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Henri Nouwen fonds File
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Material from Dr. Martin Barroll

File consists of a letter from Dr. Martin (Marty) Barroll, including articles and typescripts and a campus newspaper, regarding freedom of speech.

Material from G. Zuidberg

File consists of a document titled "Verslag Vergadering Rijsenburg - Dijnselburg op zatertag 25 juni 1966, te Dijnselburg" [Meeting Report Rijsenburg-Dijnselburg from Saturday 25 June 1966, in Dijnselburg]. The man responsible for the report is G. Zuidberg. The report seems to be meeting minutes in which the location of the Rijsenburg - Dijnselburg Seminary Library is discussed.

Material from Jean Vanier

File consists of a letter from Jean Vanier, including a very long typed letter from Nouwen endorsing Vanier's nomination for the Templeton Prize, Teresa de Bertodano's nomination and Vanier's typescript "The Healing Community".

Material from John S. Mogabgab

File consists of material from John S. Mogabgab, including letters from Terry Madison, editor of World Vision Magazine, a copy of World Vision (December 1987/January 1988), a prospectus for a journal "Signs and Seasons" and galley proofs for "Weavings: a journal of the Christian spiritual life" (vol.2, no. 1, 2, January/Feb, March/April, 1987).

Material from Louis J.M. ter Steeg

File consists of a business card for Louis J. M. ter Steeg and an advertisement for a publication (Civic Mundi) to which ter Steeg contributed an article, "Geloven in een tijd van individualisering."

Material from Priests for Equality

File consists of a copy of the tabloid Miriam's Song and information leaflets and order forms for material from Priests for Equality (West Hyattsville, MD).

Material from Robert Morgan and Martha Ross

File consists of a two programs for the production of "The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine: a raging comedy" staged at The Poor Alex Theatre in Toronto from Robert Morgan and Martha Ross. Morgan and Ross both performed in the production.

Material from Sang Ho Kim

File consists of a photocopy of a notice for The Rainbow Information and Social Services (Toronto, ON) from Rev. Dr. Sang Ho Kim.

Material regarding Bicentennial Farmington

File consists of a contact list of names and addresses for the Bicentennial Farmington Group. It includes over 35 pages of photocopied illustrations of flower bouquets.

Material regarding Dan Comer

File consists of an order of service for a Groundbreaking Service for Independence Temple, with a copy of "Saints Herald" (August 1991) enclosed.

Material regarding Dennis O'Hare

File consists of material regarding Dennis O'Hare, a Masters of Divinity student looking for advice from Nouwen regarding a monastic retreat, including a clipping announcing a reading series led by Canon Gerald Loweth.

Material regarding Gerard Luidberg

File consists of a letter (possibly from Peter Weiskel, Nouwen's assistant) regarding a Dutch priest Gerard Luidberg. Another Dutch priest André Versteeg, O.F.M. requested that Nouwen write to Luidberg. Also includes Versteeg's curriculum vitae.

Material regarding Lily Changfoot

File consists of an illustration, newspaper article and form letters from Lily F. Changfoot, an author and fashion designer who made a 'marian sacerdotal' for Pope John Paul II.

Material regarding Maurice Monette

File consists of a review by Nouwen of the book "Kindred Spirits" by Maurice Leo Monette and an accompanying letter to Margaret O'Brien Steinfel of Commonweal (New York, NY), as well as a copy of a typed letter of response from Connie Ellis, Nouwen's administrative assistant, to Monette.

Material regarding Nilgiri Press

File consists of a pamphlet and an order form for Nilgiri Press and the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation (Petaluma, CA). File also includes a typed letter from Connie Ellis, Nouwen's administrative assistant, requesting several books by Eknath Easwaran to be sent to Nouwen from Nilgiri Press.

Material regarding Peter Conlin

File consists of a letter from David Rothrock, (SJ) to (Bishop) Peter G. Conlin, a letter from (Most Rev.) James L. Doyle (including a copy of a letter to Doyle from Archbishop Peter A. Sutton); and a letter and a memorandum from Nathan Ball. File also includes a proposal by Conlin; notes regarding the Fraternity of the Catholic Priests of L'Arche; a letter from Nathan Ball to Nouwen, copied to Conlin; a copy of a letter from Nouwen to Jean-Christophe Pascal and a draft and final copy of a letter to Conlin from Nouwen. Most correspondence is regarding Conlin's desire to become a L'Arche priest.

Material regarding Richmond Hill Ministerial Association

File consists of meeting minutes of the Richmond Hill Ministerial Association, a thank-you letter from Ellie Duiker, Secretary, Christian Reformed Church of Richmond Hill, a schedule of contributors to the clergy column (including Nouwen), two pamphlets for St. Mary Immaculate Parish Community (Richmond Hill, ON) and one for Young Life of Canada (Vancouver, BC).

Materials about Thomas Merton

File consists of materials collected by Nouwen about Merton, including copies of various homilies given in Merton's honour and two reminiscences of Merton by Fr. Matthew Kelty from the Abbey of Gethsemani (unpublished) and by Sr. Marie of the Cross Korakurei, attached to Fr. Matthew Kelty's reminiscence is a summary in Dutch and annotations in Dutch in Nouwen's hand. File also contains a newspaper article called “To: Thomas Merton. Re: Your prophecy” dated August 30, 1967 and published in The National Catholic Reporter by Martin E. Marty and copy of a book review published in The National Catholic Reporter by Michele Murray dated December 21, 1966, called “Life Viewed Too Facilely”.

Materials about the trapeze by Steve Gossard

File consists of two versions of “A reckless era of aerial performance: The evolution of trapeze” a self-published book by Steve Gossard on the trapeze. The first book was printed in 1991 and bears an inscription to Nouwen from Gossard and the second is printed in 1994. Both books contain the article “Frank and the great leapers” by Gossard, published in Bandwagon, July/August 1990.

Materials created by Nouwen about the items collected on Merton

File consists of 34 typed 13 x 20 flash cards summarizing the material Nouwen collected on Merton, flash cards are in English. File also includes two typed summaries, in Dutch, of "Love and Solitude" and "The Monastic Theology of St. Aelred" as well as two black and white prints of Merton from 1941 and 1968.

Materials from Fast for Life

File consists of newsletters and letters from Pamela Blockey O'Brien, on behalf of Fast for Life, a disarmament organisation based in San Francisco.

Materials from Pendle Hill Summer Institute

  • CA ON00389 F4-7-1-2145
  • File
  • 1976 - August 1982, predominant 1982
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of materials related to Pendle Hill, predominantly to the Summer Institute, a 5-week retreat run between June 28 and early August 1982 where Nouwen taught. There are also materials from the 1970s but they were most likely gathered by Nouwen for use during this event.
There are 36 handwritten pages by Nouwen which appear to be preparation notes for various lectures he gave at the institute. There is also a 6-page typed document by John Mogabgab titled "Pendle Hill Conversations Meeting 4 (October 27, 1977) Summary Notes".
Material that relates directly to the 1982 retreat includes correspondence from Pendle Hill dated May 17, 1982 to the 43 participants in the retreat regarding housing arrangements, health insurance, typewriting and cooperative housekeeping chores. There is also a typed list of all the participants and their addresses. As well, there is a eight page group of typed notes titled "Some Notes for a Five Weeks [sic] Reflection on the Gospel of Luke" as well as sheet music and a Curriculum Vitae of a lay reader from Sydney, Australia. There is also a photocopy of a long-distance phone bill containing a letter from one of Nouwen's suite mates regarding an overpayment. Nouwen's long-distance calls are noted.
File also includes three pamphlets from Pendle Hill, namely Parker Palmer's "Meeting for Learning" and "A Place called Community" and Douglas V. Steere's "On Speaking out of the Silence", as well as some ephemera.
Also contained in this file is a program schedule for a commemoration conference on Thomas Merton, hosted by Columbia University between November 27 and December 10, 1978. It appears that Nouwen cancelled some of his plans for this conference to visit Pendle Hill. See Weekly Calendars 1978.

Materials from the National Conference of Catholic Charities

File consists of a report from the National Conference of Catholic Charities titled "A Code of Ethics for the guidance of member agencies, institutions and organisations of the National Conference of Catholic Charities", an article regarding the Catholic Charities movement and a calendar.

Materials relating to Rijsenburg Seminary

File consists of materials relating to Rijsenburg Seminary. This includes newspaper clippings on Rijsenburg Seminary, the events and students of Rijsenburg; programs from events for priests; typed notes on "vindicamus dagen" [restoration days] in Hilversum; a handwritten poem by Brigitta Bruisman in honour of "your" (presumably Nouwen's) ordination; a letter from J. Nieuwenhuis, editor of De Bazuin, thanking Nouwen for sending a copy of his article on Newman; handwritten notes by Nouwen;, and two letters to Nouwen, one from Paul Minchen, and the other from an unknown person.

Materials relating to military chaplain orientation course

File consists of course materials relating to the orientation of military chaplains. Nouwen took this course in 1961. File includes official correspondence, forms, information sheets, guidelines, course handouts, and Nouwen's handwritten notes.

Materials relating to mission work

File consists of materials relating to mission work, including pamphlets and a typescript by J.B. Moeller titled "Missie en Liefde" ["Mission and Love"]. Pamphlets include: several issues of Annalen (no. 688, 687, 686, 685, 684, 683, 682, 681, 679); De Medische Missiezusters; "Rapport 'Missie en technische Bijstand'"; "Centrum Lectuurvoorziening Voor de Missie - Rijsenburg"; "Helpthen bidden"; several issues of S.P.L. (no. 62, 6160, 59, 58); "Inrichting van de Missie Vereniging Sint Franciscus Xaverius Seminarie Rijsenburg"; "Priester-Missiedag"; Brits Kameroen (Nederlands Medisch Missie Comite).

May 1985

File consists of correspondence and other material received in and/or regarding events taking place in May 1985. Includes material related to Nouwen speaking on "Refugees" and "Action" at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, on "In Hidden-ness and Compassion" at Cenacle in Brighton, Massachusetts, and on "Spirituality of Peacemaking: Personal and Global Perspective" at Bowling Green State University, Ohio.

Meakin and Associates

File consists of a note with information regarding Nouwen's account with Meakin and Associates. Also includes a copy of an invoice from Meakin and Associates for books.

Meany, Michael file

File consists of an article translated by Michael Meany called “Little children and mental prayer”, the article was originally written by Jeanne d'Arc, as well as a manuscript by Meany called "What best fosters vocations?"

Medical Clergy Seminar, N.Y. General Hospital - November 14, 1990

File consists of correspondence and other material with Rev. Samuel J. Baxter, regarding Nouwen speaking on the theme of "Spirituality and its Relationship to Healing" at North York General Hospital. Includes a letter of response from Nouwen indicating he does not have a problem with his presentation being taped. Also includes sample brochure on which annotations in Nouwen's hand indicate titles of his books to be added to a list of books by Nouwen.

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