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Miscellaneous Papers - County of Wellington

File contains records from the county of Wellington. Records include examination papers from 1882, a booklet containing songs for school holidays, and a blank certificate issued to schools by school inspectors for maintaining schools in excellent condition.

Modern History

File contains two binders of notes for Form 4 Modern History class. The structure of the binder consists of cardboard covers that hold loose leaf pages.

Norman Found

Files contain graded high school examination papers written by Norman Found circa 1910. These papers cover all subjects and Forms.

North Toronto Collegiate Institute

Series contains records and notebooks documenting Turner's secondary education at North Toronto Collegiate Institute. Content includes a notebook for every class completed in Forms 1-5, as well as donation information, teacher lists, and yearbook photos.

Papers Relating to Construction of a New Public School in 1894

File contains papers related to the construction of a new, brick school building after the original Watford Public School building was destroyed by fire in 1894. Records include correspondence with manufacturers and merchants regarding the sale of school desks, heating equipment, and building supplies and tenders for excavation, drains, brickwork, cut stone work, tinsmith work, and carpentry work.

Patsy Conway

File contains three graded workbooks created by Patsy Conway as a pupil in grades 8 and 9. These workbooks include the following: an English workbook, a scripture notebook, and hymn notebook.

Patsy Knicely

File contains a report card for Patsy Knicely for the 1953-1954 school year.

File also contains a note from the donor.

Peggy McCallum

File contains 7 workbooks created by Peggy McCallum in grades 7, 8, and 10. These workbooks contain notes on the following subjects: British history, geography, French, Latin, mathematics, home economics, science, and English.

Peter Smith

File contains a contract between Peter Smith and the Public School Board of the Village of Watford, signed December 27, 1888.


Series contains photographs from the railway car schools. Most of the photographs in this series are undated, but will have been taken sometime between 1926 and 1967, when the railway car schools were in operation. Photographs include views of students, students' families, teachers, teachers' families, classes, activities, and exterior and interior views of the rail car, the classroom space, and the teacher's living quarters.

Most of the photographs in this series are copies obtained from a variety of sources, including: the Archives of Ontario, the Canadian Pacific Railways, the Canadian National Railways, the Province of Ontario Picture Bureau (Lantern Slide Department), the Toronto Star, and Life Magazine.

Program Administration

Series contains documents related to the operation of the National Farm Radio Forum. These documents include meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, surveys, broadcast programming, and copies of Farm Forum Guides.

Program Development

Series contains records related to program development from the 1960s. This program development included the Agriculture Rehabilitation and Development Administration as well as a committee exploring the future of the Farm Radio Forum.

Project Committee [Farm Forum Development Project]

File contains records exploring the future of the Farm Radio Forum, addressing topics such as rural education and television in rural homes. These records include summaries of survey results, committee reports, questionnaires, meeting agendas, correspondence, a telegram, and memoranda.


File contains blank questionnaire forms, reports from individual farm forums, summaries of questionnaire responses, and a document with information about action projects.

R. Douglas Lloyd Materials

Series contains materials belonging to R. Douglas Lloyd as a pupil at Oriole Park School Toronto. These materials include a Junior 4th Form report card from Oriole Park School, a book cover, a workbook (likely from Senior 2nd Form), and a spelling book.

Railway Car Schools collection

  • CA OTUED 2
  • Collection
  • 1926-1991 (predominant 1926-1957)

The collection contains materials related to the Railway Car Schools which operated in remote parts of Ontario between 1926 and 1967. The collection contains correspondence, memoranda, reports, articles and newspaper clippings, museum and exhibit materials, and photographs. The collection has been arranged into 9 series.

Railway Car Schools Collection


Series consists of photocopies from the annual Report of the Department of Education of pages discussing the railway car schools from 1926 to 1957. Series also contains two copies of a "Report on the Car Schools of Northern Ontario 1926-1967," published in 1975.

Reports to Watford Public School Trustees by Teachers and Principals

File contains reports submitted to the Watford Public School trustees by teachers and principals. These reports contained information regarding pupil enrollments, attendance, the state of school property, and materials or equipment required by the school.

The reports in this file were written in 1874, 1885, 1888, 1890, and 1903. One additional report is undated.

Roger Howard

File contains two teaching contracts between Roger Howard and the Public School Board of the Village of Watford, signed July 6, 1887 and December 7, 1887.

Rosa Deroche

File contains a Second Class teaching certificate dated 7 May 1861, qualifying Rosa Deroche to teach in the United counties of Frontenac and Lennox and Addington.

File also contains a brief biography of Rosa Deroche and two letters from the donor.

Rural Sociology

Series contains records on the subject of rural sociology. These records include reports, conference transcripts, articles, studies, correspondence, surveys, pamphlets, newsletters, and a bibliography.

S. S. No. 1 Tuckersmith (Art)

File contains a copy of the "Drawing Book used in the Normal Schools for Ontario and the Boys and Girls' Model Schools." This workbook was completed by the pupils of S. S. No. 1 in Tuckersmith, Ontario, in 1871. Individual pupils contributing to this workbook is identified on each work.

Samuel G. Brown

File contains a teaching contract between Samuel G. Brown and the Public School Board of the Village of Watford, signed July 25, 1891.

School Accounts - Watford Public School Board

File contains a number of school accounts submitted to the trustees of the Watford Public School Board between 1874 and 1900. These accounts are related to a variety of matters, including janitorial services; firewood; window glass; repairing clocks, desks, windows, and pumps; stovepipes; stationery; chalk; printing; lumber; plastering; hardware; planting trees; telegrams; supply teaching; and accommodations for board meetings.

School Administration

Series contains records related to the operation of schools. These records include meeting minutes, school accounts, student rolls, grades, correspondence, inspection reports, examination papers, contracts, insurance policies, leases, and bylaws.

School Records - Brampton Grammar School

File contains a book belonging to Geoff Robinson, appointed Headmaster to Brampton Grammar School in August 1869. The records in this book date from 1869 to 1871 and include statistics, class lists, grades, and examination schedules.

School Supply Catalogue collection

  • CA OTUED 5
  • Collection
  • 1912-1980

This collection contains a number of school supply catalogues from the mid-20th century. These catalogues include supplies such as school furniture, maps and globes, art supplies, science supplies, and school readers.

OISE Library


File contains one binder of notes for Form 2 Science class. The structure of the binder consists of cardboard covers that hold loose leaf pages. An additional envelope at the back of binder holds 13 pages of additional notes, not included in the page count.

Science & Health

File contains one combined notebook for Form 1 Science & Health classes. The structure of the notebook consists of cardboard covers that hold loose leaf pages. Cover pages divide content into health section and science section.

Second form

Series contains a notebook for each subject taken by Turner in Second Form (2G) at North Toronto Collegiate Institute.

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