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History and Recognition

Series consists of records related to the history and achievements of the Victoria Women’s Association. Materials include books, certificates, guidelines, and general notes.


Series consists of material related to the various events held by the Victoria Women’s Association, including luncheons, memorials, anniversaries, and tributes.


Series consists of correspondence related to the Victoria Women's Association, including that of the association’s presidents.

Members and Donor Records

Series consists of records related to the members and donors of the Victoria Women’s Association. Material includes membership books, records of donations, and member information.

Governance and Meeting Minutes

Series consists of meeting minutes and agendas for the Victoria Women’s Association, previously named the Barbara Heck Memorial Association, and the Victoria Women’s Residence and Educational Association. Additional material consists of constitutions, by-laws, and duties of the association.

2016 acquisition

The material present in this acquisition reflects more of the latter half of Curran’s career. Many stages of the music creation processes are present, with textual material reflecting the legal side, while the audio material reflects the recording side. Textual and photographic material capture life on tour, and material related to music videos is found in video material. This acquisition is divided into seven series by format:
Series 01: Audio
Series 02: Textual
Series 03: Photographic
Series 04: Graphic
Series 05: Ephemera
Series 06: Video
Series 07: Electronic Records

Curran, Andy

2018 acquisition

A large portion of the collection focuses on her work with NOW Magazine, specifically “Talk Toronto”. Many of her other published articles are collected here, as well as Festival of Festivals programs, and art show and club posters.

This acquisition is divided into 22 series:
Series 01: Close Up
Series 02: Correspondence
Series 03: Daily TIFF Festival
Series 04: Events & Invites
Series 05: Flare
Series 06: Freelance
Series 07: Graffiti
Series 08: Images
Series 09: Inkwell
Series 10: Limelight
Series 11: Maclean's
Series 12: Metropolis
Series 13: Miscellaneous
Series 14: Network
Series 15: Now Magazine
Series 16: Posters
Series 17: Press Release
Series 18: Programs
Series 19: Toronto International Film Festival
Series 20: Toronto Life
Series 21: Writing Draft
Series 22: Zoomer

Levine, Rosie

2017 accrual

The collection spans a wide variety of material, including multiple hard drives and textual material. The textual material offers excellent insight into the production process, as it includes track listings, mixing instructions, and other information needed for each session.
Both Canadian and International artists are represented in this collection, as there are audio and visual elements for artists like Anne Murray, Nelly Furtado, Rita McNeil, and the Weeknd. There are also commercial recordings for multiple companies including Disney World, Fisher Price Toys, and Ontario Tourism.

Metalworks Studio

2017 acquisition

The collection is made up of both audio/visual elements and textual. The majority of the audio visual portion of the collection is consumer tapes/disc and screening dubs of the films shown at the festival. Other files include press kits for select films. Series 7 is comprised of audio cassette recordings of festival workshops, titled “Independent Filmmaking”. The textual material offers a detailed look at how the festival operated, with application forms, tracking forms, correspondence, film promotional materials, actor resumes, expense sheets, booking venue information, workshop summaries and panelist information, grant writing, festival lists, and a wealth of other textual material. The last series is a collection of mostly festival posters.
The collection is divided up into 10 series:

Series 01: VHS Tapes
Series 02: Betacam Tapes
Series 03: Digital Betacam Tapes
Series 04: Betacam SP Tapes
Series 05: MiniDV Tapes
Series 06: DVDs
Series 07: CDs
Series 08: Cassette Tapes
Series 09: Festival Files
Series 10: Posters

World of Comedy Film Festival

2017 acquisition

The collection contains Betacam and VHS cassettes of interviews conducted for the many pop culture shows Jana Lynne White hosted. Most of the titles come from The NewMusic and SpeakEasy. Notable interviews include Celine Dion, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Ricky Martin, Neil Young, and ABBA.

White, Jana Lynne

2017 acquisition

The collection is comprised of audio recordings of Troiano’s work, and video recordings of programs he worked on, interviews, or performances. The material reflects moments from across his career, from when he began creating the ‘Toronto Sound’ with the Mandalas, to later in his life when he became a producer.

Troiano, Domenic

2015 acquisition

The Paul Till collection documents many aspects of his career as a photographer. His work with NOW, celebrities, and his occasional shoots of architecture are present. The collection is made up primarily of photographs and negatives, though some textual material is included. The textual material is mostly published art photograph books. Due to his connection to the Toronto music scene, this collection offers insight into who was popular and performing during the 80s and 90s in Toronto.

The acquisition is divided into the following seven serieses:
Series 01: Fine Art
Series 02: Magazines
Series 03: People By Name
Series 04: Jobs
Series 05: Jobs - Books
Series 06: NOW Magazine
Series 07: Tear Sheets

Till, Paul

2016 accrual

The Ian Thornley 2016 accession includes many unique textual records. Present in the collection are record agreements, press clippings, and many notes relating to his and Big Wreck’s many tours. There are also invoices and news reports. Many raw, rough mixes, and unmastered audio recordings of Big Wreck’s music is present as are recordings from Thornley himself. Moving image elements are present, capturing live performances and interviews of the band and Thornley. There is also a significant amount of photography documenting Thornley during his career.

Thornley, Ian

2018.019 acquisition

The collection consists of material created during and for Thompson’s career. The material reflects his professional skills, can capture stages from across his time on radio and as a sound producer. Material from 104.5 CHUM, 1050 CHUM, audio recordings from various Juno Awards, audio from interviews with celebrities, CHUM Chart pamphlets, audio recordings of CHUM DJs announcing community events, CHUM jingles, Audio recordings of the program Evolution of Rock, commercial work, video DVD’s of HiFi Salutes, audio for the Music Express Radio Show, the Rock Express Show, Rock 30, and The Producers. The material is in a variety of formats including vinyl records, ¼” audio reels, CDs and other formats.

Thompson, Doug

Paragon Entertainment

  • CA ON00349 2018.005
  • collection

The acquisition is broken into the following 30 series:
Series 01. Alien's First Christmas; Aliens Next Door [1991]

Series 02. Alfred Hitchcock Presents [1986 – 1987]

Series 03. Beyond Reality, [1990 – 1996]
2 seasons (20 + 24 episodes)
A science-fiction television program, following two scientists as they investigate the paranormal found in other people’s daily lives.
1994 Winner, Gemini Awards, Best Original Music Score for a Series
1992 Winner, Motion Picture Sound Editors-Golden Reel, Best Sound Editing - Television Episodic - Dialogue & ADR
1993 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Direction in a Dramatic or Comedy Series
1993 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Original Music Score for a Series
1994 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Dramatic Series
1994 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series
1994 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series

Series 04. The Blob Family [1989]

Series 05. C’mon Geese [1989, 2000]
A short documentary on William (Bill) Lishman, the artist and aviator. Lishman is most known for his work with Canadian Geese and their migration to the south. The documentary is created with footage of geese in flight filmed by Lishman as he attempts to teach the gees to fly behind his small aircraft. This film has been awards several awards.
Winner, Blue Ribbon, American Film & Video Festival
Winner, Gold Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival
Winner, Grand Prize of Festival , Free Flight Film Festival

Series 06. Deke Wilson's Mini-Mysteries [1990 – 1994]
1 season (13 episodes)
Deke Wilson, a hip teen, solves mysteries while also balancing the troubles of daily life.

Series 07. Destination X [1995 – 1998]

Series 08. Dog House [1987 – 1993, 1996 – 2000]
1 season (26 episodes)
The story follows a boy and his dog as they solve crimes. The dog, by cause of a car accident, has the mind of a police detective, and is thus also able to communicate with the boy. A children’s comedy show that deals with both fun crime solving and common family issues.

Series 09. Freaky Stories [1995]

Series 10. Frequent Flyer [1993 – 1997]
Made for TV-movie about a pilot that is cheating on three women, each believing they are his only romantic partner and all living in different cities. The story unfolds as each woman becomes suspicious of their pilot lover and begin to follow him as he continues to live his triple life.

Series 11. Full Cycle

Series 12. Guerilla Gardener [1997 – 2011]

Series 13. Hamilton’s Quest [1986 – 1998]
1 season (10 episodes)
The story of a man who discovers he is not the biological son of his parents who have just passed away. In a mean to help cope, he begins a journey to find his biological mother and father.

Series 14. Happy Birthday Bunnykins [1993 - 1995]
TV movie
Based on the characters from the Royal Doulton fine china collection. An animated cartoon of one little rabbit’s hope for his Birthday celebrations.

Series 15. Held Hostage: The Sis and Jerry Levin, [1988 – 1991, 1999, 2003]
TV Movie
As Jerry Levin, CNN reporter, is captured in Beirut, his wife Sis Levin works with the State Department for his release. Based on a true story.

Series 16. High Country

Series 17. Improper Channels [1979 – 1984, 1995, 2002 – 2003]
After a car accident, Jeff Martley and his estranged wife Diana loose custody of their daughter. The movie follows their attempts to get their daughter back. A comedy-drama.
1982 Winner, Genie Awards, Best Performance by a Foreign Actor
1982 Nominee, Genie Awards, Best Performance by a Foreign Actress
1982 Nominee, Genie Awards, Best Screenplay, Original
1982 Nominee, Genie Awards, Best Achievement in Art Direction

Series 18. Johann's Gift to Christmas [1991, 1998 – 2001]
TV Christmas Special
A children’s Christmas about a mouse who helps a few clergy men by composing a Christmas song.

Series 19. Kissinger & Nixon [1993 – 1997, 2002, 2005]
TV Movie
Based on the book Kissinger: A Biography(1992) by Walter Isaacson. The film follows Kissinger as he attempts to end the Vietnam crisis while Nixon focuses on the upcoming election.
1996 Winner, Primetime Emmy Awards, Outstanding Makeup for a Miniseries or a Special
1996 Nominee, Primetime Emmy Awards, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Special
1996 Nominee, Directors Guild of America Award, Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Specials
1996 Nominee, PGA Awards, Outstanding Producer of Long-Form Television
1997 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program
1997 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program
1997 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Writing in a Dramatic Program
1997 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Original Music Score for a Program
1997 Nominee, Writers Guild of America, Adapted Long Form

Series 20. The Little Crooked Christmas Tree [1991, 1995, 2000]
TV Christmas Special
Based on the children’s picture book of the same name by Michael Cutting.

Series 21. Lives of Girls and Women [1990 – 1997, 2000]
TV Movie
Based on a book of related short stories by Alice Munro. The film follows the life of character Del Jordan in rural Ontario. Del is unsatisfied with her small town life, as is her mother who is very similar, yet Del does not see herself in her.
1995 Winner, Atlantic Film Festival, Audience Award Best Film
1995 Nominee, Banff Television Festival, Best Made-for-TV Movie
1995 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program
1995 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program
1995 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Production Design or Art Direction
1995 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Costume Design

Series 22. Paragon Entertainment [1985 – 1986, 1993, 1998 – 2001]
Corporate records

Series 23. Phillip Marlowe: Private Eye [1984 – 1989, 2002, 2007 – 2010]
2 seasons (5 + 6 episodes)
A mystery show that follows private detective Phillip Marlowe as he solves crimes. Based on the stories by Raymond Chandler.
1983 Winner, CableACE Awards, Lighting in a Dramatic Presentation – Film
1984 Winner, Edgar Allan Poe Awards, Best Television Episode
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Actor in a Dramatic Presentation
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Art Direction in a Dramatic Presentation
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Directing a Dramatic Presentation
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Program Series - Dramatic Presentation: 60 Minutes or Less
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Single Program - Dramatic Presentation: 60 Minutes or Less
1983 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Costume Design in a Dramatic Presentation
1986 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Pay TV Drama
1986 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Writing in a Dramatic Program/Series (TV Adaptation)
1986 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series
1986 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore)
1987 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Actress in a Dramatic Series
1987 Nominee, CableACE Awards, Editing a Theatrical Special/Dramatic Special or Series/Movie or Miniseries
1987 Nominee, Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards, Best Cinematography in TV Drama

Series 24. Rapture [1987, 1990 – 1993]
TV Movie
Jeff Lisker is a successful computer programmer that goes back to his home town and tried to strike up a romance with his high school crush Georgianne. Instead, Georgianne is not interested in love but finds his friendship helpful as she mourns her recently murdered husband. Georgianne’s daughter believe Jeff is her father’s murderer and begins to investigate.
1993 Nominee: Gemini Awards, Best TV Movie
1994 Nominee: Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards, Best Cinematography in TV Drama

Series 25. 1994 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns [1990 – 1997, 2000]
TV Movie
After waking up in modern times from suspended animation, Holmes continues to solve mysteries and tackle the descendants of his previous foes.
1994 Nominee, Edgar Allan Poe Awards, Best Television Feature or Miniseries

Series 26. Split Images [1991 – 1993]
A rich man goes on a killing spree while having a friend record each murder. Eventually the police catch wind and begin to investigate.
1994 Nominee, Gemini Awards, Best Sound in a Dramatic Program or Series

Series 27. Street Noise [1990 – 1993, 1997, 1999 - 2000]

Series 28. Tourist Trap [1990 – 1997, 2003, 2006]

Series 29. Tracks of Glory [1991 – 1999]
TV mini series
Based on the book Major Taylor Down Under by Jim Fitzpatrick. Set in the early 1900s, the story focuses on cyclist Major Taylor and his Australian rival Don Walker.
1993 Winner, Logie Awards, Most Popular Miniseries/Telemovie

Series 30. A Tribute to Sam Kinison [1994, 1996]

Paragon Entertainment

Imperial Fonds

  • collection

Imperial, Paul & Lynn

Fairest women in song

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers: High Park Girls Choir (Ann Cooper Gay, conductor ; Errol Gay, accompanist) ; Oriana Singers (William Brown, conductor ; Ruth Watson Henderson, accompanist) ; University of Toronto Women's Chorus (Doreen Rao, conductor ; Ted Mulroney, accompanist) ; Ithaca College Women's Chorale ; Dr. Janet Galvan, Guest Festival Conductor.
Event tracks :

  • Dixit Dominus. Dixit Dominus / Baldassare Galuppi
  • Bogh predvichniy / Ukranian Carol (arr. Anonymous)
  • Rise up, my love / Eleanor Daley
  • The blooming bright star of Belle Isle / Newfoundland Folk Song (arr. Eleanor Daley)
  • Song for Christina / Errol Gay & Alexander Rapoport
  • Requiem. In Remembrance / Eleanor Daley
  • Heart we will forget him / James Mulholland (Erin Cooper Gay, horn)
  • I'se the B'y / Newfoundland Folk Song (arr. John E. Govedas) (John Govedas, piano)
  • Come Ye Makers of Song ; When Music Sounds ; Johnny's gone a-sailing ; Nell Flaherty's Drake / Ruth Watson Henderson
  • Missa Brevis. Kyrie ; Gloria / Stephen Hatfield
  • Angels are everywhere / Daniel Pinkham
  • Cantique de Jean Racine / Gabriel Fauré
  • Vestigia / Imant Raminsh (Mark Skazinetsky, violin ; Simon Fryer, cello)
  • Sanctus / Rupert Lang
  • Danny Boy / Irish Traditional (arr. Dana Wilson)
  • I cannot hold you / Dana Wilson
  • Guaya Canal / Cantan / Francisco Nunez
  • How do I love Thee / Nathan Christensen
  • Echoing Green / William Mathias
  • My heart's friend / Imant Raminsh
  • Fairest Lady / Nick Page
  • Mayim / Peter Rothbart.

Composers :

  • Galuppi, Baldassare, 1706-1785
  • Daley, Eleanor, 1955-
  • Rapoport, Alexander, 1957-
  • Mulholland, James
  • Govedas, John E., 1950-2005
  • Henderson, Ruth Watson, 1932-
  • Hatfield, Stephen
  • Pinkham, Daniel
  • Fauré, Gabriel, 1845-1924
  • Raminsh, Imant,1943-
  • Lang, Rupert
  • Wilson, Dana
  • NuìnÞez, Francisco
  • Mathias, William
  • Page, Nick, 1952-
  • Rothbart, Peter

Wind symphony and concert band

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers: Concert Band ; Cameron Walter, conductor

  • Wind Symphony ; Jeffrey Reynolds, conductor.
    Event tracks :
  • Masque / W. Francis McBeth
  • Four burlesque Scenes from the Opera "Der Mond" / Carl Orff
  • Symphony 1 :
  • The Lord of the Rings / Johan de Meij
  • Hannaford Overture (1986) / J. Scott Irvine
  • Russian Christmas Music (1944) / Alfred Reed
  • Marche des Parachutes Belges (1946) / Pierre Leemans
  • La Fiesta Mexicana (1954) :
  • A Mexican Folk Song Symphony / H. Owen Reed.

Composers :

  • McBeth, W. Francis, 1933-2012
  • Orff, Carl, 1895-1982
  • Meij, Johan de, 1953-
  • Irvine, J. Scott, 1953-
  • Reed, Alfred
  • Leemans, Pierre, 1897-1980
  • Reed, H. Owen, 1910-2014

Faculty artist series : Susan Hoeppner and friends

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : Susan Hoeppner, flute ; Mark Skazinetsky, violin ; Douglas Perry, viola ; Simon Fryer, cello ; Lydia Wong, piano.
Event tracks :

  • Chamber music by Bach, Baker, Hatzis, Villa-Lobos and Crumb.

Composers :

  • Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750
  • Baker, Michael C. (Michael Conway), 1941-
  • Hatzis, Christos, 1953-
  • Villa Lobos, Heitor, 1887-1959
  • Crumb, George

Faculty artist series : William Aide piano recital

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place at Walter Hall.
Performers : William Aide, piano ; Monica Whicher, soprano.
Event tracks :

  • Three preludes. Les sons et le parfums tournent dans l'air du soir ; la puerta del vino ; la terrasse des audiences du claire de lune / Claude Debussy
  • A sardonic songbook / Brian McDonagh
  • Nine Preludes from op. 28. C major ; A minor ; A major ; F-sharp minor ; E major ; A-flat major ; F minor ; F major ; D minor / Chopin
  • Sonata in B minor / Franz Liszt.

Composers :

  • Debussy, Claude, 1862-1918
  • McDonagh, Brian
  • Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849
  • Liszt, Franz, 1811-1886

Symphonic band : formerly the concert band

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : Symphonic Band ; Jeffrey Reynolds, conductor.
Event tracks :

  • English folk song suite. March "seventeen come Sunday" ; intermezzo "my bonny boy" ; march "folk songs from Somerset" / Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • The fisher who died in his bed. Jim Jones - the fisher ; lament ; celebration ; remembrance / John Herberman
  • Cajun folk songs II. Ballad ; country dance / Frank Ticheli
  • Lads of Wamphray / Percy Aldridge Grainger
  • A moorside suite / Gustav Holst
  • Suite on Canadian folk songs / Morley Calvert.

Composers :

  • Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958
  • Herberman, John.
  • Ticheli, Frank, 1958-
  • Grainger, Percy, 1882-1961
  • Holst, Gustav, 1874-1934
  • Calvert, Morley, 1928-1991

Wind ensemble : wind and song

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place in MacMillan Theatre.
Performers : University of Toronto Wind Ensemble ; Jeffrey Reynolds, conductor ; Kristin Mueller, soprano ; DJ Gottfrit, clarinet ; Richard Burrows, vibraphone ; Philip Carmichael, baritone
Event tracks :

  • Russlan and Ludmilla overture / Glinka ; arr. Franz Henning
  • A prairie Schubertiad / Michael Purves-Smith
  • Windhorse for vibraphone and winds / Peter Hatch
  • Um Mitternacht / Gustav Mahler
  • Memento Mori / Chan Ka Nin
  • Pastoral nocturne / Ingolf Dahl

Composers :

  • Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich, 1804-1857
  • Purves-Smith, Michael
  • Hatch, Peter Donald,1957-
  • Mahler, Gustav, 1860-1911
  • Chan, Ka Nin
  • Dahl, Ingolf,1912-1970

Symphonic band

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : University of Toronto Symphonic Band ; Denis Grant, conductor ; Elizabeth Gould, guist conductor ; Jasmina Vucurovic, guest conductor.
Event tracks :

  • Arts and letters fanfare / Louis Applebaum
  • Feierlicher Einzug der Ritter de Johanniterordens / Richard Strauss
  • Classic overture in C / Francois Joseph Gossec
  • Sketches on a Tudor Psalm / Fisher Tull
  • Serenade for Winds, op. 7 / Richard Straus
  • Magneticfireflies / Augusta Reed Thomas
  • Psalm for band / Vincent Persichetti
  • East coast pictures / Nigel Hess

Composers :

  • Applebaum, Louis, 1918-2000
  • Strauss, Richard, 1864-1949
  • Gossec, François Joseph, 1734-1829
  • Tull, Fisher
  • Thomas, Augusta Read
  • Persichetti, Vincent, 1915-1987
  • Hess, Nigel

Vocal jazz

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place in Walter Hall.
Performers : University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

Schola Cantorum and the theatre of early music

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : Schola Cantorum ; Theatre of Early Music ; Agnes Zsigovics, soprano ; Alexander Dobson, baritone.
Event tracks :

  • Coronation Anthems / Handel.

Composers :

  • Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1759

Patrick Watson fonds

  • CA ON00349 1999.002
  • collection
  • 1951 – 1997

The Patrick Watson fonds encompasses two accessions. The first accession (1999.002) consists of seven series, separated by format.

The first series, Textual Records, spans the bulk of Watson’s career (1955 – 1996) and consists of correspondence, memos, daybooks, legal documents, contracts/agreements, creative documents, production records, financial documents, and post-production records. There are also aviation documents (pilot logs, aviation maps) and management documents such as policy statements, discussion papers, reports, license applications, program schedules, teachers’ guides, audience research, and corporate plans. Annotated drafts, printer’s proofs, and final versions of each of Watson’s published works are also included.

The second series, Audio Records, consists of edited and raw interviews, radio pilot productions, finished radio productions, speeches, on-air
reviews, and high quality master audio elements of two film/video productions prior to marriage with visuals (Struggle for Democracy, Understanding McLuhan).

The third series, Video Records, includes video materials relating to 46 films and television series. These are chiefly release prints, though there are also alternative versions, elements, rough assemblies, demo/compilation reels, interviews, credit/opening/closing segments, graphics and animation, promotional trailers, and sales tapes.

The fourth series, Photographs, consists of ca. 7,150 unique location and production stills, as well as promotional shots relating to Watson’s productions. Some of the people portrayed include: Pierre Trudeau, Laurier LaPierre, Dinah Christie, Peter Ustinov, Tim Hardin, Gloria Steinem, Kate Nelligan, Harry Belafonte, Donald Sutherland, Lester Pearson, and Norman Jewison. The majority of the items (ca. 4,292
slides, negatives, and prints) were created during and for the production Struggle for Democracy.

The fifth series, Artwork, is comprised of 10 posters and 3 drawings.

The sixth series, Awards, include 45 nominations, awards, and degrees/diplomas.

The seventh series, Memorabilia, consists of artifacts related to specific projects, appearances/events, positions held, and organizations/foundations with which Watson has been involved. These include garments, ties, a plaque, lapel pins, tickets, stamps, badges, buttons, a spoon, a coin, and paperweights.

This fonds includes textual material relating to the following productions:

China/The Seven Hundred Million (Film, 1964)
This Hour Has Seven Days (Television, 1964 – 1966)
Some Honourable Members (Television, 1973 - 1975)
The Watson Report (Television, 1975 – 1981)
Titans (Television, 1981)
Struggle for Democracy (Television, 1989)
Heritage Minutes (Television, 1990 - 1997)
This fonds also includes audiovisual material relating to the following productions:

One Step at a Time (Film, 1964)
China/The Seven Hundred Million (Film, 1964)
This Hour Has Seven Days (Television, 1964 – 1966)
Witness to Yesterday (Television, 1973)
The Watson Report (Television, 1975 – 1980)
Authors (Television, 1978)
How We Know (Television, 1978 - 1979)
Canadian Establishment (Television, 1980)
Strumpet City (Television, 1981)
Titans (Television, 1981)
The Chinese (Television, 1981)
Defi Mondiale/World Challenge (Television, 1983 - 1984)
Live From Lincoln Center (Television, 1983 – 1986)
Lawyers (Television, 1985)
Venture (Television, 1985 – 1987)
Struggle for Democracy (Television, 1989)
Something Brewing (Television, 1989)
Heritage Minutes (Television, 1990 - 1997
Understanding McLuhan (Television, 1996)

Patrick Watson

Triumph Productions

  • CA ON00349 2004.004
  • collection
  • 1976 - 2004

This fonds is divided into two series, Textual Material and Audiovisual Material.

The first series, Textual Material, includes handwritten lyric sheets, fan mail, stage plots, legal documents, financial records, performance contracts, press clippings, and business correspondence.

The second series, Audiovisual Material, consists of photographs (candid shots, production shots, stills, and rehearsal shots), audio recordings (masters, demos, out-takes, performance recordings, rehearsals, soundchecks, alternate takes, remixes, and media appearances), cinefilms (concert footage) and video recordings (raw footage and release videos, demo reels, live performances and television appearances).

This fonds includes textual material relating to the following productions:

Triumph (Album, 1976)
Rock ‘N Roll Machine (Album, 1977)
Progressions of Power (Album, 1980)
Allied Forces (Album, 1981)
Never Surrender (Album, 1983)
Thunder Seven (Album, 1984)
Stages (Album, 1985)
The Sport of Kings (Album, 1986)
Surveillance (Album, 1987)
Classics (Album, 1989)
Edge of Excess (Album, 1992)
Live at the U.S. Festival (Album/Film, 2003)
This fonds includes audiovisual material relating to the following productions:

Triumph (Album, 1976)
Rock ‘N Roll Machine (Album, 1977)
Progressions of Power (Album, 1980)
Allied Forces (Album, 1981)
Never Surrender (Album, 1983)
Thunder Seven (Album, 1984)
Stages (Album, 1985)
The Sport of Kings (Album, 1986)
Surveillance (Album, 1987)
Classics (Album, 1989)
Edge of Excess (Album, 1992)
Live at the U.S. Festival (Album/Film, 2003)

Triumph Productions

Richard Story Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2019.018
  • collection
  • 1964 – 2014, predominant 1979 - 2010

This fonds consists of 16 series, divided by production, format, and project, based on Story’s original division and organisation of files. The series are as follows:

1.“Some Letters to a Young Poet Feature Film”
2.“Echo Lake Feature Film”
3.“Palace short film”

  1. “The Time Traveler TV Movie”
  2. “Works in Development”
  3. “The Chair short film”
  4. “Duke Redbird short film”
  5. “Elusive short film”
  6. “Canadian Aboriginal Archive Project”
  7. “Writing Projects”
  8. “European Mime Tour 1990”
  9. “Personal Calendars 1986 – 2011”
  10. “Teaching Materials”
  11. “Personal Files”
  12. “Book Collection”
  13. “Indigenous Collection”.

The first series, “Some Letters to a Young Poet Feature Film”, includes story research notes, script drafts, art design research, shooting script, production stills, audio cassettes, raw footage, ¾ inch U-Matic video cassettes, Betacam SP video cassettes, VHS cassettes, casting tapes, original music recordings, handwritten tape-logs, EDLs, director’s notes, production journal, promotional materials, photographic prints and negatives, print press kits, press clippings and memorabilia related to the production of the feature film.

The second series, “Echo Lake Feature Film”, includes research notes, script drafts, shooting script with hand-written notes, art design research, location scout VHS cassettes, casting VHS cassettes, raw footage, MiniDV video cassettes, Betacam SP master video cassette, correspondences, pre-licences, financing agreements, production stills, select props, original music CD, handwritten tape-logs, director’s notes, screener VHS cassettes, production journal, DVD data discs, photographic prints and negatives, print press kits, and press clippings related to the production of the feature film.

The third series, “Palace short film”, includes script drafts in short film and feature-length formats, research notes, production stills, JPEG digital files and photographic prints, funding application, shooting script, shot lists, credits, cast correspondences, film festival programmes, DVD data discs, Mini DV video cassettes, audio CD, and one external hard drive, relating to the production of the short film.

The fourth series, “The Time Traveler TV Movie”, includes story research notes, script drafts, shooting script, art design research, casting material, development agreement, series bible, casting VHS cassettes, six first draft episodic scripts, production stills, camera reports, production notes, raw footage, handwritten tape-logs, director’s notes, production journal, mini DV video cassettes, DVD data discs, digital mov files, digital TIFF files, DVD discs, Blu-ray discs, HDCAM video cassettes, Betacam SP video cassettes, internal hard drives, textile wardrobe items, relating to the production of the TV movie.

Note there are two video cassettes (Betcam & HDCAM) in this series which have a Cree audio dub of the pilot episode, as well as versioning notes and a time-coded translation of the script in Cree and English.

The fifth series, “Works in Development”, includes textual materials such as writing notes, research notes, screenplays, beat sheets, grant applications, funding paperwork, development notes for various unproduced works. The series also contains audio-visual materials such as Mini-DV audition tapes, VHS video cassettes, and 3/4 inch U-Matic video cassettes of live comedy shows.

The sixth series, “The Chair short film”, includes textual production materials, digital prints on data CD, rough cuts on VHS video cassette, as well as final edit on DVD-R and mini DV cassette for a short film written by Sally O'Neill, and produced by Richard Story and Sally O’Neill.

The seventh series, “Duke Redbird short film”, includes promotional postcard, DVDs, DVD-R, mini DV and VHS video cassette, featuring rough cuts and final edit of the short documentary.

The eighth series, “Elusive short film”, includes script drafts for the short film and feature formats, casting documents, financing and distribution materials, photographic prints, shooting script, shot lists, VHS video cassettes, Mini DV video cassettes, DVDs, and a 3 ½ inch floppy disk relating to the production of the short film.

The ninth series, “Canadian Aboriginal Archive Project”, includes a soundtrack on audio cassette, interviews with actor Lorne Cardinal, release agreement, funding applications, digital script on 3 ½ inch floppy disk, VHS video cassettes and Mini DV video cassettes relating to the production of the project.

The tenth series, “Writing Projects”, includes textual materials relating to Story’s writing, such as a book proposal, draft, and supporting press materials for Producing & Directing an Independent Digital Movie; a sales kit, notes, correspondences, and finished drafts of The Portable Film School; and a number of 3 ½ inch floppy disks with other works.

The eleventh series, “European Mime Tour 1990”, includes VHS video cassettes, 3/4 inch U-Matic video cassettes, audio cassettes, 33 rpm audio record, photographic prints, as well as ephemera and artifacts from the tour.

The twelfth series, “Personal Calendars 1986 – 2011”, includes hand-written and colour-coded monthly calendars for each year. The calendar for 2008 is not included. Items were digitized by donor, prior to donation. The digital files are not included in this donation.

The thirteenth series, “Teaching Materials”, includes textual materials such as course notes, course descriptions, exam papers, feedback forms, film festival programmes, flipbooks, grant applications and film release press kits used as teaching examples. The series contains 36 VHS video cassettes of commercially released film productions used in the donor’s course curriculums. Photographs and digital prints are included in some of the press kits in the series. Also included are 7 mounted 35mm colour transparencies of production stills from commercially released film titles.

Please note that this series contains confidential information relation to student names, contact info and grades.

The fourteenth series, “Personal Files”, includes materials relating to the donor’s teenage years in Vancouver, and his interest in the punk and skateboarding scenes. The series includes commercial and independent music releases on 33rpm and 45rpm discs, as well as newspaper clippings, photographs, skateboarder magazines, newsletters, stickers, club membership cards, flags, and various ephemera. Artifacts include a medal, trophy, ribbons, and rosettes from skateboarding competitions.

The fifteenth series, “Book Collection”, includes a range of published books relating to the donor’s creative influences. Authors represented included Gaston Bachelard, Walter Murch, Friedrich Nietzsche and Andrey Tarkovsky.

The sixteenth series, “Indigenous Collection”, includes materials relating to the donor’s creative work and teaching in the Indigenous and Aboriginal media communities, in Canada and internationally. Textual materials include press clippings, festival brochures, media directories, training leaflets, magazines and publications relating to Indigenous issues. The series also includes commercially released DVDs and CDs from Indigenous artists, and festival tote bags.

This fonds includes textual and audio-visual material relating to the following film productions:
• Echo Lake
• Elusive
• Palace
• Some Letters to a Young Poet
• The Chair
• The Time Traveller

This fonds includes textual material relating to the following film productions:
• The Hidden Path
• Z-Virus

This fonds includes audio-visual material relating to the following film productions:
• Duke Redbird

Story, Richard

Gordon Sparling fonds

  • CA ON00349 1993.001
  • collection
  • 1919 - 1992

Fonds illustrates several facets of Gordon Sparling’s long and productive life. The bulk of the material was collected and organized by Sparling as he sought to research and document the development of the Canadian film industry (ca. 1915 – 1992). This material includes press clippings, book excerpts, photographs, negatives, audio reels, cinefilm reels, interview notes and correspondence with prominent figures such as F.R. ‘Budge’ Crawley, Roy Tash, Gratien Gelinas and Dick Bird. Sparling’s professional activities with the Ontario Motion Picture Bureau, Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau, Paramount Studios, Associated Screen News and National Film Board are well represented here through press clippings, promotional materials, notes, scripts, and other production documents [ca 1924 – 1966]. His service with the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit is reflected through correspondence, photographs, negatives, newsletters and press clippings (ca. 1943 – 1989), as is his involvement with such organizations as the Canadian Film Institute, Cinematheque Canadienne, Cinematheque Quebecoise, Society of Filmmakers and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (ca 1950 – 1992).
Sparling’s family life is documented through correspondence, photographs, negatives, and audio reels (ca. 1950 – 1992), and his student activities at Trinity College (1919 – 1923) are illustrated through notes, correspondence, photographs, press clippings and prompt books.
The materials were originally arranged in files by Sparling, and this order has been largely maintained.

This fonds includes textual material relating to the following productions:

The Great Shadow (Film, 1920)
Oh Oh Jean! (Film, 1922)
The Man From Glengarry (Film, 1922)
The Proof of Innocence (Film, 1922)
The Bells (Film, 1926)
The Viking (Film, 1928)
His Destiny (Film, 1928)
Wilderness Patrol (Film, 1928)
Carry On, Sergeant! (Film, 1928)
The Silent Enemy (Film, 1930)
The Smiling Lieutenant (Film, 1931)
King’s Plate (Film, 1935)
From Nine to Nine (Film, 1935)
The Great Barrier (1937)
Crystal Ballet (Film, 1937)
Peoples of Canada (Film, 1940)
Northwest Mounted Police (Film, 1940)
49 th Parallel (Film, 1941)
Hudson’s Bay (Film, 1941)
There Too Go I (Film, 1942)
Undercover (Film, 1943)
K225 (Film, 1943)
The Antwerp Story (Film, 1946)
Sins of the Father (Film, 194?)
Bush Pilot (Film, 1947)
Calgary Stampede (Film, 1948)
All About Emily (Film, 1949)
Forbidden Journey (Film, 1949)
Les Lumieres de ma Ville (Film, 1950)
The Immortal Scoundrel/Etienne Brule, Gibier de Potence (Film, 1952)
The Man With A Thousand Hands (Film, 1953)
Coeur de Maman (Film, 1953)
The Little Canadian (Film, 1955)
McLain of Hudson’s Bay (Television?, 1957)
Dreamland: A History of Early Canadian Movies 1895-1939 (Film, 1974)
Fencer’s Art (Film, 1982)
Decline of the American Empire (Film, 1986)
Those Roos Boys and Friends (Film, 1988)
The fonds also includes audiovisual material relating to the following productions:

The Man From Glengarry (Film, 1922)
Carry On, Sergeant! (Film, 1928)
Peoples of Canada (Film, 1940)

Gordon Sparling

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