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University of Toronto Scarborough Library, Archives & Special Collections
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Groups of students

Photos of student in Scarborough College jerseys, cheerleaders, Scarborough football team, groups of students in the H-Wing patio or sitting outside, a circle of chairs and students in the Meeting Place (1968), and a French Student Union gathering in the Meeting Place called "Pauline Julien."


File contains a total of 111 B&W negatives and 439 colour negatives depicting alumni, awards ceremonies, staff, events etc; negatives are placed in archival preservers; descriptions include: "Kim McClean, Portrait"; "Staff Bazaar 1999"; "Chamber of Commerce Luncheon- Advancement"; "Chamber of Commerce '99- Management Barbecue"; "Recreation Staff"; "International Development Studies-Discussion Miller Lash House"; "IDS Panel Discussion, 1999"; "Students Promo White Back"; "Humanities Staff"; "Crawford Arts Management-Panel Discussion"; "Arts Management-Crawford"; "Awards Night '1999"; "Sandy Borins, Portrait"; "Management Staff '99"; "Powers Law, Management, Class, Lecture"; "Classroom Krashinky, Management Literacy, Cultural Malo Hopkinson"; "Fearon, Powers, Management Colours '99"; " Management Co-op Placement"; "Elizabeth Cooper- Colour"; "Choir Students Hall, 1999"; "B- Girls Cultural Theatre-Drama-1999"; "Grounds Crew President, SAC spirit Week"; "Informal Portrait 1999-Collin Nacleod"; "Management Co-op Staff-Chris Bovaird"; "Choir Gallery, Cultural 1999"; "Choir, Band, Cultural, Colour"; "Environmental Science-Registrar"; "Health Fair January 2002"; "Computer Science Health Fair"; "Syed Ahmed-Management"; "Management Co-op"; "Cultural Drama Headshot-Crack Walker"; "Miller Lash-Millineum Grant-John McKay, Mp, Event, Dignitary"; "Miller Lash Millenium-Project"; "Management Co-op Promo"; "Registrar Promo"; "Godspell, Headshot, Drama Cultural"; "Andrew Godspell Headshot Drama"; "Godspell, Music, Drama Cultural"; "Kalia Godspell Headshot Drama Cultural"; "Julie Baragar- Godspell Headshot"; "Mike Mamsey-Godspell Headshot"; "Chris-Godspell Heashot"; "Godspell Headshot Drama Cultural"; "Godspell Headshot Cultural Peter Hamvas"; "Computer Science- President Birgeneau"; "Alumni Vest Lisa Fenton"; "Taiko Drummers, Cultural Event, Music"; "CITD Open House-Macleod Paper, Library"; "CITD open house"; "Academic French Humanities-Management Guest Lecture Founder of Tucow.com"; "Management Fashion Show"; "Music donates Appreciation Reception Choir, Cultural Miller Lash" ; "Choir Cultural Miller Lash"; "Students in Hall, Couselling"; "Choir Cultural"; "Campus Police Charity Head Shave"; "Hanif SCSC"; "Fran Wdowczyk Residence Dons"; "Art Co-op 2000"; "Arts Co-op Panel Discussion Crawford"; "Open Mike Night, Cultural, Attic, Dance, Writer, Erin Moure"; "Open Mike Night"; "Reception Miller Lash House"; "Management Jason Wei, Lecture Classroom, Colour"; Management Lecture Classroom, Colour"; "Gallery Opening Student show- Erica Devasconcelos Writer, Cultural Art"; "Gallery Opening, Student Show Cultural, Art"

Alumni; Alumni and Alumnae; Alumni Association; Arts Co-op Management; Chemistry; Children; Choir; Co-op Management; Counselling Services; Drama; Environmental Studies; Humanities Wing; Lectures; Library; Librarians; Library Buildings; Management; Miller Lash House; Orientation; Registrar; Scarborough (Ont.); Social Sciences; Staff, Students; Student Housing Staff; Theatre; University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; UTSC Library; Buildings - Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - General; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Grounds - Campus Views; Portraits - Students - Portraits - Faculty and Staff; Students - General; Students - Activities; Students - Associations and Clubs

Chinese Mission menu

Menu is framed. Location is unknown but possibly a menu for a special event as text reads "Chinese Mission. March 15 1898"

Menus from the United States - California (1910)

File contains menu for the Tait-Zinkand Cafe. American-style menu, possibly a special dinner menu. Front cover is a painting of two farmers among bails of hay. Address is 168 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, California.

Note in blue pen written on back cover: "[JFD?] and friends truly dine here very often. And you see why [?] you auto lights. Best wishes, [Dickee?]"

Spiller, Harley J.

Field book of Insects

File includes Urquhart's copy of Fieldbook of Insects by Frank E. Lutz (published 1921). Second edition, revised and enlarged, with about 800 illustrations, many in colour. 561 pages.

Front end page is inscribed "Frederick A. Urquhart July 14-33, 3rd Biology, 55 Hammersmith Ave, Toronto" in black ink. Book is in very poor condition - front cover has come unattached, binding fabric on spine torn, several pages loose or unbound, extensive discolouration to end papers. Some attempts have been made to repair the book with tape.

The Moth Book

File includes Urquhart's copy of The Moth Book: A Popular Guide to a Knowledge of the Moths of North America by W. J. Holland (published 1934 by Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc.). Includes 48 colour plates. 479 pages. Front end page is inscribed "Frederick Urquhart, 66 Willow Ave Toronto". Book is in poor condition - binding fabric on spine is tearing, discolouration on end papers, some loose pages.

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