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Harley J. Spiller collection

  • CA UTSC 006
  • Collection
  • 1893, 1896, 1910-2014

The collection is comprised of menus from around the world featuring a variety of cuisines including Afghan, American, Argentinian, Armenian, Asian, Bangladeshi, Brazilian, Burmese, Cambodian, Caribbean, Chinese (Peking, Szechuan, Shanghai, Yunnan, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hunan and Jiangnan), Colombian, Cuban, Dutch, Ecuadorian, Egyptian, European, Filipino, Finnish, French, Hong Kong style, Indian, Indochinese, Indonesian, Islamic, Israeli, Italian, Jamaican, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Latin American, Lebanese, Malaysian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Mongolian, Moroccan, Mughlai, Nepalese, Pakistani, Pan-Asian, Peruvian, Russian, Scandinavian, Singaporean, Southwestern, Spanish, Taiwanese, Thai, Tibetan, Turkish, Venezuelan, Vietnamese, seafood and vegetarian.

Menus are from restaurants located in Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, China (Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai), Egypt, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet, Turkey, Vietnam, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales, Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados Bermuda, Canada (British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Yukon Territory), Costa Rica, Cuba, Curaçao, El Salvador, Greenland, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, the United States (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming), Australia, New Caledonia (France) New Zealand, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Venezuela.

Menus types included placemat menus, single sheet menus, trifold and four fold menus, five fold, seven fold and menus in booklet style. Some menus are laminated while others are in vinyl enclosures. Menus range from take away and delivery, to eat in and include wine lists, menus for cafes, breakfast menus and menus for cafeteria lunches.

The material is divided into Series 1 Menus. The series is divided into 6 subseries: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America.

Spiller, Harley J.

Memorial material

Series contains material written in remembrance of Chelvanayakam after his death on 26 April 1977. Types of material include: a book of condolences, newspaper clippings, funeral service booklets and memorial booklets, and posters and flyers from different organizations, companies, and individuals, printed in remembrance of S. J. V. Chelvanayakam.

Professional material

Series reflects the daily operations of the Federal Party and documents the daily life and struggles of Sri Lankan Tamil people from the 1950s to the 1970s. Types of material includes election records, correspondence between members of parliament and community members, correspondence and records documenting grievances and political issues, and administrative records.

In 1961, Chelvanayakam was recovering in a hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland after surgery for Parkinson’s disease. Chelvanayakam received and sent many letters at this time, both personal and professional in nature. These letters can be found both in personal and professional files by the correspondent’s name.

Series is composed of six (6) subseries:

2.1 Professional files
2.2 Professional correspondence
2.3 Documentation
2.4 Printed materials
2.5 Ceylon Newspaper Limited/ The Sutantiran
2.6 ITAK files

Personal material

Series contains the personal material of S. J. V. Chelvanayakam and his wife, Emily Grace Chelvanayakam. Series also contains some personal material of other friends or family who may have worked or lived at their residence of 16 Alfred House Gardens.

Series is composed of seven (7) subseries:

SS1. S. J. V. Chelvanayakam personal correspondence
SS2. S. J. V. and Emily Grace Chelvanayakam correspondence
SS3. Emily Grace Chelvanayakam correspondence
SS4. Personal items
SS5. Miscellaneous correspondence
SS6. Miscellaneous family material
SS7. Financial documents

Incoming correspondence

File consists of incoming correspondence to the Henri Nouwen Society including photographs from Henri Nouwen Society events; reflections on personal interactions and the impact of Nouwen; articles about Nouwen; correspondence about book contributions; and information and material about Nouwen events around the world. File also includes photographs of Paul Nouwen's visit to Richmond Hill in 1999. One letter from George Brown to Nouwen Society offers brown's re-worked chronological Nouwen Bibliography which the site later referenced for its chronological listing.

Personal records

Series consists of records of a personal nature which were created and kept by Nouwen throughout his life. These materials are arranged into sub-series and files which reflect the main value of that grouping of personal records.

This series has been arranged into five sub-series:
1.4.1. Weekly calendars
1.4.2. Retreat and discernment notes
1.4.3. Personal papers and official documents
1.4.4. Family papers

Series also contains two files: address books and mailing lists for books.

Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1801-1937

Contains textual records that document the developmental phases and operation of the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge, and the administrative activities of the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge Company and the Niagara Falls International Bridge Company Joint Board of Directors.

Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge Company

Henri Nouwen fonds

  • CA ON00389 F4
  • collection
  • 1910 - 1997, 1964 - 1996 predominant

Fonds consists of 15 series:

  1. Manuscripts
  2. General files
  3. Calendar files
  4. Personal records
  5. Publisher files
  6. Financial files
  7. Teaching materials
  8. Nouwen’s education records and study notes
  9. Published works
  10. Video recordings of Nouwen
  11. Sound recordings
  12. Collected materials
  13. L'Arche Daybreak administrative files
  14. Ephemera and artifacts
  15. Photographs

Nouwen, Henri J.M.

Henri Nouwen Society event photographs

File consists of photographs and cards sent to the Henri Nouwen Society of various unidentified Nouwen retreats. Wendy Greer is featured in a few of the photographs of unidentified retreats. One photograph is of Henri Nouwen and others from a 1994 retreat at the Holy Redeemer Church in Thornhill. The back of this photograph has a handwritten note by Errol Stein identifying those in the image.

Material about Nouwen

Series consists of material about Nouwen including material about Nouwen's life, works, and death. This material includes newspaper articles; journal articles; interviews of Nouwen; essays; notes from Nouwen's sermons and lectures; books and book reviews; letters; newsletters; and cards. While some materials on Nouwen's life and works was written before Nouwen's death, the majority of the material is dated after his death in 1996. Much of the material in the series pertaining to Nouwen's death was written by friends of Nouwen, who write about his friendship, his writing, and support.

The series is divided into the following subseries:

  1. Works about Nouwen
  2. Interviews with Nouwen
  3. Notes from Nouwen's talks
  4. Obituaries and tributes
  5. Reviews
  6. Materials mentioning Nouwen

Notes from Nouwen's talks

Subseries consists of notes taken by attendees from various talks, sermons, lectures, and conversations by and with Nouwen.

Photographs of Henri Nouwen's funeral

File consists of photographs of Nouwen's funerals and also contains memorial prayer cards. 95 photographs are of the funeral that took place at the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Markham, Ontario on September 28, 1996. These photographs were printed by Josko Photography Studio.

Wise, Kelly

File consists of correspondence between Kelly Wise, Mary Lou Daquano and Maureen Wright regarding the acquisition of photographs of Nouwen taken by Wise and used for Gracias: A Latin American Journal.

Nouwen retreats and events

File consists of materials from various Nouwen events and retreats including promotional materials, planning correspondence, activity questions, programmes, schedules, attendee feedback, talk transcripts, registration forms, and agreements.

Amalgamation of North American Nouwen societies

File consists of planning and reference materials to amalgamate the US Henri Nouwen Society, the Canadian Henri Nouwen Foundation, and the Henri Nouwen Literary Centre. File includes the votes for the motion to amalgamate.

Permission information

File consists of photocopies of various articles published in magazines and journals by Henri Nouwen, some accompanied by handwritten notes indicating the text has appeared in other publications. Also included in the file is a letter from Jan Attridge to Kathryn Smith regarding the Henri Nouwen Legacy Trust’s right to grant permission for reprints of articles by Nouwen that appeared in America; and a letter from Barbara Brutt of Ave Maria Press that accompanied a Portuguese edition of With Open Hands. Copies of articles in the file include: “Power, Powerlessness and Power”; “Intimacy, Fecundity and Ecstasy”; “All is Grace”; “The Peace That is Not of This World”; “Compassion: Solidarity, Consolation and Comfort”; “Moving from Solitude to Community to Ministry”; and “Adam’s Peace”.

Web articles

File consists of an email and printout copy of articles from the National Catholic Register website regarding Nouwen. Included is “The reality of celibate life: Reflections from Henri Nouwen” (October) by A.W. Richard Sipe and “Famous Catholic author Nouwen moved to Anglican cemetery” (November) by Michael Swan.

Financial records

File consists of financial records for the Henri Nouwen Society including independent auditors' reports from 2001, 2002, and 2003; grants to the Henri Nouwen Society; tax exemption letters; and financial statements.

Reading groups

File consists of materials for reading groups on Nouwen's work. File includes reading and discussion questions; promotional materials; reading assignments; a sign-up list for duties; excerpts; and prints of Rembrandt's the Prodigal Son.

L'Arche Daybreak Nouwen material

File consists of material from L'Arche Daybreak about Nouwen or containing sections by Nouwen. File includes transcripts; the Daybreak Newsbreak newsletter with a meditation section by Nouwen; annual reports; and correspondence about Nouwen to the community.

Windborne Productions

File consists of documentation regarding the planning, funding, production and distribution of the documentary Straight to the Heart: the Life of Henri Nouwen, later re-edited and re-voiced as Journey of the Heart: the Life of Henri Nouwen for broader distribution on PBS, by Karen Pascal of Windborne Productions. Included in the file is correspondence between Pascal, Sue Mosteller, Nathan Ball, Maureen Wright and Laurent Nouwen regarding the project and financial support; legal and financial documents including a distribution declaration, funding agreements, tax forms, licensing paperwork, production budgets, usage permissions and broadcast releases signed by interviewed members of L’Arche Daybreak; planning, editing, design and project updates; administrative invoices associated with the distribution of the film(s); and promotional information about the documentaries, Windborne Productions and Pascal. Also in the file is personal correspondence from Pascal regarding the death of her mother, Betty Madsen.

Ground Zero chaplains initiative

File consists of material related to the initiative of the Henri Nouwen Society in 2002 to distribute Henri Nouwen's books in gratitude to chaplains at Ground Zero, the World Trade Center site, as "bringing Henri's work to today's 'Wounded Healers'". File includes correspondence, articles, and cards from and related to those involved with the Ground Zero Chaplain at St. Paul's Chapel.

Collected material

File consists of material collected by the Henri Nouwen Society about Nouwen and of possible interest in relation to Nouwen's work. File includes articles, brochures, transcripts, and book reviews.

Correspondence with Nouwen family

File consists of correspondence between Sue Mosteller and the Nouwen family (Paul and Laurent). File also includes a typescript of a farewell to Henri Nouwen by Paul Nouwen.

Rodleighs - Circus Barum

File consists of material regarding The Flying Rodleighs and trapeze artists. Included in the file is a The Globe and Mail of Shane Peacock’s article “The Great Farini walks again” (2000) by Shane Peacock; an email update from the Rodleighs regarding a trip to Australia; an undated photo of The Flying Rodleighs performing; and photocopies of Nouwen’s “Find the Trapeze Artist in the Priest” (Parts 1 and 2) from the New Oxford Review.

Thaddeus Trenn material

File consists of correspondence between Thaddeus J. Trenn (1937-2013) and Maureen Wright regarding the donation of an article he wrote for the Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation titled “Science and the Mystery of the Human Person” (September 2006), in which Nouwen and Thomas Merton are referenced, and his 1990 book of poetry titled Like Lilies of the Field (copies of both included). Included is earlier, original correspondence between Trenn and Nouwen regarding Trenn’s poetry; his financial support of the Dayspring ministry; and Nouwen’s book In the Name of Jesus.

Watt, R. Browning (Roly)

File consists of records involving Roly Browning Watt, Barrister and Solicitor, in his capacity as an executor of the Nouwen Estate. Included in the file are book sales lists and reports; budget sheets pertaining to staff funding at the Nouwen Archives; correspondence between the HNLC, Michael J. Christensen and Rebecca Laird regarding a proposed writing project about Nouwen and spiritual direction; taxation and legal service invoices; meeting notes, budgets, blueprint copies, estimates, invoices and account reports regarding the Dayspring addition; correspondence between Nathan Ball and legal counsel Dorothy Brophy regarding the termination of the Nouwen Estate and the creation of the Henri Nouwen Literary Trust; and various documents, predominantly fund transfers, requiring Browning Watt’s signature. Also included in the file are requests, and the associated payment slips, for video recordings, including Nouwen’s appearance on the Hour of Power at the Crystal Cathedral.

The only necessary thing: living a prayerful life

File consists of materials regarding "The Only Necessary Thing: Living a Prayerful Life", a book of prayers and talks written by Nouwen that was edited and compiled by Wendy Greer. File includes cards, new publications newsletters, gift guides, correspondence, contracts, agreements, and a copy of the foreword of the book by Sue Mosteller.

Board meeting materials

File consists of Henri Nouwen Society board meeting materials including mission statements; meeting agendas; meeting minutes; statements of revenues and expenses; announcements; budgets; correspondence; goals and objectives of the Henri Nouwen Society; and updates of activities of Nouwen Societies outside of North America. File also includes materials from joint Henri Nouwen Society Board meetings of the US and Canadian societies.

Board correspondence

File consists of board correspondence, meeting agendas, reports, and materials and comments from events. File includes correspondence from individuals creating Nouwen societies around the world including Chile and Indonesia.

Letterhead and archival questionnaire cards

File consists of blank letterhead for the Henri Nouwen Literary Centre and the Henri Nouwen Literary Centre’s newsletter Sprouting Seeds. Also in the file are several blank questionnaire postcards for individuals to indicate whether they had Nouwen related material they were willing to donate to the Henri Nouwen Literary Centre.

Book reviews

File consists of copies of book reviews of published works by Henri Nouwen. Included is “Henri Nouwen, Peacework: Prayer, Resistance, Community” (2005) from the Catholic Books Review website; “Spiritual Direction: Wisdom for the Long Walk of Faith” (2006) from the American Magazine website; and several reviews for “Adam: God’s Beloved” forwarded from Orbis Books to Kathy Smith. Also in the file is a copy of an interview of Henri Nouwen by Edward Wakin from the July 1979 edition of U.S. Catholic titled “Can You Be Intimate With More Than One Person?”

Miscellaneous - catalogues, event pamphlets and articles

File consists of material regarding or mentioning Henri Nouwen. Included is a Fall/Winter 2007 Orbis Books catalogue; a French book review (with translation) of Encounters with Merton forwarded by The Crossroad Publishing Department; an invitation from the Henri Nouwen Society Board for a reception in the Brennan Lounge at the University of St. Michael’s College on May 19th, [2006?]; a Nouwen Reading Groups brochure; a copy of the Spring 2006 edition of Harvard Divinity Today featuring “A Spiritual Mentor’s Lasting Influence” with writing about Nouwen by Michael Harank, Peter K. Weiskel, Michael O’Laughlin, Barbara Ernst Prey, Stephen Pavy, and James D. Smith III; a letter forwarded by Image/Doubleday Publishers from Kirk Patrick Haggerty regarding Nouwen’s book The Prodigal Son; and a postcard to Nouwen from Fred [Bratman] postmarked August 26, 1996, regarding Nouwen’s father and [The Prodigal Son?].

Newsletter 5495

File consists of several copies of the Henri Nouwen Society newsletter.

Editions include:
Winter 2004
Spring/Summer 2004
Fall/Winter 2004
Fall/Winter 2005
Fall 2006
Spring/Summer 2006
Winter 2006

Office meetings

File consists of an email from Maureen Wright to various Henri Nouwen Society and Henri Nouwen Literary Trust contacts regarding a June 14, 2006 office meeting. Also included in the file is a Communications and Fundraising action plan.

Advent / Lenten manuscripts

File consists of draft manuscripts of Advent and Lenten anthologies containing excerpts from Nouwen’s published works. Compiled by Kathryn Smith the titles include: Repent and Live; Jesus: Beloved Son; Finding Our Sacred Centre: A Journey to Lourdes; From Fear to Love: Lenten Reflections on the Parable of the Prodigal Son; and Journey of the Heart: Lenten Prayer with Henri J.M. Nouwen. Also included in the file is a printed email from Smith outlining the intended use of the material and a computer printed photo of Henri Nouwen.

HNLC archives

File consists of records pertaining to the establishment of the Henri J. Nouwen Archives and Research Collection at the University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) in Toronto, Ontario. Also included in the file is a copy of the signed legal agreement, accompanied by an inventory of the Henri J.M. Nouwen Papers (Record Group No. 68) held by Yale University Library, between Sue Mosteller and the USMC; promotional material and correspondence about the opening of the archives on September 21, 2000; requests for material; and Kelly Library meeting agendas regarding the Nouwen Archives. A personal card, unrelated to the Nouwen Archives, from Michael Christensen to Maureen Wright, Sue Mosteller and Nathan Ball also appears in the file.

Assorted articles by Henri Nouwen - from solitude to community to ministry

File consists of copies of articles by or containing material by Henri Nouwen including “Nouwen on King”; “Moving from Solitude to Community to Ministry”; “Contemplation and Ministry”; and “Intimacy, Fecundity and Ecstasy”. Also included in the file is the newspaper article “Prodigal Son: a new look at an old story” by Robert Durback from St. Angela News; the published booklet “Called to Life, Called to Love- Lenten Reflections from the works of Henri J.M. Nouwen”; the pamphlet “Our Greatest Gift- a Meditation on Dying and Caring” by Henri Nouwen; a transcript of the talk “An Evening with Henri Nouwen- Grant McEwan Community College, sponsored by the Edmonton L’Arche Association- From Resentment to Gratitude”; and “Letter from Vincent Van Gogh to Theo van Gogh, The Hague, c. 3-5 December 1882” printed from the website Web Exhibits.

Crystal Cathedral production and rights

File consists of correspondence between the HNLC (Mosteller, Wright, Christie Daquano and legal counsel Monique Van Remortel) and various contacts regarding distribution rights, permissions and usage fees associated with Nouwen’s appearance on the Hour of Power at the Crystal Cathedral in 1992. In addition to signed agreements and clarifications about the use of the footage between the HNLC and Crystal Cathedral Ministries, the file includes correspondence regarding the use of the footage by the Center for Social Concerns, Karen Pascal, Laurent Nouwen and others. Also in the file is a photocopy of the Release and Waiver of Rights form signed by Henri Nouwen prior to his appearance on Hour of Power.

Japanese translations - publisher correspondence

File consists of correspondence between Joseph Matsuo (Fr. Matsuo Mitsugi SDB) from Don Bosco Sha in Tokyo, Japan and Maureen Wright regarding the use and associated permissions of photographs in the book The Message of Henri Nouwen. Also in the file is a letter from Haruo Obuchi at OmenDo Publishers in Japan to Maureen Wright regarding the approval of the Japanese translation of Nouwen’s Jesus: A Gospel, which is included with the request.

National Catholic AIDS Network, Father Rod DeMartini

File consists of correspondence between Rodney DeMartini, Executive Director of the National Catholic AIDS Network in San Francisco and Mary Lou Daquano, Maureen Wright, and Sue Mosteller regarding the Nouwen’s talks “Befriending Death” and “Our Story, Our Wisdom”. Included are exchanges regarding assistance with the distribution of the talk transcripts; the use of the talks as source material in Finding My Way Home; the potential publication of the talks by Abbey Press; and the translation of “Our Story, Our Wisdom” into Dutch as part of Lannoo’s publication of John Dear’s The Road to Peace. Also included in the file are letters regarding mailing list updates.

O'Laughlin, Michael, ThD

File consists of correspondence between Michael O’Laughlin, Maureen Wright and Sue Mosteller regarding his work on the book God’s Beloved: A Spiritual Biography of Henri Nouwen. Included in the file is a request for financial support; information about a grant extended to O’Laughlin by the Henri Nouwen Literary Centre; updates about O’Laughlin’s writing progress; requests for revision suggestions; a draft of a biographical overview about Nouwen that was likely the basis for Henri Nouwen: His Life and Vision; and a personal correspondence, including a Christmas card, from O’Laughlin to various people at the HNLC.

Oral history

File consists of reporting and budgeting information regarding the Henri Nouwen Oral History Project. Included is an email and a report, titled “Final Report: The Oral History of Henri Nouwen (Phase One)”, submitted to James [E.] Lewis of the Louisville Institute by Joe Vostermans on behalf of Sue Mosteller; financial statements and budgeting forecasts with Maureen Wright’s notes for Phase I and Phase II of the project; and an itinerary for an interviewer training workshop help March 25 to March 28, 2004 in Toronto.

Henri Nouwen Society inception materials

File consists of files kept by Tannis Arnett related to the incorporation and administrative operations of the Henri Nouwen Society from 1998 to 1999. The files include correspondence, minutes and agendas for meetings held by Wendy Greer and the Henri Nouwen Society Board; administrative correspondence between Arnett and Greer; planning and reference documents regarding the September 18-20, 1998 “Hearts Speak to Heart” retreat; and correspondence about the design of a Henri Nouwen Society brochure. Material is separated into six files with the following contents and file titles:

  1. HNS Board - Brochure
    Faxes exchanged by Tannis Arnett, Carl MacMillan, Carolyn Whitney-Brown and Wendy Greer regarding the design, layout and content of the Henri Nouwen Society brochure. Included in the file are various versions of the brochure, some with handwritten annotations and edits. Also in the file are two documents unrelated to the brochure: a June 15, 1999 letter from Joyce Doyle, on behalf of Tannis Arnett, regarding a reservation deposit for an event taking place September 24-26, 1999 and a copy of an undated, uncredited article titled “Community in van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters”.

  2. HNS Board - Correspondence
    Correspondence regarding HNS Board activities. Included are letters from Tannis Arnett likely forwarded to HNS Board members by fax; contact information for the HNS Board members; copies of the minutes from the September 20-21, 1998 HNS Board meeting; the mission state of the Henri Nouwen Society; an early version of the Henri Nouwen Society brochure; copies of emails from Wendy Greer with updates regarding HNS happenings; and correspondence from Don McNeill.

  3. HNS Board - General
    Correspondence from Wendy Greer and to Sue Mosteller, Kathy Christie, Carl MacMillan and Tannis Arnett regarding the development of the Henri Nouwen Society’s objectives and mission statement. Also in the file is a copy of the May 1998 edition of the Nota Bene - News from the Yale Library newsletter with section underlined in pencil.

  4. HNS Board - Minutes
    Handwritten board meeting minutes for September 21, 1998.

  5. HN Society Board - Minutes and Incorporation
    File consists of records detailing the incorporation of the Henri Nouwen Society and minutes from various Henri Nouwen Society Board meetings. Included in the file is correspondence from legal contacts at McCanliss & Early to Jay and Wendy Greer; drafts and final copies of the Certificate of Incorporation and By-laws of the Henri Nouwen Society; Henri Nouwen Society missions statements and budgets; drafts and final copies of HNS Board meeting minutes with comments from Tannis Arnett, Wendy Wilson Greer, Kathy Christie and Sue Mosteller; contact information for the HNS Board members; and a notice regarding tax exemption status of the Henri Nouwen Society from the Internal Revenue Service. Also in the file is a March 1998 report by Sue Mosteller titled “The Henri Nouwen Literary Centre: The First Eighteen Months”, which includes the HNLC Mission Statement along with information about completed and planned work; an untitled biography of Henri Nouwen; and a L’Arche Daybreak file folder.

  6. HNS Board - Retreat Notes
    File consists of records detailing the attendance and organization of the Henri Nouwen Society retreat “Hearts Speak to Heart” that took place on September 18-20, 1998 in Toronto. Included in the file are attendance and invitation lists; notes on event tasks; drafts of the Henri Nouwen Society mission statement and objectives; the final version of the letter of invitation for the retreat; correspondence from Wendy Greer regarding organization of retreats and accommodations; letters between Tannis Arnett and retreat attendees regarding room accommodations, scheduling and travel arrangements; draft retreat schedules and programs; copies of brochures; and invoices and rental agreement from St. Joseph’s Centre where the event was held.

HNLC archives - letters

File consists of draft letters from Sue Mosteller and Netannis Arnett soliciting donations of Nouwen’s writing, letters, photographs, video/audio tapes, etc. for cataloguing and inclusion in the Nouwen Archives at Yale University. File also consists of copies and transcripts of material from the Henri Nouwen Archives, including articles appearing in journals and magazines, speeches and talks, and printouts from the Henri Nouwen Society website. Includes a transcript of “An Evening with Henri Nouwen, Saint James’ Church, November 11, 1993”; “Transcript of Henri Nouwen’s Presentation on Prayer, Westminster Church, February 10, 1991”; “Transcription of a talk on Pentecost by Henri J.M. Nouwen for Sojourners, 1985”; “Transcript of a talk by Henri J.M. Nouwen, dated March 13, 1991”; “HNSS Volume III: A Spirituality of Living the Word- Letter and Interview Excerpts”; “Mary, Our Mother”, “A Homily on Waiting”; “Contemplation and Ministry”; and the manuscripts for “The Mystery of the Passion”, “Prayer and Health Care” and “The Life in Faith”. Also in the file are articles by other authors including “A Heart’s Desire: Henri Nouwen’s Journey Home” by Diana L. Chambers; “The Deepest Questions of Life and Faith” by Jim Wallis; and “An Interview with Henri Nouwen” by Catherine Walsh, along with a printout from the Chicago Sun Evening Club website entitled “Message by Henri Nouwen- Journey to L’Arche” from a broadcast that aired on October 1, 1989.

Book / publisher's catalogues / miscellaneous manuscripts

File consists of various brochures and articles with references to Nouwen or Nouwen related events. Included in the file is: a 2007 newsletter and schedule from the Epiphany Cathedral in Tampa Bay, Florida; a course brochure for “Certificate in Spirituality” for St. Francis Xavier University; an application form for the Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center; a photocopied French newspaper article from the December 17, 2006 issue of “Dimanche Express” featuring the article “Silence, parole et action indiquent la voie à suivre” by Henri Nouwen; and catalogues from Orbis Books and Ave Marie Press. Also included in the file is a fax from Kathy Christe to Hans Enderle of Enderle Book Co. regarding foreign language translations of Nouwen’s books; a letter from R. Brockhaus to Sue Mosteller regarding the rights for the German translation of “Here and Now”; a transcript from a talk given by Nouwen on September 16, 1992 called “Spirituality of Fund Raising” with a note from Maureen Wright to Gabrielle Earnshaw; and a French typescript titled “A bâtons Rompus: Interviews posthumes et imaginaires avec Henri Nouwen (1932-1996)” accompanied by correspondence between Sue Mosteller and Agnes Davidovici regarding the work.

Miscellaneous - CDs, articles and catalogs

File consists of material regarding or mentioning Henri Nouwen. Included is a letter from Laurent Nouwen and a copy of an instrumental music sampler titled Listen to Your Heart featuring a screensaver with Nouwen quotes; the March 2010 edition of Maryknoll featuring an article titled “Befriending Death: Henri Nouwen and a Spirituality of Dying” by Michelle O’Rourke; a song cycle CD and accompanying document titled Beloved by Frank Warman; a Fall/Winter 1998-99 book catalog from The Crossroad Publishing Company; an 2008 edition of the Journey Newsletter of the National Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved (Volume 17, No. 4) featuring an article titled “Henri J.M. Nouwen and the Return of the Prodigal Son” by Kathryn Morse; an undated manuscript by Ed Wojcicki titled “Brokenness, Darkness, but Light: A Major Theme for Nouwen84”; a copy of “Life of Silence: Merton and Nouwen as Brothers” by Michael J. Christensen presented at a January 27, 2001 event; “Questions from Below, Answers from Above: The Prophetic Vision of Henri Nouwen” by Michael J. Christensen from the inaugural 2001 lecture of the Henri J.M. Nouwen lectures; and a copy of a letter from Stephen Jenkinson to Larry Thomas regarding a sculpture Nouwen commissioned from Jenkinson.

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