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University of Toronto. Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Contains scanned copies of photographs document the department of Astronomy and in particular the David Dunlap Observatory and Las Campanas telescope in Chili. Includes early views of the David Dunlap Observatory and grounds, memorabilia such as clippings regarding its opening, as well as photographs of telescopes and related instruments. There are also photographs of the University of Toronto Telescope in Chili and early photographs of DDO staff. (Files are jpg format, colour and black and white with a resolution of 200 ppi, print size approx. 3"x4").
Also included in this accession are three electronic copies of the Index to the David Dunlap Doings, the departmental newsletter.

University of Toronto. Art Service (Faculty of Medicine)

Contains eight drawings mounted on a board illustrating a lobectomy. Based on information on the back of the illustrations, they were prepared by Faculty of Medicine Art Service for the Department of Surgery. They were used first by Dr. Norman Shenstone of the Department of Surgery and the Toronto General Hospital and possibly later by Robert M. Janes, head of the Department of Surgery.

Miriam Saville Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll 00093A
  • Manuscript Collection
  • [192-]-[193-]

Two volumes (holograph journals) containing an unpublished manuscript by Miriam Saville titled: ‘I Wanted to Be a Nurse.’ Includes holograph revisions. Story details Saville’s life, including her diabetes diagnosis and treatment.
Box also contains typed version of manuscript (69 pages). Typed manuscript was prepared by Janet Cartwright and Catherine Caufield (Saville’s nieces) and features a photograph of Miriam Saville.
Miriam Saville was a diabetic patient treated by Dr. Charles Best in the late 1920s/early 1930s when she was about thirteen years old, see mention of Dr. Best (“Dr. Charles”) on page 5 of both the holograph journal and typed version. First chapter of typed manuscript is titled: ‘Diagnosis and Dr. Best.’

Saville, Miriam

Charles E. Stanbury fonds

  • CA OTTCA F2234
  • collection
  • [188-?]-[193-?]

The fonds consists of documents and photographs related to Dr. Stanbury’s education at the Trinity Medical College, and his later life in Chicago.

Charles E. Stanbury

Kenneth Mackenzie Clark fonds

  • CA ON00399 78
  • collection
  • [192-]-[195-]

The fonds consists of correspondence received by Sir Kenneth and Lady Jane Clark, [192-]-[195-], from Helen Anrep, Clive Bell, Margery Fry and Roger Fry, as well as other material relating to Roger Fry, and a letter sent to Margery Fry; and correspondence sent by Sir Kenneth Clark to his secretary, Margaret Brown, 1941-1951.

Clark, Kenneth Mackenzie

John Mitchell Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00212
  • Manuscript Collection
  • [195-?]

Consists of part of the manuscript of John Mitchell's book The Settlement of York County which was published posthumously in 1951 and commissioned by the Municipal Corporation of the County of York to mark the centennial of the beginnings of municipal government in the two Canadas. Also included is correspondence with Mitchell's typist Elaine Williams.

Mitchell, John

Yoshida Family accession

The collection consists of 27 records (78 rpm), primarily made of shellac. Some of the records come with lyric sheets. Music is mostly popular Japanese songs from the 1950s. Artists include, but limited to:

Noriko Awaya (1907-1999)
Ikuma Dan (1924-2001)
Yoshi Eguchi (1903-1978)
Akiko Futaba (1915-2011)
Ichiro Fujiyama (1911-1993)
Rokuro Hara (1915-2001)
Ryoichi Hattori (1907-1993)
Tomiko Hattori (1917-1981)
Isao Hayahi (1912-1995)
Miyuki Ishimoto (1924-2009)
Tokiko Iwatani (1916-2013)
Masao Kato (1897-1977)
Matsutaro Kawaguchi (1899-1985)
Noburo Kirishima (1914-1984)
Hakushu Kitahara (1885-1942)
Masao Koga (1904-1978)
Yukie Kubo (1924-2010)
Hachiro Matsui (1919-1976)
Mataichi Matsumura (1898-1992)
Hibari Misora (1937-1989)
Shinpei Nakayama (1887-1952)
Michiko Namiki (1921-2001)
Toshio Nomura (1904-1966)
Atsuro Okamoto
Yoshiaki Omura
Naoyoshi Ozawa
Takao Saeki (1902-1981)
Aiko Saida
Yaso Saijo (1892-1970)
Shunichi Sasaki (1907-1957)
Hachiro Sato (1903-1973)
Sonosuke Sato (1890-1942)
Toroku Takagi (1904-2006)
Koji Truruta (1924-1987)
Gento Uehara (1914-1965)
Hamako Watanabe (1910-1999)
Yoshiko Yamaguchi (1920-2014)
Tadashi Yoshida (1921-1998)

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