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Draft of Preparing for death

File consists of handwritten notes and a draft manuscript of the introduction to "Preparing for Death". This article is regarding death and Nouwen's second near death experience from an infection. It has been published recently in a revised edition of Nouwen's book, "Beyond the Mirror".

Nouwen's education records and study notes

Series consists of research notes, papers and essays, and reading notes created by Nouwen throughout his own education. Series includes records related to Nouwen's advanced degrees in Psychology and Theology, including research for dissertations.

Nouwen graduated from St. Aloysius College Gymnasium on June 12, 1950. He studied at the minor seminary at Apeldoorn from 1950-1951 before entering the Diocesan Seminary at Rijsenburg, Holland in 1951. He studied Philosophy and Theology while in the seminary from 1951-1957, and was ordained on July 21, 1957. Nouwen studied Psychology at the University of Nijmegen from 1957-1964. He spent two years at the Menninger Clinic as a Fellow in Religion and Psychiatry from 1964-1966. From 1970-1971, Nouwen returned to the University of Nijmegen to pursue a doctoral degree in Theology.

Series has been arranged into the following seven sub-series:
1.8.1. Gymnasium records
1.8.2. Seminary records
1.8.3. Psychology degree records
1.8.4. Menninger Clinic records
1.8.5. Pre-Theology degree 1966 records
1.8.6. Theology degree records
1.8.7. School certificates

School certificates

Sub-series consists of eighteen documents certifying Nouwen's completion of courses, degrees and programmes.

Published works

  • CA ON00389 F4-9
  • Série organique
  • 1956 - 1996 ; predominant 1970 - 1996
  • Fait partie de Henri Nouwen fonds

Series consists of published works written and collected by Nouwen during his lifetime. Although there are some of his earliest writings dating from 1956, the series is predominantly dating from 1970 to 1996.

The series has been arranged in the following ten sub-series taking into account the author(s), subject(s), and format of the records:

1.9.1. Articles by Nouwen
1.9.2. Articles co-authored by Nouwen
1.9.3. Interviews of and articles about Nouwen
1.9.4. Book reviews
1.9.5. Scrapbook 1956-1965
1.9.6. Scrapbook 1965-1982
1.9.7. Books by Nouwen
1.9.8. Books contributed to by Nouwen
1.9.9. Books about Nouwen
1.9.10. Guides

A more detailed description of each sub-series, as well as each subseries arrangement can be found in the sub-series descriptions.

Book reviews

  • CA ON00389 F4-9-4
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1972 - 1996, predominant 1981 - 1996
  • Fait partie de Henri Nouwen fonds

Sub-series consists of published articles as well as bookstore advertising, and transcripts of radio reviews regarding Nouwen's books, audio cassettes, and booklets. Also included are book reviews mentioning Nouwen's forewords and a book of which Nouwen was a contributing author. The articles are in various formats including entire publications, clippings, and photocopies as originally saved by Nouwen. This sub-series contains only those articles which Nouwen or his office collected.
In an attempt to re-establish a system similar to that originated by Nouwen, the Archives created one file to represent each reviewed book, etc., combining the various translations for a single book in the single file. On occasion, articles were photocopied by the Archives staff should more than one of Nouwen's books be mentioned; the copies were distributed to the appropriate book review files.

File with reviews of Intimacy

File consists of two German reviews of Intimacy known as Nahe: Sehnsucht Nach Legendiger Beziehung.

File with reviews of Creative Ministry

File consists of one typed copy of one German review of Schöpferische Seelsorge [Creative Ministry]. The review is by Michael Schneider in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

File with reviews of Reaching out

File consists of reviews of Reaching Out : The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life, known in German as Der Dreifache Weg, and in Dutch as Open uw Hart : De Weg Naar Onszelf, de Ander en God.

File with reviews of The living reminder

File consists of reviews of The Living Reminder : Service and Prayer in Memory of Jesus, known in Dutch as Een Levende Heenwijzing : Dienst en Gebed in Aandenken aan Jezus Christus, and in German as Von der Geistlichen Kraft der Erinnerung.

File with reviews of Aging

File consists of reviews of Aging : The Fulfillment of Life, known in German as Zeit, Die Uns Geschenkt Ist.

File with reviews of The Genesee diary

File consists of reviews of The Genesee Diary, known in Dutch as Vreemdeling in het Paradijs : Seven Maanden in een Trappistenklooster, in Italian as Ho Ascoltare il Silenzio, and in German as Ich Horte Auf Die Stille : Sieben Monate im Trappistenk Loster.

File with reviews of Sterben, um zu leben

File consists of reviews of Sterben, Um Zu Leben : Abschied Von Meiner Mutter, which is a German translation by Robert Johna of In Memoriam (1980) and A Letter of Consolation (1982).

File with reviews of Compassion

File consists of reviews of Compassion : A Reflection on the Christian Life, known in German as Das Geteilte Leid : Heute Christlich Leben (1 article).

File with reviews of The way of the heart

File consists of reviews of The Way of the Heart : Desert Spirituality and Contemporary Ministry, known in Dutch as De Woestijn Zal Bloeien : Stilte en Gebed Voor Onze Tijd.

File with reviews of A cry for mercy

File consists of reviews of A Cry for Mercy : Prayers from the Genesee, known in German as Gebete aus der Stille : Den Weg der Hoffnung Gehen, and in Italian as L'uomo Invoca Misericordia.

File with reviews of Letters to Marc about Jesus

File consists of reviews of Letters to Marc About Jesus, known in Dutch as Brieven aan Marc : Over Jezus en de Zin Van Het Leven, and known in German as Jesus, Sinn Meines Lebens.

File with reviews of Lifesigns

File consists of reviews of Lifesigns : Intimacy, Fecundity, and Ecstasy in Christian Perspective, known also as In the House of the Lord : The Journey From Fear to Love, known in German as Im Haus des Lebens : Von der Angst Zur Liebe, and known in Dutch as Tekens Van Leven : Intimiteit, Vruchtbaarheid, Extase.

File with reviews of Behold the beauty of the Lord

File consists of reviews of Behold the Beauty of the Lord: Praying with Icons, known in Dutch as In het huis van de Heer: Bidden met iconen, and in German as Bilder gottlichen Lebans: Ikonen schauen und beten.

File with reviews of In the name of Jesus

File consists of reviews of In the Name of Jesus : Reflections on Christian Leadership, known in German as Seelsorge, Die Aus Dem Herzen Kommt : Christliche Menschenfuhrung in der Zukunft, and in Dutch as In de Naam van Jezus : Over Pastoraat in de Toekoms, and in Norwegian as Ledelse - i Jesu navn?

File with reviews of Beyond the mirror

File consists of reviews of Beyond the Mirror : Reflections on Death and Life, known in Dutch as Een Glimp Van de Overkant : Bespiegelingen Over Leven en Dood.

File with reviews of The return of the prodigal son

File consists of reviews of The Return of the Prodigal Son : A Mediation on Fathers, Brothers, and Sons, known in Dutch as Eindelijk thuis. Gedachten bij Rembrandts 'De Terugkeer van de Verloren Zoon,' in German as Nimm sein Bild in dein Herz. Geistliche Deutung eines Gemaldes van Rembrandt, and in French as Le Retour de L'enfant Prodigue. File also contains the March 1993, no. 20 edition of Radboud-Info, which, in addition to a Dutch review of The Return of the Prodigal Son, also contains an article about Laurent Nouwen.

File with reviews of Here and now

File consists of reviews of Here and Now: Living in the Spirit, known in German as Was Mir am Herzen Liegt, and in French as Vivre Sa Foi au Quotidien.

File with reviews of Life of the beloved

File consists of reviews of Life of the Beloved : Spiritual Living in a Secular World, known in Dutch as Een Parel in Gods Ogen : Gedachten over de Betekenis Van een Mensenleven, and known in German as Du Bist der Geliebte Mensch.

File with reviews of With burning hearts

File consists of reviews of With Burning Hearts : A Meditation on the Eucharistic Life, known in German as Die Kraft Seiner Gegenwart : Leben aus der Eucharistie, and known in French as Au Coeur de Ma Vie, L'eucharistie.

File with reviews of Our greatest gift

File consists of reviews of Our Greatest Gift : A Meditation on Dying and Caring, known in German as Die Gabe der Vollendung : Mit Dem Sterben Leben, and known in Dutch as Met de Dood Voor Ogen.

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