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David Morgan Grenville fonds

  • UTA 1326
  • collection
  • 1942-2009

Records assembled by David Grenville relating to two projects on Omond McKillop Solandt: a proposed biography of him (never completed) and a symposium in his honour (1994) that was published as Perspectives in science and technology: the legacy of Omond Solandt. The files for the biography include original documents, research notes, correspondence, notes, manuscripts and addresses by Solandt (1957-1980) and 66 audio cassette tapes (with tape summaries by Jason Ridler) of interviews Grenville did with Solandt and his colleagues. The files on the symposium contain correspondence, minutes of meetings, notes, financial records, and partial drafts and copies of the book. There are also a number of accompanying photographs.

Grenville, David Morgan


This series begins with two interviews that were not recorded by Mr. Grenville but were collected by him as a part of his research. The first, “Ten minutes with O. M. Solandt", was a CBC television production recorded on 13 December 1961 when he was vice-president of research and development for Canadian National Railways, and broadcast on 3 April 1962. The second, with interviewer Robert F. Legg, is undated but was recorded when Dr. Solandt was chancellor of the University of Toronto (1965-1971), is described as “his personal reactions…to the situation he finds himself involved both as a Director of a commercial corporation [Electric Reduction Company of Canada]..., also as Chancellor of the University of Toronto and also as Chairman of the National Science Council [sic, Science Council of Canada]…”

A central part of Mr. Grenville’s research on Dr. Solandt was the series of interviews (66 cassette tapes) that he conducted in 1985, 1986 and 1990, including nine with Dr. Solandt. The others were with people who had known him well and/or worked with him at various stages in his long professional life. Accompanying these interviews are two notebooks which contain dated entries on his research activities. There are notes on contacts and sources, brief biographical notes about the interviewees along with detailed notes on Mr. Grenville’s interviews with Dr. Solandt and shorter notes on other interviews. There are also tape summaries prepared by Jason Ridler for each of the interviews. The latter were compiled as a condition of Mr. Grenville’s loaning his material to Mr. Ridler for use in his doctoral thesis on Dr. Solandt. The summaries vary in the amount of detail but provide a very useful guide to the interviews. A cautionary note to researchers is that they contain numerous typos, mostly as a result of Mr. Ridler having a limited amount of time to make the summaries and not having a list of names to compare spellings against, many of whom he was unfamiliar with.

Of all the interviewees, Laurie Chute probably knew Dr. Solandt best, certainly the longest. He was a boyhood friend, fellow student (along with his wife, Helen Reid) and, during World War II, was with the Physiological Research Laboratory at Lulworth in Dorset, England, and, from 1943, commanded the No. 1 Canadian Medical Research Laboratory where he specialized in the medical hazards of tank warfare. He was dean of medicine at the University of Toronto (1966-1973) during much of the time Dr. Solandt was chancellor. Another fellow medical student was Reginald Haist who became a professor of physiology at the U of T. All three had interesting observations on Dr. Solandt’s formative years, including his relationship with Charlie Best. Barbara Griffin, the widow of his brother Donald, provided detailed information about the Solandt family generally and the relationship between the brothers in particular.

Charles Crawley; Anne Ellis Lewis whose husband ‘Tel’ had worked with Dr. Solandt, Wilhelm Feldberg, and Lancelot Fleming, were all Trinity Hall, Cambridge friends and interviewed for their recollections of him while at Trinity and in England generally. Maggie and Patrick Mollison reminisced about their work with him at the South West Blood Supply Depot at Sutton, Surrey. Donald Kaye, George Lindsey, Tony Sargeaunt, Ronnie Shephard, and Ted Treadwell all provided information on their work when Dr. Solandt was director of the Medical Research Council’s Physiological Laboratory at the Armoured Fighting Vehicle School at Lulworth (1941-1942) and subsequently with the Army Operational Research Group there and elsewhere (1942-1945).

Dr. Solandt’s years at the Defence Research Board (1947-1956) were thoroughly reviewed in the interviews with Alec Fordyce, Geoffrey Hatterley-Smith, George Lindsey, Archie Pennie, and Elliot Rodger, and Graham Rowley. His years with the Canadian National Railways (1956-1963) were covered by Herb Bailey, at deHavilland (1963-1966) by Philip Lapp, at the Electric Reduction Company of Canada (1963-1970) by Lloyd Lillico, and science policy generally and Dr. Solandt’s years as founding chair of the Science Council of Canada (1966-1972) by James Mullin. In November 1967 Dr. Solandt accompanied the National Science Foundation (USA) expedition to Antarctica and the South Pole. Raymond Aidie, a geologist from South Africa and an expert on Antarctica, was interviewed about this trip. One of Dr. Solandt’s passions was the Canadian wilderness. Dennis Coolican, president of the Canadian Bank Note Company, and Elliot Rodger were two of the ‘voyageurs’ who made numerous canoe trips with him; both were on the famous 1955 Churchill River trip.

Professional material

Series reflects the daily operations of the Federal Party and documents the daily life and struggles of Sri Lankan Tamil people from the 1950s to the 1970s. Types of material includes election records, correspondence between members of parliament and community members, correspondence and records documenting grievances and political issues, and administrative records.

In 1961, Chelvanayakam was recovering in a hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland after surgery for Parkinson’s disease. Chelvanayakam received and sent many letters at this time, both personal and professional in nature. These letters can be found both in personal and professional files by the correspondent’s name.

Series is composed of six (6) subseries:

2.1 Professional files
2.2 Professional correspondence
2.3 Documentation
2.4 Printed materials
2.5 Ceylon Newspaper Limited/ The Sutantiran
2.6 ITAK files

Miscellaneous correspondence

Subseries contains correspondence belonging to other members of the family whose correspondence was also found at 16 Alfred House Gardens. Also contains some personal material of individuals who worked for ITAK at a time when the office may have been located at the house as well.

Emily Grace Chelvanayakam correspondence

Subseries contains personal correspondence addressed to Emily Grace Chelvanayakam. Letters are arranged alphabetically by the correspondent's name.
Series also contains the many letters of condolences and telegrams sent to Emily Grace after her husband's death in April 1977. Personal condolence letters from family are in a folder organized chronologically. The letters of condolence and telegrams are in their original order, which may have been by date received.

Personal material

Series contains the personal material of S. J. V. Chelvanayakam and his wife, Emily Grace Chelvanayakam. Series also contains some personal material of other friends or family who may have worked or lived at their residence of 16 Alfred House Gardens.

Series is composed of seven (7) subseries:

SS1. S. J. V. Chelvanayakam personal correspondence
SS2. S. J. V. and Emily Grace Chelvanayakam correspondence
SS3. Emily Grace Chelvanayakam correspondence
SS4. Personal items
SS5. Miscellaneous correspondence
SS6. Miscellaneous family material
SS7. Financial documents

S. J. V. Chelvanayakam personal correspondence

Subseries contains Chelvanayakam’s correspondence that is personal in nature, including correspondence with family. Letters are mostly addressed to Chelvanayakam but letters from Chelvanayakam exist where he made copies. Letters are arranged alphabetically (in English) by the correspondent’s name. 

University of Toronto. Faculty of Medicine. Office of the Dean

This accession contains records transferred from the Faculty of Medicine, Office of the Dean. The accession contains Faculty Council meeting minutes and agenda and various material coming from committees which fall under the Faculty Council. The accession also contains Post Graduate Medical Education, Medical Radiation Sciences, and Undergraduate Medical Education Board of Examiners minutes and agenda. The accession contains student appeals and reviews, various superceded policies, and Faculty Secretary materials.

Digital files consist of minutes of meetings of the Academy Directors Committee, 2001-2004.

University of Toronto Libraries. Office of the Chief Librarian

Contains records from the Chief Librarian's Office, including meeting minutes of various committees, documents pertaining to the UTL reclassification project and old classification schemes, staff lists and manuals, reports of task forces, and information pertaining the to library strikes of 1975-76 and 1991. Also included are photographs of the Archives staff, unidentified library staff, and digital photographs of the opening of the Morrison Pavilion at Gerstein Science Information Centre in 2003.

Ian Hacking fonds

  • UTA 1339
  • collection
  • 1854-2015 [predominant 1980-2010]

Fonds consists of records documenting the professional and personal life of analytic philosopher and professor, Dr. Ian Hacking. Records primarily focus on the academic and publishing activity of Dr. Hacking from the early 1980’s to 2010. The material reflects the broad and diverse interests of Dr. Hacking in his work, as well as his exchange with scholars in diverse fields. Records include correspondence, manuscripts and drafts of written works, reprints, lecture notes, and extensive subject files. Additionally, correspondence, press clippings, and photographs chronicle Dr. Hacking’s professional and academic achievements.

Fonds also documents aspects of Dr. Hacking’s personal and family life. These include diaries and notebooks of Dr. Hacking, birth and marriage certificates, drawings by his children, family snapshots, as well as correspondence, photographs and copies of records from the Hacking and MacDougall families.

See series and sub-series descriptions for additional information.

Hacking, Ian

Personal and biographical

Series consists of textual records and graphic material documenting Ian Hacking’s personal life and career, with eight files related to the histories of both the Hacking and MacDougall families. Records include a passport, birth and marriage certificates, family snapshots, drawings by his children, as well as correspondence detailing financial contributions made to various charities and initiatives. Ian Hacking’s professional and academic activity is reflected in written and photographic documentation of awards and honours received, including the Killam Prize for the Humanities, the Companion to the Order of Canada, and the Holberg International Memorial Prize. Also included in the series is an autobiographical document written by Dr. Hacking detailing the orientation of his research.

Digital files consist of files documenting his personal life and family [“BUSYNESS”], a folder of biographical information and curriculum vitae, further documentation about the Holberg Prize, and drafts of writings by Judith Baker titled “Trust and Commitment” and “Some Aspects of Reasons and Rationality”.

1997-1998 concert season

Series consists of programs and recordings of the two operas performed at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music as part of the 1997-1998 concert season.

1986-1987 concert season

Series consists of programs and recordings of the two operas performed at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music as part of the 1986-1987 concert season.

Thursday series

Subseries consists of programs and recordings of concerts in the Thursday Afternoon series. This series features faculty artists as well as guests, and usually feature small ensemble chamber music and vocal or instrumental recitals.

Thursday series

Subseries consists of programs and recordings of concerts in the Thursday Afternoon series. This series features faculty artists as well as guests, and usually feature small ensemble chamber music and vocal or instrumental recitals.

1988-1989 concert season

Series consists of programs and recordings of the two operas performed at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music as part of the 1987-1988 concert season.

Thursday series

Subseries consists of programs and recordings of concerts in the Thursday Afternoon series. This series features faculty artists as well as guests, and usually feature small ensemble chamber music and vocal or instrumental recitals.

1990-1991 concert season

Series consists of programs and recordings of the two operas performed at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music as part of the 1990-1991 concert season.

Thursday series

Subseries consists of programs and recordings of concerts in the Thursday Afternoon series. This series features faculty artists as well as guests, and usually feature small ensemble chamber music and vocal or instrumental recitals.

Remembering Henri J. M. Nouwen 1932 – 1936

File consists of three photocopies of short articles by Thomas B. Chittick, Peter K. Weiskel and Krister Stendahl about their memories of Nouwen published in the Harvard Divinity Bulletin. The piece by Chittick details the environment of Yale at the time of Nouwen's tenure there. The article was published in issue Harvard Divinity Bulletin 26, no. 1 (1996): 9.

Coming home: death lost its power in the life and love that surrounded me

File consists of two photocopies of the article consisting of a 'condensed version' of The Path to Freedom and a brief tribute by the periodical to Nouwen's personal support and encouragement of the periodical. The article was published in The Other Side 32 (November/December 1996): 34 - 37.

Remembering Henri

File consists of two copies of the journal Plough containing an article about Nouwen by Ron and Pat Landsel. Plough is a journal of the Bruderhof community. A third copy was added in November 2005, it is an offprint from the original journal. The article was published in the Plough 50 issue (November/December 1996): 20 - 23.

A heart's desire: Henri Nouwen's journey home

File consists of three copies of Sojourners magazine containing an article by Brett Grainger on Nouwen. The article also contains insets: The Deepest Questions of Life and Faith by Jim Wallis, An Extensive Presence by Diana L. Chambers and Safe in God's Heart by Carolyn Whitney - Brown. The article was published in Sojourners (November - December 1996): 26 - 30.

A personal tribute to Henri Nouwen

File consists of an article about Nouwen's life by Michael J. Christensen that was published in Fax from the Forest: A Quarterly Leadership Fax from Drew University's Office of Continuing Theological Education 1 (November 1996): 1 -2.

Shyam Selvadurai Papers

  • MS COLL 00191
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1965-2013

Collection contains professional and personal papers pertaining to the life and career of Shyam Selvadurai. These papers contain extensive material on the novels of Selvadurai. This includes prolific drafts, most with holograph revisions, proofs and promotional material for all four of his novels. The collection also contains extensive research that was conducted by Selvadurai for Funny Boy and Cinnamon Gardens. Material also relates to two unpublished novels: one tracing the lives of the characters from Swimming in the Monsoon Sea as adults and living in Canada, and the other – The Vanishing Relics, which Selvadurai wrote during the course of his MFA in 2010.

Also included in the collection are drafts and published articles and stories, which appeared in journals, newspapers and magazines, as well as additions to anthologies which were edited by Selvadurai. Records relate to promotion and career of Selvadurai including articles and interviews, author photographs, readings and events. Collection also pertains to the personal life of Selvadurai with correspondence (primarily between 1985 and 2005), photographs and personal items. Other personal material relates to his education in Sri Lanka and Canada and theatre productions directed by Selvadurai as a young adult in Sri Lanka.

Selvadurai, Shyam

Elizabeth Brady Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1916-2015

Includes the personal and professional records of Elizabeth Brady (written as ‘EB’ throughout the finding aid). Personal material contains correspondence with friends and family spanning her childhood and young adulthood, as well as records pertaining to her education, notably yearbooks, transcripts, degrees and notes. Also includes correspondence with notable Canadian writers, including Anne Cameron (also known as Barbara Cameron/Cam Hubert) and Marian Engel.

Her professional records encompass her career as an editor, with Fireweed and Canadian Woman Studies, as well as a free-lance writer and novelist. There is material relating to all major writing projects, both published and unpublished, including poetry, articles, reviews, academic writing and novels. There are numerous drafts and revisions for two unpublished novels – Blue Notes and Present Fears, as well as two academic books – Barfly and Women and Solitude. Brady’s three published mystery novels are also well documented including notes, early drafts, research and correspondence.

Brady, Elizabeth

Letter from Don McNeill

File consists of a piece recounting in detail the funeral and burial of Henri Nouwen in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The letter is addressed to "A few of the many good friends of Henri J.M. Nouwen".


File consists of a photocopy of a reflection by Catherine Walsh on the life of Henri Nouwen published in America magazine (October 26, 1996): 8.

Priest's wise words remain as quiet guide

File consists of a tribute to Nouwen by Chip Jones. Also includes cover letter to Gabrielle Earnshaw, included with the article by Jones. The tribute was published in the Richmond Times Dispatch [Richmond, VA] (October 22, 1996): D1, D3.

A wounded healer goes home

File consists of a tribute to Nouwen by Michael R. Geisterfer. The tribute was published in the Christian Courier (October 18, 1996): 12.

Remembering Henri Nouwen: pastor and friend

File consists of a column of two works: A Living Word by Richard Groves and Ministry and Friendship by Robert Durback. The column was published in the Christian Century 113, no. 29 (October 16, 1996): 956 - 957.

A spiritual mentor's lasting influence

File consists of two copies of "Harvard Divinity Today" (Spring 2006, volume 2, number 1), including an article with reminiscences of Nouwen's time at Harvard by several of his former students and assistants including Michael Harank, Peter Weiskel, Michael O'Laughlin, Barbara Ernst Prey, Stephen Pavy, and James D. Smith, III.

A saint for the last of these

File consists of a photocopy of an article about Nouwen's life by Chris Glaser published in The Atlanta Journal / Atlanta Constitution (Monday, October 14, 1996): A14.

Henri Nouwen article

File consists of a copy of an article on Henri Nouwen by Michael Higgins published in the Tablet, (5 October, 1996) : 1308 - 1309.

Lives lived: Henri Nouwen

File consists of two photocopies on an article by Carolyn Whitney - Brown remembering the life of Henri Nouwen published in the Lives Lived column of Toronto's newspaper "The Globe and Mail". A letter to the editor about the article by H. MacAndrew is also included.

Text for a bulletin insert on Henri Nouwen

File consists of a piece by Carolyn Whitney - Brown used in the bulletin of a Saskatchewan ecumenical group. It draws upon Nouwen's themes of being beloved, and briefly describes his works and life.

[Preparing the Casket]

File consists of a handwritten draft by Carolyn Whitney Brown that recounts the work of those working in the Woodery to build Nouwen's coffin, and prepare Nouwen's body for the funeral service at Daybreak, Richmond Hill, ON. Includes a cover letter to Sue Mosteller from the author.

A word of gratitude for Henri Nouwen

File consists of a photocopy of a brief tribute to Nouwen published in the newsletter for The Annand Program for Spiritual Growth at the Yale Divinity School.

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