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Verslag van een stage bij van den Bergh's en Jurgens Fabrieken N.V.

File consists of an essay by Nouwen titled "Verslag van een stage bij van den Bergh's en Jurgens Fabrieken N.V." [Report of an internship with Van den Bergh and Jurgens factories NV.]. This is a report of Nouwen's time as an intern at Unilever. Report includes drawings and pasted in diagrams of his work and the factory. His internship was conducted from July 1 - August 1, 1958.

Unidentified photographs of [Mexico]

File consists of 8 slides featuring photographs of an unidentified location, possibly in Mexico. This includes three photographs of ruins, possibly Mayan ruins, as well as five photographs of an unidentified city.

Unidad Escolar file

File consists of correspondence between Nouwen and Unidad Escolar between August 1986 and September 1987. File includes copies of typed letters from Nouwen to Unidad Escolar. File also contains six photographs depicting the construction of a building, the photographs are attached to the letter dated November 4, 1986.

Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre, Hong Kong - Summer 1994

File consists of a fax from Daniel Yeung inviting Nouwen to the Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre in Hong Kong to teach in the Summer of 1994. Includes description of the Centre's history, mission, and resources. Includes the original of the letter sent by fax and a copy of the Centre's publication "Areopagus" vol. 5, no. 4, Christmas cards and postcards from the Centre, and photographs of the Centre. There is no indication that this invitation was accepted.

Talk at St. Philips Lutheran Church - October 24, 1980

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's participation in a number of lectures and events in Minnesota. Correspondence, with David Williamson, regarding Nouwen's lecture given at the Colonial Church of Edina, Annual Fall Lectureship on October 23, 1980 in Edina, Minnesota. Nouwen spoke on "Solitude and Intimacy in Contemporary Society." Correspondence, from William Hulme, regarding Nouwen's lecture at Luther-Northwestern Seminaries conference "Challenge for the Ministry in the Eighties III," on October 24, 1980, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Nouwen's talk was entitled "Spirituality of Compassion," where he spoke on compassion and patience. Correspondence with, Vincent Eilers, regarding Nouwen acting as celebrant at the Serra Seminary Symposium, for St. John Vianney College Seminary and St. Paul Seminary on October 25, 1980. Nouwen spoke on "Spiritual Life in the 1980s." Includes brochures, flyers, song sheets, travel itinerary and thank you cards and letters from attendees of his talks. Also includes a news clipping on the event at the Serra Seminary Symposium and a photograph of the Colonial Church of Edina.

Street Level - April 27 - 30, 1994

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's participation at Street Level: A National Conference for Street workers at the Chestnut Park Hotel, Toronto, Ontario. Nouwen gave the opening address for the conference and led the Thursday morning devotional. Includes schedule, information sheets on workshops and speakers, reference material, and songs of devotion. Includes the May 1993 issue of Context: Research to make Religion Relevant. Also includes 12 photographs of Nouwen for the press.

St. Stephen's Chapel - December 6, 1990

File consists of memos from Nouwen to some members of the Daybreak community, inviting them to the Annual Eucharist and Dinner of the Ansgar Foundation at St. Stephen's Chapel and the National Club in Toronto. Includes copies of the seating arrangement and notes back from Sue Mosteller and Nathan Ball suggesting who from the community should be invited to join them. Also includes a pamphlet in Dutch and a photograph of an alter with Dutch annotations on the back.

Sabbatical scrapbook

File consists of a scrapbook created by members of L'Arche Daybreak as a gift for Nouwen for his sabbatical in 1995. It consists of photographs of the Woodery, Green House, Genesis Place, card from Centre Street, card from Thelus [George], Peter Rotterman, David Gray, card (with photograph of a sunrise) from Wendy, note from The Hermitage, notes from the Red House, notes from Friends (Judy & Alan Steers, Mary Bee, Martha [Crealock?], Stephanie & Joe Vorstermans and family, Beth), notes from Seniors, notes from the Big House, notes from Office Folks (Wayne & Susan, Wendy & George, Tracey, Jennifer; Myrna, Sue Mosteller), the New House, Church Street, photographs, Stephenson.

Rev. Dehnert and wife (Australia) - October 26, 1990

File consists of a letter from Rev. Dehnert, requesting to do a retreat with Nouwen or Sue Mosteller at Daybreak. Includes a copy of Nouwen's outgoing response stating that their schedules do not permit time for a retreat. Annotations on the letter indicate a dinner was confirmed for October 26th. Also includes a photograph with annotations in French on the back.

Rabbula: Icon of glory file

File consists of materials relating to the Rabbula: Icon of Glory, these materials include three photographs of icons with a sticky in S. Ron's hand: "The Slide Program Icon Glory will offer the information on these."; two audio cassette tapes of the slide show and a paper copy of a slide show. The file also contains a manuscript pertaining to Rabbula Gospel. The materials appear to have been given to Nouwen by S. Ron.

Powhatan, Louisiana

File consists of 172 slides of a trip taken by Nouwen. These photographs mostly depict landscapes or unidentified people, although there are several of unidentified cities. Many of the photographs have an imprint which indicates the photographs were taken between August and November 1961. It is likely that Nouwen was in Powhatan, Louisiana, at this time. Slides include photographs of a rural setting, including a man riding a tractor in a field, Leone's Grocery store (in Powhatan, LA), other small grocery stores and gas stations, a lake, children sitting on porch steps, a white church, fields, the building of a house, boys on horseback, a building on fire, a second white church, people on a beach and cotton workers. While in Powhatan, Nouwen likely traveled and took photographs of the cities he visited, including Baton Rouge, LA (P3337, P3340) and Houston, TX (P3344, P3355). There are also two photographs of three nuns on a beach (P3349, P3350). There are four photographs of Nouwen in the file (P3283, P3315, P3320, P3897).

Portraits of Nouwen, Peter Weiskel, and unidentified man

File consists of thirty-five photographs, taken by professional photographer Dave Schaeffer, of Nouwen, Peter Weiskel, and an unidentified young man, likely a student of Nouwen. All photographs depict the men either seated or standing at a large round table at Harvard University.

Portraits of Nouwen in Utrecht

File consists of eight photographs of Nouwen, taken by Maria Ter Staag and J.W. Wits, wearing a gray suit and dark tie, in Utrecht, NL, at the meeting of the Dean of the Archdiocese on June 20, 1996.

Portraits of Nouwen in California

File consists of twelve photographs, taken by professional photographer Kevin Dwyer, of Nouwen during his visit to California in April, 1996; one photograph includes Frank Hamilton.

Portraits of Nouwen in California

File consists of five photographs, taken by professional photographer Kevin Dwyer, of Nouwen, wearing a white sweater and black scarf, in California.

Portraits of Nouwen

File consists of two photographs, taken by professional photographer Robert Quast, of Nouwen, wearing a dark sweater and red polkadot tie, during his visit to Utrecht, NL.

Portraits of Nouwen

File consists of seven photographs, taken by professional photographer Neal McDonough, of Nouwen in New Jersey during his 1995-1996 sabbatical.

Portraits of Mary Fern Hollis and family

File consists of two photographs, taken by professional photography company Olan Mills, of Mary Fern Hollis and her family, including her teenaged children: Newcombe and Melissa.

Portrait of Anton T. Boisen

File consists of portrait, taken by an unknown professional photographer, of Anton T. Boisen, wearing a suit and seated in front of a large map.

Photographs of unknown trip

File consists of 91 slides of a trip taken by Nouwen to Washington, D.C. and perhaps Florida, including two photographs of Nouwen. The purposes of this trip are unknown. There are several unidentified people in the photographs. Depicted in the photographs is: an older couple standing in a doorway, a gas station (named 'American'), views of Washington, D.C., the Capitol Building, a beach (likely Florida or another southern State), the White House, several aerial shots taken from an airplane (including a view showing the city of Washington, D.C., as well as of the Lincoln Memorial and Mall), the Washington Monument with an unidentified man in the foreground, the Lincoln Memorial, unidentified landscapes (some of water), the Iwo Jima memorial, some photographs possibly taken on or from a boat, photographs with trees that are in southern states (such as palm trees), and an unidentified woman reading. Some photographs in the series P4200 - P4236 feature the same unidentified young man.

Photographs of unknown location

File consists of 44 slides featuring photographs taken in an unknown location, perhaps somewhere in the Caribbean, such as Haiti. There are palm trees visible in some photographs, and other trees. There are several photographs of small children, as well as some that appear to be taken inside a school (P4030-P4031). There are images of huts and people standing near to these huts. There are also some photographs of white priests in white robes, perhaps at a Mission building. Several photographs feature the outside of a white cement-block church. There are other white adults in photographs, perhaps other Mission workers. Some photographs were taken in a city, some featuring a marketplace, and some featuring city streets and a wall along a bay. An older man and woman are in some of the photographs in different locations, but they are unidentified.

Photographs of unknown chapel

File consists of eight photographs of an unknown chapel. The first and second photographs show different angles of a room outside of the nave which has a podium and wooden chairs. The floor of this room is carpeted, and there is a wooden ceiling. The third photograph was taken above the podium in that room looking into the nave. The wooden ceiling continues, but in a darker colour, and the floor is brick inside the nave, there is a candle in the entrance way, and a cross hanging above the altar. The fourth is a closer view of the altar, hanging crucifix, and colourful flowers in front of the altar. The fifth and sixth show a view from behind the altar looking back into the room with chairs. The seventh photograph shows the light and skylight in the room, which is constructed in the same dark wood as the ceiling, but has four tiers. The last pictures shows some wild flowers outside against aged wooden siding.

Photographs of unidentified infant girl

File consists of three photographs of an unidentified infant girl, one with Helen Humphries, taken from December 1987 to February 1988 and likely sent to Nouwen at the same time.

Photographs of trip to Brazil

File consists of 63 photographs, including some commercial slides, of Brazil. The photographs were likely taken by Nouwen while on a family trip to Brazil. Depicted in the commercial slides is Sao Paolo and important buildings. The contents of the photographs include: Nouwen family members, including Laurent J.M. Nouwen and Maria Nouwen; a horse race; ships and boats; city streets and a fruit market; children and others on a beach; nuns in front of a hospital (P5065), in front of other buildings, and standing with small groups of people; a red dirt road; construction on a house.

Photographs of the Grand Canyon and Sedona

File consists of 158 photographs, most likely taken by Nouwen, featuring the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and other landscapes located in Arizona. Nouwen is depicted in three of the photographs. For the most part, contents of the pictures feature views of the Grand Canyon, the landscape as taken from a vehicle driving on a road, and rock formations in Sedona, including the Chapel of the Holy Cross. There are two unidentified men in several of the photographs, and these men were possibly colleagues of Nouwen's at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS.

Photographs of nuns in park

File consists of two photographs sent to Nouwen by Sr. Rose Ainslie of her celebrating July 4th with her fellow sisters in a park next to a lake.

Photographs of community members and birthday poster

File consists of two photographs of several L'Arche Daybreak community members in the process of painting a large poster for Nouwen's 60th birthday celebrations, including Bill Van Buren and Fr. Francis Maurice.

Photographs of assistants and core members during skit

File consists of three photographs of L'Arche Daybreak assistants and core members during a skit. Photographs depict: Gord Henry, Sr. Sue Mosteller, Lorenzo Sforza-Cesarini, Nathan Ball, Alan Steers, David Harmon, John Bloss, and others.

Photographs of army training in the Netherlands Antilles

File consists of 211 photographs taken in the Netherlands Antilles (also known as the Dutch Antilles), likely taken by Nouwen. This was likely a training exercise trip taken by members of the Dutch army, including Nouwen while he was a chaplain in the Dutch army.

There are photographs taken while on a hike to the top of a mountain [Christoffelberg], including photographs of several men in green army fatigues, and one photograph of Nouwen in fatigues sitting atop a rock. It appears as though the army conducted a hike, and then were able to sightsee on the island of Curacao.

Other contents of photographs include: a yellow villa (landhuis?); Koffiehaus Jan Cristian in Westpunt [Jan Cristian coffee house]; landscapes including beaches, mountains, cacti, and cactus flowers, and cliffs; city streets and shops; a group of men (likely the same men as depicted in fatigues) socializing; three black children; a group of older people and some children (possibly other Dutch people visiting); people of various ages jumping on a trampoline outside. There are also photographs of men working outside installing some sort of machinery, including one photograph of Nouwen, and also photographs of men at a beach, including one photograph of Nouwen.

Photographs of an unknown trip

File consists of 14 slides from a trip taken by Nouwen. Nouwen is in none of the photographs. The contents of the photographs include, two photographs of a Pan American airplane, the outside of Miami International Airport, the inside of the airport, a photograph of a National airplane, a view of the National terminal at the airport, and 7 photographs taken from the window of the airplane during the flight. It is unknown why Nouwen took this trip, and where he was flying.

Photographs of altar and old chapel at L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of 68 photographs and negatives of photographs taken in the chapel at L'Arche Daybreak of the altar. These photographs are mainly different views and configurations of the altar at L'Arche Daybreak. They were likely taken on different days, as there are different cloths, chalices, flowers, and other ornamentation, in each of the photographs. Contents of photographs are as follows:
P3596 - P3598 - The altar with a purple cloth, six glass chalices, and two glass patens. In front of the table (made by Joe Child) is the crucifix (also made by Joe Child), a bowl painted to look like two hands, flowers, and candles placed on a blue cloth. Chairs are arranged behind the table.
P3599 - P3600 - The altar with a flowered cloth and two candles in glasses. A single chair is placed behind the table. In front is a painting of Jesus and another figure, a tall candle, two vases with bouquets of flowers, and a branch with paper butterflies attached. The wooden tabernacle can be seen in the background.
P3601, P3603 - The bare altar with a small white cloth upon which is rested a glass chalice and a glass paten. There is wine in the chalice and a loaf of bread on the paten. An open Bible is on the table, as well as two white candles in glasses. Two more of these candles are on the floor in front of the table, along with a vase of yellow and white flowers.
P3602 - The bare altar with a small white cloth upon which rests a glass chalice and large glass plate. There is wine in the cup and a loaf of bread on the plate. A Bible is open on a wooden book stand next to the loaf. There are two lit candles in glasses on either end of the table, and one small vase with a single white and a single red carnation. The colourful tapestry is visible behind.
P3604 - The bare altar with the white cloth, two candles, a red Bible open on the table, and a vase of flowers on the flower in front, with candles.
P3605 - P3607 - The bare altar with a white cloth, glass chalice with wine, paten with small loaf of bread, candles, open Bible, and a gold icon of the Virgin Mary and Jesus on the floor in front.
P3644 - PP3645 - The bare altar with a white cloth, glass chalice with wine, paten with small loaf of bread, candles, open Bible, and a vase of red roses.
P3646 - P3648 - Two wooden crucifixes. One is located in the Nouwen fonds.
P3649 - P3653 - Various views of the colourful tapestry that hangs on the wall in the old chapel. It is abstract, but depicts people and a cross with a figure in front (possibly Jesus or God).
P3654 - P3663 - Various views and close-ups of a wooden statue located in the chapel. The statue depicts a carving woman with her arms around three children, with three more children in front of her holding an infant. The woman is likely the Virgin Mary. This statue can be seen in the background of many of the above photographs of the altar.

P3608 - P3643 - Negatives. Some of these negatives are of the altar in various configurations, like the photographs listed above. Contents include:
P3608 - P3610 - A woman in a green shirt in front of the sign for Sioux Lookout Park in the City of Burlington.
P3611 - P3614 - A gathering in the old chapel at L'Arche Daybreak. In the first photograph, people are milling about. Nouwen can be seen in the background in dark robes and a stole. In the second, Nouwen is in front of the altar leaning to touch a candle on the table. Sr. Sue Mosteller is behind him. In the third, Nouwen and seven others are seated in chairs behind the altar. Nouwen is leaning over to talk with the person next to him [possibly Janice Byrne]. In the fourth, the group is again standing.
P3615 - P3630 - Various viewpoints of the altar, with items on the floor in front. P3622 depicts a wooden crucifix, not the same as seen in P3696.
P3631 - P3641 - Another view of the altar, without items in front. It is possible that these negatives correspond to P3602.
P3642 - P3643 - Nouwen entering the chapel and then standing inside the chapel in front of the altar. He appears to be wearing a sweater and collared shirt, and light-coloured pants.

Photographs of [Ireland]

File consists of 104 slides featuring photographs likely taken in Ireland and in the United Kingdom. Photographs feature unknown individuals in unknown landscapes. There are some photographs of mountains, stone markers, and a photograph of a group of priests in front of a stone church (P4146). There is one photograph featuring a bust of John Henry Cardinal Newman (P4091). There is one image featuring a city street with double-decker buses (P4105).

Photographs of Weiskel family

File consists of two photographs of the Weiskel family: Peter and Kate Sheehan, and their toddler son, Paul Alfonso Sheehan Weiskel, taken in autumn of the previous year.

Photographs of Vatican II

File consists of 86 slides featuring photographs taken at the Vatican II Council, most likely taken by Nouwen. The Second Vatican Council began on October 11, 1962, and closed on December 8, 1965. Photographs feature St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, including two photographs taken outside in St. Peter's Square. The photographs show the many people seated inside the Basilica during the Council, and also show the Pope and other Bishops and Cardinals. There are a few photographs taken during a break, including a photograph of a refreshments stand. Included in the file is one photograph of Nouwen inside an office.

Photographs of University of Notre Dame versus Purdue football

File consists of 35 photographs of a football game between the University of Notre Dame and Purdue University from 1966. These photographs were most likely taken by Nouwen. Contents of photographs include: the crowd in the stands, the marching bands on the field, the Purdue mascot and a large bass drum, close-up shots of the marching bands outside of the stadium, and crowds outside the stadium. A second group of photographs depict the game as well as the Notre Dame marching band in a park area.

Photographs of University of Notre Dame and Colorado

File consists of 43 photographs from August to September 1966, most likely taken by Nouwen. Photographs feature images taken at the University of Notre Dame, including photographs of the University Administration building, the Sacred Heart Church, and the Notre Dame Memorial Library. There is an unidentified couple pictured in several of the photographs from the University of Notre Dame; the woman is wearing a green dress. There are also photographs taken inside a train, and photographs of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Photographs of Topeka, Kansas

File consists of 127 photographs taken while Nouwen was working at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS. The photographs feature landscapes, the outside of the Menninger Clinic buildings, unidentified people (including several children), a group of men hunting in the winter, a group of men riding horses (including one photograph of Nouwen and several taken from the back of a horse), a red Volkswagen Beetle car, a large group of men in a line entering a large building (possibly a capitol building?), some of a lunar module outside (possibly taken in Houston?). These photographs were likely taken by Nouwen between November 1964 and November 1965.

Photographs of The Return of the Prodigal Son

File consists of eight photographs of the painting "The Return of the Prodigal Son" by Rembrandt van Rijn. The photographs are details of pieces of the painting, including close-ups of the father and son, the father's hands on the son's back, the father, the father's face, the son's foot that is missing a sandal, the figure of the son, and the torso of the son with the father's hands.

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