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Nouwen Family Photograph Albums

File consists of Nouwen family photograph albums. Predominantly put together by Maria Nouwen, also included is one album put together by Laurent J.M. Nouwen (Album 8) in the mid-1990s. The albums are titled the following:

  • Photograph Album 1 [1960-1969]
  • Photograph Album 2 [1966-1975]
  • Photograph Album 4 [1938-1940]
  • Photograph Album 6 [1953-1961]
  • Photograph Album 7 [1938-1948]
  • Photograph Album 8 [1993-1996]
  • Photograph Album 9 [1957]
  • Photograph Album 12 [1948-1956]
  • Photograph Album 13 [1971-1975]
  • Photograph Album 15 [1964-1970]
  • Photograph Album 16 [1934-1939]
  • Photograph Album 17 [1934]
  • Photograph Album 18 [1932-1934]

Family photograph album 2

Album 2 consists of photographs of the Nouwen family and their friends, including Marc van Campen and Marina San Giorgi, taken between 1965 and 1975. Put together by Maria Nouwen, the images are casual in nature and predominantly focus on trips taken by Maria and Laurent J.M. Nouwen to England, France, Israel, Italy, Saudi Arabia and the United States, as well as special occasions such as the Nouwen's 40th wedding anniversary in 1971, Philip van Campen's 60th birthday and the PhD graduation of Peter Naus. Henri, Paul, Laurent and Laurien Nouwen appear throughout the album with an entire page dedicated to Henri Nouwen's time at the Abbey of the Genesee in Piffard, New York and several others are dedicated to Paul Nouwen riding horses and his appearance on a Dutch TV program hosted by Ageeth Scherphuis. Of interest is a photo of a young Laurent J.M. Nouwen taken in 1926 [P6369].

Family photograph album 9

Album 9 consists of photographs taken in 1957 during Henri Nouwen's time at the major seminary in Rijsenburg, the Netherlands where he studied philosophy and theology. The majority of the photos are dedicated to Nouwen's ordination as a priest by Cardinal Bernardus Alfrink, Archbishop of Utrecht on July 21, 1957, a formal dinner at the Hotel de Witte Brug in Scheveningen in celebration of the event on July 28, 1957 and his first Holy Mass at Lourdeskerk in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. Family and friends including Laurent J.M., Maria, Laurent and Laurien Nouwen, Toon Ramselaar, Jan and Ella Leijten (nee Nouwen), Francois and Liesje Tombeur, Ivonne and Bert Peperkorn, Ferdinand de Grijs and Jelmer Huisman are seen in several of the photos. Scrapbook like in nature, the album's photos are punctuated by ephemera relevant to the ordination and dinner including newspaper clippings, song lyrics, copies of speeches given by family members and a menu from the celebration dinner. Also included are photos from an unidentified church event and photos of Henri Nouwen in casual and more formal group shots with colleagues and friends at the major seminary.

Family photograph album 16

Album 16 consists of photographs taken between 1934 and 1939. Put together by Maria Nouwen the album is dedicated to Paul Nouwen, beginning with photos of him as an infant and continuing until he is roughly 5 years of age. Laurent J.M., Maria, Henri and Paul Nouwen are seen with family and friends, including Sara M. and Tennis Ramselaar, Judith and Lien Otto (nee Ramselaar), Henricus, Maria H.R. and Jeanne Nouwen and Els Albregts, throughout. The photos focus predominantly on day to day events at the family home in Nijkerk and later in Bussum, such as Paul Nouwen being held and cared for as an infant, the Nouwen children playing outdoors with friends and the Nouwens posing for photos. Special occasions documented in the album include a trip to Italy taken by Laurent J.M. and Maria Nouwen; Wim Ramselaar's marriage to Rie Letscherts; Paul Nouwen's 4th birthday party; and a beach trip to Wijk aan Zee in 1938.

Family photograph album 18

Album 18 consists of photographs taken between 1932 and 1934. Put together by Maria Nouwen, the album is predominantly dedicated to photos of Henri Nouwen as a newborn and infant at the family home in Nijkerk. Nouwen is seen being held and cared for by family, including Maria and Laurent J.M. Nouwen, Sara M. Ramselaar and [Nel Laumans (nee Ramselaar)?], and in professional portraits taken during his first year. Also included are newspaper clippings of announcements about his birth and postcards dedicated to important events in his life including his baptism and first birthday.

Family photograph album 13

Album 13 consists of predominantly of photographs taken between 1971 and 1975. Likely put together by Maria Nouwen, and somewhat miscellaneous in nature, the photos include Maria and Laurent Nouwen on a trip to the United States while visiting Henri Nouwen at the Yale Divinity School; Maria and Laurent J.M. Nouwen with friends in Losone, Switzerland; Maria and Laurent Nouwen at their home in Geysteren with their grandchildren Reinier and Marc van Campen; Henri Nouwen with friends at the Abbey of the Genesee in Piffard, New York; and Laurien Nouwen marrying Marc van Campen in a civil and church ceremony in June 1966. Also included are photos of Henri Nouwen standing along canals in Utrecht, taken by Ron van den Bosch, and wedding photos of Nouwen family and friends.

Family photograph album 15

Album 15 consists of photographs predominantly taken between 1964 and 1969. It is unclear who put the album together, but the content's focus primarily on Henri Nouwen and his professional life as a priest. Approximately half of the album's pages are dedicated to Nouwen's departure for and stay at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas. The photos, many of which were professionally taken by an unknown photographer, show Nouwen having a meal and posing for photos with Laurent J.M., Maria, Paul, Laurent and Laurien Nouwen, before leaving for the United States; Nouwen with family and friends, including Toon Colen, at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam; portraits of Nouwen speaking while seated; Nouwen participating in a talk with Menninger colleagues, including Thomas W. Klink, during a visit from Cardinal Alfrink; and scenic shots of Topeka including the Most Pure Heart of Mary church. Other photos in the albums are dedicated to a trip to Chicago, Illinois and Niagara Falls; unidentified church services; a party at the Dijnselburg Huis Ter Heide, in Utrecht, in celebration of Nouwen's 12 1/2 year anniversary of his ordination as a priest; Don McNeill's [graduation?] from [Notre Dame University?]; portraits of family and friends; a trip to an unidentified location. Of interest is a photo, tucked into the front cover of the album, of Nouwen participating in a church service in St. Peter’s Basilica during Vatican II and the inclusion of the photo and dinner menu from his ordination as a priest, in 1957, as a marker of time placed along with the 12 1/2 year anniversary photos and invites.

Family photograph album 1

Album 1 consists of photographs of the Nouwen family and their friends during the 1960s. Put together by Maria Nouwen, images within the album include family trips to Ireland, Italy, Mexico and Switzerland, photos of the Nouwen children and special occasions attended by the family. The travel photos are casual in nature, focusing primarily on Laurent J.M. Nouwen and Maria Nouwen in the company of friends including Philip and Puck van Campen, Piet, Maria and Karel Kasteel, Seamus and Sophie Fitzgerald, and Kitty Upjohn Verbist. The photos of the children, many of which include portraits, comprise several pages of the album and are predominantly of Laurent and Laurien Nouwen as young adults, with two pages dedicated to Paul Nouwen. Henri appears sporadically throughout the album as he was abroad studying during most of the period captured by this album. A small number of photos on the full pages dedicated to Laurent, Laurien and Paul Nouwen are from their childhood, possibly taken from other albums in the collection.

Family photograph album 4

Album 4 consists of photographs taken during Henri and Paul Nouwen's childhood while living in Bussum, Netherlands between 1938 and 1940. Compiled by Maria Nouwen, the album shows Henri and Paul Nouwen playing with friends, spending time with their parents and celebrating special occasions such as Christmas and Paul's First Communion with extended family and friends. Of interest are photos of Laurent J.M. Nouwen's parents, Henricus and Maria H.R. Nouwen [P6542, P6546, P6549]; photos from the same series as the shot of Henri Nouwen dressed up as a priest used during his ordination [P6544, P6545, P6558, P6559, P6560]; and an old family portrait of the Ramselaars [P6576].

Family photograph album 6

Album 6 consists of photographs taken between 1953 and 1961. Put together by Maria Nouwen, the album features photos from trips taken to Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and Puerto Rico, as well as family photos of Laurent J.M., Maria, Henri, Paul, Laurent and Laurien Nouwen at their family home in Scheveningen and their vacation homes in Losone, Switzerland and Mook, Netherlands. Special occasions captured include Laurent Nouwen's confirmation in 1956, Maria and Laurent J.M. Nouwen's 25th wedding anniversary in 1956, and Pentecost celebrations in June 1959 . Of interest is a 1939 portrait of Laurent J.M. Nouwen [P6786] and photos of Mrs. Verbist who owned Casa Sott Gesa prior to the Nouwens. After her death, the home was purchased by the Nouwens and the van Campen family.

Family photograph album 12

Album 12 consists of photographs of the Nouwen family and their friends taken between 1948 and 1956. Put together by Maria Nouwen, the photos are predominantly dedicated to personal family photos, vacations and special occasions attended by the Nouwens. Included are photos of trips to the Nouwen's summer home in Mook, the Netherlands; Laurent J.M. Nouwen horseback riding; Netty and Jock Balfour's wedding; a visit from Norwegian family friends, Lillenor and Arthur Habvard; trips to Italy, Spain and Bosnia and Hercegovina; Laurien Nouwen's 4th birthday party; Laurent and Laurien Nouwen's First Communions; Laurent and Laurien Nouwen at school and with friends; a summer trip to Baexem, the Netherlands; Truus Ramselaar's 25th anniversary as a nun; dinner parties; day to day life in Scheveningen, the Netherlands; and Laurent J.M. and Maria Nouwen's 25th wedding anniversary. Professional portraits of Henri, Paul, Laurent and Laurien Nouwen, likely taken for school, appear along side more candid shots taken by the family.

Of interest is the inclusion of older photos as contextual punctuations and markers of time in relation to the photos within the album. Included are photos of the Nouwen children as infants; Truus Ramselaar as a young woman, prior joining the sisterhood; and a group photo of Nouwen and Rameselaar family members taken on the day Laurent J.M. and Maria Nouwen were married.

Family photograph album 7

Album 7 consists of photographs taken between 1938 and 1948. Put together by Maria Nouwen, a large number of the photos focus on Laurent J.M. and Maria Nouwen travelling, including by boat and with their children, through the Netherlands, France, Italy and Norway. One such trip was taken to visit the Friedische Molen [Friedesse Mill] in Neer, the Netherlands that was owned by the husband of Laurent J.M. Nouwen's [niece?] Lia Schippers. There are also several pages dedicated to photos of Laurent J.M., Maria, Paul, Henri, Laurent and Laurien Nouwen at home in Bussum and Scheveningen. A series of photos taken in May 1944, during a visit by Henricus and Maria H.R. Nouwen, show Laurent Nouwen as a young baby, less than 6 months after his birth. Extended Ramselaar and Nouwen family members including Hetty Berghs (nee Nouwen), Truus Derkx (nee Nouwen), Harrie Nouwen, Jeanne Nouwen and Toon Ramselaar appear throughout the album.

Family photograph album 8

Album 8 consists of photographs taken between 1993 and 1996. Put together by Laurent J.M. Nouwen, the focus of the album is predominantly photos of him with friends, including Puck van Campen and Medard and Wies van Leeuwe, and family, including his children, Henri, Paul, Laurent and Laurien Nouwen; his grandchildren Marc and Reinier van Campen and Sarah and Raphael Nouwen; and his sister Ella Leijten (nee Nouwen). Nouwen is seen attending mass conducted by Henri Nouwen in at Willibrordus Church in Geysteren, where he donated a drum to the Koninklijk Sint Willibrordusgilde Geijsteren; celebrating his 90th birthday; visiting the grave of Marina San Giorgi; and attending an award ceremony where Paul Nouwen received a medal from the Dutch Minister of Transport, Hanja Maij-Weggen.

Family photograph album 17

Album 17 consists of photographs taken in 1934. Put together by Maria Nouwen, the album consists primarily of photos of Paul Nouwen as a newborn and Henri Nouwen as a toddler. Both boys are seen with family, including Maria and Laurent J.M. Nouwen, presumably at their home in Nijkerk, and Sara M. and Tennis Ramselaar in Amersfoort. Also included are photos of Henri Nouwen playing outdoors with unidentified friends.

Photograph album 3

Album 3 consists of photographs of Henri Nouwen alone and with friends, including Don McNeill, Bob Antonelli and Claude Pomerleau, between 1970 and 1974. Put together by Henri Nouwen the album predominantly contains photos of him socializing with friends at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut; posing for portraits along canals in Utrecht, Netherlands for photographer Ron van den Bosch; and working and socializing with friends at the Abbey of the Genesee in Piffard, New York. Also included are photos of retreats, as well as trips to Aspen, Colorado; Elora, Ontario; and Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Photograph album 11

Album 11 consists of photographs taken between 1956 and 1961. Henri Nouwen is seen on a trip to Greece and Israel with a group of fellow students from the University of Nijmegen; on board the SS Maasdam where he worked as Chaplain in 1961; and visiting New York, NY while the ship was at port in the city. Also included are photos of Henri Nouwen and classmates at major seminary in Rijsenburg and at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Photograph album 5

Album 5 consists of photographs taken between 1947 and 1954. Compiled by Henri Nouwen, the album is predominantly focused on Nouwen's stay at a boys summer camp, his time at seminary school in Apeldoorn and trips he took to countries such as Italy, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. The camping group was called de Vossen [the foxes] and was run by Aloysius College. Also included are photos of Laurent J.M., Maria, Paul, Laurent and Laurien Nouwen at their home, in Scheveningen, and celebrating Laurent's First Communion in 1951. Of interest is a photo [P6644] of Henri Nouwen's grandmother Sara M. Ramselaar holding him as a baby in 1932.

Photograph album 10

Album 10 consists of photographs taken in 1981 during Henri Nouwen's final year teaching at the Yale Divinity School. Nouwen is seen at various events, including what may be a farewell party, a graduation ceremony, a baptism, a visit to the country and a lobster bake, with friends and colleagues, many of whom are unidentified. Nouwen is also seen wearing clerical robes while leading Easter Sunday service, outdoors, and celebrating Mass in the Yale Divinity School Prayer Chapel. Also included are shots of Nouwen and an unidentified man while on a trip to San Francisco. Joseph Nunez, Carol Plantinga, Yushi Nomura, Bob Massie, John Mogabgab, Marjorie Thompson, Don and Elaine Postema and Mich and Mary Zeman appear in photos throughout the album.

Photograph album 14

Album 14 consists of photographs taken in 1964. Put together by Henri Nouwen, the album contains photos that were predominantly taken in February of that year. Included are photos of Henri Nouwen during his psychology doctoral exam at the Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen; at the Hooge Hoenderberg, between Nijmegen and Mook, celebrating his completion of the exam with friends and family including Laurent J.M., Maria, Laurien and Laurent Nouwen, Peter and Anke Naus, Guus Ablregts, and Puck and Philip van Campen; and on a trip to Germany with friends. Also in the album are portraits of Kees Ramselaar and his children, photos of Nouwen with friends in his Piusconvict room and a map from the area he visited in Germany.

Photograph albums

Sub-series consists of 5 photograph albums containing approximately 781 photographs and ephemera taken by or collected by Nouwen. Included are early personal photographs of Nouwen's trips abroad, his time at seminary school and his tenure at Yale Divinity School.

Albums are separated into the following files:

File 1: Photograph Album 3
File 2: Photograph Album 5
File 3: Photograph Album 10
File 4: Photograph Album 11
File 5: Photograph Album 14


Series consists of colour and black and white photographs (including negatives) accumulated by Nouwen, and colour slides taken by him and others. Photographs not taken by Nouwen were gathered mainly from friends and acquaintances through correspondence, over a period of approximately 30 years. The photographs were stored by Nouwen and his administrative assistant(s) in files, or displayed on one of several large bulletin boards Nouwen used in his office and photograph albums compiled. Some photographs that arrived with correspondence were kept in the General Files series with their letter of origin, while others which were not clearly attached to a letter were separated and added to this series.

Subject matter depicted in the photographs include professional portraits of Nouwen; Nouwen in both his professional and private capacities at: the Yale and Harvard Divinity Schools, and at L'Arche Daybreak (leading church services, at birthdays and Christmas celebrations), religious events (baptisms, first communions, ordinations and weddings); as well as his travels to Peru and Bolivia, the United States, France, and other countries; and with his family in the Netherlands both as a child and as an adult. Photographs also depict Nouwen's friends, their families, and L'Arche Daybreak assistants and core members. In addition, a large number of photographs in this series (approximately one fifth), document Nouwen's time spent in Germany with a flying trapeze troupe, The Flying Rodleighs.

Slides were taken by Nouwen of Martin Luther King, Jr’s civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, AL, in March 1965; of the University of Notre Dame; vacations, including a trip to Greece; and of Nouwen with Rodleigh Stevens of The Flying Rodleighs in 1995.

This series is arranged in three sub-series:

1.15.1. Photographs Accumulated by Henri Nouwen
1.15.2. Early Personal Photographs
1.15.3. Photograph Albums

The series include both file- and item-level descriptions. Photographs and slides are arranged in chronological order where possible.

Social security documents

File consists of photocopies of Nouwen’s US Social Security card, and a Social Security Summary of Statement of Earnings prior to 1980.

Death documentation

File consists of materials related to Nouwen's death including death certificates; insurance benefits, files, and correspondence; Nouwen's last will and testament; financial records regarding taxes and royalties; memorial cards; notes; arrangements for Nouwen's gravestone; pamphlets from memorial events; instructions for L'Arche Daybreak on responding to inquiries; and the power of attorney for personal care document from 1995.

Ordination material

File consists of material from Nouwen’s ordination ceremony on July 21, 1957 in Utrecht and on July 28, 1957 in Scheveningen, including reminder cards, dinner menu and a copy of the photograph of Nouwen as a child playing priest.

Certificate of registration to perform marriages

File consists of Nouwen’s Certificate of Registration from the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations authorizing him to legally perform marriages in the Province of Ontario; including material relating to the Marriage Act of the Government of Ontario.

Doctoral degree and Police clearance certificate

File consists of photocopies of Nouwen’s degrees and certificates, declarations from October 27, 1988, of Nouwen’s doctorate in Psychology (February 3, 1964) from the department of Social Sciences at the Katholieke Universiteit (University of Nijmegen, Nijmegen, NL) and in Theology (October 7, 1971), and a police clearance certificate from the York Regional Police from October 19, 1988. Material in the first folder was likely gathered while Nouwen was applying for Canadian citizenship. File also consists of a second folder of awards, certificates, memberships, and degrees awarded to Nouwen from 1979-1995

Driving documentation

File consists of a photocopy of a Declaration of Aptitude for driving in the Netherlands with a foreign Driver’s license, and a license renewal form from Massachusetts.

Personal cards

File consists of an envelope containing Nouwen’s Social Insurance card, Ontario Health card, ManuAssist card, York Central Hospital card, and US Social Security card. Also includes his name badge for York Central Hospital Pastoral Services.

Funeral materials

File consists of materials from various Nouwen funerals including preparation documentation; eulogies; programs; articles; poems; in memoriam notices; newsletter notices; a funeral guest book; and sympathy notes.

Myer-Briggs report

File consists of Nouwen’s report of the results of his Myer-Briggs type indicator personality test; including a photocopy of the description of his personality type.

1981 last will and testament

File consists of a copy of Nouwen’s Last Will and Testament from 1981, including a letter from Nouwen’s father in 1993.

Health insurance documentation

File consists of a summary of Nouwen’s health coverage, including a Blue Cross and Blue Shield brochure, and contract.

Distribution card

File consists of a distribution card issued to Nouwen. This card identified Nouwen and indicated what resources he received following the Second World War.

Curriculum vitae

File consists of Nouwen’s curriculum vitae from 1976 to 1982, including lists of his published works.

Appraisal of chalice

File consists of the appraisal of Nouwen’s ordination chalice (a gift from his Uncle Antonius Ramselaar), from Gem Service, a division of Harold Weinstein Ltd.

Passport and visa information

File consists of official documents, correspondence and information pertaining to Nouwen’s immigration to Canada and legal status from 1986 – 1989. File also consists of Nouwen’s passports (issued by the Netherlands in 1989, 1981, 1963, and 1994; and a military passport), passport photos, travel visa applications, international driving licenses (issued by the Netherlands in 1966, 1980, and 1986), certificates of inoculation and vaccination (issued by the Netherlands, in Dutch and English), and immigration documents and correspondence from 1966 – 1996.

Personal papers and official documents

Sub-series consists of personal papers collected by Nouwen over his lifetime for sentimental reasons including mementos, ephemera, and materials relating to his childhood, career and his friends. Sub-series also consists of official papers kept for legal, insurance and professional reasons, including immigration papers, personal identification cards, wills, and royalties.

Job descriptions

File consists of job descriptions and profile information for positions at the Catholic New Times of Editor, Editorial Assistant/Reporter, Associate Editor, Assistant Editor, Marketing Manager (also called Production and Advertising Manager), Business Manager, and Circulation Manager.

Committee terms of reference

File consists of copies of the by-laws of the New Catholic Times Inc., a copy of the mission statement, and copies of the terms of reference for the Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Editorial committees.

Signed photograph of Italo Montemezzi

Item is an autographed photograph of Italo Montemezzi for Edward Johnson, dated October 1918 at La Scala in Milan. Johnson performed the role of Marco Gràtico in Montemezzi's opera La nave at its premiere at La Scala (November 3, 1918), as indicated in the inscription.

Signed photograph of André Messager

Item is an autographed photograph of the French composer André Messager (1853-1929) to Edward Johnson. In 1916, Johnson appeared as Walter in the opera Loreley (composed by Alfredo Catalani) at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, in a production conducted by Messager.

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