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Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: singers from the fourth-year Lieder class by Dr. Kathryn Tremills ; Sabina Rzazade, Minira Najafzade, piano


  • Erinnerung, op. 4, no. 8 / Christian Reinhold, Gustav Jenner (Dasha Tereshchenko, soprano)
  • Frühlingsblick, op. 5, no. 3 / Nikolaus Lenau, Othmar Shoeck (Alina Tigelman, soprano)
  • Liebesbotschaft, D.957, no. 1 / Ludwig Rellstab, Franz Schubert (Gabriel Klassen, baritone)
  • Winterreise. Die stürmische Morgen, D. 911, no. 18 / Wilhelm Müller, Franz Schubert (Frank (Enquan) Yu, tenor)
  • Vater Unser / Arvo Pärt (Ivan Vutev, countertenor)
  • Was weinst du, Blümlein, op. 23, no. 1 / Hermann Rollett, Clara Schumann (Rhianna McDonald, soprano)
  • Stiller fliedertrunkner Sommerabend, op. 28 / Oskar Ludwig Brandt, Luise Greger (Tarquin Wongkee, mezzo-soprano)
  • Heiliges Leid, op. 95 / Friedrich Länger, Luise Greger (Taline Yeremian, mezzo-soprano)
  • Meine Rose, op. 90, no. 2 / Nikolaus Lenau, Robert Schumann (William Salinas-Crosby, tenor)
  • Über allen Gipfeln / J.W. von Goethe, Mary Howe (Jamie Bateman, soprano)
  • Die Einsame, op. 9, no. 2 / Joseph van Eichendorff, Hans Pfitzner (Rayleigh Becker, tenor)
  • Ich atmet' einen Linden duft, op. 44, no. 1 / Friedrich Rückert, Gustav Mahler (Janelle Yausif, soprano)
  • Wer rief dich denn?, no. 6 / trans. Paul Heyse, Hugo Wolf (Maren Richardson, soprano)
  • Nachruf / Karl Stieler, Clara Faißt (Sarah Luedke, mezzo-soprano)
  • Allerseelen, op. 10, no. 8 (Hermann von Gilm, Richard Strauss (Jaidyn McFadden, soprano)
  • Erhebung, op. 2, no. 3 / Richard Dehmel, Arnold Schoenberg (Nikan Ingabire Kanate, soprano).

University of Toronto Guitar Ensemble and flute and guitar duos

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Rob MacDonald, director


  • Sonata in D minor, K. 213 / Domenico Scarlatti, arr. Julian Gray and Ron Pearl ; Duo nocturne no. 4, op. 37 / Antoine de l'Hoyer (Carl Jung, Grey Le, guitars)
  • Serenata op. 109, no. 1 / Ferdinando Carulli (Jessie Zhou, flute ; Ciel Fang, guitar)
  • Five microtangos. …pero siempre conmigo! ; Entre mis brazos / Claudio Camisassa (Josie Li, flute ; James Baker, guitar)
  • Mountain songs. Barbara Allen ; The House carpenter / Robert Beaser (Megan Mahoney, flute ; Scott Jolicoeur, guitar)
  • La tendre / Christoph Nichelmann, arr. Andrew Forrest (Daniel Chernyak, Linda Liu, Keer Pan, guitars)
  • Three chorales. Ach was soll ich Sünder machen ; Das neugerborne Kinderlein ; Herr, ich habe mißgehandelt / J.S. Bach, arr. Logan Gabriel ; Ponteio (agolopado) / Celso Machado (Daniele Chernyak, Elizabeth Chernyak, Linda Liu, Keer Pan, guitars)
  • Sonatina op. 71, no. 3 / Mauro Giuliani, arr. Heinrich Albert (Demian Bolañs Cobeña, Elizabeth Chernyak, Ciel Fang, guitars)
  • Musica incidental campesina. Preludio ; Interludio / Leo Brouwer (Demian Bolaños Cobeña, Ciel Fang, guitars)
  • Sonatina, op. 25. Tempo di Siciliane ; Allegretto grazioso / Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (Josh Chong, flute ; Cédric Thériault, guitar)
  • Summer garden suite. Opening ; Summer garden ; Farewell / Sérgio Assad (Scott Jolicoeur, Cédric Thériault, guitars)
  • Baião de Gude / Paulo Bellinati (Simon Farintosh, Scott Jolicoeur, Cédric Thériault, guitars).

University of Toronto Contemporary Music Ensemble presents Land of Winter

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: University of Toronto Contemporary Music Ensemble ; Wallace Halladay, director


  • Introduction (Wallace Halladay ; Donnacha Dennehy)
  • Land of Winter / Donnacha Dennehy (Canadian premiere).

Edward B. Philip fonds

  • UTA 1659
  • Fonds
  • 1922-1923

Two collections of photoprints and accompanying negatives relating to student activities in the School of Practical Science: I) "Good Old School Days at S.P.S." - views of electrical engineering study room and laboratory, sports trophies won by School of Practical Science athletic teams, Edward B. Philip with schoolmates, School of Practical Science professors; II) "Initiation Potpourri" - exterior view of the School of Practical Science Building; scenes of freshman initiations; junior engineering rugby team; World War I. Compiled by Edward B. Philip.

Philip, Edward B.

Vera Peters fonds

  • UTA 1655
  • Fonds
  • 1948-1993

Biographical files, photographs, correspondence, drafts of addresses, research notes, manuscripts and articles documenting Dr. Vera Peter's career as a medical researcher and a pioneer in the treatment of Hodgkin's disease and breast cancer.

Peters, Vera

George Armstrong Peters fonds

  • UTA 1654
  • Fonds
  • 1897-1902

Case studies of medical patients, with 24 photographs tipped in belonging to Dr. George A. Peters (MB 1886; MD, CM Trinity, 1887; FRCS, England), Associate Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery.

Peters, George Armstrong

Martin Alfred Peacock fonds

  • UTA 1651
  • Fonds
  • 1933-1950

Correspondence, biographical file, lecture notes, research files, etc of Martin A. Peacock, professor of Crystallography and mineralogy at the University of Toronto from 1937-1950.

Peacock, Martin Alfred

Lilian Jessie Payne fonds

  • UTA 1649
  • Fonds
  • 1916

Course notes for the fall term of first year botany, taken by Lilian Payne who was enrolled in the B.A. programme (teachers' course) at University College.

Payne, Lilian Jessie

James Patton fonds

  • UTA 1647
  • Fonds
  • 1845-1863

Collection of 8 pamphlets relating to University of Toronto with mss annotations by James Patton. Pamphlets included are: "The university question considered: by a graduate" (1845), "Wesleyan conference memorial on the question of liberal education in Upper Canada, explained and defended by numerous proofs and illustrations, by a committee".(1860), "University reform. Report of the resolutions adopted at a great public meeting of the inhabitants of Kingston..." (1861), "Address before the select committee of the Legislative Assembly appointed to inquire into the management of the University of Toronto..." by Daniel Wilson (1860), "Report of the commissioners appointed to enquire into the expenditure of the funds of the University of Toronto, and into the state of its financial affairs..." (1862), "University reform defended: in reply to six editorials of the 'Globe' and 'Leader'..." by a committee of the Wesleyan Conference (1863), "Defence of the plan of University reform proposed by the Senate of the University of Toronto..." (1863), "Statutes of the University of Toronto, 1857".

Patton, James

Richard Parsons fonds

  • UTA 1645
  • Fonds
  • 1892-1950 [1985 ; bulk dates 1892-1902]

Records of Dr. Richard Parsons as a public school teacher, as a medical student at the Trinity Medical College, and as a practicing physician. Includes biographical information, correspondence, certificates and receipts, class and laboratory admission cards, a book of four lectures to nurses (1901), a prescription notebook, a photographic portrait of Dr. Parsons and two black-and-white photos of him with his horse and buggy in the Red Deer, Alberta, area where he practised as a physician.

Parsons, Richard

Agnes Elsie Marie Parkes fonds

  • UTA 1643
  • Fonds
  • 1956-1962

Memorabilia relating to the Extraordinary Honours Award given to Marie Parkes in 1958-59 for her work on the Students' Administrative Council and on the Women's Athletic Association including photographs of award recipients. Also included: early essay by Parkes on Women's Athletics at the University of Toronto; photographs of the SAC Executive from 1956-1959; one photo of Parkes at T-Holders Luncheon.

Parkes, Agnes Elsie Marie

Marie Peterkin fonds

  • UTA 1642
  • Fonds
  • 1918-1919

One University of Toronto pin and two Pi Beta Phi pin as well as a photo album documenting University College graduate, Marie Peterkin (B.A. 1919). Snapshots in album show Ms Peterkin with classmates on campus, at a convention and working at the Government Experimental Farm in Vineland Ontario.

Peterkin, Marie

Park Family fonds

  • UTA 1641
  • Fonds
  • 1878-1882 ; 1913-1915

Course notebooks (9 volumes) from undergraduate programme in Arts, created by Henry George Park (BA 1883, Victoria College) and Camilla Harrison Park (BA 1915, University College).

Park Family

Palmer Family fonds

  • UTA 1639
  • Fonds
  • 1864-1905

Five student notebooks of Benson Jones Palmer and Elgin Burpe Palmer from the University College School of Agriculture, 1869-1872; one farming contract book 1871-1897, and inserts.

Palmer Family

John Onderdunk fonds

  • UTA 1627
  • Fonds
  • 1848-1850

Two letters from Bursar, King's College (University of Toronto) to John Onderdunk relating to payments for land in Ameliasburg Twp. ie: East 1/2, Lot 95, 1st Concession.

Onderdunk, John

Paul Holger Odense fonds

  • UTA 1624
  • Fonds
  • 1946-1947

Laboratory notebook for second year undergraduate course in physics (optics) taken by Paul Odense, who was majoring in chemistry.

Odense, Paul Holger

O'Sullivan Family fonds

  • UTA 1623
  • Fonds
  • 1910-[197-]

Personal records of Dr. Paul Michael O'Sullivan and his son, Dr. Paul MacLaren O'Sullivan, created in their capacity as professors of medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr. Paul Michael O'Sullivan's papers include: a complete manuscript of a dictionary of anatomical terms; correspondence and teaching notes. Dr. Paul MacLaren O'Sullivan's papers consist primarily of teaching notes, ca.1950-1970s.

O'Sullivan, Paul Michael

Edward W. Nuffield fonds

  • UTA 1621
  • Fonds
  • 1940-1973

Correspondence, course notes as student (1941-1942), undergraduate teaching materials, research data files relating to minerals and x-ray crystallography, subject files of product catalogues by various corporations of Dr. E.W. Nuffield, Department of Geological Sciences.

Photographs of field work ca 1940s include photoprints and negatives documenting Prof. Nuffield's geological expeditions with the Geological Survey of Canada and the Ontario Department of Mines. Locations include Mason Creek - Germansen Landing District and Cash Creek British Columbia as well as the Montreal River District and Harker Township in Ontario.

Nuffield, Edward Wilfrid

Norwood Family fonds

  • UTA 1619
  • Fonds
  • 1906-1953

Correspondence, curricula notes, photographs, diary, offprints of Gilbert Norwood. Some personal papers of Frances M. H. Norwood. Photographs include members of the Norwood family; men and women of the Canadian General Hospital No. 4 (University of Toronto) posing on front of University College. (Photoprint of Canadian General Hospital No. 4 taken by Panoramic Camera Co., Toronto.)

B2018-0005 contains a file of mimeographed and annotated copies of two one-act plays by Gilbert Norwood: "Brightening the Classics: a college farce in one act" and and "Pandora's Box", written in 1932 and 1933 and produced in the theatre space at the University College Women's Union in 1934, with a covering letter from Ruth Davidson, wife of Edward ("Ted") Moss Davidson (BA, UC 1934) who acted in both plays.

Norwood Family

William John Nicol fonds

  • UTA 1615
  • Fonds
  • 1911-1920

Two photographs belonging to Engineering Graduate, William John Nicol (B.A.Sc. 1920) including: Phi Sigma Tau Fraternity, Alpha Chapter, 1919-1920 and Faculty of Applied Science Graduating Class 1920.

Nicol, William John

Florence Helen Maud Neelands fonds

  • UTA 1610
  • Fonds
  • 1893-1907

Correspondence of Florence Neelands with family members, including her brother, Ernest Victor, friends and fellow students while a student in modern languages at the University of Toronto. Topics include the 1894 production of 'Antigone' and the 1895 student strike. Also included are photographs, mostly of family members and friends (some identified) but also including images of tribesmen, possibly in Papua-New Guinea.

Neelands, Florence Helen Maud

Emmy Heim fonds

  • OTUFM 58
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1956

Fonds consists of Emmy Heim's lecture notes for the Toronto Conservatory of Music (TCM) and Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto (RCMT), correspondence, programs, posters, and a photograph. Fonds also includes manuscripts of songs written for, or copied by, Emmy Heim.

Heim, Emmy


This series contains records related to the administrative processes of Blissymbolics Communication Institute - Canada. It includes a variety of files including annual reports, affiliate reports, and correspondence; files related to donors and finances; as well as other miscellaneous administrative files such as the personal files of BCIC and OCCC staff.

Bliss With International Music

Item is a disc containing concert videos from the Gravenhust Opera House. Disc consists of 15 files. 4 videos have a runtime of 32 minutes, 1 video has a runtime of 6 minutes, and 1 video has a runtime of 20 seconds. Some videos would not play and contents are unconfirmed.

Blissymbolics Communication Institute - Canada

  • CA OTUED 8
  • Collection
  • 1952 - 2023

This collection contains a variety of materials relating to the development, dissemination, use, and study of Blissymbols by Blissymbolics Communication Institute - Canada, and by affiliate organizations, scholars, educators, and users of augmentative communication around the world. The collection additionally includes administrative records, promotional material, and memorabilia of the BCIC.

Blissymbolics Communication Institute Canada

Audio-Visual Material

This series contains audio-visual material with contents related to Blissymbolics, BCI, and Bliss users, classrooms and students, including photographs, videocassettes, digital storage media, and other formats.

Moving Images & Digital Storage Media

This subseries consists of VHS tapes, digital storage media, and a film reel. Contents include news clips on Blissymbolics, BCI and augmentative and alternative communication, interviews and workshops with Shirley McNaughton, promotional and explanatory films about Blissymbolics, and various presentation PowerPoints and digital documentation regarding Blissymbolics and Bliss users.

Master class with Colin Ainsworth, tenor and Laura Loewen, piano

File consists of a recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.


  • Die Schöne Müllerin, D. 795. Der Neugierige (Victoria Chan, Sabina Rzazade)
  • Die Schöne Müllerin, D. 795. Trockne Blumen (Zyion Stephens, Kyeongok Kim)
  • Die Schöne Müllerin, D. 795. Danksagung an den Bach (Nathalie Winnfield-Hicks, Leah Lee)
  • Die Schöne Müllerin, D. 795. Tränenregen (May Sadan, Jayne Abe)
  • Die Schöne Müllerin, D. 795. Mein! (Brooke Zarubin, Helen Becqué)
  • Die Schöne Müllerin, D. 795. Morgengruß (Mia Robles, Chun Yi Tsang).

First-year undergraduate singers in performance

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Suzy Smith, piano


  • Malinconia, ninfa gentile / Vincenzo Bellini (Muriel Falkenstein, soprano)
  • Don Giovanni, K. 527. Vedrai, carino / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Monica Lindsay, soprano)
  • Il fervido desiderio / Vincenzo Bellini (Emma Puscalau, soprano)
  • The trees they grow so high / Somerset folk songs, arr. Benjamin Britten (Josephine Leung, soprano)
  • She never told her love, Hob. XXVIa:34 / Joseph Haydn (Ana Paolina Garcia Flores, soprano)
  • Winterreise, D. 911. Die Post / Franz Schubert (Vikram Srinivas, baritone)
  • Myrthen, op. 25. Widmung / Robert Schumann (Marina Kadri, soprano)
  • Les berceaux, op. 23, no. 1 / Gabriel Fauré (Trinity Turino, mezzo-soprano)
  • Nuit d'étoiles / Claude Achille Debussy (Claire Seoyeon Jun, soprano)
  • Elijah, op. 70. Lord God of Abraham / Felix Mendelssohn (Cameron Boulter, baritone)
  • Oedipus, Z583. Music for a while / Henry Purcell (Lindsay Faulkner, soprano)
  • 5 Elizabethan songs. Sleep / Ivor Gurney (Lucas Kalechstein, baritone)
  • La costanza in amor vince l'inganno. Sebben crudele / Antonio Caldara (Adam Przyjemski, bass-baritone)
  • Ma rendi pur contento / Vincenzo Bellini (Katerina Monaco, soprano)
  • Si je ne t'aimais pas / Francesco Paolo Tosti (Kaela Peever, soprano)
  • Le Nozze di Figaro, K. 492. Non so più cosa son, cosa faccio / W.A. Mozart (Emma Lavigne, mezzo-soprano).

The Diverse clarinet

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Peter Stoll, clarinet ; Steven Philcox, collaborative piano


  • Romance / Marie Elisabeth, Prinzessin von Sachsen-Meiningen
  • Basque folk song / Clarence Cameron White
  • Adoration / Florence Price
  • How could I know? / Parisa Sabet (world premiere)
  • The Featherheart / Lawren Brianna Ware
  • A Dialogue in Afshari / Saman Shahi
  • Two pieces for solo clarinet. Cow caravans' melody / Koh Okumura
  • Where there is light / David A. Eastmond (world premiere).

Femme forte : a celebration of women composers

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Collegium Musicium


  • Sonates pour le viollon et pour le clavecin. Sonata no. 1 in D minor. Presto / Élizabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre (Emily Richardson, traverso ; Andrew Park, cello ; Ryoko Hou, harpsichord)
  • Sacri concerti. Ego dormio / Claudia Francesca Rusca (Shash Koukarina, Claire Latosinsky, sopranos ; Shahana Abutalib, harpsichord ; Chris Bagan, organ)
  • 12 sonatas, op. 16. Sonata prima / Isabella Leonarda (Emily Richardson, traverso ; Chris Vishy, oboe ; Andrew Park, cello ; Ryoko Hou, harpsichord)
  • Cantata: O fronde care. Sinfonia ed Aria "O fronde care" ; Aria "Non sa dir, che sia contento" / Rosa Giacinta Badalla (Peter Koniers, alto ; Emily Richardson, traverso ; Chris Vishy, oboe ; Andrew Park, cello ; Ryoko Hou, harpsichord)
  • Brunette a deux Dessus. Boccages frais, aimable solitude / Julie Pinel (Rhianna McDonald, Anaïs Kelsey-Verdecchia, sopranos ; Stéphanie Gouin, harpsichord)
  • Regina caeli, laetare. Psallite, superi / Chiara Margarita Cozzolani (Ivan Vutev, Peter Koniers, altos ; Jelica Mijanovic, guitar ; Bud Roach, theorbo, coach)
  • Cantate, ariette, e duetti, op. 2. I baci / Barbara Strozi (Anaïs Kelsey-Verdecchia, soprano ; Jacob Thomas, tenor ; Chun Yi Tsang, harpsichord)
  • Correnti per violino e basso continuo. Corrente Primo ; Duodecima ; Primo / Marieta Priuli (Ivan Vutev, violin ; Jermy Lau, harpsichord)
  • Correnti per violino e basso continuo. Corrente Seconda ; Decima ; Seconda / Marieta Priuli (Jordan Baldwin, violin ; Jermy Lau, harpsichord)
  • Motet : Factum est silentium / Caterina Assandra ; Mottetto per un Santo "Plaude, plaude" ; Mottetto del Signore "Propera veni dilecti mi" / Maria Xaveria Peruchona (Sasha Koukarina, soprano ; Jordan Baldwin, alto ; Nathan Gritter, tenor ; Emmanuel Wong, harpsichord ; Chris Bagan, organ).

Student composer concert no. 2

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.


  • Music for crank sturgeon / Nolan Hildebrand (Nolan Hildebrand, electronics and voice)
  • In the new old-fashioned way / Graydon Mulholland (acousmatic)
  • Cathedrals / Felix Hill (Rocco Marciano, piano)
  • Waxed paper butterfly / Elienna Wang (Elienna Wang, piano)
  • Three dances / Jingren Sun (Chiya Hou, piano)
  • Monster / Tristan Stryjnik (Cameron Liao, violin ; Tristan Stryjnik, piano)
  • Away / Pari Bahrami Asl (Pari Bahrami Asl, piano ; Anwen Robertson, flute)
  • The Rhythmic suite no. 1. MINUET / Sofia Radenko (Lindsay Faulkner, Muriel Falkenstein, Emma Lavigne, sopranos ; Jeanne Tsui, Sofia Radenko, Jay-Daniel Baghbanan, altos)
  • Шепом = Shoput / Sofia Radenko (Lindsay Faulkner, soprano ; Muriel Falkenstein, soprano ; Emma Lavigne, soprano ; Jeanne Tsui, alto ; Sofia Radenko, alto ; Jay-Daniel Baghbanan, alto)
  • Practical guide to necromancy / Aaron Joseph Claude Gascon (Aaron Gascon, conductor ; Anais Kelsey-Verdecchia, mezzo-soprano ; Ain Carandang, clarinet ; Matthew Graystone, horn ; Vincent Poon, violin ; Claire Jeon, violoncello ; Jingren Sun, piano ; Kelsey Choi, percussion).

U of T Jazz 10tet

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: U of T Jazz 10tet ; William Carn, director


  • Nutville / Horace Silver, arr. Tibor Stojanovic
  • Sordid sort of fellow / Earl MacDonald
  • Inertia of complacency / William Carn
  • Isfahan / Billy Strayhorn, arr. John MacLeod
  • Ian leaps out / Ian McDougall, arr. Rob McConnell
  • For all we know / Rob McConnell
  • Fire (for Oatts) / Tara Davidson.

University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble and the University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble ; University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra ; Christine Duncan, Ernesto Cervini, directors


  • Instrumental : Poinciana / A. Jamal (University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble)
  • Island song / C. McBride (University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble)
  • Emily / J. Mandel, J. Mercer, arr. K. Marsh (University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble)
  • Not for human beings / Hobson's Choice, arr. L. Swankey (University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble)
  • Improvisation (University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble)
  • My Bohemian hour / A. Giammaria and R. Skilich (University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble)
  • I'm alone / H. Barstow (University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble)
  • Black hole sun / Chris Cornell, arr. James Miley (University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra)
  • Brush taps / Louie Bellson and Mark Taylor (University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra)
  • I could have danced all night / Lerner and Lowe, arr. Ted Heath (University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra)
  • Witchcraft / Cy Coleman (University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra)
  • A Warm breeze / Sammy Nestico (University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra)
  • We are in love / Harry Connick Jr. (University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra)
  • My lament / Maria Schneider (University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra)
  • Bodysnatchers / Radiohead, arr. Fred Sturm (University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra)
  • Tangerine / Victor Schertzinger (University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra)
  • Mira Mira / Matt Harris (University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra).

Andrew Downing hybrid ensemble

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Andrew Downing Hybrid Ensemble


  • The flow of water / Michael Fillion
  • The Adventures of Erich Korngold / John Southworth, arr. Andrew Downing
  • Invisible / Sienna Dahlen, arr. Andrew Downing
  • The Fool on the hill / Paul McCartney and John Lennon, arr. Lee Rosensweet
  • María de Buenos Aires. Yo soy María / Astor Piazzolla
  • La Javanaise / Serge Gainsbourg, arr. Thijs Vorstman
  • Ice age paradise / Sienna Dahlen
  • Good morning / John Southworth
  • Dido and Aeneas. Dido's lament / Henry Purcell, arr. [Andrew Downing].
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