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Beatrice Marion Hayes Corrigan fonds

  • UTA 1173
  • Fonds
  • 1903-1977

Fonds consists of 3 accessions

B1980-0023: Correspondence, greeting cards, pamphlets, book reviews, photographs, and postcards belonging to Beatrice Corrigan, Professor in the Department of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. (1 box, 1946-1975)

B1981-0007: Postcards (some annotated) of France and Italy (6 boxes, 1906-1970).

B1981-0030: Personal files of Beatrice Corrigan, Professor of Italian, including elementary school reports, photographs, a scrapbook, and certificates for honours and degrees conferred; professional correspondence, lecture notes; notes for and drafts of articles; notes, correspondence and programmes relating to conferences and symposia; correspondence regarding and drafts of festschrift From Petrarch to Pirandello; research notes; offprints (14 boxes, 1903-1977).

Corrigan, Beatrice Marion

Photographs of Nouwen and Sue Stroh

File consists of four photographs of Nouwen, wearing a white collared shirt and dark pants, and Sue Stroh in the original Dayspring kitchen, taken during one of the Strohs' visits to L'Arche Daybreak.

C.R.M. Cowan fonds

  • UTA 1180
  • Fonds
  • 1964-1971

3 ring-binders containing notes for laboratory experiments conducted by fifth-year medical students (1964-1967) and other laboratory experiments (1965-1971), compiled by C. R. Cowan when he was a research associate in the Banting and Best Department of Medical Research and in the Department of Teaching Laboratories, Faculty of Medicine.

Also includes a photograph of the Toronto School of Medicine, graduating class of 1870-1871; graduates, including George Hoyle Cowan, are identified on the front. Also accompanied by graduation diplomas.

Cowan, C.R.M.

Audrey Maureen Cowling fonds

  • UTA 1182
  • Fonds
  • 1936-1938

Programmes, invitations, memorabilia, clippings, a photograph, a certificate, and artifacts documenting Miss Cowling's one-year course in Dental Nursing (1936-1937). Included are the following items: a photograph of the Dental Nurses graduating class of 1937 and two class pins; and ribbons and programmes for the Ontario Dental Nurses and Assistants Association (1937, 1938).

Cowling, Audrey Maureen

Harold Scott Macdonald Coxeter fonds

  • UTA 1183
  • Fonds
  • 1891-2004 (predominant 1930-2003)

This fonds contains several series of records that document both Coxeter’s professional and personal life. Much of the professional correspondence in Series 2, as well as awards, tributes and obituaries found in Series 1 document his role as a mathematical mentor who influenced and inspired professional and amateur mathematicians alike. The bulk of the correspondence however mainly post dates his official retirement in 1980 and is therefore incomplete in documenting his extensive relationships with many mathematicians around the world throughout his lengthy career.

Four decades of correspondence, (1930s -1980), is not the only gap in the Coxeter fonds. Also missing is the voluminous amount of manuscripts for his articles and books along with research notes and drafts that would accompany such records. Nevertheless, what does exist of the professional correspondence, along with lectures in Series 5, course teaching notes in Series 7 and the few manuscripts and many geometrical drawings in Series 6, give researchers a window into his mathematical genius. There are also a full run of diaries, Series 4, that briefly record Coxeter’s day to day activities and thoughts.

Personal correspondence in Series 3, early family photographs in Series 9, early creative works in Series 10, diaries in Series 4 and Ph.D. records in Series 8 shed light onto various aspects of Coxeter’s life before arriving at the University of Toronto in 1936. These documents give researchers glimpses of his early childhood and upbringing, his early mastering of music, as well as, his research at Cambridge. His role as a father and husband as well as the relationships within the extended Coxeter family are best documented in a substantial part of the personal correspondence found in Series 3 as well in the daily diaries in Series 4.

The Coxeter fonds also includes some original items from other important mathematicians. There is a scrapbook of geometric drawings that belonged to fellow mathematician Alicia Boole Stott. This item dated 1899 makes up the entire Series 11. Also Coxeter acquired some of the papers belonging to 19th century British mathematician W.W. Rouse Ball presumably when he was producing further editions of one of Ball’s publications. This has been placed in Series 12.

Fonds also includes copies of Professor Coxeter's publications on mathematical problems that have been translated into other languages, and copies of Canadian and American counter-memorials and annexes to the International Court of Justice's "Delimitation of the Maritime Boundary in the Gulf of Maine Area, with covering correspondence (Coxeter was an adviser to the Canadian government).

Coxeter, Harold Scott Macdonald

Street Level - April 27 - 30, 1994

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's participation at Street Level: A National Conference for Street workers at the Chestnut Park Hotel, Toronto, Ontario. Nouwen gave the opening address for the conference and led the Thursday morning devotional. Includes schedule, information sheets on workshops and speakers, reference material, and songs of devotion. Includes the May 1993 issue of Context: Research to make Religion Relevant. Also includes 12 photographs of Nouwen for the press.

Malcolm M. Crawford fonds

  • UTA 1187
  • Fonds
  • 1929-1930

Photographs of cases that appeared before Crawford, 1929-1930, showing traffic accidents and victims of violent deaths, created for use by City Coroner Malcolm McLachlan, who was also Associate Professor of Medical Jurisprudence at the University of Toronto.

Crawford, Malcolm McLachlan

Photographs of Nouwen, family and friends

File consists of three photographs of Nouwen, wearing green plaid shirt, at a party with various family members (including his brother, Paul Nouwen, and niece, Laura Nouwen), and friends (including Flying Rodleigh members, Jennie Stevens and Jon Griggs, and Bart Gavigan).

Blake Marani Family fonds

  • UTA 1192
  • Fonds
  • 1916-1918

This small accession contains the following:

  • Letter from Gerald Blake at the front to his Uncle in 1915, a letter from his cousin Clara Benson to his mother regarding his death, 1916 and a telegram from informing the Blake family of Gerald Blake's death.
  • Reminiscence by Constance Blake Marani when she worked in Hart House under Dr. Bott and Dr. Blatz during the World War I as well as postcards she received from soldiers serving overseas.
  • Transcripts of six World War I letters home from Geoffrey Marani June - Nov 1918.
  • Photograph of Ferdinand Marani in WWI uniform, ca. 1916
  • Two digital scanned copies of family photos: Constance Blake in the nursing type uniform worn in Rehabilitation Hospital at Hart House; Prof Van der Smissen surrounded by his son, nephews and young brother-in-law. ca. 1905.

Blake Marani Family

Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre, Hong Kong - Summer 1994

File consists of a fax from Daniel Yeung inviting Nouwen to the Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre in Hong Kong to teach in the Summer of 1994. Includes description of the Centre's history, mission, and resources. Includes the original of the letter sent by fax and a copy of the Centre's publication "Areopagus" vol. 5, no. 4, Christmas cards and postcards from the Centre, and photographs of the Centre. There is no indication that this invitation was accepted.

James Herbert White fonds

  • UTA 1193
  • Fonds
  • [188-]-1962

Papers of Professor James Herbert White, Professor Emeritus of Forestry, consisting of student notebooks, field notes, correspondence, publications, and maps. The last include oversized maps relating to a forest regeneration project in Ontario (1930) and topographical maps annotated by White showing timber concessions in Ontario from the 1880s; and pulpwood concessions in Ontario (post-1926). Photographs depict outdoor views of timber areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan taken in connection with the forestry studies of J. H. White and his colleagues.

White, J. H. (James Herbert)

Dale (William) Family fonds

  • UTA 1193
  • Fonds
  • 1850-1986

Fonds consists of 2 accessions:

B1975-0013 (2 boxes, 1850-1921): Journal and notes by William Dale relating to his stay in Quebec and science subjects, such as, biology, geology, and math. Included are Dale's correspondence protesting against university hiring and pay. Also, contains press clippings and incoming correspondence to William Dale's daughter, Frances Dale, who researched on her father's past as a student and his role in the student protest of 1895.

B2002-0017 (12 boxes, 1868-1986) : This accession documents the life and times of William Dale, professor of classics and Roman history, his wife and his children, primarily Margaret and Frances Dale. This family’s papers consist of three sous-fonds: the papers of Prof. William Dale, the papers of his wife, Frederika (Frieda) Ryckman Dale, and the papers of their daughter, Fredericka Frances Dale. The records in this accession provide an important historical resource on academic life at the University of Toronto as seen through the eyes of a controversial faculty member in the 19th century, and by two students in the early 20th century.

The William Dale sous-fonds documents through diaries, essays, speeches, teaching and lecture notes the academic achievements and contributions of this 19th century former professor of classics and Roman history at the University of Toronto and two other universities. William Dale’s contribution to the development of the curriculum of study in Classics has been described by Robert Wilhelm: “Together, Maurice Hutton and William Dale were responsible for transforming the miscellaneous Classical Curriculum of University College into a course of study that exhibited greater rigor and careful selection of the readings. Dale appeared to have been the guiding force and influence behind the changes in the classics curriculum; his journals showed him working out the details of the courses and the readings and making comparisons between the curriculum at Toronto and the course of study at Oxford.”

His diaries record not only his daily academic and personal activities, but also his impressions, observations and opinions on local and national events, religion, politics, books, and education. They are fairly complete from his student days prior to entering the University of Toronto, through his undergraduate and graduate years (1873), his first teaching experiences, particular at the English High School in Quebec City to 8 of his 11 years as Lecturer and Associate Professor in the Department of Classics (1884-1892). They are especially rich in documenting the operation of the University in general and the Dept. of Classics in particular. Dale wrote essays, lectures and speeches that went largely unpublished. Many of these manuscripts are contained in this sous-fonds, often heavily annotated by his daughter Frances as she organized his papers.

Complementing the William Dale sous-fonds are the papers of his wife, the former Frederika (Frieda) Ryckman whom he met while teaching at Queen’s University following his dismissal from the University of Toronto in 1895. This sous-fonds consists almost entirely of correspondence from William both before and after their marriage in 1901, and from her children and other family members following his death in 1921. The courtship letters from William Dale document not only his love and their relationship, but also his academic and farming activities. Following their marriage, the correspondence describes his activities while on trips to Toronto to teach at McMaster, the local activities in St. Marys and the surrounding farming community when he attended to their farm. The letters are also filled with his discussions of their relationship, family members and the birth of their children. Following Dale’s death in 1921, the correspondence is almost entirely from her two eldest daughters, Margaret and Frances. Records relating to the other children, William Douglas and Emmaline, are sparse, consisting mainly of a few letters from Margaret and Frances and press clippings on birth and marriage. The letters from Margaret and Frances are a rich resource of information on the day to day activities of two female university students living in Toronto in the 1920s. The daughters kept their mother regularly informed on social activities, the weather, lectures and impressions of professors, and their friends. Following this series of correspondence are files of personal documents relating more generally to the Dale and Ryckman families. Included are Mrs. Dale’s diary of her trip with her daughter Frances to Europe in 1934, her marriage certificate, educational diplomas and a file of correspondence between the Dale children during the 1920’s.

The final sous-fonds consists of the papers of Frances Dale. The first three series of diaries, correspondence and University of Toronto materials complement the sous-fonds of her parents. The diaries especially complement the correspondence in sous-fonds 2 since they provide the day to day record of her experience at the University of Toronto, her early career as a high school teacher and her enduring interest in physical education for women. The trip diaries of 1934 and 1936 are filled with her impressions of shipboard travel, the places and people she saw and met and provide a glimpse of life in pre war Europe. Unfortunately there is no diary of her trip of 1939 to Europe immediate prior to World War II. The bulk of the correspondence concerns her research on her father William Dale begun in the 1950’s and which continued into the late 1980’s. This research prompted her to undertake the typing of transcripts of her father’s unpublished essays and these will be found in Series 4. During the 1970’s several academics contacted her regarding her father’s life, especially the event of his dismissal in 1895. Series 5 contains the draft manuscript of the play by James Reaney entitled “The Dismissal” which was undertaken during the University of Toronto’s sesquicentennial celebrations. Robert Wilhelm, a former student of Frances Dale, used the Dale papers to write a number of papers on Prof. Dale, one of which was published?… Manuscripts of these works are also found in this sous-fond.

Frances Dale was also an avid amateur photographer documenting her European trips, family and friends. Individual prints and negatives, as well as a scrapbook provide a unique insight into travelling during the 1930’s. She also collected pictures of her university days, and members of her family as she conducted her research.

Dale, William

Robert Edward Dale fonds

  • UTA 1194
  • Fonds
  • 1951-1953

Scrapbook of press clippings and copyprints relating to Bob Dale's athletic achievements in intercollegiate football; souvenir programme for football games; three copy photonegatives; one negative and one positive microfilm reel of the textual material.

Dale, Robert Edward

George Francis John Dalton fonds

  • UTA 1197
  • Fonds
  • 1911-1914

Course notes compiled by George Dalton and consisting of notes on lectures and laboratory work for the 2nd through 4th year programme in civil engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Also included is an annotated copy of 'Laboratory Instructions' for 3rd year students in the 'strength of materials' course in the Department of Applied Mechanics (n.d., but ca. 1911), and an examination timetable for 1914. photographs comprise part of the notebook in box 003, file 04.

Dalton, George Francis John

Immaculate Heart Hermitage, Camaldolese Monks - July 1994

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding a retreat by Nouwen and Frank Hamilton at the Immaculate Heart Hermitage, Camaldolese Monks, in Big Sur, California. Includes a letter and pictures from the Carmelite Monastery that Nouwen visited while he was in California. Also includes a copy of an article entitled "KQED documentary features Oakland resident and activist," accompanied by a letter from Rose Lucey.

James Arnold Dauphinee fonds

  • UTA 1199
  • Fonds
  • 1913-1983

The papers of James Arnold Dauphinee are a particularly fine representation of their type. Highly intelligent and inventive, Dr. Dauphinee had an international reputation in his field, pathological chemistry. He maintained a broad range of other interest, from music to philately, and was known to play the occasional game of golf. He was something of a packrat but, fortunately, also a meticulous record keeper. His papers are of value to the reader from a number of perspectives. A history of the Department of Pathological Chemistry could not be written without reference to them. Dr. Dauphinee's files cover the years 1934-1972 and he also preserved some of the papers of his predecessor as head, Andrew Hunter. The Department is not well represented elsewhere in the holdings in the University Archives.

Dr. Dauphinee was very interested in new developments in research. After his return from military service during World War II, he became deeply involved in the study of the effects of radiation on the human body. His papers are a rich resource for this pioneering work, as they are for the work he began as a medical student on arginase and the functioning of the liver and carried on throughout the rest of his life. Dr. Dauphinee wrote numerous scientific papers, many of which were published. Some very interesting ones exist in draft form only, but contain his evolving ideas on problems being studied. He also believed in the wider dissemination of information, and was much in demand as a speaker. His papers contain many of his addresses and document his enthusiastic support of organizations such as the Royal Canadian. Institute.

He was also keenly interested in professional development and the maintenance of high standards in his discipline. He belonged to a large number of professional associations and devoted much energy to some of them, including the I College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. The qualities evident here and in his research were also reflected in his relationship with his patients. His concern for their well-being is evident in his extensive patient files and in the records he kept while on active service during World War II.

Dauphinee, James Arnold


Photographs of Dr. Rhodes at various professional meetings and functions. There are also several portraits of Dr. Rhodes in his office and at his desk as well as passport shots of himself and his wife Harriette.

Honours from Queen's University and Victoria University, and for eightieth birthday

File contains photographs, nomination letters, introductory speeches, newspaper clippings, programs, and correspondence relating to John Beckwith’s awards and honours, including: Diplôme d’honneur (1996); an honorary doctorate from Queen’s University (1998); an honorary doctorate from Victoria University (1999); 80th birthday celebrations at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto (2007); Lauréat du Prix Amis de la musique canadienne (2010); Friends of Canadian Music Award (2011); the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2013); Arts & Letters Award (2013); and Distinguished Fine Arts Alumni award from Oak Bay High School (2015).

Opera school

File contains programs, photographs, and some correspondence regarding the Opera School at the Faculty of Music.

Photographs of [Ireland]

File consists of 104 slides featuring photographs likely taken in Ireland and in the United Kingdom. Photographs feature unknown individuals in unknown landscapes. There are some photographs of mountains, stone markers, and a photograph of a group of priests in front of a stone church (P4146). There is one photograph featuring a bust of John Henry Cardinal Newman (P4091). There is one image featuring a city street with double-decker buses (P4105).

Page 12 of Album 5

File consists of page 12 of Album 5. There are eight photographs on the page [P6647, P6648, P6649, P6650, P6651, P6652, P6653, P6654]. Taken during the summer of 1951 on a trip to Italy, Henri Nouwen is seen at various locations including in the mountains near Turin; ruins in Ostia; the Engelenburcht [Castel Sant'Angelo] in Rome; and the ancient city of Palestrina. The annotations on the page read: "Zomer 1951 Assisi poortje van [pro-civitate?]", "Zomer 1951 in de bergen bij Turijn met [Pietro Vatican?]", "Zomer 1950 met [Fiammetta?] naar Ostia", "1950 Ostia", "Op de Engelenburcht" and "boven Palestrina".

Luigi von Kunits

File consists of a photograph of Luigi von Kunits by the Van Eeden Studio (Toronto) and a photograph of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra with von Kunits conducting (ca. 1923-1931). The file also contains the following score:

  • Souvenir de Moscou : op. 6 : for violin and piano by Henri Wieniawski (Braunschweig: Henry Litolff's Verlag, [191-?]), with annotations and autograph by Kunits
  • Kunits' cadenza to Brahms' Violin Concerto, op. 77 (handwritten, "property of [Eugene] Kash")
  • Popular Songs : transcription by Kunits (containing "Scenes that are brightest"from Maritana by W.V. Wallace, transcribed for [solo violin?] and piano).

Graphic material

This series consists of photoprints, photonegatives, and slides assembled by Dr. Glass in the course of his research, teaching duties, his writing, and for his public addresses and lectures, which are not specifically connected to manuscript material in other series.

The arrangement of the photographs and negatives is generally by topic. There is a representative sampling of images from the Institute for Aerospace Studies, of Dr. Glass' involvement with Avro Corporation and with NASA, and of various aspects of his research.

A number of the slides relate to unidentified lectures. The remainder is arranged by topic, generally in alphabetical order.

Boxes B1994/0033/003P, 009P, and 010P contain material that largely, or in part, belongs to series 9.


These are mainly 35 mm strip negatives mostly likely relating to the photos in series above although a relationship is not easily established. There are two sets:

515 negatives: colour
Most are European photographs but the number system does not match those found in Series 8 (Europe 1964 photos). Most were probably taken for vault research and have been cut and resorted according to location and architectural characteristics. There are also photographs of proposed plans for Toronto City Hall and other buildings in the Toronto area.

Approx. 1500-2000 negatives: b&w
These are rolls of black and white negatives. Approximately half are photos and drawn figures for the Gothic Vault. Others are images of various buildings and architectural drawings and models. Unlike most of the images in other series, these are completely unidentified and may have served as a preservation set.

Page 12 of Album 10

File consists of page 12 of Album 10. There are nine photographs on the page [P7638, P7639, P7640, P7641, P7642, P7643, P7644, P7645, P7646]. Taken at a Yale Divinity School graduation party, students and faculty, including Bob Massie [P7642], Rick Vanasse [P7643] and Ed Dobihall [P7644] are seen celebrating outdoors.

Page 12 of Album 11

File consists of page 12 of Album 11. There is one textual record on the page [P7823]. The item is a slip of paper from a ringed notebook with notes written by Henri Nouwen and an unknown hand.

Page 12 of Album 14

File consists of page 12 of Album 14. There are four photographs on the page [P8500, P8501, P8502, P8503]. Taken on February 3, 1964 at the Hooge Hoenderberg, Henri Nouwen's friends and Laurien Nouwen are seen drinking and conversing at a party in celebration of him completing his psychology doctoral exam.

Accession B1989-0046

Consists of biographical files, mementoes, addresses, manuscripts and publications (1950-1988), curricula and lecture notes in epidemiology (1960's to 1976), lecture notes in public health sanitation, international health, and School of Hygiene documenting Prof. le Riche's career in epidemiology in the School of Hygiene and its successor departments. Includes photoprints.

Photographs and media

This series contains photographs, glass latern slides, photographic slides and a collection of reel to reel films belonging to MacIntosh. Most of the media covers MacIntosh’s professional life: surgical images, patient photographs, procedure documentation and lecture and statistical slides. There are also a small number of personal and family photographic slides which document various family trips and events. Also included is a set of photographs of the HMS Philante, the escort vessel which MacIntosh served on with Royal Navy during the Second World War.


This series encompasses Dr. Hogg's postsecondary education including her undergraduate schooling at Mount Holyoke College culminating in her earning an A.B. (Magna Cum Laude) in 1926, her graduation from Radcliffe College with an A.M. in 1928 and a Ph.D. in 1931. The series is comprised mainly of course outlines, course and laboratory notes, term papers, examinations, miscellaneous school-related assignments as well as Mount Holyoke and Radcliffe memorabilia. It includes a copy of Dr. Hogg's Ph.D. thesis as well as a critique of it by Harlow Shapley. Some examples of elementary and secondary school notebooks and exercises are also present.

Files B2015-0007/004 (11) & (12) consists of honorary degrees from the University of Toronto (1977), Mount Holyoke College, University of Waterloo, McMaster University, and Saint Mary’s University.

Collected materials

Series consists of material collected by Nouwen on topics, people, and issues of interest. Nouwen used this material for articles, books, lectures, talks, sermons, general interest, and as reference for his duties as pastor, friend, researcher, and writer. Includes journal articles, books, sound recordings, newspaper clippings, photographs, newsletters, and manuscripts. See sub-series level descriptions for more detail.

The series has been arranged in the following six sub-series:
1.12.1. Materials regarding Thomas Merton
1.12.2. Circus material (excluding unpublished manuscripts which are located in the Manuscript Series)
1.12.3. Collected articles
1.12.4. Collected audio cassettes
1.12.5. Postcards and icons
1.12.6. Materials regarding Seward Hiltner

Clippings, programmes, photographs, letters related to Zola

-Le Charivari, 4 April 1888. This comic newspaper loved poking fun at Zola. In this issue, a satirical article on Zola's political ambitions, entitled "Zola Consultant", signed Cascadio (p. 1-2).
-Theatre du Vaudeville, 20 May 1892. Programme for a one-time matinee performance of Zola's Therese Raquin at the Theatre du Vaudeville in support of the Oeuvre de la Societe maternelle parisienne (La Pouponnière), a benefit organization for orphaned children.
-Signed theatre programme for a special matinee in support of a tomb and a monument for Henry Becque, 31 May 1904. The matinee featured drama, a lecture and a poetry reading. The programme is signed by Victories Sardou, Georges de Porto-Riche, Emile Fabre and Camille Le Sense.
-3 photographs (one of H. Becque as a young man, two of his monument).
-Autograph letter from [signature illegible – great-nephew of Becque] to Madame Georges Ancey, dated «le 23 novembre 1932». Is preparing an edition of Henry Becque’s work – knows that Becque and Ancey were close. Is inquiring if there are letters and documents he could consult. Antoine told him that it could be the case.
-Autograph letter from J. Molbert [?] to [?], dated «3 juin 1905». Asks for tickets for the play. Praises the play, which is penetrating and passionate.

Canoe trips

Dr. Solandt was introduced to canoes at an early age but did not take up the sport seriously until he was 41. The group that assembled for the first canoe trip into Quetico Park in 1952 formed the core of what subsequently became the

Page 12 of Album 3

File consists of page 12 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6434]. Take by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a full-body shot of Henri Nouwen leaning against a post along a canal in Utrecht.


Binder contains 103 B&W negatives, 7 colour negatives, and 26 B&W photographs depicting portraits of Spanish prof. D. Leon, Astronomy prof. C. Dyer, "The Attic" pub manager, Acting Principal John Perz, and T. Singh, campus grounds, the sculpture, faculty and staff at the patio party ceremony, students, volleyball, unidentified sports teams, campus grounds in winter, Dr. and Mrs. Urquhart dinner, Prof. J. Quick and Physics students in lab, multimedia open house in Meeting Place, students in snow, Prof. N. Eyes and Geology students at Scar. Bluffs, Math Lab with Mary Horrigan, 1990 Orientation, A. Rosselet with N. Mulgrave of Academic Services, the Canadian Flaf, students around campus, Child Care Centre services, G. Ivy & students in lab, and C. Johnston and students profiled for "Campus Close-Up". Handwritten labels included are "D. Leon Spanish Portrait", "School", "School Shots", "Patio Party Ceremony", "Students", "Students/Sports", "Exterior Winter", "Dinner", "Physics Students in Lab - Prof. J. Quick", "Multimedia Open House Meeting Place", "Charles Dyer Astronomy", "Snow Scenes at College", "Geology Students at Scar. Bluffs: Prof. N. Eyles", "Math Lab with Mary Horrigan", "Scar. College Orientation", "William Barek", "'The Attic' Pub Manager", "Acting Principal John Perz", "Academic Services} Alan Rosselet with Norma Mulgrave; the Bev", "Scarborough College DHall", "Math Computer Lab Mary Horrigan", "G. Ivy & Students in Lab", and "Terry Singh Students in Pub - Christine Johnston Profiled all for "Campus Close-up".

Architecture; Architecture and recreation; Athletics and recreation; Award ceremonies; Ceremonies and celebrations; Computers and technology; Department of Arts, Culture and Media; Department of Computer and Mathematics; Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences; Faculty; Humanities Wing; Laboratories; Lectures; Mathematics proram; Meeting Place; Opening ceremonies; Physics and Astrophysics program; Principal; Professors; Residential architecture; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Science Wing; Sculpture; Staff; Students; Students and teachers; Students - - Athletics and recreation; Studying; University Buildings; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.; Volleyball; Athletics; Science and Technology; Buildings - Exteriors; Buildings - Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - Ceremonies; Events - General; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Grounds - Campus Views' Grouonds - Landscapes; Portraits - Faculty and Staff; Portraits - Sports Teams; Students - General; Students - Activities

Events 1- Mostly Principals

File contains a total of 21 B&W photographs and 3 Colour photographs depicting events involving mostly Principals at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; various sizes; multiple copies collected together; waxpaper on the back of some photographs; group portraits; staff and faculty during celebrations and socials; speeches and award ceremonies; opening ceremonies; Exhibitions; verso captions include: "Co-Chairs of Graditude '92 Kristy Phillips & Betty Femeira present cheque to Principal Thompson Celebration of Stars 1992"; " 60%" ; "Decemmol Ball S.C"; "Participants in the ceremony to officially open N'Sheemaehn, the Scarborough Campus Child Care Centre are: Alvin Curling (MPP); Marla Miller, President N'Sheemaehn Board of Directors; Councillor Ron Moeser; U of T President Robert Prichnard; Scarborough Mayor Joyce Trimmer and Scarborough Campus Principal Paul Thompson (with arrested children) Photo: David Harford"; "Installation Principal Thompson 1989" ; "Paul Thompson painting a 15-minute masterpiece at the Scarborough Town Centre part of Arts Week 1990."; "Paul Thompson"; "Arbor Awards Leo Luk & Rob Richard-May 15/91 50%"; "Installation Principal Thompson-1989"; "Open house 1989"; "Grand Opening of N'Sheemaehn- Scarborough Campus Child Care Centre October 13/90"; "U of T Day 86"; "20X25 cm"; "Happy First Birthday N'Sheemaehn- U of T Day 1991"; "Pumpkin Carving- Mayor Joyce Trimmer Principal Paul Thompson- U of T Open House 1991."; velcro at the back of some photos.

Aerial Photographs; Alumni; Alumni and Alumnae; Alumni Association; Award Ceremonies; Banquets; Ceremonies and Celebrations; Dean; Events-Performances; Exhibitions; Events- Celebrations and Socials; Events-Ceremonies; Events- General; Events-Meetings; Events- Military; Faculty; Grounds-Campus Views; Ground Breaking Ceremonies; N'Sheemaehn Daycare; Open house; Opening Ceremonies; Principal; Professors; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Staff; Students- Activities; Students-General; Students and teachers; Thompson, R. Paul, 1947-; University Buildings; University of Toronto at Scarborough Campus; Vice-principal;

Events 2- U of T Days

File contains a total of 71 B&W photographs and 10 Colour photographs depicting events involving children and faculty; various sizes; multiple copies collected together; velcro on the back of many photographs; groups portraits; staff and faculty during celebrations and socials; opening ceremonies; verso captions include: "Open House"; "U of T Day"; "Academic Showcase '93"; "96"; "88"; "Open House- Prof Sawchuck"; "U of T Day '89" "S.C Open House Nov 6/84"; "Photo #10 p. 3"; Various photos say "Open House' 89"; "Photo #2, p.1 Open House '89"; "Open House 89 Nov 6- Chris Ambidye + Brian"; "S.C Open House 80"; "UT Day' 89"; "41/2 wide into 3 3/8 wide shoot 75% 3 5/16 deep into 2 1/2 deep"; "Ann Boddington Bake Sale U of T Day '91"; "U of T Day '91"; "Mayride- U of T Day '91"; " Open House '89"; "Paul Thompson +Joyce Trimmer U of T Day '91"; "John Kennedy, Psychology 1989"; "U of T Day '91"; "Open House Nov.6/82"; "Harmony performing on U of T Day; Oct 17/92"; "U of T Day- 1990"; "Scarborough Chemistry Student demonstrates turning copper into silver, then gold. 25th Anniversary Open House 1989"; "UT Day '89- A Scarborough Chemistry Student demonstrates how a sharp object may be pushed through a balloon without breaking it, making "balloon-shish-kebobs" Part of Chemistry demon "Science, not magic"; "Rides around the campus grounds were provided for visitors to the Scarborough Campus U of T Day Open House"; "Jack Gransky- U of T Day '91"; "Children's Fair- U of T Day- Open House- Oct 13/90"; "N'Sheemaehn 1st Birthday at U of T Day'91-Sherene Shaw Ken Morrish, Ron Moeser, Paul Thompson, Joyce Trimmer, Derek Lee; "Haywagon rides, U of T Day Open House 1991"; "U of T Day Children at Craft Sale-1991"; "Markham Museum Apple Press- U of T Day Open House- 1991";

Aerial Photographs; Alumni; Alumni and Alumnae; Arts and crafts movements; Artwork; Award; Chemistry; Ceremonies;Ceremonies and Celebrations; Exhibitions; Events;Events-Celebrations and Socials; Events-Ceremonies; Events-General; Events-Performances; Exhibitions; Faculty; Faculty and Staff-General; Ground breaking ceremonies; Grounds-Campus views; Meeting Place; Music; Musical Group; N'Sheemaehn Daycare; Open House; Opening Ceremonies; Paul Thompson; Performances; Principal; Programmes; Science Wing; Scarborough (Ont); Scarborough College; Staff; Students; Students-Activities; Students- Music; University of Toronto at Scarborough; Vice-Principal;


File contains a total of 32 coloured photographs and 8 B&W photographs depicting the exterior of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; various sizes; multiple copies; buildings- exteriors; 7 photos of "Flood in Valley- July 2000- Around UTSC"; photographs of nature; exterior buildings photographed from different angles;

Architecture; Buildings; Buildings-Exteriors; Buildings-Construction; Buildings-Details; Flood; Grounds-Campus Views; Grounds-Landscapes; Grounds- Monuments; Grounds-Streetscapes; Highland Creek Valley; Humanities Wing; Scarborough (Ont); Science Wing; University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; Valley;

[unlabeled black binder]

Binder contains 280 B&W negatives and 67 B&W photographs depicting portraits of T. Williams from the English Dept, J. Towgood from the Drama Dept, F. Burton, W.M. Barak, M. Eaton, F. Iacouetta, Art student J. Wong, S. Sidiuy from Philosophy, English professor G. Leonard, Residences Don Sherri, C. Johnson, A. Young, and T. Singh for "Campus Closeup", the Student Counselling Services, Fine Arts professor M. Shaw, Physical Services Staff including D. Nyklicek, R. Bryan, B. Hill, B. Smith, J-L. Black, and M. Szatmari, Women's Studies panelists including K. Davis, V. Swendell and R. Ng, Librarian J. Ball, Geology prof. N. Eyles, Psychology professor G. Cupchik, Astronomy professor C. Sandberg, Summer Don for student residences Anya, Residences staff J. Hatt and Mary, MGT and Ec. Teaching Award Winner T.Lipovitz, Winter Student Residences Dons including T. VanSeles, A. Bennett, L. Shipley, D. Cameron, and C. Swilzer [sp?], Parking Attendants J. Woodcock and A. Kostpulos, Chemistry prof. J. Kresge, Management and Economics professor O. Bermin, Chemistry profs J. McLelland and T. Tidwell, T. Westbrook and D. Gradowski from the Graphics Dept., M. Gornik and K. Jones from the Audio Visual Dept., D. Daley, Acting Principal J. Perr, new medical staff from Health Services Dr. S. Maenpaa and Dr. S. Jattan, Disability Services Dept., Campus Security Officer, and artist S. Schlanger, students participating in the "Science Olympics", NSERC Winners J. Mendelson (Psych) and C. Hasenkampf, Women's Day, L. Melhori, Hoogstraten and Abray in Gallery, Principal Thompson presenting Dr. Campbell award to M. Millar from the Library, Academic Services, Computer Room Open House, Principal Thompson and others at the Evening of Stars event, Scar. College vs. Erindale Baseball game in the Valley with Principal Thompson, Grade 3 ESL Students from Military Trail P.S., Academic Services Workshops including Printing with C. Billy, T. Mohr, and R. Strowbridge, A. Rudel filing slides on computer, "Dragon Ball" cheque presentation to Scar. College with Principal Thompson, M. Eaton and W. Barek with students in computer course, physical plant, GALA Lunch in Valley of Lunch Walkers, student Orientation in Meeting Place, Orientation Sunday, Child Care Centre Second Anniversary, New Security Desk Open House, and the bookstore Staff. Handwritten labels included are "Tish Williams - English Dept Joanne Towgood - Drama", "Multi-Media Group: Graphix Dept. William Barak Prof. F. Burton, Mathew Eaton", "Franca Iacouetta", "Joanne Towgood Drama", "Tisa Williams Student - English Dept.", "John Wong - Art Student Sonia Sidiuy - Philosophy", "Gary Leonard - English Dept Franca Iacouetta - History Dept", "Sonia Sidiuy - Philosophy Dept", "Residences Don - Sherri", "Christine Johnson in 'Campus Close- up'", "Alice Young Terry Singh} Pix for 'Campus Close-up'", "Student Counselling Services", "Science Olympics", "Maria Shaw - Fine Arts", "NSERC Winner Julie Mendelson - Psych and Clare Hasenkampf", "Physical Services Staff", "Women's Day: NSERC Winners - Julie Mendelson & Clare Hasenkampf Lise Melhorn - Gallery", "Panelists - Women's Studies Day", "Dr. Campbell Award Maria Millar - Library with Princ. P. Thompson", "John Ball, Library", "Prof. Niel Eyles - Geology Prof. Gerry Cupchik - Psychology", "PRof. Carl Sandberg Astronomy", "Academic Services Computer Room Open House", "Summer Don - Student Residences

Artwork; Athletics and Recreation; Automobiles; Award ceremonies; Ball, John L.; Ceremonies and celebrations; Chemistry program; Computer Science program; Computers and technology; Department of Arts, Culture and Media; Department of Computer and Mathematics; Department of English; Department of Historical and Cultural Studies; Department of Management; Department of Philosophy; Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences; Department of Psychology; Donations; Doris McCarthy Gallery; Economics program; English program; Exhibitions; Faculty; Gallery; Health; Health Studies; Highland Creek Valley (Ont.); History program; Laboratories; Lectures; Librarians; Library; Mathematics program; Meeting Place; Open house; Philosophy program; Principal; Professors; Psychology program; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Scarborough College. Gallery; Staff; Students; Students and teachers; Students - - Art; Students - - Athletics and recreation; Thompson, R. Paul, 1947-; University Buildings; University of Toronto at Scarborough. Gallery; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus. Women's and Gender Studies program; Women's and Gender Studies program; Artwork; Athletics; Science and Technology; Women; Buildings Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - Ceremonies; Events - General; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Portraits - Students; Portraits - Faculty and Staff; Students - General

EVENTS & STAFF 1993 [black]

Binder contains 230 B&W negatives and 52 B&W photographs depicting construction, portraits of L. Fenton, B. Dick, E. Nolan, S. Sayer, C. Hollett, K. Bojti, H. Eamon, and P. Nork from "The Tempest" cast, Associate Dean M. Cuddy-Keane, Political Sc. professor G. Skogstad, Fine Arts professor L. Carney, and Principal Thompson, TV studio renovations, I. Brown and grad students in lab, campus grounds, students playing chess, computers, Orientation, Princ. Thompson speaking at Orientation, S.C. Political Sciences Group with Adm. Asst. C. Tuck, R. Manbur, A. Guess, and R. Blair, L.L. Browne Theatre construction including the elevator shaft installation and donor board, L.L. Browne Theatre opening with Principal Thompson, R. Bryan and students in the Soil Erosion Lab, UTSC Open House, 3000 year old stump from Clayoquot Sound, G. Ivy and students in lab, TV studio and equipment, students in office setting for Co-Op program, and a telescope at Orientation. Handwritten labels included are "Lisa Fenton Tempset - Cast", "TV Renovations", "Ian Brown & Grad Students in Lab", "TV Studio Renovations", "Studio Renovations", "Orientation", "Melba Cuddy-Keane Assoc. Dean", "S.C. Political Sciences Group with Carol Tuck Adm. Asst.", "L.L. Browne Theatre", "Theatre Elevator Shaft Installation", "Donour Board L.L. Brown Theatre", "L.L. Brownee Theatre Opening", "G. Skogstad Political SC.", "Bill Dick - Cast Tempest", "Eamonn Nolan - Cast Tempest", "Shaun Sayer Tempest - Cast", "Chad Hollett Tempest - Cast", "Karen Bojti - Tempest Cast", "Heather Eaman 461.7812 Tempest - Cast", "Paul Nork "Tempest" - Cast", "Soil Erosion Lab in Operation with Students & R. Bryan", "Open House", "3000 Yr. Old Stump from Clayquot Sound", "Laura Carney Fine Arts", "G. Ivy & Students in lab", "Soil Erosion Lab - Photographer David Harford", "TV Studio", "Co-Op PGM: student in office setting", "Orientation Telescope", and "'New' Principal Paul Thompson".

Actors; Architecture; Architecture and recreation; Ceremonies and celebrations; Computer Science program; Computers and technology; Construction; Dean; Department of Arts, Culture and Media; Department of Computer and Mathematics; Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences; Educational television; Faculty; Laboratories; Lectures; Open house; Opening ceremonies; Principal; Professors; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Staff; Students; Students and teachers; Students - - Drama; Studio program; Studios; Studying; Television studio; Theatre; Theatre & Performance Studies program; Thompson, R. Paul, 1947 - ; University Buildings; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.; Science and Technology; Buildings - Exteriors; Buildings - Construction; Buildings - Details; Buildings - Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - Ceremonies; Events - General; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Research; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Grounds - Campus Views; Portraits - Students; Portraits - Faculty and Staff; Students - General; Students - Drama and Music

EVENTS & STAFF 1993 [blue]

 Binder contains 214 B&W negatives and 49 B&W photographs depicting students on the grounds, an Open House, a bike demonstration, college grounds for Biology book D.D.W., sculptures, artist R.Baird and her First Nations bird feeder project with D.Holman, FirstNations dancers and musicians S. Buck and Amos, students with computers, D.R. Campbell Award, tree planting and new recycling plants on Arbour Day, Celebration of Stars in the Meeting Place, TV Studio Renovations, and the barn and stables fire, portraits of D. Boll and M. Young from Counselling Services, the Physical Services staff, S. Parsons from the Post Office, D. Perry from the Registrar, Geography prof. B. Greenwood, campus police, Summer and Winter residences Dons M. Chedore-Cantin R. Walsh, L. Thompson, C. Tonge, and B. Malyar, Phys. Sciences prof. J. Yamazaki, Humanities professor L. Pickup, Zoology professor A. Weatherley, Sociology professor A. Severs, and L. Marie. Handwritten labels included are "Open House", "Diane Boll & Martha Young Councelling Services", "College Grounds for Biology Book D.D.W.", "Scar. College", "Physical Services Staff", "Sandy Parsons Post Office", "David Perry - Registrar Brian Greenwood - Geography", "David Perry/Registrar", "Rebecca Baird - 1st Nations Project Artist", "First Nations - Rebecca Baird - Bird Feeder Construction", "Installation of Bird Feeder First Nations: Rebecca Baird & Don Holman", "Campus Police", "First Nations: Gallery Opening Rebecca Baird", "First Nations: Dance & Musician Sadie Buck & Amos", "D.R. Campbell Award", "Arbour Day", "Arbour Day & New Recycling Stands", "Residences - Summer & Winter Melanie Chedore-Cantin & Riscylla Walsh", "Residences Summer/Winter Dons Lorra Thompson & Sandhya Rand", "Residence Summer & Winter Dons Calvin Tonge & Baryalay Malyar", "Residence Summer/Winter Dons - Riscylla Walsh", "June Yamazaki. Phys. Sciences", "Lois Pickup Humanities", "Alan Weatherley. Zoology", "Celebration of Stars in Meeting Place", "Prof. A. Severs Sociology", "Liane Marie - 469.0552", "TV Studio Renovations""TV Studio Reno", and "Barn Fire". Binder also includes the January, 1993 edition of "Internally Yours Scarborough Campus Faculty and Staff Newsletter", an April 22, 1993 Memorandum to "All Members of the College" from the "Physical Plant Services Staff" about "ARBOUR DAY - 30 April, 1993", and correspondence from the Office of the Principal and Dean on September 28, 1993 about the fire that destroyed the barn and stables.

Architecture; Architecture and recreation; Artwork; Banquets; Ceremonies and celebrations; Computers and technology; Construction; Department of Arts, Culture and Media; Department of Biological Sciences; Department of Computer and Mathematics; Department of Physical& Environmental Sciences; Department of Social Sciences; Events - Performances; Exhibitions; Faculty; Fire; Gallery; Humanities Wing; Meeting Place; Open house; Performances; Professors; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Scarborough College. Gallery; Science Wing; Sculpture; Stables; Staff; Students; Students and teachers; Students - - Art; Studios; Studying; Television studio; University Buildings; University of Toronto at Scarborough. Gallery; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.; Artwork; Science and Technology; Buildings - Exteriors; Buildings - Construction; Buildings - Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - General; Events - Performances; Faculty and Staff - General; Grounds - Campus Views; Grounds - Landscapes; Portraits - Students; Portraits - Faculty and Staff; Students - General; Students - Drama and Music

Field Trips

File contains a total of 45 B&W photographs and 4 coloured photographs depicting many field trips of students and faculty of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; various sizes; multiple copies collected together; waxpaper and writing on the back of some of the photographs; sticky notes on some of the photographs; verso descriptions include: " ARCHEOLOGY Class 96"; "Archeology Class 1996 Guild Inn"; "Environmental Science"; "Professor Ken Howard-Geology 1989"; "Environmental Science Camp"; "Gloria Morris, Shirley Miel, Mr. Ball & Jean Queen- April 22/94"; "John Ball Retirement-April 22/94"; "Experiment in progress in research flume, which will be housed in Scarborough's new soil Erosion Research Laboratory"; "Orientation Sunday- John Kennedy"; "Nick Eyles With geology class on Scarborough Bluffs"; "Prof Rorke Bryan: Earth+Enviro Science"; "Physics"; "Scarborough College- David Harford";

Aerial photographs; Anthropology; Archeology; Buildings- Exteriors; Buildings-Construction Camp; Environment; Environmental Science Program; Erosion; Events-General; Faculty and Staff-General; Field Trips; Geology; Grounds- Landscapes; Grounds-Streetscapes; Laboratories; Nature; Orientation; Physics; Professors; Retirement; Scarborough (Ont); Science; Soil; Staff; Students-General; Students and Teachers; Transportation; University of Toronto Scarborough Campus;


File contains a total of 164 coloured photographs and 1 B&W photograph depicting management faculty and students at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; various sizes; multiple copies collected together; some photographs are placed in envelopes; some photographs are printed on brochure paper; business faculty and students; professional photographs; verso descriptions include: "Management Seminar Series 2000"; "TUCOW.COM Exec (Alumni) Visits Management"; "WALID-2001"; "WALID 2001 classroom"; "Alan Weatherley retired-1993"; "56521-Mary's #2 Shelburne-Sept 4/98";

Aerial Photographs; Alumni, Alumni and Alumnae; Business Administration program; Certificate in Business program; Co-op Management Program; Department of Management; Economics program; Gallery; Humanities Wing; Lectures; Management; Management Wing; Professors; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Science Wing; Staff; Student groups; Students; Students and Teachers; University of Toronto at Scarborough Campus;

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