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Geoffrey E. Buerger fonds

  • UTA 1054
  • Fonds
  • 1968-1981

Correspondence, notes, memoranda, ballots and score sheets, flyers, brochures, posters, booklets, and related material documenting Geoffrey Buerger’s activities with the University of Toronto Debating Union and tournaments in Hart House at the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario, Dalhousie University, McGill University, Brown University, and the University of London.

Buerger, Geoffrey E.


This series contains material relating to the various debating tournaments the University of Toronto Debating Union took part in at U of T and other universities. The material includes, posters, judging ballots, rules, and ads in U of T newspapers such as The Varsity.

UTDU/U of T Admin

This series contains material relating to the administrative side of the University of Toronto Debating Union. It includes meeting notes, a list of past UTDU Executives, as well as other administrative material such as budget summaries and grant requests. It also contains UTDU Correspondence, including invitations to various university debating tournaments, as well as letters to UTDU members reminding them of meetings and upcoming events.

3 Years

File consists of 1 three-colour letterpress poster titled "3 Years" with passages from rob mclennan and Nathaniel G. Moore.

The poster states:

"50 copies designed and printed by hand at
to commemorate the third anniversary of
Canadian Literature's only full-contact literary reading:
Throwdown in O-Town 26 June 2008, Ottawa,
a poetry career ending contest between:
rob mclennan
Nathaniel G. Moore"

Year of the Quiet Sun [Ludwig Zeller]

File consists of 1 copy of Year of the Quiet Sun, a folio collection of collages and poetry by Chilean visual artist Ludwig Zeller, and 1 unsigned card (with envelope) featuring a quote and illustration from Zeller. The poems in the folio are in Spanish, with English translation by A.F. Moritz. The folio is signed by Zeller.

The folio also includes a page of dedications and thanks, signed by Deborah Barnett, and a description about the collection:

"Prints from photo polymer plates on beautiful Canal paper from The Mill at St Armand. Folios produced from Fabiano, and Strathmore Art Laid; lined with Caress Text papers. Types include Suburban and Twentieth Century.

Three collage and poetry broadsides, each letterpress printed in an edition of 52 with acid-free folio covers wrapping 26 numbered sets, including title page, of which this is 20/26"


File consists of 1 box set of someone:water, a collection of 6 original folded broadsides in celebration of water, and 1 poster promoting a reading of one of the broadsides at the NACO Gallery in Toronto on August 4, 2011.

The collection contains the following broadsides, in the order in which they appear in the set. Original years of publication are listed in brackets.

  1. A. F. Moritz (text), Susana Wald & Deborah Barnett (ill.): The Shore (2009)

  2. Astrida Neimanis: We are all bodies of water (2011)

  3. Beatriz Hausner (text), Seth Scriver (ill.): The Metaphysics of Water (2012)

  4. Paul Till (ill.): The waters are divided into two parts (2017)

  5. Pamela Dodds (ill.): Swimmers (2014)

  6. Karl Jirgens (text), Zile Liepins (ill.): Pas de Deux (2017)

A notation on the box states this is #19 of 52 copies. Each broadside is signed by the contributing author and/or artist.

Another Poem About Time Written at the Onset of Middle Age [Jay MillAr]

File consists of 1 chapbook with prose by Jay MillAr and images by Natalia Moskwa. The chapbook is printed on deckle edged paper and housed in a white envelope with "Someone Editions Little Letterpress #1, and #39" written on the back of the envelope. Two stickers of illustrations by Moskwa (?) are also on the envelope.

The colophon of the chapbook states:

"Designed by Deborah Barnett in Toronto
The editor of the Little Letterpress series is Beatriz Hausner

Blue Eye Shadow display type designed by Elliott Peter Earls in 1993
Arbitrary regular and bold types designed by Barry Deck in 1990
Both type designs produced for Emigre in Berkeley California

Letterpress printed on Canal paper from La Papeterie St. Armand in Quebec
Image output in 12 ink jet inks from HP Designjet 3200
Hand sewn in an edition of 52 signed and numbered copies

26 copies of each Little Letterpress edition will be collected in a boxed set annually


The chapbook is signed by MillAr and Moskwa.

Noctograms [Luciano Iacobelli]

File consists of 1 chapbook of poetry by Luciano Iacobelli. The chapbook is printed on deckle edged paper.

The colophon states:

"Designed by Deborah Barnett
and produced at Someone Editions.
The editor of the series is Beatriz Hausner.

Set in Franklin Gothic Book Condensed
designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1903
with the titling in Holland, by Lettersiro Co.

Printed on vintage, deckle-edged
Strathmore Fiesta 80lb cover
in an edition of 52, handsewn,
signed and numbered copies.

26 copies of each Little Letterpress will be collected in a boxed set annually."

The back page is signed by Iacobelli and Barnett.

Love be in my head...

File consists of 1 three-colour broadside with a traditional poem titled "Love".

The broadside states:

"handprinted at in an edition of 52 numbered copies
February 2011"

Pencil notation at the bottom right denotes this broadside is #7 of 52.

I Heart U

File consists of 1 three-colour letterpress poster with the word "heart" and a pink and red graphic, printed on deckle-edged paper.

The bottom of the poster states:

"Hand composed and printed with love at in Toronto Canada 2011"

Happy Birthday Someone G'Luck!

File consists of 1 print with the following text:

X&W' "

The print was likely made using a woodblock printing process and features typographic juxtaposition, where some of the expected block letters have been replaced, transposed, or reversed. The text is one colour with a faint gradient.

Cards & Postcards

File consists of a selection of blank, undated greeting cards and postcards designed and printed by The assortment includes holiday, thank you, birthday, and Valentine's Day cards, and a series of "Bold & Beautiful" cards produced for client Urbanproduct.

Printing specifications are included on some of the items.

Promotional materials

File consists of promotional materials produced using letterpress equipment by

  • 1 invitation to a studio farewell party (September 10th, 2000) and announcement of move to 1691 Dundas Street West
  • 1 clip-on paper bowtie
  • 1 promotional card with QR code

Mokuhanga A Beginner's Manual [Elizabeth Forrest]

File consists of 1 copy of Mukahanga A Beginner's Manual written and illustrated by Canadian artist Elizabeth Forrest. The chapbook provides an introduction into the art of Mukahanga, or Japanese woodblock printmaking. The text was handwritten in pen by Forrest. The chapbook was designed and printed by Deborah Barnett, and produced at

The front page includes a dedication to Barnett:

Working with you has been always a pleasure, not to mention fun! and even educational !!! Thank you for your generous time and wisdom in putting together this book.

The back page of the chapbook is signed by Forrest. There is a notation that this copy is #25 of an edition of 25 copies.

someone:air - a cappella [Nicole Brossard]

File consists of 1 copy of someone:air - a cappella, a chapbook featuring poetry by Nicole Brossard and images by Mauricio Corteletti. The poems are in French, with English translation provided by Robert Majzels and Erin Mouré. The chapbook is signed by Broussard and Corteletti.

The colophon for the chapbook states:

"designed and produced by
Deborah Barnett at
Someone Editions 2018

with series editor Beatriz Hausner

type is Solomon, designed by
Svetoslav Simov in 2010
and printed letterpress
on vintage laid paper
Curtis Rag ivory
with 4 solid mixed inks
in and edition of 52
signed and numbered copies
of which this is
Number 47"

Laila Biali

File consists of 1 two-colour letterpress concert poster for Canadian jazz musician Laila Biali. The poster features a B&W photograph of Biali and is printed on deckle-edged paper.

Credits provided on the poster:

Print and design:
Photo: Edith Maybin

The role of obsolescence... [Marshall McLuhan]

File consists of 1 two-colour letterpress commemorative poster with a quote from Marshall McLuhan: "The role of obsolescence is sparking creativity and the invention of new order". The poster is printed on deckle-edged paper and signed by Eric McLuhan.

The poster states:

"Designed and produced in a limited edition in 2011 to celebrate Marshall McLuhan on the 100th anniversary of his birth
McLuhan Legacy Network"

Pencil notation at the bottom of the print denotes that this copy is #7 in an edition of 25.

Commercial work

File consists of three samples of commercial work completed by Dreadnaught Design:

  • 1 slide-rule retirement savings calculator (in French) for Fidelity Investments Canada
  • 1 direct mail fundraising card (with stamped envelope) for Necessary Angel theatre group
  • 1 business card for Stephen Brown Handmade Jewellery

No dates are provided for any of the items.

Opposites attract [Seth Scriver]

File consists of 1 copy of Opposites attract, a limited edition series of original illustrations by Seth Scriver. The series consists of 7 broadsides on multi-coloured paper collected together in a paper enclosure. The illustrations were printed by using photopolymer plates and hand set type.

Hart House Art Committee

File consists of 10 invitations printed for the Hart House Art Committee to promote exhibitions held at the Hart House Art Gallery, and an envelope titled 'Permanent job archive for Hart House'. An inventory of completed work with dates and print runs is handwritten in pen and pencil on the outside of the envelope.

Smaller printing projects and ephemera

File consists of 12 event posters, invitations, and announcement notices; 7 business cards, 1 Christmas card, and 1 thank you card.

The materials were designed and produced by Dreadnaught Press for clients that included Cannon Book Distribution Ltd., McMaster University, the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Other Press, the University of Toronto, Metro Toronto News, and private individuals. The majority of these materials are one-off items for each respective client, with the exception of multiple items produced for Cannon Book Distribution Ltd. and McMaster University.

Event posters promote exhibitions by artists William Ronald, Elaine Goble, Vanessa Herman, Jan Willson, Llewellyn Xavier, and Andrew James Smith.

Series consists of broadsides, posters, greeting cards, postcards, promotional material, and one chapbook designed by Deborah Barnett and produced by

A Story of the Cumaean Sibyl

File consists of 2 copies of a poster on deckle-edged paper created by Dreadnaught Press. In the center of the poster, text describes the acquisition of the Sibylline books by King Tarquin in ancient Rome. The text box is surrounded by multi-colour illustrations by Chilean artist Ludwig Zeller. No author is attributed for the text.

Printing specifications are stated at the bottom of the poster:

"Printed 13 colour letterpress by hand from zinc engravings of paper cutouts by Luwdig Zeller.
The type is handset Joanna and the paper mouldmade BFK Rives. An edition of 260 copies was printed January 1981 for friends of Dreadnaught
24 Sussex Avenue, Toronto Canada"

An Invisible Book

File consists of stationary designed and printed by Dreadnaught Press for An Invisible Book, an imprint of BGMRW Holdings Inc.

File list:

2 business cards (1 for Ian Brown, 1 for Ian Wiseman)
1 Christmas card (blank)
1 piece of company letterhead
1 mailing envelope

Sioux Prayer

File consists of 1 two-colour broadside titled: "Sioux Prayer" and attributed to (Chief) Yellow Lark. 'Dreadnaught Broadside' is printed at the bottom of the page.

Commercial work

Title based on contents of the series.

Subseries consists of event posters, invitations, announcement notices, business cards, occasion cards, and stationery produced and designed by Dreadnaught Press for a variety of clients.

Subseries is divided into the following files:

  1. Hart House Art Committee
  2. Royal Ontario Museum
  3. An Invisible Book
  4. Smaller printing projects and ephemera

Royal Ontario Museum

File consists of 1 hardcover, clothbound book commissioned by the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) as a companion piece to a portfolio series titled A Tribute to the Royal Ontario Museum. The book was designed by Dreadnaught Press and published by Gnomon Publishing Limited & Company.

The book provides an introduction by art critic Kay Kritzwiser to a portfolio of artist prints and print records. The portfolio was created to recognize the ROM Renovation and Expansion Fund Campaign and features six original prints by six Canadian artists: Abraham Anghik, Ron Bolt, Tom Forrestall, Rita Letendre, Kenneth Lochhead, and Louis de Niverville. The print records are signed in pencil by the artists and printers.

The colophon provides additional printing details, under 'Technical Information':

"The box, portfolio and book
were designed, handset and handbound
at Dreadnaught, 24 Sussex Avenue Toronto Canada,
using the following materials:
Types: Trump Medieval and Bembo
Paper: BFK Rives Cuve and Strathmore Americana
Cloth: Holliston Sail Cloth
The papers used for the prints were
Arches Velin 250 gram and BFK Rives Cuve 250 gram.

These six original prints were completed by the six artists in 1979
in numbered editions of 150.
15 Artist's proofs have been reserved for the publisher
and 6 Special Artist's proofs have been reserved for the artists.

This is number

Promotional materials

File consists of:

  • 1 brochure (n.d.) titled "Only in Darkness the Light" announcing the launch of Dreadnaught Design
  • 1 poster announcing a call for submissions of materials for a collection titled "Songs & Stories" (with printing scheduled for completion by June 1990)
  • 1 invitation (with backing paper and stamped envelope) to a 1994 thanksgiving celebration hosted by Dreadnaught Design
  • 2 pieces of Dreadnaught Design stationery
  • 3 holiday cards (one is signed by members of the Dreadnaught Design team)
  • 1 card (with manila envelope) promoting Smashing Type, a website celebrating letterform art, printed in January 2000
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