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Letters from Msgr. John J. Egan

File consists of letters from Msgr. John J. (Jack) Egan, Director of the Center for Pastoral and Social Ministry at the University of Notre Dame, including a letter from Egan to Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC, and a copy of letter sent to Egan from Mst. Rev. Joseph L. Bernardin, Archbishop of Chicago.

Chicago Sunday Evening Club - September 29, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material from David Hardin, regarding Nouwen's appearance on the Chicago Sunday Evening Club. Includes letters between Connie and Hardin making the arrangements for Nouwen's trip to Chicago. Includes Chicago Sunday Evening Club Annual Report 1989-90, newsletters, travel itinerary, airline tickets, and a speaker's information brochure. Includes a photograph of Don O'Neill who picked Nouwen up from the airport. Also includes a letter from Nouwen reflecting on his performance. A videocassette of his performance was sent to Nouwen by Hardin.

Accompaniment Workshop, Montreal - October 1, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's presentation at a workshop for L'Arche assistants in Montreal. The theme of the workshop was "Hand in Hand," Nouwen's presentation was entitled "Holding Hands and Brokenness in L'Arche and in the World." Nouwen's presentation may have been in French. Includes the notes written by Nouwen on large flip chart paper, a typescript of the talk (entitled Accompaniment), and an article by another entitled "La Sanctification Depend-Elle du Psychisme?" Also includes travel itinerary, airline tickets, and a list of expenses.

Letters from Jean Emmons

File consists of letters from Jean Emmons, some mentioning the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Nouwen's Ordination and a typed letter from Nouwen.

Office of Chicago Evangelization Jesus Day - October 11 - 12, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen giving the keynote address at the Office for Chicago Evangelization Jesus Day 1991 in Oak Lawn, Illinois. The theme of both the event and Nouwen's address was "Healing the Broken Body.....Healing a Broken World." Includes programs for the event, boarding pass, travel expenses, and a letter from Nouwen agreeing to participate in the event. Also includes a letter from Mary Deeley and Dan Lum asking if Nouwen would visit them while he was in Chicago.

Covenant Retreat L'Arche Homefires - October 15 - 21, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's participation at L'Arche Fluers de Soleil Covenant retreat in Quebec City, Quebec and speaking for the members of L'Arche Homefires 10th anniversary in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Includes a list of participants, room assignments, and reference material for the Quebec event and an outline and program for the Nova Scotia event. Also includes travel itinerary, airline tickets and a "Report to the Covenant Commission of the Americas to the International Spirituality Commission April 1991" prepared by Sue Mosteller. Some of the material is in French.

Hennique, Léon, Amour, Poeuf

-Hennique, Léon, Amour, drame en trois parties. Représenté pour la première fois, sur le Théâtre de l’Odéon, le 6 mars 1890, Paris, Tresse & Stock, Éditeur, 1890.
-Hennique, Léon, Poeuf, Paris, Tresse & Stock, 1887. Incomplete. – With a dedicace: «À Monsieur A. Antoine (Jacques Damour tel que je l’avais rêvé!), avec mille remerciements et l’assurance de ma sympathie la plus cordiale, Léon Hennique.»

[Conference Proceedings]What fundamental changes are foreshadowed in the prevailing patterns of educational organization and methods of instruction by the revolution of electronics?

McLuhan, Marshall. "What Fundamental Changes Are Foreshadowed in the Prevailing Patterns of Educational Organization and Methods of Instruction by the Revolution of Electronics?" The Race Against Time: New Perspectives and Imperatives in Higher Education. The Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual National Conference on Higher Education, Chicago, IL, 1-4 March 1959, edited by G. Kerry Smith, Association for Higher Education, 1959, pp. 176-182.

Draft of An age of genocide?

File consists of a draft typescript of a book review by Nouwen of "Genocide in Paraguay", ed. Richard Arens, entitled, "An Age of Genocide?"

Letters from Ted and Nancy Fairchild

File consists of letters from Ted and Nancy Fairchild and a typed letter from Nouwen regarding the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of his Ordination, and a long typed letter to Roy W. Fairchild from Nouwen thanking him for his suggestions regarding "A Letter of Consolation".

L'Arche Priests of North America Meeting - October 30 - November 3, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's participation at the L'Arche Priests of North America Meeting in Erie, Pennsylvania. Much of the correspondence is with Gilles Beauchemin L'Arche L'Etoile Inc., Quebec. Includes details of the event in French. Includes a copy of the Minutes of the International Executive with the Priest Delegates of the Fraternity, June 1991 and a partial copy in French. Some of the correspondence is also in French.

Holland - November 3 -21, 1991

File consists of travel itinerary, airline tickets, boarding pass, and car rental receipt for a trip to Holland by Nouwen. Also includes tickets for a return trip from Rotterdam to London.

Letter from Jim Fenhagen

File consists of a letter from Jim Fenhagen regarding the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Nouwen's Ordination.

Retreat at Daybreak - December 1 - 6, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding a retreat led by Sue Mosteller and Nouwen at L'Arche Daybreak for Mike Yaconelli, some of his friends, Joan Martin, and Peggy McDonnell. Includes correspondence between Nouwen and the participants discussing the retreat. Also includes an article about the Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival in England from Yaconelli with an invitation to attend and a letter from Nouwen declining.

Ministry of Money - December 12 - 14, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding a retreat at Daybreak with Dan McClanen, Gordon Cosby, Vicky Curtiss, and Dale Stitt to work on how the spirituality of money leads into new ministry. Includes a booklet "Leading From Within: Reflections on Spirituality and Leadership" by Parker Palmer, a series of correspondence between Don McClanen and Harry Lloyd, a series of information sheets from John Haugley, SJ Excerpts from "Holy Use of Money" workshop, draft text "L'Arche and Finances, Ministry of Money newsletter, and Ministry of Money brochures. Also includes a letter from Henry Freeman talking about his experiences in El Salvador.

Visit of Jean Vanier - December 15 - 17, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding a visit by Jean Vanier to L'Arche Daybreak to reflect on Nouwen's ministry and to help Nouwen's discernment for the next five years. Includes Jean Vanier's original fax and a copy to Nouwen (in French) telling Nouwen of the visit and a two English translations. Includes a detailed letter to Vanier from Nouwen in anticipation of his visit and a letter of reflection that was sent to members of Vanier's accompaniment team. Includes several memos sent to members of Daybreak regarding the event and several copies of schedules. Includes letters and responses from many of the areas spiritual leaders including Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic, Rev. Robert Clune, Rev. Walter Farquharsan, inviting them to supper and worship with Vanier. Also includes copies of the Report prepared by Vanier and his accompaniment team on the place of Nouwen as priest in the community.

Letters from Fenna J.M. Finley

File consists of letters and newspaper clippings from Fenna J.M. Finley, five typed letters from Nouwen and copies of letters to Finley from representatives from Goodyear Tyre Company, the National Bank of Fort San Houston, Office of the Provost Court in Osaka, Japan (dated 1948), the Brooke Army Medical Hospital (dated 1960), and the Incarnate Word College of San Antonio TX (dated 1979), and a letter to Nouwen from Sr. Mary Lucy, a friend of Finley's.

Letters from Fisherfolk

File consists of letters from members of the Fisherfolk community of Woodland Park, CO, as well as a handwritten psalm by Nouwen in honour of the community.

Consultation on Parish Ministry Conference - January 6 - 10, 1992

File consists of correspondence, mainly with Allan Johnson, and other material regarding Nouwen's presentations at the Consultation on Parish Ministry in Orlando, Florida. The theme of the event was "The Spiritual Life of the Pastor." Also includes correspondence with Brett Webb-Mitchell discussing his work with children with disabilities and his desire to meet with Nouwen in Orlando, annotations on the letter of response confirm the meeting. Includes two pieces of writing from Webb-Mitchell "The Religious Imagination of Children with Disabilities" and "Welcome Unexpected Guests to the Banquet." Also includes travel itinerary, airline tickets for Nouwen and three other members of Daybreak, conference Guidebook and Workshop book, and a number of letters, cards, and photographs for Nouwen regarding the event.

Hennique, Léon, La rédemption de Pierrot

Hennique, Léon, La rédemption de Pierrot. Pantomime. Cinq eaux-fortes de Louis Morin, Paris, Librairie des Amateurs A. Ferroud, F. Ferroud, Libraire-Éditeur, 1903.
Copy on papier du Japon bearing no 102.
With a dedicace: «A André Antoine, à l’ami, au lettré et au grand comédien, tout affectueusement, Léon Hennique.»

Drafts of Spiritual formation in theological education

File consists of two draft typescripts entitled, "Spiritual Formation in Theological Education". In this article, Nouwen contends that the minister has to know his subject matter "by heart". He suggests that theological education does not include theological formation or formation of the heart. He suggests that ministers can be formed to ministry by Lectio Divina, by silence, and by spiritual direction - all in the service and context of community. Nouwen uses an analogy of the boy and the sculptor found in "Clowning in Rome" (1979).

Photographs of Nouwen in trailer

File consists of three photographs, taken by professional photographer Ron van den Bosch, of Nouwen, wearing a blue collared shirt, seated in Rodleigh Steven's trailer likely during a visit with the Barum Circus in Germany.

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