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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections
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Catholic newspaper foundation re: incorporation

File consists of original signed and sealed documents certifying the incorporation of the New Catholic Times in the Province of Ontario, including the constitution, the notarial certificate of true copy, the letters patent, the affidavit of bona fides, and the affidavit of witness, as well as photocopies of these documents. File also includes:
-signed copies of the application to the Lieutenant Governor for a charter under the Corporations Act
-copies of the by-laws
-copies of the statement of purpose
-copies of forms from the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations regarding initial notice or notice of changes in directors
-the initial directors' and members' registers
-handwritten notes about the process of incorporation
-copies of the application for registration as a charitable organization
-an information circular issued by the Department of National Revenue, Taxation about registered Canadian charitable organizations
-a photocopied portion of a chapter in a book on charities accounting
-copies of two memos from the corporate department of the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations regarding the selection and clearance of a corporate name
-copies of the notice from the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations assigning the New Catholic Times an Ontario corporation number
-a description and profile of the New Catholic Times Hanna Fund
-minutes and reports prepared for the annual meetings of the Board of Directors for December 14, 1981 and February 18, 1985

East/ West Exchange - Sport

File is comprised of newspaper clippings, some of which have been pasted on paper. Contents have been annotated and organized according to subject based classification scheme and include articles about sports teams and athletes from Soviet countries.

Letter to Yale Divinity Library

File consists of one letter to Martha Smalley, Archivist of Yale Divinity Library, from Margaret Sutton on behalf of Nouwen. Sutton was sending Smalley two awards which Nouwen received: an honourary Doctor of Theology from the University of the State of New York, Maryknoll School of Theology; a framed poem written for Nouwen as part of a presentation of the honourary Doctor of Theology degree from Maryknoll.

Letters to Brad Colby

File consists of photocopies of two letters from Henri Nouwen to Brad Colby from April 1988.

Christmas Card

File consists of the front of a Christmas card that was sent by Nouwen to friends for Christmas in 1984. The back of the card is blank. File includes a list of names and their addresses to which the card was sent.

Material for Fr. Bernardin

File consists of one newspaper clipping from L'Osservatore Romano (Wochenausgabe in deutscher Sprache) [Weekly newspaper in the German language]. The article is clipped from a section titled 'Wort der Bischöfe' [Word of the Bishops], and is titled "Der Priester heute" [The priest today]. This article is taken from a speech from Bishop Klaus Hemmerle, Aachen, at the international meeting for priests of the Fokolar-Bewegung [Focolare movement?].
Nouwen wrote an annotation in the margin of the clipping that reads "To Fr. Bernardin", which could refer to Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, the Archbishop of Chicago.

Letter to Laurent J.M. Nouwen

File consists of one letter from Henri Nouwen to his father, Laurent J.M. Nouwen. This letter was written with regards to the book In Memoriam, and is contained in a scrapbook which contains a copy of the book and response letters to Henri Nouwen with comments on the book.

Letter to Laurien and Marc van Campen

File consists of a cover letter from Nouwen to Laurien Nouwen, his sister, and Marc van Campen on the occasion of their wedding. The letter includes a copy of the marriage speech given by Nouwen for their wedding.

Letter to Ton Delemarre

File consists of one letter from Henri Nouwen to Ton Delemarre. Delemarre was a friend of Nouwen's from college.

Letters still to be answered and dealt with (letters possibly found in Henri Nouwen's suitcase at time of death)

File consists of twenty-eight letters that were still to be answered and dealt with (and were possibly found in Nouwen's suitcase when he died). The majority of these letters contain the original letter and a copy of the response from Nouwen. Contents of letters are as follows:

  1. August 28, 1996, 1 p., typed letter from Nouwen to Rev. David and Carol Miles. Nouwen thanks them for their gift of the book "Figuring the Sacred" and for two dinner at their home in Bedminster, NJ.
  2. August 18, 1996, 1 p., letter from Anne N. Thomas, thanking Nouwen for his inspiration and leadership at the Eucharist community in Peapack, NJ, in the summer of 1996, enclosing a book of poems by Richard Wilbur [as of January 12, 2010, book not included]. Letter includes short typed response from Nouwen from August 28, 1996, thanking her for the book.
  3. August 28, 1996, 1 p., short typed letter from Nouwen to Gordon MacInnes and his wife, Blain, thanking them for their note and a copy of Gordon's book, "Wrong for all the Right Reasons."
  4. August 19, 1996, 1 p., letter from Robert Ellsberg, Editor in Chief of Orbis Books, expressing joy at having seen Nouwen, and giving Nouwen publishing updates on "Adam" and "With Burning Hearts." Ellsburg also asks for contact information for John O'Donoghue. Letter includes short typed response from Nouwen from August 28, 1996, giving O'Donoghue's address, and agreeing to write an endorsement for Jim Forest's book on icons.
  5. August 18, 1996, 1. p., short typed letter from Nouwen to the Most Reverend Vicar P. Rentinck, thanking Rentinck for transcribing Nouwen's presentation to the Deans, and for inviting him to speak to the Deans. Nouwen extends his greetings to Cardinal Simonis and the people at the Maliebaan.
  6. August 18, 1996, 1 p., short typed letter from Nouwen to Rev. Bob Ferrigan, thanking Ferrigan for his sabbatical schedule, and telling him that he will be back at Daybreak in two weeks.
  7. June 9, 1996, 2 p., letter from Stephen Newell-Niggemeyer, thanking Nouwen for asking him to contribute to the book on Adam. He writes about Adam and his effect on Newell-Niggemeyer's life. Letter includes short typed response from Nouwen from August 18, 1996, thanking Newell-Niggemeyer for his letter about Adam.
  8. August 29, 1996, 1 p., long typed letter from Nouwen to David Murphy, saying he was the priest who was with him when Murphy had his accident (in Ireland). Nouwen writes to ask how Murphy is doing, and to give his regards to Murphy's family.
  9. August 29, 1996, 1 p., long typed letter from Nouwen to William Burke O'Leary, writing that he was the priest that met him when O'Leary was in the accident with David Murphy. He expresses relief that O'Leary and his family were not majorly injured in the accident, and goes on to say that he and his friends, were on the way to their wedding, and Nouwen mentioned the accident in this wedding sermon.
  10. August 20, 1996, 1 p., letter from Trace Murphy of Doubleday, writing with news of an auction where the One Spirit Book Club bought the book club rights to "Inner Voice of Love" for $7500. He also says that they paid $3000 each for reissues of "Genesee Diary" and "Reaching Out." Letter includes short typed response from Nouwen from August 28, 1996, thanking Murphy for his letter.
  11. August 13, 1996, card from Annie Clark, writing from Daybreak, and telling Nouwen about her decision to leave Daybreak and to become a drama teacher. Letter includes short typed response from Nouwen from August 28, 1996, thanking Clark for her letter.
  12. August 15, 1996, short typed letter from Nouwen to "The Publisher" at Harper Collins in England. He writes that a year ago he spoke with Mr. Semper about "Beyond the Mirror," and that Semper told him that Harper Collins in London was not interested in republishing the book and was willing to return the UK and Commonwealth rights to Nouwen. Nouwen asks the Publisher to return the rights to him.
  13. August 18, 1996, short typed letter from Nouwen to Andrea Kennedy, thanking her for returning the video "Angels Over the Net."
  14. August 18, 1996, short typed letter from Nouwen to Robert and Susanne Johna, thanking them for their card and photographs of their wedding. Letter includes the envelope from the card sent by the Johnas.
  15. August 6, 1996, letter from Karen A. Levine, assistant editor, on behalf of HarperCollins San Francisco, enclosing five copies of the Czech edition of "Letters to Mark about Jesus." Letter includes short typed response from Nouwen from August 18, 1996, thanking her for the books.
  16. July 22, 1996, letter from Mary Cunningham Agee, expressing appreciation for Nouwen's dedication to "Our Lord's work at L'Arch Daybreak," and enclosing a donation from herself and her husband, William Agee. Letter includes two copies of a typed letter from Nouwen from August 28, 1996, thanking Cunningham Agee for her note and her donation to Daybreak.
  17. August 21, 1996, very short typed letter from Nouwen to Carl McMillam at Daybreak [Carl MacMillan?], enclosing a gift from Daybreak (from Mary Cunningham Agee) and papers that need to be filled out that need to be returned to Agee.
  18. August 8, 1996, card from Sr. Marcia Hobart, ALG, with news from her life. Card includes typed response from Nouwen from August 28, 1996, thanking her for her letter, and telling her that he has been on sabbatical for a year.
  19. August 7, 1996, card from Callie Stone discussing an ordination service in January [1996]. Card includes very short typed response from Nouwen from August 28, 1996, thanking Stone for her note.
  20. September 2, 1996, envelope for a card from Sr. Charitona Gärtner.
  21. August 5, 1996, letter from Bob Durback, containing pages of notes from his reading of "Bread for the Journey." Letter includes typed response from Nouwen from August 28, 1996, thanking Durback for his notes, and telling him that he cannot use Durback's criticism on the book because it is closed for publication.
  22. July 20, 1996, letter from Jeff Merkel, writing about his position of village pastor at Holden Village (Chelan, WA). Letter includes long typed response (1 p.) from Nouwen from August 28, 1996, giving advice to Merkel regarding his post.
  23. July 29, 1996, letter from Fred L. Hofheinz, Program Director, Religion, on behalf of the Lilly Endowment, Inc., asking Nouwen to write an endorsement for a book by Dr. Dorothy Bass.
  24. June 24, 1996, letter from Dee Richardson, Publicist, on behalf of the Summit Publishing Group, asking Nouwen to write an endorsement for the book "I, Jesus" by Bob Darden. Letter includes the press release for the book from April 1996 with a summary of the book.
  25. May 31, 1993, Monday Morning Meeting: Weekly News from L'Arche Daybreak. Newsletter about L'Arche Daybreak.
  26. September 1, 1985, letter from Fr. John E. Vesey, writing from Guatemala to his friends with news on the situation in Guatemala and his work there.
  27. [date unknown], postcard from [M.?, last name unknown].
  28. Introductory issue of "The Moment" (autumn 1996), a pamphlet about Free Trade.

Letter from Tilly [Last name unknown]

File consists of one letter from Tilly [last name unknown], writing from Lourdes, France. Letter thanks Nouwen for his trip to Lourdes, and says she will light a candle for him and for his father. Letter includes a postcard with pictures of Lourdes. Postcard is signed from "Tillie."

Letter regarding Nelly Stienstra

File consists of one invitation to a public defence of a thesis by Nelly Stienstra titled "YHWH is the Husband of His people: Analysis of a biblical metaphor with special reference to translation." The defence will be in Utrecht, Netherlands, on October 1, [year unknown], and will be followed by a reception. Dr. P.J. Verhoeff and Dr. R.G.M. Gouw, priest, were the supporters of Stienstra's thesis, and are listed on the invitation.

Letter from Maria Steeb

File consists of one letter from Maria Steeb, writing from Germany, regarding Nouwen's conclusion in the "zweite Einsamkeit", and a quote that his passage brought to mind. She types out the entire quote, which is about God and the work to be done for Him.

Letter from the Southeast Center for Justice

File consists of one letter from the Southeast Center for Justice containing information on the center, including their location (in the south of the United States), their services, their ministry, and their budget.

Letter from Lee M. Silverstein, M.S.W.

File consists of a form letter from Lee Silverstein, MSW, informing friends of his decision to go to Greece on a sabbatical. Letter includes handwritten note to Nouwen inviting Nouwen to stay with him in Greece. Silverstein was a student of Nouwen's in 1977 in a course on Compassion and in a 1978 course on The Life and Works of Thomas Merton.

Letter from Chris Saelens

File consists of a postcard from Chris Saelens. Letter contains an address in Toronto for Dora Sarpong and Eno Ababio.

Letter from Paul [Last name unknown]

File consists of one letter from Paul [last name unknown], enclosing a paper he talked about with Nouwen. Paper is included in the file and is untitled.

Letter from Melanie and Art McDonald

File consists of one letter from Melanie and Art McDonald, saying "Thought you'd appreciate these." [As of December 16, 2009, there are no attachments to the letter.]

Letter from [Marty?] [Last name unknown]

File consists of one photo greeting card from [Marty?] [Last name unknown], expressing appreciation for Nouwen's talk in Chicago, and thanking Nouwen for spending time with Marty's mother. Marty also goes on to say that the people of L'Arche Mobile (AL) are excited for Nouwen's visit.

Letter from Logos Book Store

File consists of one card from Karen [Last name unknown] to Kathy [Smith] thanking her "for keeping up with the details!" It is signed Logos of Fort North.

Letter from Tobias Lange

File consists of one letter from Tobias Lange, writing from East Germany, expressing appreciation for Nouwen's writing, especially "The Genesee Diary - Report from a Trappist Monastery."

Material regarding David James

File consists of one business card for Dr. Peter L. Quily, Ph.D., chartered psychologist (Edmonton, AB), with handwritten note: "David James."

Letter from [Erin?] [Last name unknown]

File consists of one letter from [Erin?] [Last name unknown], expressing appreciation for a gift from Nouwen. She says the gift was given to Bob Smith, chaplain of the hospital, who will place it in the chapel.

Letter from Betty Diliberto

File consists of three business cards for Geneseo Travel (Geneseo, NY) from Betty Diliberto. First card is for Betty Diliberto, Owner of Geneseo Travel) who wrote her home address and phone number on the back of the card. Second card is for Ginny Swarts, and third card is for Donna Radesi.

Letter from Covenant House of Prayer (NY)

File consists of one letter from Sr. Virgilia Jim, on behalf of the Covenant House of Prayer (New York City, NY), inviting Nouwen to come to the Covenant House of Prayer when he is in the NYC area. The House consists of four people: Sr. Grace Regina (Dominican), Sr. Claire [Langie] (Ursuline), Jane Davis (Midwife, laywoman), and Sr. Virgilia Jim.

Letter from Bruce Baker

File consists of one "Earth Angel Certificate" signed by Bruce Baker, Angel Rep. Certificate reads: "This is to certify that Henri J.M. Nouwen is recognized as an important Angel here on Earth. As a unique Being of Light, you bring a special gift to the Planet and the Church of Jesus Christ."

Letter from Anne and Deane [Last name unknown]

File consists of one certificate of membership for the Harry and David club, with message "A very merry Christmas and much love, from Anne and Deane." Certificate is for eight monthly deliveries of fruit.


File consists of miscellaneous undated letters and cards received by Henri Nouwen.
File contains one audio cassette featuring a letter from an unknown minister.
File also contains seven blank postcards, four postcards, ten greeting cards, eight letters, and other miscellaneous papers.

Christmas and New Year's Cards

File consists of twenty four Christmas and New Year's cards, all undated. Details of cards are as follows:

  1. painted star signed by multiple people, including "Marian, Mortien, Bart, Linda, Pieter, Ferd, Floris, and others.
  2. Christmas card from Steve and Tineke Adeney, and their children, Jesse, Matt, and Sarah.
  3. Christmas card from L'Arche Antigonish.
  4. Christmas card from Stephenson House.
  5. Christmas card from the Wilson Family. [Half of the card is missing.]
  6. Christmas card from Joe Incavo.
  7. Christmas card from the mothers and children at Lifeline Ministries Women's Shelter (San Francisco, CA).
  8. Christmas card from Glenn Guillorey.
  9. Blank new years card. Label on back says cards were sold to support L'Arche communities around the world.
  10. Christmas card from Caroline Westerhof, expressing appreciation for Nouwen's writing. Card includes her business card.
  11. [1996], Christmas card from Rick [Tobias] from Yonge Street Mission.
  12. Christmas card from Ann Stocker to Kathy Christie. Card includes Stocker's business card.
  13. Christmas and new years card from Katherine McEndarfer, thanking Nouwen for his prayers.
  14. Christmas card from Sr. Jane [last name unknown] and Sr. Ida Peterfy. Card includes a notecard that reads: "We offer our Christmas Novena of Masses, Holy Communions and sacrifices as our special Christmas gift for you."
  15. Christmas card from Kathy [last name unknown].
  16. Christmas card from David Perry.
  17. Christmas card from Louise [Pamburn].
  18. Christmas card to Kathy, Jim and family from Myrna and Norm.
  19. Christmas card from multiple people, including, Jarry and Alice Jean [Finlay], Taylor and Mari Pryce, Douglas and Sandra Blackwell, Victoria Matthews, and [Michael Bedle, Jr.].
  20. Christmas card from Mickey Mandlin.
  21. Christmas card from Jack Loughran, O.S.F.S.
  22. Christmas card from Elizabeth [last name unknown].
  23. Christmas card from multiple people, including Beth, Bob, Providence, Gwendolin, and Mike.
  24. Christmas Card from [S?] Bennett, Yale University Librarian.

Birthday Cards

File consists of seven birthday cards, all undated. The details are as follows:

  1. from Stephanie Vorstermans and Cheryl Zinyk.
  2. from the IFOR Staff.
  3. from Myrna [last name unknown].
  4. from Carmen, Yvonne, Doreen, and Christine [last names unknown].
  5. from Cheryl, Kathy, Loretta, Margaret, and [Kees?] [last names unknown].
  6. [1996], author is sad that Nouwen is not at Dayspring for his birthday as per usual.
  7. from Steve Anneke and Francis. Includes poem titled "Trevor's Field."

Letter from Audrey C. Patterson

File consists of one letter from Audrey C. Patterson, expressing appreciation for Nouwen's writing, especially "The Return of the Prodigal Son."

Letter from William L. DeWitt, D.D.S.

File consists of one letter from (Bill) William L. DeWitt, D.D.S., expressing appreciation for Nouwen's writing, especially "The Return of the Prodigal Son." He asks Nouwen for suggestions on finding a print of the Rembrandt painting.

Birthday cards

File consists of one birthday card, from Tante [?], possibly an aunt of Nouwen's. She quotes in English, "I believe in the sun, even when it is dark. I believe in Love, even when I'm alone. I believe in God, even when he is silent."

Letter from Sr. Laetitia Zwetsloot

File consists of one letter, written on two postcards, from Sr. Laetitia Zwetsloot, wishing Nouwen a happy birthday. She writes that it has been a while since they had contact, but she heard from a mutual friend, Jeanne Vergroesen, that Nouwen's birthday was in January. The rest of the letter is in Dutch.

Letter from Mich and Mary Zeman

File consists of one letter from Mich and Mary Zeman, expressing appreciation for a book sent to them by Nouwen. They write to Nouwen of their past year, when Mich started a new ministry with a small congregation, something he says Nouwen recommended he do, in order to live a more contemplative life. They write, "You have been true to your vision of the blessing of downward mobility." They also tell Nouwen about their children, Ben and Jobie.

Letter from Frances M. Young

File consists of one letter from Frances M. Young, writing from Birmingham in the United Kingdom, the Dean of Faculty of Arts at the University of Birmingham, writing at the request of Jean Vanier. He says that Vanier has invited Nouwen to their gatherings at Trosly, but Nouwen has been unable to attend. Young writes that after the last gathering with Vanier, they decided to put together a book after discussing "what difference it might make to the classic Christian doctrines to view them through the experience of L'Arche." Young asks if Nouwen is willing to contribute to the book.
Letter includes a list of possible contents for the discussed book.

Letter from Yale University

File consists of one form letter from Richard C. Levin, President of Yale University, on behalf of Yale University to graduates and friends of Yale Divinity School, announcing the appointment of the new Dean of Yale Divinity School, Richard J. Wood.

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