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Samuel Sobieski Nelles fonds
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Series consists of incoming and outgoing general and specific correspondence, 1856-1887, re a wide range of academic and University administrative subjects, and family correspondence, 1887-1962, after Nelles' death. Correspondents include Ege...

Journal. "Book of Random Thoughts."

Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, Newburgh, Port Hope, Toronto.Contains quotations, musings, small essays, daily plans, rules of conduct, character sketches, and a description of 1847 Conference held in Toronto (with remarks about figures such ...

Journal. "Random Thoughts and Mental Records." Toronto.

Contains a few quotations, some discussion of reading material. Most of journal concerned with self evaluation (state of his soul), with a general air of spiritual conflict. Discussion of state and church, relationship between scripture, reason, a...

Journal. "Random Thoughts and Mental Records." vol.2.

Contains thoughts on a variety of topics such as the Trinity, mysticism, the Reformation, revelations, moderation, the Holy Spirit, atonement, and the dangers of sectarianism. Makes a number of generalizations about human nature.

Diary. Cobourg.

Detailed account of daily activities, readings and thoughts with good insight into family and college routines. Not as introspective as the early journals,but does have occasional statements of beliefs. Discusses Aylesworth controversy, doctrine o...

Rowsell's Diary.

Most entries deal with family or college matters. Mentions petition against Professor William Kingston (mathematics and science).

Daily Journal.

Discusses university question and Morley Punshon's arrival. Shows close relationship with his children

General Correspondence

Letter from Dr. McCaul regarding application of former Victoria College students to University College (students had been suspended from Victoria for burning effigy of S.D. Rice), letter from Dr. John Beatty (professor of natural science) protesti...

Correspondence Between J.G. Hodgins and S.S. Nelles.

The originals of any photocopied letters in the correspondence between Hodgins and Nelles may be found in the personal papers of J.G. Hodgins which are held by the Archives of the United Church of Canada. Hodgins cites opinion of Rev. Henry Mattis...

Correspondence Between J.G. Hodgins and S.S. Nelles.

Nelles re: college prizes, Victoria out of debt, discusses college's policy regarding honorary degrees, invites Hodgins to convocation, Nelles hails the Mail as a worthy opponent of the Globe, Nelles supports provincial university and more in...

General Correspondence

Provincial Secretary's office re: Gilchrist Scholarship, Nelles to George Stevens re: payment of his subscription to college in furniture, Stevens' reply, John Torrance re: insurance of connexional property, amusing letter from Morley Pu...

General Correspondence

Adam Crooks (minister of education) re: University Bill, recommendation from E.O. Haven for position of natural science professor, Goldwin Smith accepts Nelles' invitation to speak at Victoria, James Mills re: establishment of scholarship by ...

General Correspondence

Lord Bishop of Quebec re: feasibility of common examinations for all those receiving degrees from Canadian universities, recommendations for honorary LL.D. for Cocker, James Mills re: Brethour's scholarship and college endowment scheme under ...

General Correspondence

Provost George Whitaker of Trinity College on systems of instruction, Goldwin Smith re: university consolidation, Mills on Brethour scholarship and need for scholarship money to attract good students, G.N. Tackabury re: topographical atlas, letter...

General Correspondence

Request from J.C. Dent for photo of Victoria College, request for replacement of diplomas from Dr. Hector Peltier, recommendation of C.M. Moss for position at Victoria by E.O. Haven, Moss's plans for his courses, John A. Williams thanks Nelle...

General Correspondence

Crooks re: Governor General's medals, letter to Governor General's secretary declining association with medals, authorization for release of books to J.H. Campbell for Webster Prize of 1880, Daniel Wilson on his appointment as president ...

General Correspondence.

Rev. C.W.E. Body (provost of Trinity College) requesting Nelles' opinion on enclosed draft of petition to be sent to Minister of Education re: new regulations for teaching in high schools, notice of meeting of Missionary Committee of Consulta...

Notebook of Lectures.

Lectures on Butler. October, 1867.Lecture on Paul's Life. March 13, 1870.Lecture on Biography of Paul. 1870Lectures on Logic. 1873.Lectures in Ethics. 1876-1877

Notebook of Lectures

Hamilton's Metaphysics. October, 1867.Metaphysics. 1869-1870.Psychology. September, 1871.Stewart's Discussion of God and a Future Life. 1872-1873.Ethics. (Wuttke) 1875-1876.

Notebook of Lectures.

Lectures and Questions on McCosh on Intuitions. n.d.Questions on Whewell's Elements. February, 1868.Questions on Locke. September, 1869.Lectures on Whewell's Elements. September, 1870.

Notebook of Lectures.

"On Logic." (Whately) n.d.Saturday Lectures to Preachers. (Homiletics) March 7, 1868.Lectures to Candidates for the Ministry. February-April, 1872.Lectures on Homiletics. March-May, 1873.Closing Lecture. April 30,1875.

Notebook of Lectures.

Lecture on Jouffroy. January, 1871.Lecture on Hamilton. November, 1873.Lectures on Ethics. Lectures on Logic. 1875, 1877, 1878, 1879.Lecture Notes on Whewell's Elements. n.d.

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