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Ernest Armstrong McCulloch fonds
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This series includes records documenting personal family life, professional activities including position appointments, medical internship, club memberships, and participation in health related organizations at the national and international level, and honours bestowed. Amongst the last are the Gairdner Foundation International Award (1969), election to the Royal Society (1999), an honorary degree from the University of Toronto and election to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (both 2004).

Includes weekly appointment books, daily journals, curriculum vitae, personal and professional correspondence, minutes of meetings, certificates, and photographs.

Ontario Cancer Institute

Dr. McCulloch was on staff of the Ontario Cancer Institute for most of his career. This series consists of files relating to administrative activities at the Institute. Includes correspondence, minutes of meetings for the Board and various committees, reports and other records. See also Series 14 for records relating to grant applications from OCI.

University of Texas

Dr. McCulloch was Distinguished Professor, Division of Laboratory Medicine, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas in Houston from 1991 to 1993. This series consists of correspondence, minutes of the Division of Laboratory Medicine Advisory Committee, data, manuscripts and overhead transparencies relating to the study of acute myeloblastic leukemia.


In addition to his responsibilities as medical researcher, faculty member and author, Dr. McCulloch also was in demand as a speaker by many organizations. Among the sponsors of these talks and addresses were the CBC –TV program “The nature of things”, numerous national and international organizations for the study of cancer and haematology, Royal Society of Canada, and other universities. In the late 1980s many of this addresses dealt with AIDS research. Files in this series contain correspondence relating to the addresses given and/or drafts of the addresses themselves.

Manuscripts (unpublished)

This series includes files containing correspondence, research notes and manuscripts of articles that were never published as well as some that were rejected.


This series consists of manuscripts, correspondence, research notes relating to published articles and chapters in books written alone or in collaboration with colleagues. Arrangement is chronologically by date of publication, although contents of file may be earlier.

The bibliographic data in the file list has been copied directly from Dr. McCulloch’s curriculum vitae and additions have been made where warranted.

Ernest Armstrong McCulloch fonds

  • UTA 1541
  • Fonds
  • 1951-2005

This finding aid has been compiled from inventories of the four accessions prepared by Harold Averill and Garron Wells. The fonds describes the personal records of Dr. Ernest McCulloch documenting his career as professor of medicine and administrator at the University of Toronto, and as medical researcher and author of over 200 articles mainly relating to his work on leukaemia and other blood related disorders. Arranged in 17 series, this fonds contains professional and personal correspondence, files relating to administrative activities at the University of Toronto and the Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital, subject files on external activities with various professional and academic organizations, editorial boards, etc., teaching materials including lecture notes and extensive research materials documenting experiments relating to cell growth in mice conducted during the 1960's . Also included are graphic materials documenting activities such as meetings and awards as well as illustrations for presentations and publications.

McCulloch, Ernest Armstrong


This series contains records mainly relating to experiments undertaken by Dr. McCulloch and his research team. The alpha experiments are CFU repression experiments, and the related AB experiments are very early repression studies on the definition of the phenomenon. The AB, FAB experiments conduct further studies on immunology with an emphasis on early cellular immunology, while the “current experiments 609” mark the beginning of cellular immunology experiments at the University of Toronto. The D series consists of early radiobiological experiments. Radiology and the beginnings of studies of the heterogenetic model leads to the SC model. The SC series contains Connie Eaves' studies on repression, while the SC, D and E series contains important early experiments. The VV84-129 experiments compare the culture results that lead to the development of new technology.

The DII experiments study multiple transplants and the effects of same. The F1-F45 experiments contain Edith Russell's compilations. The L1-37 experiments study the effect of endotoxins, etc. on the spontaneous growth of colonies after radiation. The N1 and N2 series contain the earliest cell culture experiments. The NA series is comprised of early cell cycle experiments and the PF experiments conduct further studies in cell separation. The PG experiments study cell separation using propylyne glycol.

Patient data for various papers for 1979 will be found in B1991-0004/012

Professional organizations: personal

This series contains files documenting Dr. McCulloch’s participation in various organizations mainly relating to the medical field. His participation included general membership, attendance at conferences, reviewer and referee of articles for scholarly journals, committee membership, among other activities. Among the organizations represented in this series are American Association for Cancer Research, American Society of Hematology, Atomic Energy of Canada’s Research and Development Advisory Panel ,the journal Clinics in Hematology, Ontario Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation, Ontario Medical Association, Royal Society of Canada, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the Toronto Blood Club, the Japan Prize and the Royal Society.

Professional organizations: general

Dr. McCulloch was involved with a number of Canadian, American and other international professional organizations. This series contains files mainly dealing with his involvement with the AIDS Steering Committee of the Royal Society of Canada. Other organizations include American Association for Cancer Research, Canadian Institute of Academic Medicine, International Society for Experimental Hematology, the Japan Prize, and the Royal Society.

Files include correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, etc.

University of Toronto: personal

As a member of the faculty of the University of Toronto, Dr.McCulloch regularly lectured to students in the Department and Faculty of Medicine. He also held a number of administrative appointments in the School of Graduate Studies, as well as serving on various University committees. Included in this series are records relating to his appointment as University Professor in 1982, as Assistant Dean, School of Graduate Studies, lecture notes for Courses in haematology, biology and medical ethics and other teaching materials, as well as personal correspondence with University of Toronto officials.

University of Toronto: administration

This series documents Dr. McCulloch’s various administrative activities as faculty member of the Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Medicine, as well as at the senior administrative with the School of Graduate Studies, Office of Research Administration, and Faculty of Arts and Science. Includes correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings and other records relating to promotions, research, dissertations, courses, etc.

Correspondence: general

These files concentrate on the professional activities of Dr. McCulloch and his colleagues and often contain information about appointments and grant applications. Includes correspondence, curriculum vitae, occasional letters of reference, copies of research papers and offprints of articles, and miscellaneous material.

Administrative files: general

This series contains more files relating to Dr. McCulloch’s work with various professional and scholarly organizations. Includes referee reports on fellowships and other grant applications, correspondence, minutes of meetings, etc.

Administrative files: "Dead files"

This series contains files relating to studies and other activities for mainly government agencies of the Ontario provincial government, and the Canadian federal government as well as the National Institutes of Health in the United States. Canadian government bodies include the Department of National Defence, Department of National Health, and the National Cancer Institute of Canada, to name a few. For Ontario, files concern the Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital, and the Ontario Council of Health.

Editorial Boards/Referee for scientific journals

Dr. McCulloch was a member of editorial boards at a number of scholarly journals including Blood, Blood Cells, Journal of Cellular Physiology, Cancer Surveys, among others. This series contains records documenting these activities as well as his work as a referee for other scholarly journals.

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