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[Collection of miscellaneous ephemera.]

  • CA OTUTF Ephemera box 00091
  • Collection
  • 1951-1985

A collection of ephemera related to Unidentified Flying Objects.

Godfrey Uyeno

Godfrey Uyeno, George Tashichi’s son, went on to join the Royal Canadian Air Force in in the 1950s. This series contains material relating to his time in the military. He flew in a CF-100, was an all-weather interceptor in a two man crew consisting of a pilot and navigator. Godfrey, the navigator, directed the pilot to intercept enemies using radar. He served as navigator during his tour from 1958 to 1963 and spent the rest of his time with the Royal Canadian Air Force on ground jobs.

Uyeno, Tashichi George

Thomas Lahusen Collection of Vasilii Azhaev Materials

  • MS COLL 00275A 2B Annex
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1935-1944

Thomas Lahusen collection of Vasilii Azhaev’s materials includes mostly photocopies of drafts of manuscripts, articles, readers’ conferences reports, notebooks, photographs, personal correspondence as well as official documentation pertaining to Azhaev’s imprisonment and further employment in the Corrective Labor Camp of the Baikal-Amur Main Line. The collection includes photocopies of periodicals produced and disseminated within Soviet labour camps. For the most part, the collection combines material from Azhaev’s personal archives with some documents from the State Archives of the Region of Khabarovsk. Thomas Lahusen collected and used these documents when writing his manuscript, How Life Writes the Book: Real Socialism and Socialist Realism in Stalin's Russia (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1997). Most of the material are copies from Azhaev’s personal archive that were given to Thomas Lahusen by Irina Liubimova-Azhaeva in 1992.

Azhaev, Vasilii

Ham 2023 accession

  • UTA 1341-B2023-0027
  • Accession
  • 1926-1979
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானJames M. Ham fonds

This accrual contains correspondence from family and friends to Jim Ham while he was a student at MIT (1947-1949). There is also a small number of letters from Jim to family members, including three as a child to his mother (1926-1928). One file of memorabilia, photographs and letters relates to his time in the Naval Service at the end of World War II (1944-1945). Finally, there is a certificate from July 1979 that made Ham a lifetime member of the Royal Ontario Museum, shortly before the ROM and the University separated. Ham was President at the time that the two institutions parted ways.

Ray Jafelice Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2022.012
  • Fonds
  • 1980 - 2011

Fonds consists of material related to Jafelice’s animation career. Records include animation elements, storyboards, and reference books related to the field of animation. Titles represented in the fonds include: Take Me Up To The Ballgame, Rupert, Strawberry Shortcake, The Adventures Of Tintin, Little Bear, Stella And Sam, Harry And His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs, Fievel’s American Tails, Family Dog, Busytown Mysterys; Pippi Longstocking, Tales From The Cryptkeeper, and Max & Ruby.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: Animation Elements
Series 02: Storyboards
Series 03: Publications

Ray Jafelice

Bob & Evelyn Kain Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2022.011
  • Fonds
  • 1997 - 2010

Fonds consists of material related to Chirp Magazine, including published magazines, books, and original drawings.

Bob Kain

Jerry G. Gray / The Travellers Collection

  • CA ON00349 2022.019
  • Collection
  • 1939 - 2021

Fonds consists of material related to the life and career of Jerry G. Gray. Records are predominantly related to his membership in The Travellers, but also include material related to his career as a lecturer on Folk and Protest Music and Yiddish Music. Records dealing with the Travellers include photographs, audio recordings, video, event listings, programmes, and newspaper and magazine clippings. There is a large collection of reference material related to Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and folk music in Canada and the United States, as well as reference material related to Jewish music. The fonds also includes records from Gray’s adolescence, including his early musical performances at Camp Naivelt and the University of Toronto, and his amateur athletic career in secondary school and at the University of Toronto.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: The Travellers
Series 02: Jerry Gray Adolescence
Series 03: Songbooks, Books, and Magazines
Series 04: Woody Guthrie & Pete Seeger Publications
Series 05: Jewish Music Publications
Series 06: Civil Rights Songbooks
Series 07: Recordings
Series 08: Lectures and Teaching Materials

Jerry G. Gray

Colin Campbell Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2022.007
  • Fonds
  • 1966 - 2021

Fonds consists of material related to the filmmaking career of Colin Campbell. Many of the videos, photographs, and documents in the fonds were digitized by Vtape and can be found in the Electronic Records series.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: Exhibition Promotional Material
Series 02: Press Clippings
Series 03: Published Material
Series 04: Photographs
Series 05: Photographic Negatives
Series 06: Electronic Records
Series 07: Scripts
Series 08: Memorial Material
Series 09: Correspondence
Series 10: Other
Series 11: [Clippings, Scripts, and Unpublished Manuscripts]
Series 12: Videos

Colin Campbell


Series includes the following titles (translated titles in square brackets):

14 Projects
78th Double 10 - The Birth Of A Republic
[Agricultural Technology Documentary]
Aragonite: Ode To Clouds Of Color
As The Hands Clap
The Art of Chinese Tea [1]
The Art of Chinese Tea [2]
The Beauty Of China's Cultural Legacy
The Beauty Of Chinese Crafts
The Beauty Of Chinese Cramics [sic] The Four Treasures Of The Studio = La Belleza de la ceramica China los cuatro tesoros del studio
[The Beauty Of Chinese Tea Etiquette]
[The Beauty Of Tea Art]
The Beauty Of Kinmen Natioal [sic] Park
[Between Heaven And Earth]
Bringing Friendship And Hope - Taiwan's International Cooperation Program
Bunun Hunting Series
By The Light Of An Ancient Moon Taiwan's Confucian Temples
Challenges And Rebirth - The Republic Of China On Taiwan
The Chen Shui-bian Administration: The Third Anniversary A Brief Video
The Chinese Circle - Traditions In Modern Life
Chinese Folk Night
[Chinese Jade] (English)
Chinese Lunar New Year Pictures
[Chinese Musical Instruments (Volume 1)]
[Chinese Musical Instruments (Volume 2)]
Chinese Music In Taiwan: A Living Tradition
Chinese Textbook [1, 11, 12]
Chinese Youth Kung-Fu Chin Na Shu
Chinese Zodiac Signs: The Animal In All Of Us
[A Collection Of News From Various Sectors In China In Support Of The Struggle For Democracy And Freedom In China]
Competition Without Medals - Folk Sports In Taiwan
Confucianism And The Taiwan Experience
[Cousin Lee Comics Promotion Video]
[Craft program and news recordings]
[Cultural Inheritance: Exploring The Origins Of Chinese Characters And The Development Of Books]
Cyclist Vicky Lim [LTN Cunqing (Toronto) - September 27, 2004]
[1) Daily Life Of People In Free China; 2) Working Women In Free China]
A Dancing Feast - A Documentary On Taiwan Choreography
Deep Love For The Native Soil
The Dexterous Art Chinese Glove Puppetry
[A Different Taipei City]
[A Documentary On The Funeral Of The Late President Chiang Ching-kuo]
[Domestic TV Networks Program Collection] Episodes 7-12
The Dragon Spirit Of China
Dynamic Taiwan: ROC Heading For The 21st Century
[Eight President and Vice President Swearing-In Ceremony and General Assembly Press Conference]
Embrace Life - The Story of Taiwan Medicine
[Enchanting Melodies Of Chinese Opera - 1st Volume]
[Enchanting Melodies Of Chinese Opera - 2nd Volume]
English Teacher
[Enrichment Tour]
[Eternal Memory - Chang Ching Kuo's Personal Journey]
Faces Of The Future
[Fairchild TV News - September 15 11:30 PM]
Fairies On The Pond - Jascana And Neighbors
Festivals In Taiwan
The Flora In Yu Shan National Park
Food From The Heavens - Taiwan's Rice Culture
[Forever Remember - Ching-kuo's Life Journey]
The Four Keys To Taiwan Folkd [sic] Art
[The Four Seas Unite In Solidarity With The Democracy Movement In China]
The Fragrant Fruits of Taiwan
From Bunker To Bridge
[General Ye Zui-bai's Horse Paining]
[A Generation Full Of Hope]
[Giving Back - A Grateful Heart]
A Glimpse Of Chinese New Year - Given By Prof. Li-lian Chao
The Green Green Grass: The Story Of Taiwan's Fight Against SARS
Greeting The Lunar New Year On Taiwan
[Hand To Hand, Heart To Heart (Supporting The Mainland Democratic-Movement)]
[Handicraft Art]
Health Through Kyungfu
The Hometown Of The Mangroves
[Inauguration Ceremony Of The Tenth President And Vice President Of The Republic Of China]
An Index Of Culture - The Museums Of Taiwan
[Information About The Homeland] Episodes 1-4, 8-10, 27-45, 47-51
[1. Inheritance of History; 2. Creating A Better Future]
An Island Of Vitality
Juggling The Old And The New: Women In Modern Taiwan
[King In The Fog - Mikado Pheasant]
The Lanyu Scop-Owl
Let's Cheer, My People
Little Giants - The Story of Taiwan's Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
[The live broadcast of the 1983 Golden Bell Awards]
[The live broadcast of the 1983 Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards]
[The live broadcast of the 1984 Golden Bell Awards]
[Live broadcast of the Republic of China's 78th National Day Celebration]
A Living Legend Through A Century - The Story Of A Master Photographer: Chin San Long
The Lohsi Inkstone
[A Look At The Republic Of China]
[Love And Growth]
Mackay Nov 23, 06 on CPAC; Omni 1 Mandarin News Nov. 7 2003 Travel & Leisure Show Footage
Made In Taiwan: A Trade Report From R.O.C.
Manifesting One's Heart And Soul Through Calligraphy
The Many Faces of Taiwan
Marine Life Of Lanyu
[The Martial Art of Wai-dan Gung]: The Profound Secrets Of Refwing The External Elixir
Masters Of The Snake Kilns: The Pottery Industry In Taiwan
Matsu - Taiwan's Guardian Goddess
[Mei nong umbrella = Deeply Beautiful Umbrella]
[Meinong Umbrellas]
Memorial Service On Confucius Birthday (English)
Mikado In The Mist
Mini-Dragon Transformed: The ROC On Taiwan Today
[The Miracle Of Commerce Trade Of The Republic Of China]
[Missing Through Time: Commemorating The 1st Anniversary Of the Passing Of Chiang Ching-kuo]
More Than A Miracle [The Miracle Of Commerce Trade Of The Republic Of China]
[Morning Bell]
The Music And Dance Of Taiwan's Aborigines - My Home, My Song
[National Funeral of Former President Chiang Ching-kuo]
New Life For The Formosan Sika Deer
A New Spring For Taiwan's Ke-Tse Opera
The Night Of Nine Tribes
[Ode To Formosa]
[Part 1 The Green Path; Part 2 The Birth Of A Miracle In 30 Years]
The People With Love And Faith
[A Political Modernization - Forty Years Of Constitutional Democracy In The Republic Of China]
[Premier Hau's Inaugural Press Conference]
[Premier Li Met With The Press Conference]
[President Lee Teng Hui's Visit To Singapore - March 3-9, 1989]
[President Lee Teng-hui Data Tape]
[Project National Glory Military Exercises]
Rare Birds of Taiwan - Swinhoe's Pheasant
Rather Burn Than Rust Our [sic] - Memorial Activity For 100 Annversarey [sic] of the Death of Dr. Mackay
[Real And Fake Kung-Fu]
Recollecting Taipei's Relics
[Recreation Room]
Reflections Of Modern China - Culture In Taiwan
[Remembering The Years, Seizing Many Autumns]
Republic Of China On Taiwan 1991
The Republic Of China: Visions Of The Past Present And Future
San Hsia Tsu-Shih Temple Li Mei-Shu
[Scars Of History]
Sharing The Fruits Of Progress
Sharing The Taiwan Experience - A Brief Look At The Republic Of China
Shuang Zu Li Shuang Tian [= Two Feet Standing On Two Sky]
[Shuili Pottery]
The Silk Road
Skillful Hands & Artistic Vision - Contemporary Taiwanese Handicrafts
The Song Of Formosa
Songs Of The Mountains, Dances Of The Sea: Music And Dances Of Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples
The Social Welfare Of The Republic Of China - The Practice Of The Whole People Welfare
A Stroll Through The World Of Chop Art
Surviv [sic] Of Marine Life
The Taipei Tree Frog
Taiwan - A Success Story
Taiwan: An Ecological Showplace
[Taiwan Blooms Across The World]
Taiwan - Committed To Global Health Care
Taiwan Festival Troupes - Coming Together In Competition
Taiwan Folk Arts: Kites
Taiwan - Future Hope For China
Taiwan Moves Forward
Taiwan Terns
[Taiwan Wild Birds - A Hundred Year Documentary]
Taiwan's Hakka People
Taiwan's Endemic Amphibians
[Taiwan's Festivals: Links With The Past, Bridges To The Future]
[Taiwan's Festive Celebrations]
Taiwan's Hakka People
Taiwan's Legendary Folk Performance Art
Taiwan's Lungshan Temples
Taiwan's National Palace Museum In Transition
Taiwan's Pathways To The Future
Tango With Nature: The Taiwan Story Of Sustainable Development
The Tender Chinese Traditional Nedicine [sic] - Acupuncture
[Three Minutes National Situation Introduction (For The Purpose Of Miss World Pageant)]
[Tiananmen Protests' Blood and Tears Records]
Tienwei – Chrysanthemums
Toward A Lasting Beauty: The Changing Ecology Of Taiwan
[Tradition And New Era]
Traditon [sic] Taiwan Folk Nusic [sic] Instruments Nan Kuan Pi-Pa
Transcending Space, Linking Time - The Story Of Taiwan's Bridges
[Treasures Of The National Palace Museum (Calligraphy And Painting)]
Treasures Of The National Palace - Museum Embroidery And Tapestry
Tribes On Holidays
A Trip By Taiwan Railway Lines
[Trip To Siwkolan a tarawadaw]
[Twilight Drum & Morning Bells]
[Two Feet In Two Cultures]
Undying Love - In Pursuit Of Perfection In Crystal Art
The Unique Birds Of Taiwan
[Visions Of Taiwan's Mountains]
The Voyage Of Art: Ink Painting (I)
The Voyage Of Art: Ink Painting (II)
Water, Water From Afar - Water Conservancy In Taiwan
We Are All Aboriginals
West Meets East: The Story Of Taiwan's Foreign Residents
What You Can Sell To Taiwan R.O.C.
Wild Birds On Taiwan
[Wound Of History - Conveying Care Through Singing - Recording History Through Songs]
[Yangming Mountain]
[Year 72 Golden Bell Award Ceremony] Episodes 1-4
Yellow Butterfly Valley

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO)

16mm Documentary Catalogue

Series includes the following titles:

The 1985 Seminar On China Studies For International Youth
The 64th National Day Of The Republic Of China
The 75th National Day Celebration Of The Republic Of China
An Acrobat: Training And Performance = 民俗技藝的養成與演出
Ancient Chinese Painting
Architecture In Taipei
The Armed Forces Of The Republic Of China
Asia's Beacon - The Republic Of China
Bamboo - A Gigantic Grass
"Beautiful Flowers, Beautiful Taiwan"
Beyond The Economic Miracle: The New Story Of The Republic Of China In Taiwan
Celebrating The 76th National Day Of The Republic Of China
Celebration Of National Day Republic Of China 1980
Celebration Of National Day Republic Of China 1981
Celebration Of National Day Republic Of China 1983
Chinese Children's Games
Chinese Folk Arts
Chinese Music And Musical Instruments
Chinese New Year
A City of Cathay
Confucianism And The Taiwan Experience
The Dragon People
A Documentary On The Funeral Of The Late President Chiang Ching-kuo
[The Double-Tenth National-Day Parade, 1964]
Dr. Lee's World Of Insects
The Economic Development Of The Republic Of China
Education And Social Welfare In The Republic Of China
The Eternal Friend And Mentor
Faces Of The Future
Festivals In Taiwan
Flying To Freedom
The Four Keys To Taiwan Folk Art
[Four Seas One Heart] = 心一海四
Free China Mourns President Chiang
The Fruits Of Labor - The Republic Of China's International Cooperation Programs
Glimpses Of Taiwan (Formosa)
The Hakka Folklore
A Harmony Of Great Religions
Hello, Mr. President - Chiang Ching-kuo And His People
Heritage dore - moisson doree = Golden Heritage, Golden Harvest
Heritage Of Chinese Opera
In Tune With Tomorrow
Inauguration Of 6th President And Vice-President Of The Republic Of China
The Inauguration Of The President And Vice-President Of The Republic Of China
A Joyful Double Tenth Day In Republic Of China
The Kingdom Of Butterflies
Kinmen: Outpost Of Freedom
Kuan Miao [= The Story Of Bamboo]
La Chine Libre pleure le President Chiang = Free China Mourns President Chiang
Les forets de Formose = Forest & Life
Letter Form Taipei
L'habillement en Chine - histoire d'une évolution = Chinese Costumes - An Evolutionary Story
Life In Free China
Linking Two Dragons; (South Link Railway Construction)
Love And Faith
Madame Han
The Making Of The President Of The Republic Of China
The Many Faces Of Taiwan
Masterpieces Of Chinese Art At The National Palace Museum
Miracle du commerce extérieur de Taiwan = A Story Of Foreign Trade In Taiwan, Republic Of China
Morning In Taipei
A Nation That Cares
[National Anthem]
National Day Military Parade Republic Of China 1978
Nature's Glory: The Beauty Of Taiwan
A New Era: The Fourteen Projects Of Taiwan
New Faces Of The Republic Of China
New Frontiers For An Ancient Heritage
The No 1 Foster Mother Of The World
Old And New In Harmony
The Old Animal Friends Move
Old Traditions & New Technologies
Old World New Women
On A Moon-Lit Night
One Big Family - Social Welfare In The Republic Of China
The Other Faces Of Taiwan
Overseas Youth Study Program
Par une nuit au clair de lune = On A Moon-Lit Night
Passage To Taiwan
Porcelaines de Chine = Art Of Chinese Pottery
President Chiang Kai-Shek
Progress The Nuclear Way - Peaceful Uses Of The Atom In The ROC
The Rainbow Of Treasure Island
Reflections Of Modern Chinese Culture In Taiwan
Report On Acupuncture
Republic Of China On Taiwan, 1991
The Republic Of China On Taiwan: Challenge And Rebirth
The ROC Celebrates 1982 National Day
[Rudder] = 舵
The Secret Art Of Kung Fu
Seven Chinese Festivals
Sha'ar Descent Project
The Ship That Sails On Flame
Snakes And Their Poisons
A Song Of Chinese Landscapes
A Sports-Loving People - The Story Of Athletics In The Republic Of China On Taiwan
Successful Separation Of Ischiopagus Tripus Conjoined Twins
Suite Idyl
Taipei's Children
The Taipei Tree Frog
The Taiwan Experience: The Modernization Of China
Taiwan - The Beautiful Island
Taiwan Kentin [sic] Forest Recreation Park
Taiwan…69 = The New Image Of Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tea In Taiwan
This Land, This People
Three Faces Of The Chinese Dance
Traveling By Post - Postal Service In Republic Of China On Taiwan
Voices Of Angels
What Is Chinese Opera?
Where Confucius Meets The New Wave
A Whole Future Before You
Women Today In Free China

English (or French) titles match titles on prints (when an English- or French-title is provided). Alternate English titles, when available, are noted in item-level descriptions.

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO)

16mm Movie Catalogue

Series includes the following titles:

All The Youthful Days = 風櫃來的人
A-Ying = 阿嬰
Banana Paradise = 香蕉天堂
Battle of Chocolate = 巧克力戰爭
Be My Lovely Child Again = 期待你長大
The Coldest Winter in Peking = 皇天后土
Determined To Soar = 想飛—傲空神鷹
Dragon Inn = 新龍門客棧
First Date = 第一次的約會
Five Girls & A Rope = 五個女子和一根繩子
Flowers Of Paradise = 芳草碧連天
Fraternity = 兄弟珍重
God Of War = 戰神
A Heroic Legend
A Hero's Tears = 英雄有淚
Home From The Hill = 我從山中來
The Great Mother = 我這樣過了一生
The Green Snake = 青蛇
If I Were For Real = 假如我是真的
Invincible Swords = 冷月、孤星、無情劍
The Invincible Two = 新絶代双嬌
A Kid From Tibet = 西藏小子
Knife And His Six Friends = 菜刀與六個朋友
L'air du Temps = 時代之風
Last Train To Tansui = 我們的天空
Let's Go = 過河小卒
Love And Sword = 要命的小方
Love In Venice = 情定威尼斯
Love Is Sweet = 青春無悔
Love On The Big Country = 大地親情
The Magic Sword = 將邪神劍
The Matrimony = 結婚
Moonlight Boy = 月光少年
The Mutant = 白色醡漿草
My Favorite Season = 最想念的季節
My Grandfather = 我的爺爺
My Son = 我兒漢生
Nature Is Quietly Beautiful = 霧裡的笛聲
Never Ending Memory = 舊情綿綿
The Noblest Way To Die = 皇金稻田
Old Man And Girl = 老少五個半
Painted Skin = 畫皮之陰陽法王
Pan Yu Liang - A Woman Artist = 畫魂
The Parachutist = 天降神兵
A Piggy Tale = 娃娃
The Police Story = 官兵捉強盜
Pushing Hands = 推手
Reunion = 海峽兩岸
Rouge of the North = 怨女
Run Away = 策馬入林
The Rule Of The Game = 遊戲規則
Shanghai Holiday = 上海假期
Shogun & Little Kitchen = 伙頭福星
Shou Lin Puppy = 卜派小子
A Son Remembers = 感恩歲月
Split Of The Spirit = 離魂
Spring Swallow = 晚春情事
The Sun With The Missing Corner = 缺角的太陽
Teenage Fugitive = 小逃犯
Thank You, Sir = 起床號
To Liv(e) = 浮世戀曲
Twilight In Geneva = 日內瓦的黃昏
Two Of Us = 父子關係
We Are In The Same Boat = 咱們都是台灣人
Whampoa Blues = 壯志豪情
When The Ocean Is Blue = 海水正藍
Winter Ritual = 冬之祭
A Woman And Seven Husbands = 販母案考
The Young Taoism Fighter = 陰陽奇兵

English (or French) titles match titles on prints (when an English- or French-title is provided). Alternate English titles, when available, are noted in item-level descriptions.

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO)

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO) Collection

  • CA ON00349 2023.002
  • Collection
  • 1960 - 2008

Collection consists of film prints and video materials held by the Toronto TECO office.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: 16mm Movie Catalogue
Series 02: 16mm Documentary Catalogue
Series 03: Video

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO)

Opera Exchange fonds

  • OTUFM 86
  • Fonds
  • 2001-2015, 2001-2009 predominant

Fonds consists of programs, speaking notes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings relating the Opera Exchange, an initiative co-organized by University of Toronto professors Caryl Clark and Linda Hutcheon, in conjunction with the Munk Centre for International studies (2001-2002) and the Canadian Opera Company (COC) (2003-2015).

The Opera Exchange held three symposia per year, with the aim to create a collaborative environment where students, faculty, and members of the public could discuss opera from various perspectives and disciplines, including musicology, literature, drama, history, political science, and gender studies. The program was initially named "The Humanities Initiative" and early symposia focused on works performed by the University of Toronto Opera School, Opera Atelier, and the COC.


  • 2002 Humanities Initiative symposia (Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto)
    • Transformations of Salome (January 19, 2002)
    • Iron Road: intersecting dreams and dialogues (March 1, 2002)
    • The many faces of Boris Godunov (April 6, 2002) [in collaboration with the Centre for Russian and East European studies)
  • 2002-2003 Humanities Initiative symposia (Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto)
    • Oedipus Rex: plagues and politics (October 5, 2002)
    • Apprenticing with a sorceress: Handel's Alcina (November 15, 2002)
    • Taptoo! (March 8, 2003)
  • 2003-2004 Opera Exchange symposia (Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto
    • Peter Grimes: the loner vs. the town (October 4, 2003)
    • Falstaff: the maestro takes on the bard (January 31, 2004)
    • Die Walküre: why Wagner? (April 17, 2004)
  • 2004-2005 Opera Exchange symposia (Bader Theatre, Victoria University)
    • The Handmaid's tale: no balm in this Gilead (October 2, 2004)
    • Siegfried: the forging of a hero (January 29, 2005)
    • Tancredi: Sicilians, Saracens, singers (April 2, 2005) [in conjunction with an American Musicological Society chapter meeting at the University of Toronto]
  • 2005-2006 Opera Exchange symposia (Faculty of Music and Bader Theatre)
    • Rodelinda and Carmen: girls night out! (October 22, 2005 at Walter Hall)
    • Götterdämmerung: return of the ring (February 4, 2006 at Bader Theatre)
    • Wozzeck : opera for a modern age (April 1, 2006 at Bader Theatre)
  • 2006 Opera Exchange symposia on Wagner's Ring Cycle (Bader Theatre, Victoria University)
    • Cycle I: putting the ring on stage (September 16, 2006)
    • Cycle II: putting the ring in context (September 13, 2006)
    • Cycle III: putting the ring on record (September 30, 2006 at Hilton Hotel)
  • 2007-2008 Opera Exchange symposia (Bader Theatre, Victoria University)
    • Who (what) is the real Don Carlos? on Verdi's Don Carlos (October 27, 2007)
    • To be or not to be: from the house of the (living dead) on Janacek's From the House of the Dead (February 9, 2008)
    • Letting down your hair with Pelléas and Mélisande (May 20, 2008)
  • 2008-2009 Telling Stories through Opera, The Opera Exchange, three symposia in conjunction with the Jackman Humanities Institute
    • Monster opera: Prokofiev's War and Peace (October 18, 2008)
    • Love and liberation: Beethoven's Fidelio (January 31, 2009)
    • "Antique fables and fairy toys": Britten's A Midsummer Night's Dream (May 9, 2009)
  • 2009-2010 Opera Exchange symposia (Faculty of Music, University of Toronto)
    • Stravinsky/Lepage: a magical meeting of minds (October 17, 2009)
    • Shakespeare's Othello and Verdi's Otello: staging jealousy (February 6, 2010)
    • Staging Der fliegende Holländer for our times? (May 1, 2010)
  • 2010-2011 "Voice and Spectacle," The Opera Exchange, three symposia presented by the Jackman Humanities Institute, Faculty of Music, and the Canadian Opera Company
    • Death in Venice gets a new life in Toronto (October 16, 2010)
    • Nixon in China: giving voice to our own history (February 13, 2011)
    • Ariadne auf Naxos from A-Z (May 14, 2011)
  • 2011-2012 Opera Exchange symposia (Faculty of Music, University of Toronto)
    • A Greek family reunion: Gluck's Iphegenie en Tauride (October 1, 2011)
    • Long distant loving: Saariaho's L'amour loin/Love from afar (February 4, 2012)
    • Wilde time: Zemlinsky's A Florentine tragedy (April 22, 2012)
  • 2012-2013 Opera Exchange symposia (Faculty of Music, University of Toronto)
    • Let's lighten up! : operetta in context, on Johann Strauss' Die Fledermaus (October 13, 2012)
    • Wagner and adaptation: transformations and excess, on Richard Wagner's Tristan und Isolde (January 31-Febrary 2, 2013)
    • Singing from the scaffold, on Francis Poulenc's Dialogues of the Carmelites (May 11, 2013
  • 2014 Opera Exchange symposium (Munk School of Global Affairs)
    • Coming home: Handel's Hercules (April 4, 2014)
  • 2014-2015 Opera Exchange symposia (Faculty of Music, University of Toronto)
    • Staging operatic comedy: Verdi's Falstaff in context (September 27, 2014)
    • Directors take the stage: debating Regietheater (January 17, 2015).

Clark, Caryl Leslie

Eloísa Cartonera collection

  • CA OTUTF cartonera
  • Collection
  • 2003-2022

The collection consists primarily of examples of cartonera books, and a few books published and bound in paper covers by Eloísa Cartonera. The collection also includes a book assembly kit, stencils, archival and publicity materials pertaining to Eloísa Cartonera, as well as video and published materials related to the Prince Claus Award received by Eloísa Cartonera in 2012.

Eloísa Cartonera, publisher

2017.030 acquisition

The Paul Saltzman Fonds spans his whole career, with many records from his most notable work. His time with the Beatles in 1968 is well represented. Multiple transparencies, artist proofs, and exhibition prints are present, including those selected by the Liverpool Airport for their art installation. There are also photos Saltzman took on his return trip to India in 2004 in preparation of his book.

There are multiple video Masters for the Danger Bay series, including Spanish, French, and Czech language masters.
A vast array of production elements are present ( ¼” audio reels, audiocassettes, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, D2 cassettes, ¾” cassettes, VHS, HDCAM, DVDs, CDs, 16mm release prints, 16mm workprints, 16mm internegative, 16mm interpositive, 16mm optical soundtrack, 16mm magnetic soundtrack, 35mm release prints), and include productions Danger Bay, Wings, and Cold L-Z Pow. Multiple hard drives hold electronic files from Aides, Prom Night, and Last White Night.

Photographic and graphic records represent the productions Spread Your Wings, Danger Bay, and My Secret Identity. Some of these photographs are cast/crew photos, framed animation cells, and framed magazine covers.

Many of Saltzman’s awards are included in the Fonds. There are 100 framed certificate awards, 5 statuettes, 1 Emmy award for My Secret Identity, 3 medals, 9 medals in custom boxes and 2 medals encased in acrylic.

Saltzman, Paul

Kathleen Gray fonds

  • UTA 2020
  • Fonds
  • 1925

Travel album and scrapbook, created by Kathleen Gray (U.C. 1921) documenting the 1925 Undergraduate Tour of Great Britain and France with the Overseas Education League. The album contains photographs, postcards, ephemera and memorabilia. It is also annotated with diary type entries which are interspersed throughout with drawings by Kathleen Gray illustrating the adventures of her and her cohort of friends who took the trip together.

Gray, Kathleen

Photographs and Physical Media

This series contains slides, photographs, videocassettes, and various digital storage media with contents related to Blissymbolics, BCI, and Bliss users, classrooms and students.

1. Opening AACE '85 / 2. Shirley McNaughton May 1989 / 3. Shirley 1988 Sept.

Item is a disc containing 10 files, 3 of which are duplicates. 3 videos are MPEG-2 video files. Some videos do not play all the way through. Video contents include an augmentative and alternative communication gathering with presentation by Shirley, interview with Shirley regarding Blissymbolics, and duplicate of video found in Item 36.

PowerPoints from Shirley's laptop - June 2006

Item is a disc containing 10 PowerPoint files. Contents include presentations on augmentative communication and use of technology, Blissymbolics Learning Centre Muskoka presentations, and various presentations on Blissymbolics history and vocabulary.

Bliss With International Music

Item is a disc containing concert videos from the Gravenhust Opera House. Disc consists of 15 files. 4 videos have a runtime of 32 minutes, 1 video has a runtime of 6 minutes, and 1 video has a runtime of 20 seconds. Some videos would not play and contents are unconfirmed.


Item is a disc containing 10 files, 4 of which are MPEG-2 videos. Videos have not been successfully opened, and contents are unconfirmed.

1. Untitled / 2. Today's Special / 3. Nancy Lagee / 4. Getting to Know Each Other

Item is a disc containing 18 files, 8 of which are duplicates. 9 files are MPEG-2 video files. Some videos do not play, or do not play all the way through. Video contents include interview with Shirley McNaughton regarding Blissymbolics, various news pieces on Justin Clark's legal victory, videos of teachers in a classroom teaching Blissymbols, a promotional piece about Blissymbolics, and video clips unrelated to Blissymbolics.

1. Global News '91 / 2. Easter Seal 27:30 / 3. Nancy w/ Glenn / 4. Talk Not 4 Letter Word

Item is a disc containing 10 files, 3 of which are duplicates. 3 videos are MPEG-2 video files. Some videos do not play all the way through. Video contents include classroom video of students using Blissboards and various news reports on Blissymbolics, augmentative communication, Easter Seal Society financial troubles, and an individual named John who uses alternative communication and assistance to write poetry.

CBC Report

Item is a disc containing 10 files, 2 of which are duplicates. 4 videos are MPEG-2 video files. Some videos do not play all the way through. Video contents include interview with Shirley and colleagues regarding Blissymbolics and intiative to put Blissymbols into computers, duplicates of videos found in Item 36, and video clip unrelated to Blissymbolics.

April 29 2010

Item is a disc containing 4 PowerPoint files. Contents include Blissymbolics presentation at Wellspring Worship Centre and BCI remembrance PowerPoints.

Raw, unedited Guelph footage

Item is a VHS containing roundtable forum on inclusion with Guelph community residents. Paul Marshall & Shirley McNaughton are present. Guelph footage runs until 1:40:38, the rest of the tape consists of skating videos.

VHS & Digital Storage Media

This sub-series consists of VHS tapes and digital storage media. Contents include news clips on Blissymbolics, BCI and augmentative and alternative communication, interviews and workshops with Shirley McNaughton, and various presentation PowerPoints and digital documentation regarding Blissymbolics and Bliss users.

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