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John Fletcher McLaughlin fonds

  • CA ON00357 2043
  • collection
  • 1870-1980

Fonds consists of personal correspondence, 1878-1933; correspondence re death, 1933-1934; correspondence re biography; diaries, 1876-1892; addresses, prayers, sermons, notes, and articles; clippings; and drafts of biography by Roberta Irwin.

McLaughlin, John Fletcher


Mauge, Roger. "McLuhan." Paris Match, no. 1176, 20 November 1971, pp. 15-26.

DEW Line Newsletters

The McLuhan DEW-Line Newsletter. New York: Human Development Corporation. vol. 1, 2, and 3. 20 issues, 1968-1970.

Neurotica, No. 5 Autumn 1949

Neurotica, No. 5 (Autumn 1949), contains written contributions by Marshall McLuhan, Charles L. Newman, Jean B. Welch, H. Phelps Putnam, Allen Walker Read, and G. Legman.This copy has been altered and contains only the "Editorial Gesture"...

McLuhan footage, Deep Space Media

The file contains a printed index and 7 discs:1. "Marshall McLuhan's ABC" / 2002This one-hour program from the "McLuhan Project" is an introduction to Marshall McLuhan. Appearing in the film are Mike McManus, Marshall McLu...

"McLuhan on Campus" exhibition panels and press

The file contains 30 exhibition panels from the exhibition "McLuhan on Campus: Local Inspirations, Global Visions" (John M. Kelly Library, Oct 13 – Dec 20, 2016) as well as "St.Michael's; University of St. Michael's Colleg...

Explorations, Number 29, Winter 1970

Marshall McLuhan is the editor of "Explorations" Issue number 29, Winter 1970. The publication contains five articles:1. Oh, what a blow that phantom gave me (Don Quixote) by Edmund Carpenter2. The horse that is known by touch alone by H...

"A Tetrad" original preparatory material

This file contains materials from the process of creating "A Tetrad: Measuring McLuhan's Impact," a chapbook honouring Marshall McLuhan, "a St. Michael’s professor who rattled the world with his take on the influence of media a...

The Chateau de Bures Liturgy

The item is titled, "The Chateau de Bures Liturgy; The form and order of service that is to be performed in the Chateau de Bures auditorium on Sundays." A hand-written note on it says, "Compliments of P.H. to Marshall McLuhan."

"McLuhan on Campus" exhibition test prints

"McLuhan on Campus: Local Inspirations, Global Visions" was an exhibit in the John M. Kelly Library from Oct 13 – Dec 20, 2016.The exhibition explores the development of Marshall McLuhan’s theories in the context of his academic and pers...

The McLuhan Galaxy

Kritzwiser, Kay. "The McLuhan Galaxy." The Globe and Mail Magazine[Toronto, Ont.], 4 January 1964, pp. 8-9, 17, 19.

Teenagers and Touchability

McLuhan, Marshall. Teenagers and Touchability. 18 March 1960, and Supplement to McLuhan Work Paper on the New Media. 26 February 1960. Typescript, 8 pages.

Playboy interview: Marshall McLuhan

Norden, Eric. "Playboy Interview: Marshall McLuhan--A Candid Conversation with the High Priest of Popcult and Metaphysician of Media." Playboy, vol. 16, no. 3, 1969, pp. 53-74, 158.

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