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Draft of Do you love me?

File consists of draft manuscript for "Do you love me?", likely a talk by Nouwen on Christian leadership. Nouwen was speaking on this subject from 1989 (when he published "In the Name of Jesus"), until at least 1991. In this talk, he uses the headings "Do you love me?" and "Feed my sheep", both of which are chapter headings in "In the Name of Jesus".

Draft of De koningin van Ierland

File consists of a draft typescript of an article entitled, "De Koningin van Ierland", that was likely partially published with several other articles by Nouwen about Ireland in 1956.

Draft of Compassion

File consists of draft typescripts of, "Compassion: A study inspired by the life and the works of Vincent van Gogh, December 16 - January 3, 1975-1976", a lecture given by Nouwen in Geijsteren, The Netherlands. The talk was on compassion, love, art and Vincent van Gogh, and is divided into three sections: solidarity, consolation and comfort.

Draft of Claiming our belovedness

File consists of two draft typescripts of "Claiming Our Belovedness", a talk given by Nouwen at the fifth annual Summer Institute for Priests, Seton Hall University (South Orange, NJ), on July 1, 1992. The 2nd draft is a photocopy with annotations/edits in Sue Mosteller's hand.

Draft of Circus chapters 1 and 2

File consists of typescripts of chapter I and chapter II of a book about the Flying Rodleighs. These typescripts are likely part of Nouwen's later work on his book about the circus. Nouwen describes his experience of going to the circus and meeting the Flying Rodleighs, and also describes his thoughts and emotions while learning more about the Rodleighs and their act.

Draft of Circus Diary

File consists of a typescript of "Circus Diary May 6th to 22nd, 1992." It contains a few annotations (not in Nouwen's hand).

Draft of Christus in Israel

File consists of a soft-bound draft typescript of an article entitled, "Christus in Israel", written by Nouwen after a visit to Israel with his uncle Toon Ramselaar in the late 1950s or in 1960.

Draft of Charge to the witnesses

File consists of a draft typescript of "Charge to the Witnesses", a talk Nouwen gave at the Commissioning Service for the Massachusetts Witness for Peace Delegation on March 3, 1984.

Draft of Anton T. Boisen and the study of theology through living human documents

File consists of a partial draft typescript of an unpublished book by Nouwen entitled, "Anton T. Boisen and the Study of Theology Through "Living Human Documents". Draft includes 'Preface', 'Part 1. The Case of Anton T. Boisen: General Introduction', and 'Chapter One: The Creative Experience'. This text was likely written during Nouwen's last year at the Menninger Clinic (Topeka, KS).

Draft of An age of genocide?

File consists of a draft typescript of a book review by Nouwen of "Genocide in Paraguay", ed. Richard Arens, entitled, "An Age of Genocide?"

Draft of A spirituality of peacemaking

File consists of copies of galley proofs of the article, "Prayer and Resistance: A Spirituality of Peacemaking", using the working title, "A Spirituality of Peacemaking".

Draft book review of We drink from our own wells

File consists of a draft typescript of a book review by Nouwen of Gustavo Gutiérrez's, "We Drink from Our Own Wells: The Spiritual Journey of a People" (Centro de Estudios y Publicaciones, 1984), for which Nouwen also wrote the Prologue. The draft review refers to a working title, "Drinking from Your Own Well". It also contains minor corrections made in an unknown hand.

Draft book review of Aging in America

File consists of a draft typescript of a book review by Nouwen of Bert Kruger Smith's "Aging in America" (1973), written by Nouwen while at Yale Divinity School. File also includes an original book cover for "Aging in America", annotated by Nouwen.

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning Compassion, Genesee Diary, Reaching Out, Peacework, Cry for Mercy, and Downward Mobility ; business documents including sales for Compassion, and four illustrations titled introduction, prayer, resistance, and conclusion.

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning Lifesigns, Reaching Out, A Cry for Mercy, Compassion and Peacework; business documents including draft layouts/artwork for Lifesigns, and royalty summaries.

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning The Road to Daybreak (Finnish rights), Prodigal Son (Canvas of Love:Reflections on a Rembrandt), In the House of the Lord (Lifesigns), and Creative Ministry; business documents including a review of The Road to Daybreak; jacket designs for The Wounded Healer, Aging and Creative Ministry and a copy of the Rembrandt sketch "Prodigal Son."

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning Aging (in Dutch), The Road to Daybreak, Creative Ministry, In the Name of Jesus, The Return of the Prodigal Son; business documents including reviews of The Return of the Prodigal Son and royalty earnings.

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning A Cry for Mercy, Compassion and Reaching Out; business documents include an agreement regarding "untitled book on Compassion", permission to use Reaching Out, two original signed copies of agreements for Downward Mobility, eight photographic prints of illustrations (including at least one used for A Cry for Mercy), and publisher advertisements for The Genesee Diary.

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning Compassion, Reaching Out, The Spirituality of Intimacy, Fecundity and Ecstasy (Lifesigns); business documents including a copy of Spanish agreement for Reaching Out, and an agreement for Nouwen to write an introduction to Yushi Nomura's Desert Wisdom; personal correspondence including copies of Nouwen's letters, thank you letters to the Doubleday staff and mentioning that he was enclosing a card made on occasion of the 25th anniversary of his Ordination (card not in file). File also includes four example sheets of calligraphy used for sub-titles and eight ink line drawings by Dr. Joel Filartiga used to illustrate Compassion.

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning Lifesigns, Peacemaking, Reaching Out (Finnish rights), The Wounded Healer (German rights), The Genesee Diary (Polish rights), The Road to Daybreak, With Outstretched Hands (audio cassette) and the Introduction to Chris de Vinck's book The Power of the Powerless (including handwritten and typed drafts; the original manuscript for de Vinck's book was culled); business documents including copies of royalty statements, and a copy of the contract for L'Arche Diary (The Road to Daybreak).

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning The Road to Daybreak, With Outstretched Hands (Reaching Out?), In the Name of Jesus, The Prodigal Son, Compassion and Lifesigns ; business documents including the draft blurb text, page proofs, one copy of uncorrected proof and reviews for The Road to Daybreak, an invoice copy, Nouwen's comments on the book Under the Eye of the Clock; personal letters including one from Patricia Kossman regarding her response to An Interrupted Love. This book was later published as The Inner Voice of Love.

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning Lifesigns, The Prodigal Son, An Interrupted Love (The Inner Voice of Love), The Wounded Healer, The Road to Daybreak, and Compassion; business documents including the cover proof for Lifesigns, reviews for The Road to Daybreak, customs invoices and copy requests; personal correspondence including letters from Bill Barry regarding Nouwen's accident.

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning The Wounded Healer, The Return of the Prodigal Son (one letter in French), Aging, Interrupted Love (published as The Inner Voice of Love) and Compassion (Japanese edition); business documents including a colour photo suggested as a cover image, three colour mock covers for The Wounded Healer, sample text and Spanish rights offer sheet for The Return of the Prodigal Son.

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning Prayers from the Genesee, A Cry for Mercy, Genesee Diary, Clowning in Rome, Creative Ministry, Reaching Out, and Compassion; business documents including the contract for Prayers from the Genesee, and the Spanish rights for Reaching Out.

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning Peacework, Compassion, A Cry for Mercy (including Chinese language paperback rights), Intimacy, Fecundity and Ecstasy (Lifesigns), and Genesee Diary.

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning Return of the Prodigal Son (Canvas of Love), The Wounded Healer (French translation), The Road to Daybreak (includes information on Finnish translation), Lifesigns (Indian printing), and Clowning in Rome; business documents include cover proofs for Creative Ministry, sales information for Reaching Out, Italian review for Cry for Mercy, faxed cover copies for The Prodigal Son and royalty earnings.

Documents from Nijmegen University

File consists of chits of proof that Nouwen completed the courses necessary to sit the Psychology exams at Nijmegen University for his bachelor (candidaat) and for his doctoral (doctoraal) preliminary exams, as well as his applications to sit the bachelor and doctoral exams in 1958 and 1964 respectively.
These documents list the following courses:
Inleiding Wijsbegeerte [Introduction to Philosophy] - 1958
Ethica [Ethics] - February 11, 1958
Inleiding Sociologie [Introduction to Sociology] - 1958
Metaphysiek [Metaphysics] - 1958
Meetmethoden v Psychologie - I [Measurement methods of Psychology] - 1958
Inleiding Biologie [Introduction to Biology] - 1958
Certificate stating Nouwen has completed laboratory experimental psychology for his first year - 1958
Ontwikkelingspsychologie [Development Psychology] - 1959
Vergelijklende Psychologie - 1959
Psych. Statistick [Psychology Statistics] - 1959
Geschiedenis v Psych en Algemene Ps. [History of Psychology and General Psychology] - 1959
Methoden v Soc. Psych - II [Methods of Social Psychology] - 1959
Neurophysiologie [Neurophysics] - 1959
Certificate that Nouwen completed his second year of the experimental psychology laboratory - 1959
Application to sit the candidate exam for Psychology - November 20, 1959
Meetmethoden van de Psych. 3e en 4e y. [Measurement methods of Psychology - 3rd and 4th year] - 1960-1961
Sociologie [Sociology] - 1960
Freudian Psychology - 1960
American Psychology - 1960
Testdiagnostiek [Test diagnostics] - 1962?
Sociale Geographie - bijvak [Social Geography] - 1962?
Ontwikkelingspsych en Karakterologie [Development Psychology and Character studies?] - 1961
Wijsgerige Anthropologie [Philosophical anthropology] - 1961
Theoretische Psychologie [Theoretical Psychology] - 1961
Psycho-Pathologie [Psychopathology] - 1963
Godsdienst-psychologie [Religion-Psychology] - 1963
Bedrijfspsychologie [Business Psychology] - 1963
Sociale Psychologie [Social Psychology] - 1963
Application for the doctoral examination in Psychology with major (Hoofdrichting) in Psychology of Religion and Culture, minor (Bijvrak) in Pathopsychology (psychopathology) including developmental psychology and sociology. Under the supervision of Professor Fortmann, Prick, and Rutten - January 14, 1964.

Document from Nijmegen University

File consists of one document (13.8 x 11 cm) which declares that Nouwen was enrolled at the University of Nijmegen in the school year 1971-1972, and has access to all lessons. Card includes Nouwen's area of study, which is Theology, and his student number.

Distribution card

File consists of a distribution card issued to Nouwen. This card identified Nouwen and indicated what resources he received following the Second World War.

Discussion of John's visit handout for 1985 lecture course

File consists of a single page typed summary of the class' discussion following the visit by a guest speaker, John Vesey, who spoke about Latin America. The visit is dated February 19, 1985 and is labelled "Handout #23".

Disarmament file

File consists of materials relating to disarmament such as mass newsletters, brochures and booklets from various organizations.

Directory Team - April 1, 1992

File consists of Nouwen's handwritten notes for a talk to the L'Arche Daybreak Directory Team. Also includes a photocopy of the notes.

Directions to L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of directions from the Toronto airport to L'Arche Daybreak and Dayspring, including phone numbers for Daybreak houses and fare information.


File consists of fifteen diplomas from: St. Aloysius College, his ordination under Archbishop Bernard Alfrink (one including a ribbon and seal), the University of Nijmegen, Topeka State Hospital, and The Menninger Foundation.

Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie - April 14, 1992

File consists of correspondence, with Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe, and other material regarding Nouwen giving a talk for the Priests of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie. Includes flight schedule, travel itinerary, and a letter of response from Nouwen confirming arrangements.

Diners Club card

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's Diners Club Card, en Route Maple Leaf Club Card. The card was connected to Citibank and possibly Air Canada's Aeroplan. Includes application, cardholder agreement, a statement, information booklets, and correspondence.

Dickopf, Clarence F.

File consists of a copy of a newspaper obituary for Clarence Dickopf (Medford, WI: The Star News, September 19, 1990). The page also contains a copy of a cover page of a book entitled "Victorian Porches" by Clarence F. Dickopf (published by the Greater National Society of Poets, Inc., Tampa, FL).

Dialogue '94: Shaping Pastoral Care for the 21st Century - May 3, 1994

File consists of correspondence, mainly with Julian Byrd, and other material regarding Nouwen receiving a COMISS (Congress on Ministry in Specialized Settings) award. This award is presented periodically to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of Pastoral Care, Counseling and Education. The award was presented at Dialogue '94: A Call to Partnership conference sponsored by COMISS at the Milwaukee Exposition and Convention Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Includes travel and accommodation arrangements, schedule, and a Dialogue '94 program.

Diaconate Program - April 11, 1987

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's talk "Answering Our Call to Ministry as Married People" that he gave to students in the Diaconate Program. Includes notes from Raymonde Stong on what she would like Nouwen to include in his presentation.

Department of Psychology faculty calendar and program proposal

File consists of two documents. The first is a six-page typed calendar for Notre Dame's Department of Psychology. This document outlines the faculty of the department, the undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as a list of course descriptions, including course codes and the name of the professor who was teaching the course. Nouwen is listed in this document as an Assistant Professor.
The second document appears to be a copy of a proposal for developing a program of Psychological Training and Psychological Services at the University of Notre Dame. This document mentions that a proposed psychological clinic would provide "the personnel and potentialities for the training of those religious at Notre Dame and elsewhere who have the responsibility of dealing with troubled students." The document also mentions the value of offering summer courses to train religious working as counselors at the university. The author of this document is unknown.

De Piste Magazine subscription

  • CA ON00389 F4-12-2-14008-1, 14008-2, 14008-3, 14008-4
  • File
  • 1993 - 1996
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of thirty-five magazines from ‘De piste’, a monthly Dutch circus serial which dates from 1993 to 1996. The collection is not complete as several months are missing. File also consists of a letter from the Club van Circusvrienden Nederland regarding his membership to the club and the ‘De Piste’ subscription. Three of the magazines are still in the plastic mailing wrap and address to Nouwen at Daybreak. The magazines have been arranged chronologically by the archivist and each year is housed in separate folders. The collection of 'De Piste' magazines includes:
Folder 14008-1
May, July/August, September, October, December 1993 with the letter of subscription
Folder 14008-2
January through December 1994
Folder 14008-3
January through December 1995 with two copies of March
Folder 14008-4
January through December 1996 with October missing.

De Haan Publishers

File consists of business correspondence concerning the Dutch translation of The Genesee Diary. Includes statements reviewing Etty Hillesum's Diary. Documents are written in English and Dutch.

De Bazuin

File consists of a copy of the July 5, 1970 publication of the weekly newsletter De Bazuin ["The Trumpet"] (Jaargang 53, NR. 39). Article on the front page is titled 'Het militair privilege van de theologie-student' ["The Military Privilege of the Theology Student"] by M. van den Berg. The article on pages 4-5 is titled "Amerika: Revolutie beter dan Zelfmoord" ["America: Revolution is better than suicide"] which is by Machiel van Nijkerk and was taken from an interview and compiled by the editors.

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