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Gotlieb 2002 accession

Records in this accession document various aspects of Prof. Gotlieb’s career as a leading computer scientist. Most notably early correspondence, association files, publication files and research files document not only Gotlieb’s early work and contributions but shed light on the early development of computer technology in Canada, the emergence of computer scientists as a profession and their subject expertise as a discipline of academic study. Researchers wishing to study these early developments will find these records a rich source.

Several series in this accession document Gotlieb’s work in professional associations and these include Series IV Professional Associations and Series V Conference, Talks and Seminars as well as Series II Correspondence. These records would be useful to anyone researching these associations as well as the relationships among professional computer scientists.

This accession also contains records relating to Gotlieb’s wider social advocacy. For example, Series 9 has records relating to Science for Peace and several Jewish groups. Certain talks and events documented in Series V also give evidence to his active participation in advocacy groups and often, as is the case for many academics, the lines between his role as a scientist is intertwined with his role as a responsible citizen. Thus, researchers will note many of his talks deal with ethics, social responsibility, and consequences of technology.

This accession is only one of three held by the University Archives and therefore has large gaps in documentation. For most records relating to the early Computation Centre, acquisitions of computer hardware for the University of Toronto, and Gotlieb’s overall role in University administration researchers will need to consult B1988-0069. Teaching files in this newest accession document mainly courses in the 1970s and 1980s while the same series of records in B1988-0069 document the early courses developed and taught by Gotlieb. While this accession gives good documentation on Gotlieb’s role in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), much of his international work in organizations such as International Federation of Information Processing Societies (IFIP) and UNESCO is documented in B1988-0069. For records specifically on his involvement in the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology and with the Ontario Centre for Large Scale Computing, researchers need to consult accession B1994-0022.

Finally, this accession has several photographs of early computer installations at the University depicting technology that was unique to the world at that time. Included are images of the experimental computer UTEC that was being developed by Gotlieb, Dr. Josef Kates and Dr. Harvey Gellman in the late 1940s, as well at the FERUT (Ferranti Electronic computer) - the first electronic computer to be purchased anywhere. This was in 1952.

Gotlieb 1988 accession

Consists of correspondence, lecture notes, minutes, reports, conference and editorial files, as well as subject files relating Professor Gotlieb's involvement in FERUT, UTEC, Computation Centre, Department of Computer Science, Institute of Computer Science, Library automation, University, national and international committees and organizations, early computer courses, and computer journals.

Gotlieb 1994 accession

Correspondence, surveys, minutes, drafts of reports, reports, notices and addresses related to the work of computing committees at the University of Toronto, especially those focusing on large scale computation and the CRAY X/MP computer (1986-1992); to Professor Gotlieb's activities as colloquium co-ordinator in the Department of Computer Science (1984-1994), and to his role as a director of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology (1982-1988).

University of Toronto. Governing Council

Copies of minutes (June 1972 to December 1983) that were used to create photocopies for Council members and for others on mailing list (including Archives print room). The original signed copies of the minutes remain at Governing Council.
Copies of Governing Council minutes from 1977 to February 14, 2002 are available in the Archives' print room. Minutes of Governing Council from February 26, 2002 to the present, are available on the Governing Council web site at: "Governing Council Meeting Agendas and Reports"

University of Toronto. Governing Council

Minutes of Senate, 1963-1972; minutes of Senate Executive Committee, 1947-1972; minutes of other Senate Committees; Senate statutes, 1953-1960; provincial government Orders in Council relating to the University, 1939-1973; Board of Governors research contracts; papers on the Commission on University Government; sample degrees and certificates.

University of Toronto. Governing Council. Academic Appeals Committee

Academic Appeals Committee case files, 1972-2001, arranged chronologically according to student name. File contents may include: notice of appeal by student, supporting documentation provided by student and by division, and correspondence. Some files may also contain tapes of hearings and copies of the Committee's final decisions.

University of Toronto. Governing Council. Office of the Secretary

Consists of subject files, covering such topics as the creation of Governing Council, comprehensive policy documentation, correspondence with academic divisions and teaching hospitals, materials pertaining to committees, advisory committees, task forces, associations. Also includes financial statements, budget recommendations, guidelines and reports, newspaper clippings and press releases.

University of Toronto. Governing Council

Includes the following records of Governing Council bodies: Judicial Board case files, 1980-1987; sound recordings of University Tribunal hearings, 1978-2006; University Tribunal case files, 1975-2006; Academic Appeals Committee correspondence and case files, 1972 -2006; Grievance Review Panel for Administrative Staff decisions and case files, 1983-2000; Sexual Harrassment Committee correspondence, notes, reports, policies, and cases, 1989-1990; and Librarian's Appeal Committee case files, 1993-1996.

University of Toronto. Office of the Governing Council

Photo album entitled "Early Meteorology in Canada / Les debut de la meteorologie au Canada." This contains colour images of the ceremony celebrating the 150th anniversity of the Meteorological Service of Canada. On this occasion, the building on Bloor St. that housed the Meteorological Service was given a historic plaque by the Historic Sites and Monuements Board of Canada. Photographs show officials and speakers in the Hart House quadrangle where the ceremony took place. There is also a copy of the wording on the historic plaque.

University of Toronto. Senate

Minutes, Volumes 26 to 34 (1961-1971); records, primarily minutes, of Senate committees, including Committee on Admission Standards, 1950-1970, Committee on Admission, 1961-1970, Committee on Scholarship and Other Awards, 1966-1972, Committee on Applications and Memorials, 1915-1964, and Committee on Ceremonials, 1964-1970; records of Boards of Studies, 1950-1972; convocation rolls, 1963-1969; subject files, 1951-1972; and audio tapes of Senate meetings, 1972.
For microfilm of Senate minutes, Volumes 26 to 34 see A68-0012; for microfilm of convocation rolls 1963-1969 see A73-0051 reel 4

University of Toronto. Senate

Senate minutes (1850-1971); minutes of many Senate committees including Executive Committee (1947-1963), Board of Studies (1950-1963),Court of Discipline, Honorary Degrees and Nominating Sub-committee (1941-1963), Caput (1907-1963) and convocation rolls (1890-1963). Original records for Senate minutes (vols. 1-23, 25, 1850-1961) available in A70-0005. Original records for Senate minutes (vols. 26-34, 1961-1971) available in A79-0037.

University of Toronto. Senate

Boxes 001 to 015 contain records arranged into the following 11 series: 1. General: includes procedures manual; statutes; resolutions; and other material. 2. Senate Committees. 3. Petitions. 4. Boards of Studies. 5. Councils: Faculty and School Councils. 6. Federated, Affiliated, and Constituent Colleges and Institutes. 7. Establishment of Faculties and Schools. 8. Establishment of Interdisciplinary Units (Centres and Institutes). 9. Establishment of Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates. 10/1. Senate Elections. 10/2. Election of the Chancellor. 11. Greetings, Publications, and Miscellaneous. Boxes 016 to 026 contain similar material but arranged differently.

University of Toronto. Office of the President

Correspondence, memoranda, copies of reports of Presidential
Advisory Committees and Task Forces on Academic Appointments, Athletic Building, Computer Service, Future of Criminology, Gerontology, Information Systems, Music, OISE/Faculty of Education, Pensions, Supplementary Income & Related Activities, Symons Report, Transitional Year Programme, and Women. Includes a file on Canada-USSR Exchange

Safarian 1989 accession

Addresses, articles, correspondence, manuscripts, notes, press clippings and reports documenting Professor Safarian's career as an economist and professor at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Toronto. Included are files on federal, provincial and University committees, task forces, and royal commissions. Subject areas include foreign ownership and control, constitutional change, and higher education.

Safarian 1994 accession

Correspondence, course and lecture notes, addresses, manuscripts and publications, notes, memoranda, reports, briefs, press clippings, photographs documenting the career of Dr. Safarian as a professor of economics and an administrator, especially at the Universities of Saskatchewan and Toronto. Photographs have been removed to box /001P.

Safarian 1996 accession

Correspondence, course and lecture notes, notes, reports, addresses, research notes, manuscripts, and publications documenting Edward Safarian as a student, an economist with a specialization in international trade, and as an administrator, especially as Dean of the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto and as a participant in meetings organized by the Pacific Economic Co-operation Committee in co-operation with the Canadian National Committee for Pacific Economic Co-operation.

Safarian 2006 accession

Personal records of Edward Safarian, Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto consisting of personal correspondence, including a file on the Table Ronde d’Économistes France-Canada (7th : 1991 : Paris) and the granting of an honorary degree by the University of Toronto to Arthur E. Child (1994); research files, including interviews, for Safarian’s writings on foreign ownership and multinational enterprise; and files on his professional association with the Canadian-American Committee, including notes on its confidential meetings (1972-1992), and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (1991-1997), especially its Economic Growth and Policy Program. The files for the last include confidential minutes, notes on discussions and correspondence with officers of the CIAR and the directors and members of the Growth Program, presentations by Safarian to the CIAR and addresses to outside bodies on behalf of the CIAR.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Music

Subject and correspondence files of the Director of the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Director of Public Relations; records of the Information Officer concerning work of the Concert and Placement Bureau as well as Publicity; also includes architectural drawings and photographs.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Music

Correspondence and subject files from the offices of the Dean or Director (1918-1960), most notably of August Stephen Vogt, Sir Ernest Alexander Campbell MacMillan and Arnold Maria Walter; general correspondence, mostly admission enquiries (1920-1956); financial materials (1936-1964); examinations - applications, pseudonyms , results (1896-1961) with examination questions occassionally present (1908 -1958); and newspaper clippings.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Music

Includes records from the Office of the Dean, mainly John Beckwith, the Assistant Dean (Administration) and the Faculty Secretary. Records are mainly subject correspondence files, administrative and financial files. Also includes Faculty Council and Committee Files; Opera department records; and Publicity and Concerts' files.

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