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Kenneth Douglas Taylor fonds

  • CA ON00399 89
  • collection
  • 1934-2020

The fonds consists of records pertaining to Ken Taylor’s career in the foreign service, as well as records related to his personal life.

Fonds is comprised of the following series:

Series 1: Correspondence
Series 2: Personal records
Series 3: Professional records
Series 4: Records relating to diplomacy
Series 5: Media and news clippings
Series 6: Awards and honours
Series 7: Ephemera and memorabilia
Series 8: Audio-visual records
Series 9: Graphic material
Series 10: Records relating to Pat Taylor

Taylor, Kenneth Douglas

Eva Kushner fonds

  • CA ON00399 44
  • collection
  • 1937-2007, predominant 1960-2001

The fonds consists of the following series:

Series 1: Records relating to publications, 1961-2004
Series 2: Articles, addresses and related records,1950-2003
Series 3: Personal records, 1937-2004
Series 4: Records relating to professional activities and teaching, 1952-2007

Kushner, Eva

Paul Antoine Bouissac fonds

  • CA ON00399 3
  • collection
  • 1955-2021

The fonds contains records of Paul Bouissac and consists of three series:

Series 1: Records relating to writing and academic work, 1955–2018
Series 2: Records relating to the Debord Circus and other circuses, 1955–1985
Series 3: Correspondence, [195-?]-2021

Bouissac, Paul Antoine

Interview with Boris Gudziak

File consists of an interview with Boris Gudziak interviewed by Joe Vorstermans in the Ukraine. Gudziak lives in the Ukraine and is a priest of the Lviv Archdiocese of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Gudziak met Nouwen as a graduate student at Harvard (Cambridge, MA). Gudziak remembers Nouwen for their comfortable friendship; morning prayers at Coach House at Harvard; in confession; visits at L'Arche Trosly (France) L'Arche Daybreak (Richmond Hill, ON) and with the Gavigans in England; Nouwen's advice on Gudizak's move to the Ukraine and Nouwen's intent to teach in the Ukraine after his L'Arche Daybreak sabbatical. Themes present in Gudziak's interview include the Second World War, Cardinal Josyf Slipyj, prayer life, relocation, revolution in Eastern Europe, depression, Nouwen's death and Nouwen's legacy. The interview is transcribed and available electronically or in hard copy.

Interview with Toon Colen

File consists of an interview with Toon Colen interviewed by Peter Naus in Meerssen, The Netherlands. Colen was a member of a fraternity with Nouwen when they were young school children in The Netherlands. The interview is transcribed and available electronically or in hard copy. All transcriptions and audio recordings are only in Dutch. Brief English notes from interviewer are available in the file; they include: "Toon was a member of the 'dispuut' (fraternity) Henri belonged to as a student. He also organized trips to Israel and Greece with Henri during their time at university. Toon provided interesting information about these trips. He stayed in touch with Henri, although the connection was not as firm in recent years. He gave a very sensitive description of Henri's more problematic side and made some intriguing suggestions regarding the difference in impact of Henri's publications in Holland as compared to North America." There is a letter in the file from Colen to Joe Vorstermans regarding the return of photographs of Nouwen in Israel in the 1950s. File also includes photographs from Toon Colen of Peter Naus's trip to Ireland from June 2004.

Interview with Frederick de Bruyn

File consists of an interview with Frederick (Fic) de Bruyn interviewed by Peter Naus in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. de Bruyn lives in Amersfoort, The Netherlands and is a retired priest from the Archdiocese of Utrecht. de Bruyn met Nouwen at the Rijsenburg seminary (The Netherlands). The interview is transcribed and available electronically or in hard copy. All transcriptions and audio recordings are in Dutch. Brief English notes from the interviewer are available in the file. They include: “Fic is a retired priest from the archdiocese of Utretcht. He knew Henri from the Rijsenburg seminary, although he claimed he never got to know him all that well. He was also, like Henri, a member of the Newman club at seminary. He came across as a thoughtful, kind man who has weathered the storms in Dutch Roman Catholicism very well. His feelings about Henri's books were mixed; he thought Henri overly 'spiritualised' social problems, something he also noticed when he visited Henri in New York City somewhere in the seventies. I wish I could have talked some more with him about the climate in the Dutch Roman Church and how he had come to grips with it. He made several self deprecatory comments with respect to the interview and did not seem convinced by my assurances that his observations were very useful. I should mention also that he not respond initially to my request for an interview. I asked the assistance of another interviewee, Rene van Eyden, to convince him to participate."

Interview with Elizabeth Buckley

File consists of an interview with Elizabeth Buckley that took place in Richmond Hill, ON. The interviewer was Gabrielle Earnshaw. There is no transcription available.

Journal. "Notes by the Way."

Not as detailed as other journals. Mentions gradualness of revelation, university federation, policy of Toronto Mail.

Diaries and journals

Series consists of journals and diaries, 1846-1887, containing reflections/essays on various topics, predominantly religious and spiritual; daily activities and quotations .

The box of diaries and journals covers the period between 1846 and 1887, with most of the entries being made before 1870. The early diaries tend to be more reflective, revealing Nelles' reaction to his reading material and his inner spirtual thoughts; the later journals focus more on daily activities.

Daily Journal.

Discusses university question and Morley Punshon's arrival. Shows close relationship with his children.

Rowsell's Diary.

Most entries deal with family or college matters. Mentions petition against Professor William Kingston (mathematics and science).

Diary. Cobourg.

Detailed account of daily activities, readings and thoughts with good insight into family and college routines. Not as introspective as the early journals,but does have occasional statements of beliefs. Discusses Aylesworth controversy, doctrine of eternal misery, conscience and desire.

Journal. "Random Thoughts and Mental Records." vol.2.

Contains thoughts on a variety of topics such as the Trinity, mysticism, the Reformation, revelations, moderation, the Holy Spirit, atonement, and the dangers of sectarianism. Makes a number of generalizations about human nature.

Journal. "Random Thoughts and Mental Records." Toronto.

Contains a few quotations, some discussion of reading material. Most of journal concerned with self evaluation (state of his soul), with a general air of spiritual conflict. Discussion of state and church, relationship between scripture, reason, and nature, differences between unity and uniformity, tolerance for beliefs of others, good works, religious excitement. One of main themes is his aversion to creeds and suspicion of orthodoxy.

Journal. "Book of Random Thoughts on Speech. Public, or Private Conversation."

Contains skeleton of sermon, advice on public speaking and conversation, critical profile of Mr. Gemly's sermon in Port Hope, prayer, self culture, Christian evidence, logic, reading matter (especially Chalmers), remark about Egerton Ryerson. Writing marked by occasional tone of despair - Nelles very aware of his own shortcomings.

Journal. "Book of Random Thoughts."

Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, Newburgh, Port Hope, Toronto.
Contains quotations, musings, small essays, daily plans, rules of conduct, character sketches, and a description of 1847 Conference held in Toronto (with remarks about figures such as Dr. Alder and the Ryerson brothers). Touches on wide range of topics (most of which deal in some way with self improvement), also comments on future of Canada, the Conservative party, limitations of creeds, scripture interpretations, analysis of aspects of Wesleyan Methodism-especially an interesting section on holiness.

Nancy Nicol and Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2019.020
  • collection
  • 1967 - 2016

The fonds is divided into 15 series broadly based around themes in Nancy Nicol's work. They include: Series 1: Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights; Series 2: From Criminality to Equality; Series 3: Proud Lives; Series 4: Abortion Rights, The Struggle for Choice and A Choice for Irish Women; Series 5: Miniature Theatre; Series 6: And That’s Why I’m Leaving; Series 7: From Russia, In Love; Series 8: Pride and Resistance; Series 9: Mini Skools Pays Mini Wages; Series 10: Working for Piece Work Wages; Series 11: Migrante; Series 12: Sacrificial Burnings; Series 13: Let Poland Be Poland; Series 14: Awards, Reviews, and Publicity; and Series 15: Oral History

Nancy Nicol

[Juvenile Drama Collection]

  • CA OTUTF juvdra
  • Collection
  • 1811-1956

Collection comprises more than six thousand sheets of engravings and lithographs illustrating the characters and scenery from British and some European plays between 1810 and 1940.

Editorial cartoons

Series consists of Canadian editorial cartoons collected by Hershell Ezrin. Illustrators include Brian Gable, Andy Donato, and Patrick Corrigan. They cover various Ontario and federal political events such as 1995 referendum and former government aide Ms. Durcos’ comments regard President George Bush.

Collected bibliographic material

Series consist of books and publications given to Mr. Ezrin, many of which include inscriptions from authors and others. Material also provides context to aspects of Ezrin’s career such as the 1985 Ontario election and his time at Molson Companies Limited.

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