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2008.008 accession (Riverdale)

Fonds consists of material pertaining to three seasons of production of the 1hour television series Riverdale. The show ran from 1997 – 2000, and all 47 episodes were broadcast on CBC television. The collection consists of 207 boxes of material spanning all three seasons of the show. The fonds is divided into two series: Corporate Records and Post-Production Records.
The first series, Corporate Records, consists of 49 boxes. These include correspondence/memos, fan mail, budgets, scripts, promotional materials, financial and banking records, sponsor files, production and continuity stills, character files, legal documents, insurance documents, music cue sheets, and architectural drawings.
The second series, Post-Production Records, consists of 158 boxes. These include raw shoot tapes, raw audio tapes, audio stems, voiceovers, music, master mix audio, edits, various masters, interview tapes and promo reels. There is also a complete set of both VHS and DVD screening copies of each episode. Textual documents include sound notes/charts, editing/mix notes and credits.
The material has retained its original arrangement.

This fonds includes textual material relating to the following productions:

Riverdale (Television, 1997 – 2000)
This fonds also includes audiovisual material relating to the following productions:

Riverdale (Television, 1997 – 2000)

Epitome Pictures Inc.

Geoffrey Payzant and Eduard Hanslick collection

  • CA OTUFM 32
  • Collection
  • 1981-2001 predominant

Collection includes correspondence, notes, typescripts, translations, photocopies of journal articles, and other working papers about Eduard Hanslick. Hanslick was the focus of Payzant's later research, which resulted in two books (published 1986 and 1991), several articles, and various lectures. The fonds consists of the research used in these writings, as well as a typescript manuscript of Payzant's translation of On the musically beautiful: a contribution towards the revision of the aesthetics of music (1986), and copies of his lectures, also titled "On the musically beautiful." The correspondence includes copies of letters between Hanslick and Robert Zimmermann (1824-1898), as well as correspondence between Payzant and other scholars about Hanslick, and correspondence between Payzant and Dietmar Strauß.

Payzant, Geoffrey

Letter from Edwin L. Lowther

File consists of a greeting card from Edwin Lowther regarding the impact Nouwen's writing made in his spiritual awakening, in particular, 'The Wounded Healer'. The file also contains a pamphlet for the Service to Mankind Banquet held March 1, 1991 (Round Rock, TX) in which Lowther received an award.

Letter from Christine M. Lukesh

File consists of L'Arche Daybreak form for receiving sending correspondence sent by Christine M. Lukesh.

Letters from Rose Marciano Lucey

File consists of two greeting cards and one letter from Rose Marciano Lucey regarding events in her daily life including her participation with the National Catholic Reporter.

Letter from Dr. Hartmut-Christian Lüling

File consists of one letter from Dr. Hartmut-Christian Lüling (Germany) responding to 'Canvas of Love' and inquiring whether a translation exists in French, Russian or Polish.

Letter from Ed Long, Ph.D.

File consists of a letter from Ed Long requesting a meeting to discuss empathy and the role it plays within marriage relationships and Long's development of an empathy training program for couples at Central Michigan University. The letter also thanks Nouwen for the insights in his books and his thoughtful commentary on Rembrandt and the depth of psychological and theological insight that can be drawn from art.

Letter from Father Laurence London

File consists of one letter from Father Laurence London thanking Nouwen for his gift of a book, and responding to 'With Burning Hearts'. The file also contains three bookmarks.

Letter from Tim Lovell

File consists of a letter from Tim Lovell, Community Action Minister for the Church of the Resurrection (Tulsa, OK) requesting Nouwen act as keynote speaker and Mass celebrant for their 1996 educational conference focusing on the fifteenth anniversary of Stan Rother's martyrdom and highlighting the Santiago Atitlan mission in Guatemala.

Letter from Judith Lopp

File consists of a letter from Judith Lopp responding to insights made in 'Life of the Beloved'. The file also contains one page of personal reflections by Lopp after completing the book.

Letters from Hlib Lonchyna

The File consists of one letter from Hlib Lonchyna (Ukraine) and a preservation photocopy of that letter. The letter praises Nouwen for 'Reaching Out' and 'Here and Now'. The letter also asks Nouwen's permission to translate 'Here and Now' into Ukrainian.

Loaves and Fishes: Catholic Worker Community

File consists of a letter written by Steve O'Neil on behalf of the Loaves and Fishes Catholic Worker Community (Duluth, MN) and the Benedictine Sisters at the College of St. (Scholostica?) to request Nouwen to speak at their congregation. File also consists of a pamphlet and news clippings regarding their activities in the community including war resistance and anti-nuclear demonstrations.

List regarding The Gathering

File consists of two letters from Fred Smith and a list of participants' names and contact information for The Gathering (Tyler, TX).

Letter from Reverend Deborah W. Little

File consists of a letter from Reverend Deborah Whiting Little requesting a meeting to discuss Nouwen's thoughts on the poor and what Jesus means when he says 'God is closest to us in the lives and faces of the poor'.

Letter from Leighton Ford Ministries

File consists of one letter from Leighton Ford, on behalf of Leighton Ford Ministries, expressing regret that Nouwen cannot attend the 1996 Point Group meeting of the ministries, but asks Nouwen to consider the November 1997 meeting.

Letters from Tillman and Kate Lewis

File consists of one Christmas card and one birth announcement of Tillman and Kate's second daughter from Tilllman and Kate Lewis. The birth announcement also contains a drawing by the Lewis' elder daughter Johanna.

Letters from Albert Micah and Shirley Lewis

File consists of two drafts of Albert's Micah's work, "Prelude to Kaddish" and "Intimacy" for Nouwen's review and two letters from Shirley regarding events at the Jewish Institute of Religion (Israel) and Daybreak. The final letter is written from Jerusalem, Israel.

Letter from Tambria E. Lee

File consists of card written on behalf of the Chapel of the Cross (Chapel Hill, NC) to request Nouwen's presence at a retreat.

Letters from Loren and Sandy Lee

File consists of one Christmas letter from Loren and Sandy Lee and one letter dated 1985 regarding Nouwen's decision to leave Harvard.

Letters from Nathan Lefler

File consists of one card and one letter seeking professional advice and expressing an appreciation for Nouwen's writing, especially "The Return of the Prodigal Son".

Letter from A. P. Lee

File consists of one handwritten letter from A. P. Lee thanking Nouwen for gift of books.

Letter from Leadership / Christianity Today, Inc.

File consists of a letter from Dolores R. Leckey, Executive Director of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops Secretariat for Family, Laity, Women and Youth (Washington, DC), inviting Nouwen to participate in the 1996 National Lay Forum.

Letter from Canon Robert H. Leckey

File consists of one letter from Canon Robert H. Leckey, writing on behalf of St. Mary's Anglican Church (Richmond Hill, ON).

Letter from Leadership / Christianity Today, Inc

File consists of a Christmas card from the members of Leadership Christianity Today Inc. (Carol Stream, IL), including Mary Ann Jeffreys, Ed Rowell, Dave Goetz, Cynthia Shomes, Raymond [Whitork?] and Kevin [Atuller?].

Letter from [Esther?] Lashambe

File consists of one letter from Esther (?) Lashambe, reflecting on her experience with the mentally disabled.

Letter from Sandra Laughton and Enid Reeves

File consists of one letter from Sandra Laughton and Enid Reeves, Co-chairs of the Worship Committee at a local faith community, inviting Nouwen and the L'Arche Daybreak community to a celebration.

Letters from Ron and Pat Landsel

File consists of seven letters from Ron and Pat Landsel of the New Meadow Run Bruderhof (Farmington, PA), two letters from David and Stephanie Sorensen, members of the Pleasant View Bruderhof (Ulster Park, NY), a 14-page religious testament by the Sorensens, a news clipping from The Catholic Worker, and a letter from Nathan Ball regarding the purchase of mobility equipment from the Bruderhof community for a disabled member of L'Arche Daybreak.

Letters from Simone Landrien

File consists of two letters from Simone Landrien of L'Arche La Ferme in France, thanking Nouwen for his gift of "With Open Hands".

Letters from Deirdre LaNoue

File consists of two letters from Deirdre LaNoue, requesting permission to pursue a Ph.D. thesis on Nouwen, a copy of her curriculum vitae and a photograph of herself.

Letters from Art Laffin

File consists of five letters from Art Laffin, including a of The Little Way, a newsletter by the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker community, a book list from the Fortkamp Publishing Company (Baltimore, MD), a copy of an article written by Laffin, and flyers related to his activities in the Plowshares movement.

Letter from Stephen Lambert

File consists of one letter from Stephen Lambert, writing from England, thanking Nouwen for his gift of "With Burning Hearts".

Letter from Jennifer Krutilla

File consists of one letter from Jennifer Krutilla to Kathy Christy regarding her visit to L'Arche Daybreak.

Letter from Knowledge Resources (Randburg, South Africa)

File consists of one letter from Elmarie Otto, Manager and Publishing Editor of the Religious Books Division of Knowledge Resources (Randburg, South Africa), sending a copy of "Meeting the Future : Christian Leadership in South Africa" on behalf of Devarakshanam Govinden.

Letter from Joan B. Kroc

File consists of one letter from Joan B. Kroc to Kathy Christie, thanking her for her gift of "Clowning in Rome".

Letter from Walter H. Krebs

File consists of one letter from Walter H. Krebs, requesting permission to quote from Nouwen's published works, including a copy of a short typed letter from Nouwen (dated September 8, 1992) and a two page typed forward by Krebs (dated April 20, 1993).

Letter from Pastor Bonny Kinnunen

File consists of one letter from Pastor Bonny Kinnunen, including her book review of "The Return of the Prodigal Son", a news clipping documenting her review, and a short typed letter from Nouwen thanking her.

Letter from Cvetka Kocjancic

File consists of one letter from Cvetka Kocjancic, requesting advice on her plans to publish her diary of religious mystical experience.

Letters from Ruth Klaassen

File consists of two letters from Ruth Klaassen, including a copy of her article "On Prayer", chronicling her battle with cancer.

Letters from King's College (London, ON)

File consists of two letters from John D. Morgan, Coordinator of the Centre for Education About Death and Bereavement at King's College (London, ON), inviting Nouwen to speak at a conference on death and spirituality.

Letter from King View (Aurora, ON)

File consists of one letter from Les Kerr, Program Director at King View (Aurora, ON) providing quotes for a proposed day retreat for fifteen people.

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