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Blissymbolics Communication Institute - Canada

  • CA OTUED 8
  • Collection
  • 1952 - 2023

This collection contains a variety of materials relating to the development, dissemination, use, and study of Blissymbols by Blissymbolics Communication Institute - Canada, and by affiliate organizations, scholars, educators, and users of augmentative communication around the world. The collection additionally includes administrative records, promotional material, and memorabilia of the BCIC.

Blissymbolics Communication Institute Canada

Canadiana suite : orchestrated and arranged

  • OTUFM 30-D-79987
  • File
  • July 1970
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானPhil Nimmons fonds

File contains the score and parts for Phil Nimmons' arrangement of Oscar Peterson's Canadiana Suite for Nimmons 'N' Nine Plus Six and Oscar Peterson. File also includes the score and parts for a version with five saxophones.

Mr. Businessman : music for jazz ensemble

  • OTUFM 30-D-79509
  • File
  • [February 1969?]
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானPhil Nimmons fonds

File contains score and parts, arranged by Rick Wilkins for Nimmons 'N' Nine Plus Six and vocalist Tommy Ambrose.

Didn't we : music for jazz ensemble

  • OTUFM 30-D-79506
  • File
  • [February 1969?]
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானPhil Nimmons fonds

File contains core and parts, arranged by Rick Wilkins for Nimmons 'N' Nine Plus Six and vocalist Tommy Ambrose. File also includes manuscript parts for "Hard-Hearted Hannah."

S'posin : music for jazz ensemble

  • OTUFM 30-D-79505
  • File
  • [February 1969?]
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானPhil Nimmons fonds

File contains score and parts, arranged by Rick Wilkins for Nimmons 'N' Nine Plus Six and vocalist Tommy Ambrose.

Tools and User Guides

This series contains manuals and user guides for a variety of programs developed alongside BCIC for the use of Blissymbol users. The series also includes documentation related to physical technology and products (tools) developed by BCIC for users of Blissymbols.


This series consists of awards and certifications given to members of BCI and the Blissymbolics community as well as commemorative items related to Blissymbolics.


This subseries consists of commemorative and celebratory posters for BCI and Blissymbolics.

Records related to buildings and grounds

The Bursar's responsibilities with regard to property were initially the insurance of buildings and their contents. However, as the need for regular income became more urgent and evident, and as the University expanded and required more buildings, the Bursar's work likewise increased. The Bursar became responsible for the legal negotiations and accounting over purchases, sales and leases; and the supervision and funding of alterations and renovations and the construction of new buildings. Along with this, the Bursar dealt with property tax as the University was only exempt from this in respect to its property used for academic purposes.

Series consists of correspondence, studies, reports, appraisals, financial administration, agreements, plans, specifications and other records relating to the planning, expansion, renovating, maintenance, repair and construction work on campus buildings and grounds, as well as the establishment and funding of Victoria Theatre, the Isabel Bader Theatre, and the Vic Tennis Club.

The records related to the Vic Tennis Club are available in sub-series 1.
The architectural drawings and plans are available in series 23.

Victoria College (Toronto, Ont.). Registrar's Office fonds

  • CA ON00357 2049
  • Fonds
  • 1837-2023

Fonds consists of the records of the Registrar and Associate Registrar, primarily relating to Victoria College students and student records as well as awards, prizes and scholarships, convocations, registration procedures, baccalaureate services, receptions, counselling, etc. Fonds also consists of material related to the Registrar's work with the Senate. Records include correspondence, annual reports, as well as ephemera and photographs.

Fonds consists of three series: Correspondence/subject files, 1893–2013; Student records, 1837–2008; Photographs.

Victoria College (Toronto. Ont.). Registrar's Office

University of Toronto Faculty Association

This series documents Conacher’s active involvement in both the U of T Faculty Association of which he was president in 1971-72 and its predecessor the Association of Teaching Staff, for which he was V.P. in 1964-65. Files include minutes, agenda, notes, correspondence, memos and briefs. There are several files relating to University governance and specifically the measures to ensure representation of Faculty on the Board of Governors and after 1970, Governing Council. Files are arranged chronologically.

Peter Moloney fonds

  • UTA 1586
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1981

Consists of 3 accessions:

B1981-0004: Photocopies of biographical material, correspondence, press clippings, addresses, articles etc relating to Prof. Moloney of the School of Hygiene, as former professor of chemistry, and as assistant director of the Connaught Medical Research Laboratories. Publications in this accession are mainly by other people about Prof. Moloney. (1 box, 1912-1981)

B1981-0009: Photocopies reminiscences, family history manuscript, articles on insulin, etc relating to the life and career of Peter Joseph Moloney, Professor Emeritus in the School of Hygiene and formerly professor of chemistry in relation to Hygiene in the School and assistant director of the Connaught Medical Research Laboratories. (1 box, 1971-1976)

B1983-0006: Photocopies of articles, curriculum vitae, biographical information, etc on and by Dr. Peter Moloney and his work on purification of insulin and Connaught Laboratories. (1 box, ca. 1971)

Moloney, Peter Joseph

John Herbert Milnes fonds

  • UTA 1584
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1951

Personal records of John Herbert Milnes, as a student in Arts at Trinity College (1934-1941) and in the University Extension program (1951), and as a member of No. 4 Company, University of Toronto Contingent, Canadian Officers Training Corps (1940-1946), consisting of certificates, notes, training manuals and other publications relating primarily to his military service.

Milnes, John Herbert

William Robert Moggridge fonds

  • UTA 1583
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1944

Fonds consists of correspondence, minutes, bank statements and receipts and song sheets of the Essex County Branch of the Alumni Federation of the University of Toronto; constitution of the University of Toronto Alumni Club of Perth County. Also includes a photograph of the executive of the Industrial Chemical Club of the U of T, 1930-1931.

Moggridge, William Robert

George Ralph Mines fonds

  • UTA 1580
  • Fonds
  • 1914

Photographs of five University of Toronto professors (unidentified) and of the first electocardiograph equipment in Canada in Professor Mines' physiology laboratory at the University of Toronto, along with an early electrocardiogram made by Professor Mines in March 1914 relating to Stokes-Adams disease, perhaps the first clinical ECG done in Canada.

Mines, George Ralph

Humphrey Newton Milnes fonds

  • UTA 1579
  • Fonds
  • 1904-1980

Personal and professional correspondence, lecture notes, course notes, clippings, manuscripts of articles, addresses, publications, photographs, sketches, documenting Prof. Milnes' early education and career as professor of German, and Chairman of the Dept. of German at the University of Toronto and as University Archivist for University College.

Milnes, Humphrey Newton

Jane Millgate fonds

  • UTA 1577
  • Fonds
  • 1967-1979

Files collected by Jane Millgate, Associate Professor of English in Victoria College, while a member of the Faculty of Arts and Science Committee to review the undergraduate programme (The Kelly Committee), and its antecedents, the Macpherson, Allen and Berlyne committees.

Millgate, Jane

Music for Nimmons 'N' Nine

Series consists of music composed or arranged for "The Group," later named "Nimmons 'N' Nine." Most of the charts are written by Phil Nimmons, with a few contributions from other members of the ensemble. Nimmons formed this group in 1953 and they performed regularly on CBC radio. They made their concert debut in 1956 at the Summer Festival in Stratford. In 1965, the ensemble expanded to "Nimmons 'N' Nine Plus Six."

CBC Concert Party

  • OTUFM 30-B-8
  • Subseries
  • November 1962 - February 1967
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானPhil Nimmons fonds

Subseries consists of scores and parts by Phil Nimmons for the "CBC Concert Party," a series of performances to the United Nations Emergency Force, organized and produced by Ken Dalziel. The performances were filmed and aired on CBC television. Phil Nimmons and Nimmons 'N' Nine participated in the following tours:

  • [Europe] (November 1962)
  • Gaza (April 1965 - May 1965)
  • Cypress (November 1965)
  • Goose Bay (March 1966)
  • Gaza (May 1966)
  • with Moe Koffman (March 1967).

Sweet Georgia Brown : music for jazz ensemble

  • OTUFM 30-C-79670
  • File
  • April 1959
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானPhil Nimmons fonds

File contains a score for Nimmons 'N' Nine. The score is an arrangement of the piece by Ben Bernie, Maceo Pinkard, and Kenneth Casey, published by Remick Music Corp.

Music for Nimmons 'N' Nine Plus Six

Series consists of music written and arranged for Nimmons 'N' Nine Plus Six. This expanded version of Nimmons 'N' Nine was formed in 1965, reorganized in 1974, and disbanded in the early 1980s. Most of the music was written by Phil Nimmons with a few contributions from other members of the ensemble.

The Barris Beat

  • OTUFM 30-B-5
  • Subseries
  • January 1956 - February 1959
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானPhil Nimmons fonds

Subseries consists of scores, parts, and scripts for episodes of the Canadian variety television series "The Barris Beat," which aired on CBC TV. Musical arrangements for this show were by Phil Nimmons and Nimmons 'N' Nine served as the house band.

Concerto : for trumpet and orchestra

  • OTUFM 30-E-79995
  • File
  • September 1988
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானPhil Nimmons fonds

File contains photocopied parts for the concerto. Most of the parts are incomplete. Nimmons' concerto was commissioned by the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, directed by Raffi Armenian, and premiered in 1988 by Dan Warren, trumpet.

Of moods and contrasts : a sound poem for orchestra

  • OTUFM 30-E-79996
  • File
  • December 1993
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானPhil Nimmons fonds

File contains two sets of parts, one photocopied with performance annotations, and one set of manuscript masters. This work was commissioned by The Esprit Orchestra and premiered in January 1994.

Twosum : for vibraphone and piano

  • OTUFM 30-E-79994
  • File
  • January 1989
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானPhil Nimmons fonds

File contains the score and parts for a work commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for the duo Pendulum. Premiered in St. John, New Brunswick.

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