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Lecture notes and handouts for fall 1978 lecture course

File consists of a bound volume of typed and handwritten lecture notes, as well as a class list and lecture schedule. The bound volume also includes typed of works by and about Thomas Merton. The typed and handwritten lecture notes are heavily annotated by Nouwen, and in some cases by an unidentified hand.

Reading notes on spiritual direction

File consists of a bound volume of typed and handwritten reading notes by Nouwen from the summer months of 1980. These notes include a typed draft of Nouwen's first lecture for the class Spiritual Direction (offered in the fall of 1980) as well as notes on:
-Gerald May's "Spiritual Direction, Pastoral Counseling and Psychotherapy- a differentiation"
-David Steindl Rast's "On Listening"
-Andre Louf's "Spiritual Direction Today"
-Dr. Godfried Danneels' "The Spiritual Father in our fatherless society"
-Michel van Parys' "Spiritual Fatherhood in the East"
-Jan Peters' "About human relationships in Spiritual Direction"
-J.J. Vollebergh's "Religious Leadership"
-Jean Laplace's "Preparing for spiritual direction"
-John English's "Spiritual Freedom"
-Richard Foster's "Celebration of Discipline- the path to spiritual growth"
-Richard McBrien's "Catholicism"
-Jean Jacques Olier's "Christianity"
-Ruth Burrows' "Guidelines for Mystical Prayer"
-and Walter Kasper's Theology of Christian Marriage".
There is also a photocopy of David Steindl Rast's response at the Calgary Mysticism Conference of 1976, as well as a copy of Gerald May's "Spiritual Direction, Pastoral Counseling and Psychotherapy- a differentiation".

Handouts for Spiritual Direction and The Spiritual Life and Spiritual Direction courses

File consists of a bound volume of typed and photocopied handouts for the final two courses taught by Nouwen. The table of contents lists 49 items. They are:
-George A. Aschenbrenner's "Consciousness Examen"
-William Barry's "The Experience of the 1st and 2nd Weeks of the Spiritual Exercises", "On Asking God to Reveal Himself in Retreat", "The Prior Experience of Spiritual Directors", Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling", "Spiritual Direction: The Empirical Approach"and "The Practice of Supervision in Spiritual Direction" (written with Mary Guy)
-Paul J. Bernadicou's "The Retreat Director in the Spiritual Exercises"
-Sister Rita Mary Bradley's "Present Day Themes in the 14th Century English Mystics"
-W.R. Callahan and F. Cardman's "The Wind is Rising: Prayer Ways for Active People"
-Gregory Carlson's "Spiritual Direction and the Paschal Mystery"
-Thomas E. Clarke's "The Ignation Exercises -- Contemplation & Discernment"
-William J. Connolly's "Appealing to Strength in Spiritual Direction", "Disappointment in Prayer: Prelude to Growth", "Experiences of Darkness in Directed Retreats", "Freedom & Prayer in Directed Retreats", and "Story of the Pilgrim King and the Dynamics of Prayer"
-Sr. Winifred Corrigan's "Initial Values in Spiritual Direction"
-Sr. Carmen Mary S. De La Vega's "The Prayer of Quiet"
-Thomas Dubay's "The Problematic of Discernment"
-Harvey Egan's "Christian Apophatic and Kataphatic Mysticisms"
-Edward J. Farrell's "The Journal -- A Way Into Prayer"
-David Fleming's "Beginning Spiritual Direction"and "The Experience of God"
-Quentin Hakenwerth's "Group Methods in Spiritual Direction"
-Eugene Geromel's "Depth Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction"
-Richard P. Hardy's "Christian Mysticism: Some Ecclesial Dimensions"
-Bernard Haring's "A Modern Approach to the Ascetical Life"
-Gerald Keefe's "A Letter to a Person Beginning Spiritual Direction"
-Thomas Kilduff's "Faith Experience: Prayer & Discernment"
-Olivier LaCombe's "Direction Spirituelle"
-George P. Leach's "Growing Freedom in the Spiritual Director"
-Shaun McCarty's "On Entering Spiritual Direction"
-Jean M. Ormerchea's "A Theoretical Approach to Spiritual Direction"
-Kevin F. O'Shea's "Enigma and Tenderness", "Littleness and Kindness", and "The Thorn and the Rose"
-William Peters' "Spiritual Direction and Prayer"
-Judith Roener's "Discernment in the Director"
-Sr. Patricia Ann Rogucki's "Journeying in a Spiritual Direction"
-Robert Rossi's "The Distinction Between Psychological and Religious Counseling"
-Sandra M. Schneiders' "The Contemporary Ministry of Spiritual Direction"
-Michael Herbert Shadick's "Prayer as Spiritual Direction from Within"
-"A Task Force on Social Consciousness & Ignatian Spirituality" (author unknown)
-Douglas V. Steere's "Common Frontiers in Catholic and Non-Catholic Spirituality"
-Ann Belford Ulanov's "What Do We Think People are Doing When They Pray?"
-Adrian Van Kaam's "Dynamics of Spiritual Self-Direction"
-Richard P. Vaughan's "Spiritual Counseling and Prayer"
-William J. Walsh's "Reality Therapy and Spiritual Direction".

Comprehensive bibliography on Christian spirituality for 1984 lecture course

File consists of 67 typed, single-sided pages of bibliographic references for the students of Nouwen's lecture course. This copy appears to be the original typed copy. This document contains bibliographies compiled by Nouwen on several topics, including spiritual direction, Western Mysticism, Ignatian Spirituality, and Eastern Christian Spirituality (subdivided into Eastern Spiritual Theology, Hesychasm & Russian Spirituality and Resource Centers on Eastern Christianity). It is not clear at what date this document was distributed to the class, as it is not arranged in the 1984 bound volume with the lecture notes and handouts but rather under a heading of "Other handouts".

Information for the Registrar handout for 1984 lecture course

File consists of two typed and photocopied pages regarding the status of students taking Nouwen's lecture course. This document was drawn up by Jeff Coppage, the teaching assistant, after the class was asked to fill out self-evaluation cards. The purpose of this document was to confirm students' status within the course (auditor or otherwise) and to remind students that without a self-evaluation, they would not receive credit for the course. This handout has not been labelled but its date of distribution can be estimated between late March 1984 and early May 1984.

Simple Prayer handout for 1985 lecture course

  • CA ON00389 F4-7-1-2195
  • File
  • [between February 14 - March 5, 1985]
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of a photocopied article. The article is titled "Simple Prayer" by Wendy Mary Beckett. "Simple Prayer" originally appeared in an issue of The Clergy Review (February 1978). It is labelled "Handout #18".

Letter from Taizé handout for 1985 lecture course

File consists of a two page photocopied handout. The photocopy is from the newsletter "Letter from Taizé" for February 1984 and discusses the conditions in Haiti. It is labelled "Handout #31".

Handout on fear and love for 1985 lecture course

File consists of a single, double-sided page of lecture summary notes. The title of this lecture is "From the House of Fear to the House of Love", and is labelled "Handout #32". The document has been lightly annotated by Nouwen.

Lecture notes and handouts for 1985 lecture course

File consists of a bound volume of handwritten, annotated, typed and photocopied summary lecture notes and handouts for Nouwen's lecture course. The bound volume includes a class list, small group lists, lecture schedule as well as a course syllabus. There are typed handouts summarizing the lectures as well as a series of handwritten lecture notes, and annotated handouts by Nouwen. Included in the bound volume are a number of bibliographies on such topics as the Gospel of John, journal-keeping, as well as a copy of the 65-page bibliography on Christian spirituality compiled by Nouwen. Included in the handouts is a typed reflection by a student in the class, as well as a typed summary responding to a visit from John Vesey to the class on February 19, 1985. As well, there is also a typed letter from Nouwen and his teaching assistants responding to the students' mid-term course evaluations.
Included in the bound volume is a 67 page typed manuscript by Nouwen titled "Being at Home: Spiritual Reflections on Intimacy, Fecundity and Ecstasy." This text would later be published as "Lifesigns: intimacy, fecundity and ecstasy in Christian perspective" in 1986.
There are also a number of photocopied articles in the bound volume, namely:
-Krister Stendahl's "To Think and To Pray" a convocation address from 1984 from the H.D.S. Bulletin
-Wendy Mary Beckett's "Simple Prayer"
-"Letter from Taize"

Handout originals for 1985 summer lecture course

File consists of handwritten, annotated, typed and photocopied handout originals. Liquid paper has been used on many of these documents to conceal labels used in Nouwen's 1985 Harvard course. One document in this file contains a note from Peter Weiskel reading "David - file with B.C. Handout originals". Many of the typed lecture notes contain annotations relating to typing and photocopying instructions.

Handout of Taizé songs

File consists of one photocopied handout. The handout contains 14 verses of a Taizé song. This handout only appears as a part this summer course.

Handouts and lecture summaries for fall 1994 lecture course

  • CA ON00389 F4-7-1-2249
  • File
  • Handouts and lecture summaries for fall 1994 lecture course [textual record] -- [between May - December 1994]
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of typed lecture summary notes which Nouwen most likely distributed to his students as handouts throughout the class. There appears to be a master copy on heavier paper for each handout which was used to make photocopies. There are also multiple copies of handouts as well, including Nouwen and Sue Mosteller's "Sacred History" (biography), course outlines, class schedules, and assignment guidelines.

Lecture notes and handouts for fall 1994 lecture course

File consists of a bound volume of typed lecture summary notes and typed and photocopied handouts, some of which have been annotated by Nouwen. In addition to a course syllabus, class list, small discussion group list, and class schedule, the bound volume has been divided up into 10 sections, each relating to a theme explored in each class, each containing lecture notes and handouts. They are History with God, Concept of the Heart,Claiming our Belovedness, Intercessory Prayer, Community in the Spiritual Life, Forgiveness in Community, Celebration of Community, Compassion in Ministry, Healing in Ministry, and Dying and Ministry.
Photocopied materials by Nouwen include:
-"Solitude and Community", "Prayer and Thought" (from Clowning in Rome)
-"Being the Beloved" (from Life of the Beloved)
-"Jesus the Compassionate God" (from "Letters to Marc about Jesus")
-"God with Us" (from "Compassion")
-"The Wounded Healer"
-"Who We Are" (from "Here and Now: Living in the Spirit")
Other handouts include:
-Kallistos Ware's "The Power of the Name: The Function of the Jesus Prayer"
-Psalm 131
-Igumen Hariton of Valamo's "The Art of Prayer"
-"Meditation" [author unknown]
-Elizabeth O'Connor's "The Covenant Community"
-"Getting into the Ark" [author unknown] (about L'Arche)
-excerpts from Jean Vanier's "Community and Growth"
-excerpts from Elizabeth O'Connor's "Search for Silence"
-excerpts from Stephen Levine's "Healing into Life and Death"
-excerpts from Sheila Cassidy's "Light from the Dark Valley"

Bills, invitations and correspondence regarding University of Notre Dame events, 1967

File consists of administrative records and correspondence between Nouwen and various priests for the year of 1967. These records and letters refer to three-day workshops for priests, as well as symposiums and lectures which Nouwen appears to have organised at the University of Notre Dame. This file also includes bills for providing food and beverages for the workshop as well as forms for reserving rooms for these events through Notre Dame's Center for Continuing Education.
Some of the lecturers of these events include Dr. Seward Hiltner, Rev. Eugene C. Kennedy and Fr. Kilian McDonnell. The records also indicate that Nouwen himself presented a paper, "The Priest and his Mental Health" during a symposium, 'Priests in Contemporary Society' on May 4, 1967.

Catholic Students Association at Yale Divinity School

File consists of correspondence, updates, newsletters and lists of Roman Catholic students related to the student organization, Catholic Students Association at Yale Divinity School. It appears Nouwen was a patron of the organization and requested that he be kept informed of any developments in the organization. It also seems he donated a piece of work: "The Spiritual Director: A Practical Guide" by Damien Isabell, to the organization, so they could distribute it to all the Roman Catholic students at Yale Divinity School. The majority of materials refer to the academic year of 1979. Prominent members of the organization included David Lamarre-Vincent, Nancy Heslin, and George Noonan.

Letter of resignation from Harvard Divinity School

File consists of a copy of a handwritten draft by Nouwen and the final typed letter addressed to George Rupp, the Dean of Harvard Divinity School. The final letter is dated May 9, 1985. In the letter, Nouwen submits his resignation from Harvard and mentions the changing direction in his vocation.

Letter to friends announcing resignation - July 6, 1985

File consists of a letter written by Nouwen on July 6, 1985 to his friends announcing his resignation from Harvard Divinity School and outlining his plans to visit a L'Arche community in France and revisit Central and South America in the coming years. Nouwen gives his new address at the Maryknoll Residence in Cambridge, MA indicating that his assistant Peter Weiskel will maintain an office there.

Preliminary notes for a proposed colloquium on spirituality - April 10, 1985

File consists of a single page of typed notes relating to a proposed Spirituality Colloquium. Possible dates for the colloquium were early November, 1985 or late February, 1986 and works by Mary Hennessey, Gordon Kaufman, James Luther Adams and Nouwen are several of the possible speakers. Someone has written two names, Paulette and Jim Blair and their contact numbers on the upper right hand corner. It does not appear that this Colloquium was ever launched.

Correspondence from Boston College

File consists of correspondence from Boston College addressed to Nouwen regarding his plans to teach a two-week summer course from July 8 - July 19, 1985. In these letters, administrators such as Padraic O'Hare, Donna Manocchio, and Sandra A. Hurley outline details of accommodation, tax-exemption, parking stickers, room bookings, and meal preparation. Four of these letters are photocopies. The original letters can be found in Calendar Files - July 1985, box 190, file 895.

Gymnasium records

Sub-series consists of essays written by Nouwen during his years at Gymnasium - a grammar school in the Netherlands for students aged 12 to 18 years who aim to attend university. Top students would learn Latin and Greek.

Paper on De Mariadevotie van John Henry Newman

File consists of a handwritten draft of a paper by Nouwen, including his handwritten corrections, entitled, "De Mariadevotie van John Henri Newman" ("The Devout Marie by John Henry Newman"). File also contains a typescript version of the paper, again with corrections in Nouwen’s hand.

Reading notes

File consists of handwritten reading notes by Nouwen. It is possible that these were reading notes for the writing of De Mariadevotie van John Henry Newman by Nouwen. The notes cover the following texts:
The Mariology of Cardinal Newman by Francis G. Friedel, SM, 1928
Meditations and Devotions by Rev. W.P. Neville
The New Eve: Catholic Belief in Our Lady (from Letter to Pusey)
The Development of Christian Doctrine ed. C.F. Harrold, 1949
The New Eve by J.H. Newman, 1952
The life of John Henry Cardinal Newman, W. Ward, 1912
La Mariology de Newman par Mgs. H. Francis Davis
Sermon Notes of J.H. Card. Newman, 1913

Typescript and notes on J.H. Newman

File consists of several typescripts in various stages of editing for a paper entitled, De Meimaandgedachten van J.H. Newman, by Nouwen. File also contains lists of books pertaining to Newman organized by the libraries in which they can be found, as well as handwritten reading notes and preliminary notes for the paper by Nouwen.

Typescript on exegesis

File consists of a typescript on exegesis, which includes a biblical historiography, the pentateuch, the ark of the covenant, the route of the exodus, and the didactic books of the Old Testament. The header on the pages reads: "Rosendaal, 1952-'53."

Notes from Die seelische Entwicklung des Menschen im Kindes und Jugendalter

File consists of handwritten notes by Nouwen on Die seelische Entwicklung des Menschen im Kindes und Jugendalter [Psychological development in childhood and adolescence] by H. Remplein. The first two parts are found on the long pages and the third part is found on the smaller size pages. The file also contains typed notes pertaining to Die seelische Entwicklung des Menschen im Kindes und Jugendalter.

Notes from lectures on Psychiatry

File consists of handwritten lecture notes by Nouwen from a course on Psychiatry, Psychology Department, University of Nijmegen, including notes on the psychological approach [to psychiatry]. Last two pages of notes do not appear to be in Nouwen’s hand.

Course notes: Asthma

File consists of course and reading notes on Asthma, as well as notes on Biecht. Paper is of varying sizes, and multiple pens were used. The notes are based on an internship at an asthma clinic for children. The notes, which are comprehensive also contain details about a "Sinterklass" party that Nouwen may have organized and attended at the clinic.

Report on voluntary population protection

File consists of a report titled "Rapport Oefening Copex" which is about voluntary service in the population protection group of Nijmegen. This was completed on December 31, 1960 as part of the Psychologisch Laboratorium at the University of Nijmegen. Report includes a copy of an official form documenting Nouwen's voluntary undertaking of a post in the 'Bescherming Bevolking' [Population Protection] of Nijmegen in the function of Aide at the command post. This form is dated October 2, 1960, and is signed by Nouwen. Nouwen likely used his own volunteer experience of participating in an exercise of civilian protecting during war situations or disasters.

Course notes on ethics

File consists of notes relating to a course on ethics, taught by Prof. van Boxtel during the 1955-1956 school year. The notes are typed and handwritten. Typed notes may have been written by J. Vossen.

Course notes on frustration

File consists of notes on frustration, likely for a test. The file was labeled 'Test material - Rosenzweig" and includes two documents; the first consists of typed notes with handwritten notations in an unknown hand titled "Rosenzweig Picture - Frustration - Study"; the second consists of reading notes for an article, "The effect of frustration on the perception of neutral and aggressive words" by Marvin Zuckerman, New York University, in Journal of Personality, vol. 23, 1954-1955, blz. 407-422.

Course notes on theology

File consists of handwritten notes on theology. Included is a list of days and themes for eucharist meetings. Also included in the file are letters to Henri Nouwen: one letter from A.W.B., which is dated June 20, 1959, with the location noted as Perth; one letter from Marleen [last name unknown], dated December 16, 1959, with the location noted as Weert; one letter from [Con] Kenne, dated May 31, 1960, with the location noted as Brussels. Also included in the file is an expenses list for "Alcuin tijdens Israelcyclus" (a trip to Israel?) and a contact list for the Alcuin.

Course notes on psychopathology

File consists of course notes on psychopathology, for a class taught by Professor Prick. File includes handwritten course notes, typed handouts, and a handwritten draft of "Man en Vrouw" by Nouwen from December 1959.

Collected readings

File consists of bound readings relating to psychology. File includes:
Haben, Robert, M.D. "A Study in Forgery: A Psychological Study of Han van Meegeren". Thesis submitted for Menninger School of Psychiatry, June 1966. Reading includes a letter from Han [van Meegeren] to Nouwen, dated April 15, 1966, in which he discusses Klink and Pruyser, as well as the United States. He also asks Nouwen how he is finding Notre Dame University.
Council for Clinical Training, Summary 1966 Fall Conference, including Joint Sessions with the Institute of Pastoral Care.
Council for Clinical Training, Summary 1965 Fall Conference, including Joint Sessions with the Institute of Pastoral Care.
Council for Clinical Training, Inc.: Fall Conference Proceedings, 1964, including Joint Sessions with the Institute of Pastoral Care.
Council for Clinical Training, Inc.: Fall Conference Proceedings, 1963, including Joint Sessions with the Institute of Pastoral care.
Centraal Adviesbureau voor Priesters en Religieuzen: Verslag van de enquete - gehouden onder uitgetreden priesters in Nederland van 1958-1967 with index.
Fagin, Barry. "Client Centered Counseling: The Theory and Practice of Non-Directive Counseling." Workshop in Institutional Ministry, The Catholic University of America: October 1949.
The Catholic Commission on Intellectual and Cultural Affairs. "The Christian Intellectual and the 'Secular' World." Washington, DC: May 1968.
List of Library Holdings in Personality (1940 - )

Menninger Clinic records

Sub-series consists of materials pertaining to Nouwen's fellowship at the Menninger Clinic (Topeka, KS), between 1964 and 1966, working in clinical pastoral education, writing and research. Sub-series includes his case study for the fellowship as well as Nouwen’s day book or diary following his immediate time after the clinic.

Dagboek 5 januari – 21 februari 1966

File consists of a bound copy of Nouwen’s diary from January 5 to February 21, 1966, written while he was visiting various universities in the United States, including schools in Princeton, Ossining, Notre Dame, Louisville, Dallas, Houston, and Miami. This trip could have been research by Nouwen into schools for a possible doctoral program in Theology. Nouwen visited Seward Hiltner at Princeton.

Lecture at the Theologische Akademie Utrecht

File consists of typed notes for a lecture given by Nouwen at the Theologische Akademie Utrecht on Wednesday March 10, 1971 on the theme: "Zoals de ouden zongen..." ["As the old sing"].

Typescript and reading notes for De Moderne Spiritualiteit

File consists of a typescript essay by Nouwen entitled, “De moderne spiritualiteit: Bespreking van Louis cognet; La spiritualité moderne, (Histoire de la spiritualité Chrétienne IIIXX Aubier 1966) ("Modern Spirituality: A discussion of Louis Cognet 'La spiritualité moderne'"). Typescripts also contain some handwritten annotations by Nouwen, as well as typed notes.

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