Summer (1985)
The Littlest Angel (1950)
The River Of No Return [1958]
This Is Rudolf Nureyev (1965)

Series 7 (16mm Television Shows) includes individual episodes of regularly airing television series. Amongst these are musical segments from variety shows. Many of the prints are kinescopes (film recordings of television broadcasts). The series includes the following titles:

[Gobbi – Rigoletta] [1956]
Air Power: [Unknown Episode Title] [1956]
Air Power: Luftwaffe (1956)
Air Power: Superfort (1957)
CBC Concert Hour [broadcast November 16, 1956] (1956)
CBC Concert Hour [1954]
Degrassi Junior High: He Ain't Heavy… (1988)
Duffy's Tavern: Archie Faces Marriage (1954)
Duffy's Tavern: Archie's Newspaper (1954)
Duffy's Tavern: Class Reunion (1954)
Duffy's Tavern: Salami Sam (1954)
Duffy’s Tavern: Archie The Hypnotist (1954)
Fountain Of Bakhchisarai [1959]
Green Acres: Where There’s A Will (1969)
Green Acres: A Take Of A Tail (1969)
Green Acres: Send A Boy To College (1966)
Green Acres: The Road (1969)
Green Acres: Uncle Fedor (1970)
Green Acres: You And Your Shrinking Head (1969)
Green Acres: [Unknown Episode Title] (n.d.)
Insight: The Thousand-Mile Journey [broadcast May 7, 1967] (1967)
Insight: The Hit Man [episode 454, broadcast October 8, 1983] (1983)
Music '60 Presents The Jack Kane Show [broadcast December 21, 1959] (1959)
P.M. Party (1959-1960)
Parade [1959-1964]
Riverboat: End Of A Dream (1960)
Serenade For Strings [broadcast July 4, 1957] (1957)
Serenade For Strings [broadcast July 18, 1957] (1957)
Serenade In Strings [broadcast June 6, 1957] (1957)
The American Short Story: The Jolly Corner (1975)
The Big Picture: It's Up To You - Basic Combat Training (1967)
The Ford Television Theatre: The Taming Of The Shrewd (1954)
The Magical World Of Disney: One Day At Teton Marsh (1964)
The Perry Como Show [episode 10, broadcast November 17, 1956] (1956)
War In The Air: Cold Dawn (1954)
War In The Air: The Fated Sky (1954)
William Tell [1948]
World In Action: The Six Day War (1969)

Series 8 (16mm Compilation Reels) is comprised of selected musical numbers and trailers assembled onto reels. Many of these are excerpts from the films in Series 3. Where possible, the titles of the segments have been indicated below.

[Compilation: 9 Segments: unknown western; “You'll Like My Mother” (1972); “Play It As It Lays” (1972); “Two People” (1973); “Two People” (1973); “I Never Sang for my Father” (1970); “Summertree” (1971); “Loving” (1970); unknown drama] [1970s]
[Compilation: Musical Excerpts - 2 Titles, “Carnegie Hall” (1947) and an unknown title] [1947]
[Compilation: Orchestra, Musical, And Ballet Scenes - 5 Titles] [1951-1960]
[Compilation: Trailers for “The Missouri Breaks” (1976); “Klute” (1971); “Superman” (1978); “The Tomb of Ligeia” (1964); “Rough Night in Jericho” (1967); “Cowboy in Africa” (TV show, 1967-68); “Avanti” (1972); “Palm Springs Weekend” (1963); “The Big Mouth” (1967); “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” (1960); “The Plainsman” (1966), and a clip from “Code of Courage”] (1960 - 1978)
[Compilation: performances by Michael Bartlett, Richard Tauber, and an unknown female singer] [1930 - 1940]
[Hong Kong Action Film Trailers] (1971-1972)
[Musical Reel: Reel composed of various known and unknown television and feature film musical number segments. Eight television clips and two feature film clips make up reel. Feature films: “Irish Eyes Are Smiling” (1944) clip of Leonard Warren singing, and “Carnegie Hall” (1947) clip of Arthur Rubinstein. Television: only show known is the “Ed Sullivan Show” with Cesare Siepi singing. Other identified singers in television clips are Isaac Stern, Lily Pons, Marian Anderson] [1944 - 1959]
[Trailers & Feature Film Segments: Trailers for “The Hawaiians” (1970); “The Hitchhikers” (1972); “Little Big Man” (1970); and “Murphy’s War” (1971). Feature film segments: last reel of “You Can’t Run Away From It” (1956) and “Super Colt 38” (1969)] (1956 - 1974)

Series 9 (16mm Pre-Print Elements) contains one full coat magnetic reel of 16mm film. The reel was labeled “Roll 12 WB office, 12/19/71, Sound Only”. No connection could be confidently made with materials in other series within the collection.

Series 10 (VHS Comedy Shorts and Feature Films) is comprised of commercially released VHS tapes. Most of these are compilations of early comedy films released together as a set. The title of the VHS release and the original date(s) of release for the content are listed below.

Clyde Cook: Classic Comedy Shorts (1926)
Lloyd Hamilton: Classic Comedy Shorts (1927 - 1932)
[Buster] Keaton Sound, Vol. 1: Classic Comedy Shorts (1935 - 1936)
The Champ of the Champs-Elysées (1935)
Hal Roach Comedies: Classic Comedy Shorts (1920 - 1927)
Larry Semon, Vol. 2: Classic Comedy Shorts (1918 - 1927)
Edgar [Kennedy] - 4: Classic Comedy Shorts (1933 - 1942)
The Films of Larry Semon, Vol. 1 (1918 - 1927)
The Films of Larry Semon, Vol. 2 (1919 - 1925)
The Films of Larry Semon, Vol. 3 (1918 - 1928)
Our Gang Silents: ‘Thundering Fleas’, Vol. 1 (1923 - 1927)
Our Gang Silents: ‘Dogs of War’, Vol. 5 (1923 - 1924)
Harry Langdon: ‘His First Flame’ & 2-Reelers (1925 - 1927)
Harry Langdon: ‘Three’s A Crowd’ (1927)
Harry Langdon: ‘The Chaser’ (1928)
Kelly The Second (1936)
Cockeyed Cavaliers (1934)
So This Is Africa (1933)
Bosko & Friends (1927 - 1942)
Cartoon Moviestars: Starring Tom & Jerry (1941 - 1953)
Cartoon Moviestars: Porky! (1935 - 1947)
Will Rogers’ Epic Film: ‘The Ropin’ Fool’ (1922)
“For Pete’s Sake” - Little Rascals 75th Anniversary (1927 - 1934)
“Micro-Phonies” - The Three Stooges (1935 - 1945)
The Burns and Allen Show: ‘Gracie Knows Best’ (1953)
Never Give A Sucker An Even Break (1941)
W. C. Fields: 6 Short Films (1915 - 1933)
The Wizard of Oz (1925)
Roman Scandals (1933)
Chained for Life (1952)
The Sins of Madelon Claudet (1931)
Hal Roach Comedy Classics, Vol. 1 (1929 - 1936)
Classic Comedy Teams: Hosted by Steve Allen [1920 - 1950]
The Golden Stallion (1949)
Street of Shame (1956)
Kitten with a Whip (1964)
Jail Bait (1954)
Ren & Stimpy: In Disguise (1994)
The Ren & Stimpy Show: The Stinkiest Stories, Vol. 3 (1993)
The Lost Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy: Laurel and Hardy with Friends, Vol. One, Featuring ‘Our Gang’ (1918 - 1941)
The Lost Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy: Laurel and Hardy with Friends, Vol. Two, Featuring ‘Our Gang’ (1927 - 1947)
The Lost Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy: Laurel and Hardy with Friends, Vol. Three, Featuring ‘Our Gang’ (1923 - 1941)
The Lost Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy: Laurel and Hardy with Friends, Vol. Six, Featuring ‘Our Gang’ (1923 - 1941)
Hal Roach Comedy Classics Vol. 4: Laurel and Hardy, Charley Chase, Zazu Pitts, Thelma Todd (1933 - 1936)
Laurel & Hardy: ‘On Parade’ (1935)
Laurel & Hardy: U.K. Tours (1932 - 1955)
The Devil’s Brother (1933)
Hollywood Party (1934)
Air Raid Wardens (1943)
Nothing But Trouble (1944)
The Big Noise (1944)
Laurel & Hardy and Our Gang Shorts: ‘We Faw Down’ (1927 - 1929)
Laurel & Hardy and Our Gang Shorts: ‘From Soup to Nuts’ (1927 - 1928)
8mm Laurel & Hardy Movies: ‘Two Tars’ & Super-8 Silents (1927 - 1943)
Laurel & Hardy (1929 - 1930)
Laurel & Hardy (1916 - 1930, 1999)
Laurel & Hardy (1930 - 1956)
Laurel & Hardy: “Stan Visits Ollie” plus Walton 50’ Films
Laurel & Hardy: Italian Trailers
[Laurel & Hardy, Charley Chase & Our Gang]
[Laurel & Hardy, Charley Chase, Buster Keaton]
Laurel & Hardy: “Do It Yourself” “Where To Now?” plus Hal Roach Classics (1932 - 1940)
Laurel & Hardy: “This is Music Hall” “Another Fine Mess” (1918 - 1955)
Laurel & Hardy: ‘I’ll Tell One Now’ (1927)
Laurel & Hardy: Erskine Johnson’s “Hollywood Reel” plus Misc. 2-Reelers (1930 - 1940)
Laurel & Hardy: “Atoll K” (1934)
Laurel & Hardy: “MGM’s Big Parade of Comedy” (n.d.)
Slapstick Encyclopedia: Volume 1, Tape 1 (1911 - 1924)
Slapstick Encyclopedia: Volume 1, Tape 2 (1912 - 1926)
Slapstick Encyclopedia: Volume 1, Tape 3 (1914 - 1919)
Slapstick Encyclopedia: Volume 1, Tape 4 (1916 - 1925)
Slapstick Encyclopedia: Volume 2, Tape 1 (1915 - 1929)
Slapstick Encyclopedia: Volume 2, Tape 2 (1920 - 1929)
Slapstick Encyclopedia: Volume 2, Tape 3 (1917 - 1927)
Slapstick Encyclopedia: Volume 2, Tape 4 (1919 - 1926)
Video Images presents A Video Yesteryear Recording: “Two-Reelers, Comedy Classics #2” (1938 - 1946)
Video Images presents A Video Yesteryear Recording: “Don Q, Son of Zorro” (1925)
Video Images presents A Video Yesteryear Recording: “Hell’s Hinges” (1916)
Masters Of Comedy: 1932-38 (1933 - 1944)
Kid Boots (1926)
The Nut and The Matrimaniac (1916 - 1921)
Classic Silents: Larry Semon, Vol. 1 (1918 - 1928)
The Goldwyn Follies (1938)
Hal Roach: Hollywood’s King of Laughter [1950’s]
Hollywood Cavalcade (1939)
Shemp Howard Comedies (1935 - 1947)
The Comedy of Max Linder (1905 - 1913)
Entertaining the Troops: American Entertainers in World War II (1988)
Lupino Lane: “Movieland” and Silent 2-Reelers (1926 - 1927)
Lupino Lane: “His Private Life” and Silent 2-Reelers (1925 - 1929)
The Boyfriends: ‘Adventurous Knights’ (1935)
The Boy Friends: ‘Call A Cop’ & The Young Friends “Roaring Roads” (1929 - 1940)
Hal Roach Classics #1: Thelma Todd & The Taxi Boys (1933 - 1938)
Thelma Todd Shorts (1929 - 1936)
Thelma Todd & Zasu Pitts: “Maids A La Mode” (1933)
Thelma Todd & Zasu Pitts, Vol. 1: “On The Loose” & 2-Reelers (1931 - 1933)
Harry Langdon: “The Strong Man” and “His Marriage Wow” (1925 - 1926)
Harry Langdon: “Long Pants” and “Saturday Afternoon” (1926 - 1927)
Harry Langdon: “All American Co-Ed” (1923 - 1941)
Harry Langdon: ‘Feet of Mud’, Silents – 1 (1925 - 1942)
Harry Langdon: ‘Love, Honor and Obey (The Law!)’ plus Buster Keaton Talkies (1916 - 1941)
Harry Langdon: ‘The Shrimp’ and Sound 2-Reelers (1930 - 1945)
Harry Langdon: ‘Saturday Afternoon’ & 2-Reelers (1926 - 1938)
Our Gang: Silent Shorts (1923 - 1927)
Our Gang: ‘Sundown Limited’ and Pathe Shorts (1924 - 1927)
Our Gang: ‘Monkey Business’ & Silent 2-Reelers (1924 - 1927)
Our Gang: ‘The Big Town’ plus ‘Are These Our Children’ (1925 - 1931)
Little Rascals: ‘Fast Freight’ & Our Gang Silents (1927 - 1929)
Charlie Chaplin: A First National Collection, Vol. 1 (1918 - 1919)
Charlie Chaplin: A First National Collection, Vol. 2 (1921 - 1923)
Charlie Chaplin: A First National Collection, Vol. 3 (1917)
Charlie Chaplin: A Mutual Collection, Vol. 1 (1916)
Charlie Chaplin: A Mutual Collection, Vol. 2 (1916)
“The Chaplin Puzzle” and “Gentlemen of Nerve” (1914, 1992)
Charlie Chaplin: A Keystone Collection
Charley Chase: ‘Limousine Love’ & Silent Shorts (1915 - 1928)
Charley Chase: ‘Vamp Til Ready’ & Sound Shorts (1930 - 1936)
Charley Chase: ‘Neighborhood House’ & Kelly / Roberti in ‘Hill Tillies’ (1930 - 1936)
Charley Chase: ‘Rough Seas’ & 2-Reelers (1930 - 1932)
Charley Chase: ‘Four Parts’ & 2-Reelers (1931 - 1939)
Charley Chase: ‘Something Simple’ & Sound Shorts (1930 - 1939)
Charley Chase: ‘Fast Work’ & The Boy Friends: ‘Love Fever’ (1925 - 1931)
Charley Chase Silents, Vol. 2 (1925 - 1926)
Charley Chase, Vol. 1 (1930 - 1936)
Charley Chase, Vol. 2 (1930 - 1937)
Charley Chase, Vol. 4 (1931 - 1935)
Buster Keaton: Educational Shorts: ‘Allez Oop’ (1934 - 1937)
Buster Keaton: Educational Shorts ‘Mixed Magic’ (1934 - 1936)
“Buster Keaton Rides Again” and Hal Roach Comedy Classics (1930 - 1965)
Fatty & Buster: ‘The Butcher Boy’ & Comique Shorts (1917)
Buster Keaton: ‘Boom In The Moon’ (1946)
Buster Keaton: ‘The Railroader’ & ‘The Great Stone Face’ (1949 - 1968)

Series 11 (Laser Discs: Feature Films) is made up of commercially released laser discs of feature films. Some titles are two-disc sets. Most are wide screen or ‘letterbox’ versions. The list of titles is below:

12 Monkeys (1995)
A Fish Called Wanda (1988)
Addams Family Values (1993)
Batman Forever (1995)
Cabin Boy (1994)
City Slickers (1991)
Coneheads (1993)
Dick Tracy (1990)
Die Hard (1988)
Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990)
Die Hard: With A Vengeance (1995)
Dumb and Dumber (1994)
Eraser (1996)
Executive Decision (1996)
Forrest Gump (1994)
Get Shorty (1995)
GoldenEye (1995)
Home Alone (1990)
In The Line Of Fire (1993)
Independence Day (1996)
Just Cause (1995)
Last Action Hero (1993)
Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)
Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)
Liar Liar (1997)
Multiplicity (1996)
My Blue Heaven (1990)
On Deadly Ground (1994)
Poltergeist (1982)
Stargate (1994)
The ‘Burbs (1986)
The Abyss (1989)
The Addams Family (1991)
The Fifth Element (1997)
The Fugitive (1993)
The Money Pit (1986)
The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad (1988)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
The Rock (1996)
The Untouchables (1987)
Throw Mamma From The Train (1987)
Tombstone (1993)
Twister (1996)
Under Siege (1992)
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)

Series 12 (Laser Discs: Musical Concerts) contains three commercially released laser discs of musical performances. The titles of the releases are below:

Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine: Homecoming Concert (1989)
Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine: Evolution (1990)
Rickie Lee Jones: Live at the Wiltern Theatre (1992)

Series 13 (Warner Bros. Short Subject Release Sheets) contains publicity notices released with short subject films by Warner Bros. studios. The films concerned are predominantly re-releases of cartoons owned by Warner Bros. and re-released between 1949 and 1969.

Series 14 (Lasting Love) contains three VHS tapes relating to the television documentary “Lasting Love”, originally broadcast by PBS in 2003. Two VHS tapes a 10-minute previews and the third contains the full 60-minute documentary.

Series 15 (Thomas Care) is comprised of production elements and textual materials related to the short film “Pictures from Home” produced by Shirley Hughes and directed by Thomas Care. This series includes Thomas Care’s director demo reel, Super 16mm camera negatives of “Pictures from Home”, VHS and BetacamSP previews or trailers for the film, 2 VHS tapes of content transferred from the film reels, and a letter of correspondence between Care and Hughes.

Shirley Hughes

Paragon Entertainment

  • CA ON00349 2018.005
  • Fonds

The acquisition is broken into the following 30 series:
Series 01. Alien's First Christmas; Aliens Next Door [1991]

Series 02. Alfred Hitchcock Presents [1986 – 1987]

Series 03. Beyond Reality, [1990 – 1996]
2 seasons (20 + 24 episodes)
A science-fiction television program, following two scientists as they investigate the paranormal found in other people’s daily lives.
1994 Winner, Gemini Awards, Best Original Music Score for a Series
1992 Winner, Motion Picture Sound Editors-Golden Reel, Best Sound Editing - Television Episodic - Dialogue & ADR
1993 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Direction in a Dramatic or Comedy Series
1993 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Original Music Score for a Series
1994 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Dramatic Series
1994 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series
1994 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series

Series 04. The Blob Family [1989]

Series 05. C’mon Geese [1989, 2000]
A short documentary on William (Bill) Lishman, the artist and aviator. Lishman is most known for his work with Canadian Geese and their migration to the south. The documentary is created with footage of geese in flight filmed by Lishman as he attempts to teach the gees to fly behind his small aircraft. This film has been awards several awards.
Winner, Blue Ribbon, American Film & Video Festival
Winner, Gold Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival
Winner, Grand Prize of Festival , Free Flight Film Festival

Series 06. Deke Wilson's Mini-Mysteries [1990 – 1994]
1 season (13 episodes)
Deke Wilson, a hip teen, solves mysteries while also balancing the troubles of daily life.

Series 07. Destination X [1995 – 1998]

Series 08. Dog House [1987 – 1993, 1996 – 2000]
1 season (26 episodes)
The story follows a boy and his dog as they solve crimes. The dog, by cause of a car accident, has the mind of a police detective, and is thus also able to communicate with the boy. A children’s comedy show that deals with both fun crime solving and common family issues.

Series 09. Freaky Stories [1995]

Series 10. Frequent Flyer [1993 – 1997]
Made for TV-movie about a pilot that is cheating on three women, each believing they are his only romantic partner and all living in different cities. The story unfolds as each woman becomes suspicious of their pilot lover and begin to follow him as he continues to live his triple life.

Series 11. Full Cycle

Series 12. Guerilla Gardener [1997 – 2011]

Series 13. Hamilton’s Quest [1986 – 1998]
1 season (10 episodes)
The story of a man who discovers he is not the biological son of his parents who have just passed away. In a mean to help cope, he begins a journey to find his biological mother and father.

Series 14. Happy Birthday Bunnykins [1993 - 1995]
TV movie
Based on the characters from the Royal Doulton fine china collection. An animated cartoon of one little rabbit’s hope for his Birthday celebrations.

Series 15. Held Hostage: The Sis and Jerry Levin, [1988 – 1991, 1999, 2003]
TV Movie
As Jerry Levin, CNN reporter, is captured in Beirut, his wife Sis Levin works with the State Department for his release. Based on a true story.

Series 16. High Country

Series 17. Improper Channels [1979 – 1984, 1995, 2002 – 2003]
After a car accident, Jeff Martley and his estranged wife Diana loose custody of their daughter. The movie follows their attempts to get their daughter back. A comedy-drama.
1982 Winner, Genie Awards, Best Performance by a Foreign Actor
1982 Nominee, Genie Awards, Best Performance by a Foreign Actress
1982 Nominee, Genie Awards, Best Screenplay, Original
1982 Nominee, Genie Awards, Best Achievement in Art Direction

Series 18. Johann's Gift to Christmas [1991, 1998 – 2001]
TV Christmas Special
A children’s Christmas about a mouse who helps a few clergy men by composing a Christmas song.

Series 19. Kissinger & Nixon [1993 – 1997, 2002, 2005]
TV Movie
Based on the book Kissinger: A Biography(1992) by Walter Isaacson. The film follows Kissinger as he attempts to end the Vietnam crisis while Nixon focuses on the upcoming election.
1996 Winner, Primetime Emmy Awards, Outstanding Makeup for a Miniseries or a Special
1996 Nominee, Primetime Emmy Awards, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Special
1996 Nominee, Directors Guild of America Award, Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Specials
1996 Nominee, PGA Awards, Outstanding Producer of Long-Form Television
1997 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program
1997 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program
1997 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Writing in a Dramatic Program
1997 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Original Music Score for a Program
1997 Nominee, Writers Guild of America, Adapted Long Form

Series 20. The Little Crooked Christmas Tree [1991, 1995, 2000]
TV Christmas Special
Based on the children’s picture book of the same name by Michael Cutting.

Series 21. Lives of Girls and Women [1990 – 1997, 2000]
TV Movie
Based on a book of related short stories by Alice Munro. The film follows the life of character Del Jordan in rural Ontario. Del is unsatisfied with her small town life, as is her mother who is very similar, yet Del does not see herself in her.
1995 Winner, Atlantic Film Festival, Audience Award Best Film
1995 Nominee, Banff Television Festival, Best Made-for-TV Movie
1995 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program
1995 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program
1995 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Production Design or Art Direction
1995 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Costume Design

Series 22. Paragon Entertainment [1985 – 1986, 1993, 1998 – 2001]
Corporate records

Series 23. Phillip Marlowe: Private Eye [1984 – 1989, 2002, 2007 – 2010]
2 seasons (5 + 6 episodes)
A mystery show that follows private detective Phillip Marlowe as he solves crimes. Based on the stories by Raymond Chandler.
1983 Winner, CableACE Awards, Lighting in a Dramatic Presentation – Film
1984 Winner, Edgar Allan Poe Awards, Best Television Episode
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Actor in a Dramatic Presentation
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Art Direction in a Dramatic Presentation
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Directing a Dramatic Presentation
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Program Series - Dramatic Presentation: 60 Minutes or Less
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Single Program - Dramatic Presentation: 60 Minutes or Less
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Costume Design in a Dramatic Presentation
1986 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Pay TV Drama
1986 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Writing in a Dramatic Program/Series (TV Adaptation)
1986 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series
1986 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore)
1987 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Actress in a Dramatic Series
1987 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Editing a Theatrical Special/Dramatic Special or Series/Movie or Miniseries
1987 Nominee, Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards, Best Cinematography in TV Drama

Series 24. Rapture [1987, 1990 – 1993]
TV Movie
Jeff Lisker is a successful computer programmer that goes back to his home town and tried to strike up a romance with his high school crush Georgianne. Instead, Georgianne is not interested in love but finds his friendship helpful as she mourns her recently murdered husband. Georgianne’s daughter believe Jeff is her father’s murderer and begins to investigate.
1993 Nominee: Gemini Awards, Best TV Movie
1994 Nominee: Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards, Best Cinematography in TV Drama

Series 25. 1994 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns [1990 – 1997, 2000]
TV Movie
After waking up in modern times from suspended animation, Holmes continues to solve mysteries and tackle the descendants of his previous foes.
1994 Nominee, Edgar Allan Poe Awards, Best Television Feature or Miniseries

Series 26. Split Images [1991 – 1993]
A rich man goes on a killing spree while having a friend record each murder. Eventually the police catch wind and begin to investigate.
1994 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Sound in a Dramatic Program or Series

Series 27. Street Noise [1990 – 1993, 1997, 1999 - 2000]

Series 28. Tourist Trap [1990 – 1997, 2003, 2006]

Series 29. Tracks of Glory [1991 – 1999]
TV mini series
Based on the book Major Taylor Down Under by Jim Fitzpatrick. Set in the early 1900s, the story focuses on cyclist Major Taylor and his Australian rival Don Walker.
1993 Winner, Logie Awards, Most Popular Miniseries/Telemovie

Series 30. A Tribute to Sam Kinison [1994, 1996]

Paragon Entertainment

Patrick Watson fonds

  • CA ON00349 1999.002
  • Fonds
  • 1951 – 1997

The Patrick Watson fonds encompasses two accessions. The first accession (1999.002) consists of seven series, separated by format.

The first series, Textual Records, spans the bulk of Watson’s career (1955 – 1996) and consists of correspondence, memos, daybooks, legal documents, contracts/agreements, creative documents, production records, financial documents, and post-production records. There are also aviation documents (pilot logs, aviation maps) and management documents such as policy statements, discussion papers, reports, license applications, program schedules, teachers’ guides, audience research, and corporate plans. Annotated drafts, printer’s proofs, and final versions of each of Watson’s published works are also included.

The second series, Audio Records, consists of edited and raw interviews, radio pilot productions, finished radio productions, speeches, on-air
reviews, and high quality master audio elements of two film/video productions prior to marriage with visuals (Struggle for Democracy, Understanding McLuhan).

The third series, Video Records, includes video materials relating to 46 films and television series. These are chiefly release prints, though there are also alternative versions, elements, rough assemblies, demo/compilation reels, interviews, credit/opening/closing segments, graphics and animation, promotional trailers, and sales tapes.

The fourth series, Photographs, consists of ca. 7,150 unique location and production stills, as well as promotional shots relating to Watson’s productions. Some of the people portrayed include: Pierre Trudeau, Laurier LaPierre, Dinah Christie, Peter Ustinov, Tim Hardin, Gloria Steinem, Kate Nelligan, Harry Belafonte, Donald Sutherland, Lester Pearson, and Norman Jewison. The majority of the items (ca. 4,292
slides, negatives, and prints) were created during and for the production Struggle for Democracy.

The fifth series, Artwork, is comprised of 10 posters and 3 drawings.

The sixth series, Awards, include 45 nominations, awards, and degrees/diplomas.

The seventh series, Memorabilia, consists of artifacts related to specific projects, appearances/events, positions held, and organizations/foundations with which Watson has been involved. These include garments, ties, a plaque, lapel pins, tickets, stamps, badges, buttons, a spoon, a coin, and paperweights.

This fonds includes textual material relating to the following productions:

China/The Seven Hundred Million (Film, 1964)
This Hour Has Seven Days (Television, 1964 – 1966)
Some Honourable Members (Television, 1973 - 1975)
The Watson Report (Television, 1975 – 1981)
Titans (Television, 1981)
Struggle for Democracy (Television, 1989)
Heritage Minutes (Television, 1990 - 1997)
This fonds also includes audiovisual material relating to the following productions:

One Step at a Time (Film, 1964)
China/The Seven Hundred Million (Film, 1964)
This Hour Has Seven Days (Television, 1964 – 1966)
Witness to Yesterday (Television, 1973)
The Watson Report (Television, 1975 – 1980)
Authors (Television, 1978)
How We Know (Television, 1978 - 1979)
Canadian Establishment (Television, 1980)
Strumpet City (Television, 1981)
Titans (Television, 1981)
The Chinese (Television, 1981)
Defi Mondiale/World Challenge (Television, 1983 - 1984)
Live From Lincoln Center (Television, 1983 – 1986)
Lawyers (Television, 1985)
Venture (Television, 1985 – 1987)
Struggle for Democracy (Television, 1989)
Something Brewing (Television, 1989)
Heritage Minutes (Television, 1990 - 1997
Understanding McLuhan (Television, 1996)

Patrick Watson

Triumph Productions

  • CA ON00349 2004.004
  • Fonds
  • 1976 - 2004

This fonds is divided into two series, Textual Material and Audiovisual Material.

The first series, Textual Material, includes handwritten lyric sheets, fan mail, stage plots, legal documents, financial records, performance contracts, press clippings, and business correspondence.

The second series, Audiovisual Material, consists of photographs (candid shots, production shots, stills, and rehearsal shots), audio recordings (masters, demos, out-takes, performance recordings, rehearsals, soundchecks, alternate takes, remixes, and media appearances), cinefilms (concert footage) and video recordings (raw footage and release videos, demo reels, live performances and television appearances).

This fonds includes textual material relating to the following productions:

Triumph (Album, 1976)
Rock ‘N Roll Machine (Album, 1977)
Progressions of Power (Album, 1980)
Allied Forces (Album, 1981)
Never Surrender (Album, 1983)
Thunder Seven (Album, 1984)
Stages (Album, 1985)
The Sport of Kings (Album, 1986)
Surveillance (Album, 1987)
Classics (Album, 1989)
Edge of Excess (Album, 1992)
Live at the U.S. Festival (Album/Film, 2003)
This fonds includes audiovisual material relating to the following productions:

Triumph (Album, 1976)
Rock ‘N Roll Machine (Album, 1977)
Progressions of Power (Album, 1980)
Allied Forces (Album, 1981)
Never Surrender (Album, 1983)
Thunder Seven (Album, 1984)
Stages (Album, 1985)
The Sport of Kings (Album, 1986)
Surveillance (Album, 1987)
Classics (Album, 1989)
Edge of Excess (Album, 1992)
Live at the U.S. Festival (Album/Film, 2003)

Triumph Productions

Richard Story Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2019.018
  • Fonds
  • 1964 – 2014, predominant 1979 - 2010

This fonds consists of 16 series, divided by production, format, and project, based on Story’s original division and organisation of files. The series are as follows:

1.“Some Letters to a Young Poet Feature Film”
2.“Echo Lake Feature Film”
3.“Palace short film”

  1. “The Time Traveler TV Movie”
  2. “Works in Development”
  3. “The Chair short film”
  4. “Duke Redbird short film”
  5. “Elusive short film”
  6. “Canadian Aboriginal Archive Project”
  7. “Writing Projects”
  8. “European Mime Tour 1990”
  9. “Personal Calendars 1986 – 2011”
  10. “Teaching Materials”
  11. “Personal Files”
  12. “Book Collection”
  13. “Indigenous Collection”.

The first series, “Some Letters to a Young Poet Feature Film”, includes story research notes, script drafts, art design research, shooting script, production stills, audio cassettes, raw footage, ¾ inch U-Matic video cassettes, Betacam SP video cassettes, VHS cassettes, casting tapes, original music recordings, handwritten tape-logs, EDLs, director’s notes, production journal, promotional materials, photographic prints and negatives, print press kits, press clippings and memorabilia related to the production of the feature film.

The second series, “Echo Lake Feature Film”, includes research notes, script drafts, shooting script with hand-written notes, art design research, location scout VHS cassettes, casting VHS cassettes, raw footage, MiniDV video cassettes, Betacam SP master video cassette, correspondences, pre-licences, financing agreements, production stills, select props, original music CD, handwritten tape-logs, director’s notes, screener VHS cassettes, production journal, DVD data discs, photographic prints and negatives, print press kits, and press clippings related to the production of the feature film.

The third series, “Palace short film”, includes script drafts in short film and feature-length formats, research notes, production stills, JPEG digital files and photographic prints, funding application, shooting script, shot lists, credits, cast correspondences, film festival programmes, DVD data discs, Mini DV video cassettes, audio CD, and one external hard drive, relating to the production of the short film.

The fourth series, “The Time Traveler TV Movie”, includes story research notes, script drafts, shooting script, art design research, casting material, development agreement, series bible, casting VHS cassettes, six first draft episodic scripts, production stills, camera reports, production notes, raw footage, handwritten tape-logs, director’s notes, production journal, mini DV video cassettes, DVD data discs, digital mov files, digital TIFF files, DVD discs, Blu-ray discs, HDCAM video cassettes, Betacam SP video cassettes, internal hard drives, textile wardrobe items, relating to the production of the TV movie.

Note there are two video cassettes (Betcam & HDCAM) in this series which have a Cree audio dub of the pilot episode, as well as versioning notes and a time-coded translation of the script in Cree and English.

The fifth series, “Works in Development”, includes textual materials such as writing notes, research notes, screenplays, beat sheets, grant applications, funding paperwork, development notes for various unproduced works. The series also contains audio-visual materials such as Mini-DV audition tapes, VHS video cassettes, and 3/4 inch U-Matic video cassettes of live comedy shows.

The sixth series, “The Chair short film”, includes textual production materials, digital prints on data CD, rough cuts on VHS video cassette, as well as final edit on DVD-R and mini DV cassette for a short film written by Sally O'Neill, and produced by Richard Story and Sally O’Neill.

The seventh series, “Duke Redbird short film”, includes promotional postcard, DVDs, DVD-R, mini DV and VHS video cassette, featuring rough cuts and final edit of the short documentary.

The eighth series, “Elusive short film”, includes script drafts for the short film and feature formats, casting documents, financing and distribution materials, photographic prints, shooting script, shot lists, VHS video cassettes, Mini DV video cassettes, DVDs, and a 3 ½ inch floppy disk relating to the production of the short film.

The ninth series, “Canadian Aboriginal Archive Project”, includes a soundtrack on audio cassette, interviews with actor Lorne Cardinal, release agreement, funding applications, digital script on 3 ½ inch floppy disk, VHS video cassettes and Mini DV video cassettes relating to the production of the project.

The tenth series, “Writing Projects”, includes textual materials relating to Story’s writing, such as a book proposal, draft, and supporting press materials for Producing & Directing an Independent Digital Movie; a sales kit, notes, correspondences, and finished drafts of The Portable Film School; and a number of 3 ½ inch floppy disks with other works.

The eleventh series, “European Mime Tour 1990”, includes VHS video cassettes, 3/4 inch U-Matic video cassettes, audio cassettes, 33 rpm audio record, photographic prints, as well as ephemera and artifacts from the tour.

The twelfth series, “Personal Calendars 1986 – 2011”, includes hand-written and colour-coded monthly calendars for each year. The calendar for 2008 is not included. Items were digitized by donor, prior to donation. The digital files are not included in this donation.

The thirteenth series, “Teaching Materials”, includes textual materials such as course notes, course descriptions, exam papers, feedback forms, film festival programmes, flipbooks, grant applications and film release press kits used as teaching examples. The series contains 36 VHS video cassettes of commercially released film productions used in the donor’s course curriculums. Photographs and digital prints are included in some of the press kits in the series. Also included are 7 mounted 35mm colour transparencies of production stills from commercially released film titles.

Please note that this series contains confidential information relation to student names, contact info and grades.

The fourteenth series, “Personal Files”, includes materials relating to the donor’s teenage years in Vancouver, and his interest in the punk and skateboarding scenes. The series includes commercial and independent music releases on 33rpm and 45rpm discs, as well as newspaper clippings, photographs, skateboarder magazines, newsletters, stickers, club membership cards, flags, and various ephemera. Artifacts include a medal, trophy, ribbons, and rosettes from skateboarding competitions.

The fifteenth series, “Book Collection”, includes a range of published books relating to the donor’s creative influences. Authors represented included Gaston Bachelard, Walter Murch, Friedrich Nietzsche and Andrey Tarkovsky.

The sixteenth series, “Indigenous Collection”, includes materials relating to the donor’s creative work and teaching in the Indigenous and Aboriginal media communities, in Canada and internationally. Textual materials include press clippings, festival brochures, media directories, training leaflets, magazines and publications relating to Indigenous issues. The series also includes commercially released DVDs and CDs from Indigenous artists, and festival tote bags.

This fonds includes textual and audio-visual material relating to the following film productions:
• Echo Lake
• Elusive
• Palace
• Some Letters to a Young Poet
• The Chair
• The Time Traveller

This fonds includes textual material relating to the following film productions:
• The Hidden Path
• Z-Virus

This fonds includes audio-visual material relating to the following film productions:
• Duke Redbird

Story, Richard

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