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Photographs of Nouwen's trip to Greece

File consists of 138 slides of Nouwen's trip to Greece with several unidentified friends. Slides depict mainly local scenes and scenery, and were previously housed in four slide trays each labelled "Griekenland" I - IV.

Early personal photographs

Sub-series consists of approximately 221 slides taken by or collected by Nouwen. These slides are early personal photographs of Nouwen's.

Photographs of Chicago, Illinois

File consists of a roll of thirty-seven negatives of buildings, a statue and the skyline of Chicago, Illinois in the United States.

Photographs of Myra Alexander

File consists of eleven photographs of Myra Alexander preparing for, and celebrating, a religious ceremony at a church.

Émile Zavie, letters to Léon Deffoux

Autograph letter from Émile Zavie to Léon Deffoux, dated September 17, 1916. In answer to Deffoux’s letters from September 9th and 10th. He does not want to talk about the news, to avoid the letters being intercepted. Discusses various authors an...

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Édouard Fournier

6. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Édouard Fournier (1819-1880), [Paris], 20 November 1865, 3 p. – on letterhead «Librairie de L. Hachette et Cie, Boulevard Saint-Germain, 77», crossed out.Zola writes to Fournier, a journalist who wrote for a number of ...

Photocopies (Zola)

“Musique d'Offenbach”, photocopy a.s., signed Emile Zola. No indication of provenance. 2 p.“Pauvre prince”, photocopy. Fragment, in Zola's hand. No indication of provenance. 2 p.“La Madeleine”, photocopy of manuscript of Zola's 1865...

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to B.-H. Gausseron

7. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to B.-H. Gausseron (1845-1913), [Paris], 17 August [1866], 1 p.Zola writes to Bernard-Henri Gausseron, who was, at the time, “aspirant-répétiteur” at the Lycée Napoléon [Condorcet] in Paris, requesting that he not use the...

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to André Lavertujon

8. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to André Lavertujon (1827-1914), Paris, 19 May 1868, 1 p.Zola writes to André Lavertujon, at the time an important journalist and politician, and founder of La Tribune, a newspaper for which Zola wrote from June 1868 to J...

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Jules Claretie

9. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Jules Claretie (1840-1913), Paris, 7 October 1868, 1 p.An extremely interesting confidential letter, in which Zola, at the time a young writer for La Tribune, writes to Claretie who, he has learned, has just been hired...

A.l.s. from Zola to Édouard Bauer

10. A.l.s. from Zola to Édouard Bauer, Paris, 8 February 1869, 1 p.Zola writes to Bauer, the founder and director of L’Événement illustré, in which Zola’s novel, La Famille Cayol (initial title of Les Mystères de Marseille) had been appearing sinc...

Zola Research Programs fonds

  • CA ON00389 19
  • collection
  • 1873-2008

Fonds consists of documents relating to the Zola Research Program and the publication of the 10 volume "Émile Zola Correspondance" series, including project files, inventories, reference materials, photocopies of Émile Zola’s corresponde...

Zola Research Program

G.K. Chesterton Archival Collection

  • CA ON00389 C1
  • Collection
  • 1888-1978

The collection consists of manuscripts of many published works, illustrations from Chesterton's time at the Slade School of Art and later, correspondence with family and friends, and albums of press clippings. There are also microfiche copies...

Chesterton, G. K. (Gilbert Keith)

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Edmond Duranty

11. A,l.s. from Émile Zola to Edmond Duranty (1833-1880), [Paris, 30 July 1875], 1 p.Zola thanks Duranty, a prominent journalist and novelist, for lending him a book, and apologizes for not returning it in person. He is pressed, however, since he ...

Collected materials

Series consists of press cuttings, booklets, pamphlets, census reports, and correspondence, which Patrick O'Neill collected during his political career, relating to affairs in the town of Warrenpoint and his wider constituency of County Down ...

Collected correspondence on Warrenpoint issues

File consists of correspondence and official documents relating to Warrenpoint Water Supply; Newry, Warrenpoint, & Rostrevor Railway Company; Warrenpoint town clerks' salary; Liberty Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company; and flooding in Warr...

Patrick O'Neill fonds

  • CA ON00389 3
  • collection
  • 1875-1998, predominant 1918-1938

Fonds consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence with constituents, government officials, supporters, and other MPs; official documents; political pamphlets and booklets; election posters and flyers; newspaper clippings; personal records (no...

O’Neill, Patrick

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Numa Coste

12. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Numa Coste (1843-1904), Paris, 13 January 1876, 2 p.Note that the bottom half of the second page [no text here] is missing.Numa Coste, an old friend of Zola’s, was a journalist and art critic. He was one of a group of...

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Ernest Hamm

13. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Ernest Hamm (1852-?), Médan, 15 December 1878, 1 p.Zola writes to Ernest Hamm, a journalist with the Progrès de la Charente-Inférieure, to thank him for his article on Zola’s Théâtre, a collection of the texts of Zola...

Personal photographs

  • CA ON00389 2-10
  • Série organique
  • 1880 - 1998 ; 1933 - 1996 predominent
  • Fait partie de Sheila Watson fonds

Series consists of Watson's personal photograph collection, including: photographs from the late nineteenth century belonging to her parents, Mr. C.E. Doherty and Mrs. Elweena Doherty; photographs, (some of which have been scanned), of Watson...

Sheila Watson fonds

  • CA ON00389 2
  • collection
  • 1880-1998, predominant 1933-1998

F onds consists of journals, literary manuscripts, correspondence, teaching and studentmaterials, reference materials, business and financial records; and personal photographs and objects of the author and professor of English, Sheila Watson. Also...

Watson, Sheila

Collection théâtrale André Antoine

  • CA ON00389 C8
  • Collection
  • 1880 - 1985

The collection consists of: papers from director André Antoine; letters from Antoine; letters to Antoine from various playwrights, whose plays he staged; photographs of actors and actresses; letters from various members of Antoine's family; 4...

Sanders, James B.

Zola, Émile, L’assommoir

Zola, Émile, L’assommoir. Drame en cinq actes et neuf tableaux [adaptation de William Busnach et Octave Gastineau], avec une préface d’Émile Zola et un dessin de Georges Clairin, Paris, G. Charpentier, 1881. Original wrappers. Poor condition

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Damase Jouaust

17. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Damase Jouaust (1834-1893), Médan, 1 January 1883, 2 p.Zola tells Jouaust that he can come to Médan any day he likes, but requests that he come in the afternoon, since Zola needs his mornings to finish the novel he is...

Papers of Father John O'Connor

Series consists of a collection of hand-written and typed manuscripts, poems, translations and radio transcripts created and accumulated by Monsignor John O'Connor, as well as his correspondence, collected ephemera (including news clippings, ...

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Damase Jouaust

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Damase Jouaust (1834-1893), Médan, 18 December 1884, 2 p.Zola thanks Jouaust for his lovely edition of Une page d’amour (see letter 12 in this inventory) and compliments the artists on their fine work. Asks Jouaust not to...

Father John O'Connor Collection

  • CA ON00389 C2
  • Collection
  • 1884-1952

Collection consists of hand-written and typed manuscripts, correspondence, poems, translations and radio transcripts created by Monsignor John O'Connor. The records were purchases and accumulated by Father Kevin Scannell as part of his G.K. C...

O'Connor, John

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Adrien Remacle

19. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Adrien Remacle (1856-?), Médan, 12 May 1884, 1 p.Zola promises to send Remacle something for the next issue of La Revue indépendante.Zola’s short story, “Théâtre de campagne”, appeared in the second issue of La Revue ...

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Marius Roux

20. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Marius Roux (1838-1905), Médan, 23 juin 1887, 1 p. Zola apologizes for postponing the visit of the Roux family, since he did not know that Roux’s wife and daughter were leaving on holiday. He proposes that they re-sch...

Letters to Georges Ancey and Madame Ancey

Autograph postcard [view from Tangiers] from Jean Ajalbert to Georges Ancey, stamped «13 avril [?]». One word written: «Casablanca»Autograph postcard [view from Quimper] from Jean Ajalbert to Georges Ancey, dated «28 mai», stamped «30 5 14». «Twen...

Hennique, Léon, Amour, Poeuf

Hennique, Léon, Amour, drame en trois parties. Représenté pour la première fois, sur le Théâtre de l’Odéon, le 6 mars 1890, Paris, Tresse & Stock, Éditeur, 1890.Hennique, Léon, Poeuf, Paris, Tresse & Stock, 1887. Incomplete. – With a dedic...

Germinal (1887) loose manuscript sheets

17 loose sheets from the manuscript of the play, Germinal (1887), as follows:4 pages from the 7th scene, “La Collision”, scene X (note identifying the scene on the top of page 1, in J. Sanders’ hand)5 pages from the 10th scene, “L’Écroulement du V...

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to André Maurel

Note: ITEMS number 16, 17a and 17b are in Maurel’s copy of Renée (stacks).16. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to André Maurel (1863-?), Paris, 20 March 1887, 1 p. Zola invites Maurel to visit him, in order that Maurel prepare an article on Zola’s upcoming ...

Zola, Émile, Jacques Damour, 2 copies

Zola, Émile, Jacques Damour. Pièce en un acte. Tirée de la nouvelle d’Émile Zola par Léon Hennique, Paris, G. Charpentier et Cie, 1887. Original wrappers – stage copy marked «D». With wet stamp «Le Théâtre Libre». Second copy: 1925.

Gramont, Louis de, Rolande

Gramont, Louis de, Rolande. Pièce en quatre actes (cinq tableaux), Paris, Tresse & Stock Éditeurs, 1888. – With annotations throughout. Copy marked «Souffleur». With printed dedicace: «A Antoine, directeur du Théâtre-Libre et aux interprètes d...

Corneau, André, Belle-Petite

Corneau, André, Belle-Petite, comédie en un acte, Paris, Tresse & Stock, 1888. – With a dedicace: «A André Antoine, le plus aimable des directeurs. Témoignage de vive gratitude et de cordiale sympathie, André Corneau.»

Darzens, Rodolphe, L’Amante du Christ

Darzens, Rodolphe, L’Amante du Christ, scène évangélique, en vers. Représentée au Théâtre-Libre le 19 octobre 1888, préface de E. Ledrain. Frontispice gravé par Félicien Rops, Paris, Alphonse Lemerre, 1888. – With a dedicace: «À Mademoiselle Darsa...

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