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Articles Feb. 2009

Contains a mix of original and photocopied clippings of news articles and essays from Jūṉiyar Vikaṭaṉ, Nakkīraṉ, Jaṉa Cakti, Tamiḻ ōcai, Kumutam Rippōṭṭar, Puraṭcip Periyār Muḻakkam, and Tiṉappulari.

Glass Lantern Slides

9th drawer: "T: Miscellaneous Protective Devices / Atlantic Animals / (Biol. Stat. [Stlantic Biological Station?]) / Maps"
(slides # 1 to 75; gaps within this run of slides)

16th drawer: "K / Plecoptera / Neuropteral / Mecoptera / Trichoptera" (NB: these slides appear to be scientists' portraits only; see label for drawer 5 below)

University of Trinity College, Queen Street West

This series consists of architectural records pertaining to the physical plant of the University of Trinity College, Toronto, Queen Street West location. This series includes land survey records, landscape plans, architectural drawings, and technical drawings relating to the area found on Queen Street West, Toronto. All records are listed chronologically within the series.

Proposed New Chapel

This sub-series consists of an artist's conceptions for a proposed new chapel for Trinity College, as well as a set of detailed watercolour working drawings.

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