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File contains the following published works:

  • The Story of St. George’s Church, Grafton by The Rev. Thomas R. Millman, M.A. Printed at the Office of the Cobourg World, April 1935
    One book jacket from a hardback copy of Jacob Mountain, First Lord Bishop of Quebec. A study in Church and State 1793-1825. By Thomas R. Millman
  • Two copies of A Sketch of the Life and Work of the Right Reverend Jacob Mountain, D.D. First Lord Bishop of Quebec. A Sermon Preached on Sunday, October 31, 1943 in the Cathedral of The Holy Trinity on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of the Bishop by Thomas R. Millman. B.D., Ph.D., Rector of Dunham and Saint Armand East
  • A Brief Account of the Life of the Honourable and Right Reverend Charles James Stewart, D.D., Second Lord Bishop of Quebec by The Reverend Thomas R. Millman, M.A., B.D., Ph.D. Geo. Stewart & Co Ltd. Printers, Edinburgh
  • Western Ontario Historical Notes, Vol. XIII, Nos 1 and 2, March-June 1955. Issues Quarterly by the Lawson Memorial Library, University of Western Ontario, for the promotion of local historical research and writing. Article inside is The Church of England in Western Ontario by Thomas R. Millman 1785-1955
    • Taddle Tales by Ian Montagnes, June 1981, The Taddle Tale Creek Society, University of Toronto, Toronto
      Pamphlet, Royal Silver in the Church of England in Canada Dunham Quebec Dec 19, 1944. By Thomas R. Millman.

Millman, Thomas Reagh


File contains off-prints of published materials. Included are the following documents:

  • Biography of David Chabrand Delisle, 1730-1794 by Thomas R. Millman, M.A., L.Th. First Rector of Montreal and Chaplain to the Garrison
  • The Lindisfarne Gospels, by Prof. T.R. Millman, M.A., B.D., Ph.D., “As a result of the generosity of Dr. C.L. Burton, the college is now the proud possessor of a luxurious facsimile of the Gospel Book of St. Cuthbert, generally known as the Lindisfarne Gospels, the original of which is now preserved in the British Museum. The following is the substance of an address given by Dr. T.R. Millman to the members of the college last November” University of Toronto Press.
  • Reprinted from the Canadian Journal of Theology. A Quarterly of Christian Thought. Title “The Conference on Christian Unity, Toronto, 1889. Thomas R. Millman. Canadian Journal of Theology, Vol. III (1957), No 3
  • Canadian Anglican Journalism in the Nineteenth Century by T.R. Millman Dioceses of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. The Journal of the Canadian Church Historical Society. March 1959, Vol. III, No 5, Toronto ON. Paper was originally read at the 10th Annual Meeting Nov 58 in PEI
  • The Church’s Ministry to Sufferers from Typhus Fever in 1847. Thomas R. Millman. Canadian Journal of Theology, Vol. VIII (1962), No. 2
  • The Wandering Life of William Henry Cooper 1814-1892. Journal of the Canadian Church Historical Society, XXXVI (1994) 99-11; was delivered at the annual general meeting of the CCHS on 13 October 1993 at Wycliffe College

Millman, Thomas Reagh

Research and Notes

File contains notes that were used in researching various articles and books. Included are a letter from McGill University regarding the research of French Protestantism; Two photocopies of the title page of A Charge delivered to the diocese of Quebec. By Jacob Mountain D.D. Lord Bishop of Quebec, printed by John Neilson, NO 3 Mountain-street; 1803.”

Research materials include a letter from the General Synod of the Church of England, London regarding a research request on a planned paper on Canadian Anglican Histiography; a photocopy of Obituary of Bishop Spencer from The Times, London, Feb 27, 1872 and an undated photocopy of the biography of Richard Kimball, the Bishop of Jamaica from The International Magazine.

Research materials related to the Canadian Biography article on Bishop O’Meara include a series of handwritten notes regarding Bishop O’Meara; a photocopy of the biography of Rev. Canon Thomas Robert O’Meara from the ‘Seventy-Eighth Session of the Synod”; handwritten and typed notes entitled “Outlines of Contents of Proposed Chapter on the Principalship of the Second Principal of Wycliffe College, Thomas Robert O’Meara”. There is also a handwritten note attached to 2 pages of notes stating “When writing the O’Meara chapter for The Enduring Word I visited T.R O’Meara’s daughter Mrs. McLean in her apartment near York Mills.”

Millman, Thomas Reagh


File contains copies of Dr. Millman’s manuscripts; the file contains no unpublished or incomplete manuscripts. Included are the following manuscripts:

  • Undated. “Marriage Legislation of the Protestant Episcopal Church”
    27 September 1934. “The United Church of England and Ireland in the Newcastle District a Century Ago”, included is a hand-written note ‘A paper by the Rev. Thomas Millman before a meeting of the Clergy of the Rural Deanery of Northumberland and Durham, held in Colbourne.’
  • October 1944. “The Ministry and the Healing of the War Mind”. Attached is a note “Manuscript of a paper read at the annual Meeting of the Alumni Association of the MDJ College. Held in the Committee Room of the Synod Building, October 1944”
  • Undated. “Letters Patent Erecting the Diocese of Quebec”
  • Undated. An outline of the ‘Wandering Life of William Henry Cooper 1814-1892. A Contribution to the 150th Anniversary of the Consecration of St. James Church, Port Hill, Prince Edward Island.” Attached is a letter addressed to Rev. H.STC. Hilchey, Acting Principal of Wycliffe College in 1993 when the letter was dated, and to whom the typed manuscript was being sent.
  • Undated. “To Charles Venn Pilcher”. With a handwritten note ‘this article was published in the Cap&Gown”.



File contains one notebook containing handwritten notes on numerous Psalms as well as the Gospel of Luke. Also included are notes on the Letter of Paul to the Galatians. Towards the back of the notebook is a numbering system that appears to track the usage of each Psalm. There is also a schedule for the July 16 Holy Communion service at St. Timothy’s.

Also included in this notebook is a hand-written obituary for Mrs. Millman.

Millman, Thomas Reagh


File contains 30 handwritten sermons and one Trinity College Chapel program. These have been arranged in the original order as determined by the creator. Some sermons in this file have a date and location, but most do not. These sermons cover a range of themes including the lessons of keeping desire under control; the dangers of success and desiring the praise of men over the praise of God; the call to repent; perpetual memory, eternal life and liberation. A sermon given in 1940 discusses the importance of religion in times of war.

Millman, Thomas Reagh

Seminar II : background

File consists of an overview of the plans for the second seminar of the John Adaskin School Music Project, submitted by Keith MacMillan, executive secretary of the Canadian Music Centre.

Seminar III : photographs

File consists of photographs from the third seminar of the John Adaskin School Music Project. Some of the photographs are labelled and include the following individuals: Anne Eggleston, S.C. Eckhardt-Gramatté, and John Weinzweig. Photographs by Legg Brothers Limited.

Seminar I : photographs

File consists of 3 photographs from the first symposium of the John Adaskin School Music Project, held in Toronto. The photographs show Harry Freedman, Jim Bray, and Alfred Kunz working with students. Photographs by Jack Mitchell. File also includes 14 photographs of Harry Somers and Norman Symonds working with students. Date and location of photographs is uncertain.

Seminar II : sample material

File consists of a blank registration form, completed registraton card, and program for the Concert Demonstration Program (March 5, 1965) in MacMillan Theatre for the second seminar of the John Adaskin School Music Project.

Seminar III : working papers

File consists of a paper by Keith MacMillan, "The John Adaskin Project: Towards New Music for Education," written for the third seminar of the John Adaskin School Music Project.

Seminar I : committee and minutes

File consists of the minutes and related correspondence for a meeting of the John Adaskin School Music Project held at the Canadian Music Centre on October 10, 1963 with Keith Bissell, C. Laughton Bird, and John Adaskin, on the planned seminar to be held November 10-16, 1963.

Seminar I : reports

File consists of correspondence and reports following the first symposium of the John Adaskin School Music Project in Toronto. File includes material from Robert "Bob" Fleming, R. Murray Schafer, Anne Eggleston, and John Adaskin. File also includes notes from talks given during the symposium, including preliminary remarks by Keith Bissell; "The Composer in Music Education" by C. Laughton Bird; and Adaskin's draft final report.

Seminar I : press kit

File consists of press materials for the first symposium of the John Adaskin School Music Project, including the press release, overview of composers in attendance and their works, itinerary, school directory of the Township of North York, and maps showing participating schools.

Seminar I : publicity

File consists of newspaper clippings of articles, reviews, and advertisements for the first symposium of the John Adaskin School Music Project.

Seminar III : resolutions

File consists of handwritten submissions for resolutions at the third seminar of the John Adaskin School Music Project. File includes submissions from Mrs. Goulden, Talivaldis Kenins, Nipper Cole, Wolfgang Rottenberg, Maurice Dela, Peter Clements, Pearl Greer, Jim Bray, and Frank Daley.

Seminar III : speeches

File consists of typeset speeches given at the third seminar of the John Adaskin School Music Project: "Widening Horizons in Music Education To-day" by George Little, Head, Music Division, Department of Education, Quebec, and "Pelcican Ink and Pestalozzi" by Ezra Schabas.

Composers : letters

File consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence with commissioning composers and about commisions for the John Adaskin Project. Correspondents include: Hilda Morgan, Graham Coles (Berandol Music Limited), George Andrix, Thomas Baker, John Beckwith, W.H. Belyea, Keith Bissell, Dean G. Blair, Alexander Brott, Morley Calvert, Donald Coakley, Maurice Dela, Joe Macerollo, Quenten Doolittle, Margaret Dryman, Mario Duschenes, Harry Freedman, James M. Gayfer, David Keane, Talivaldis Kenins, David Ford, R.E.J. Milne, Lois Kivesto, Dermott O'Reilly, Irene Pasch, Peter H. Riddle, Godfrey Ridout, David W. Murray, R. Murray Schafer, Harry Somers, Mrs. G. A. Steele, Paul Sweetman, and James Whicher.

John Adaskin Project under development by the Canadian Music Centre : Toward new music in education : [report by Keith MacMillan]

File consists of a report on the John Adaskin Project by Keith MacMillan, executive secretary of the Canadian Music Centre, including a brief catalogue of "Canadian instrumental works suitable for school use." The catalogue includes the composer, title, instrumentation, duration, and availability (manuscript or publisher) for each piece. The report also includes a bibliography of reference sources on the John Adaskin Project and other aspects of new Canadian music in education.

John Adaskin Project : articles, information

File consists of lists of sources of information on the John Adaskin Project (1967-1990) and copies of the following articles:

  • Glen Brown, "The John Adaskin Project : A History," in The Recorder, vol. 29, no. 4 (June 1987)
  • Patricia Shand, "The John Adaskin Project (Canadian Music for Schools," in Canadian Music Educator, vol. 27, no. 3 (March 1986)
  • Glen Brown, "Canadian Music : The John Adaskin Project," paper for McMaster University (December 1986).


Series consists an overview of commissions by the John Adaskin Project and correspondence relating to these commissions, including letters from various Canadian composers. The commissioning of Canadian composers to write additional music for schools was part of Phase 3 for the John Adaskin Project (see information sheets in Series D).

John Adaskin Project : information sheets

File consists of information sheets in French and English for the John Adaskin Project, including the 1979 version, written by Colleen Orr, co-ordinator of the John Adaskin Project, for the Ontario Music Educators' Association (OMEA), and the 1975 version, written by Patricia Shand for the Meeting of Canadian Music Educators' Association (CMEA) Special Representatives (June 25, 1975).

Commissions : [correspondence]

File consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence with commissioning composers and about commisions for the John Adaskin Project. Correspondents include: Barry Cole, Nancy Vogan, Franz Kraemer, John Barron, Beverly Aronovitch, Glen Harrison, and arts councils (Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council). File also includes lists of works commissioned by the John Adaskin Project and by the Ontario Music Educators' Association (OMEA).


Series consists of correspondence regarding the John Adaskin Project, particularly from the early stages of the project to determine the project's parameters and funding.

Guides, forms, promotional material, and information overviews

Series consists of sample forms, information sheets, brochures, and advertisements used and generated by the John Adaskin Project to evaluate music for educational use. Most of the material in this series pertains to Phase 1 of the project (as defined in the information sheets), which was the "preparation of a selective Guidelist of recommended published Canadian music suitable for performance by student bands, choirs, orchestras, string orchestras, and chamber ensembles."

Composer's guide for school music : choral

File consists of a guide for composing choral music suitable for elementary and secondary school students, compiled by Keith Bissell for the Canadian Music Centre's Graded Educational Seminar, with copies of sample scores for reference:

Elementary school, unison:

  • Let us now praise famous man / Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Petit Jean / Claude Champagne
  • Lullaby / Keith Bissell

Elementary school, SA:

  • Don't leave me / Bela Bartok
  • Only tell me / Bela Bartok
  • Simple gifts / Aaron Copland

Elementary school, SAB:

  • As Jimmy went a-hunting / Richard Johnston
  • Noel / W.H. Parry

Elementary school, SSA:

  • Balulalow / Benjamin Britten

Secondary school, SSAA:

  • Russian folk songs / Anton Liadov

Secondary school, SSA:

  • Balulalow / Benjamin Britten

Secondary school, SATB:

  • Lilly Germander and sops in wine / Adrian Cruft
  • Make me merry / Healey Willan
  • Who is at my window / Welford Russell.


Series consists of drafts and sales records for publications by the John Adaskin Project. Publications, issued by the Canadian Music Centre, were part of Phases 1 and 2 of the project (see information sheets in series B) and consists of one-page evaluations of each selected piece (published and unpublished). The evaluations provide guidance to teachers regarding musical elements (style, mood, form, compositional techniques), degree of difficulty, technical challenges, and other useful pedagogical aspects of the selected compositions.

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