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Binder contains 158 B&W negatives, and 32 B&W photographs depicting the UTSC stacks, Athletics; Science and Technology; Buildings - Exteriors; Events - Ceremonies; Faculty and 1967 NEGS73-103 buildings around campus, cars, an athletic dinner and awards ceremony with Reet Nuremberg, Nevukke Dickenson, Maureen Doe, J. Hillard, and Herb Milnes, students in lecture, tv lecture theatre and a/v equipment, sculptures, astronomy, aerial and helicopter photos of the campus, and athletics with Bruce Millem. Some negatives and photographs have the handwritten labels ""Scar. College with Fish-Eye Lens", "Athletic Dinner at Guild Inn", "Scarborough College Athletic Assoc. Dinner & Awards", "Scarborough College Athletic Assoc. Dinner & Presentation of Awards", "Lecture Theatre", "TV Lecture Theatre", "A/V Equipment", "TV - Video Tape Machines", "Astronomy", "Eclipse", "Eclipse Pentax Questar", "10AM Sun Spots", "Moon Shots Questar", "Moon Nikon Acufine", "Exterior, Aerial", and "Helicopter Views of SC College".

Athletics; Science and Technology; Buildings - Exterior; Events - Ceremonies; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Grounds - Campus Views; Students - General; Aerial photographs; Athletics and recreation; Automobiles; Award ceremonies; Banquets; Ceremonies and celebrations; Educational television; Faculty; Lectures; Scarborough College; Students; Transportation; University Buildings; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus

Talivaldis Kenins fonds

  • CA OTUFM 12
  • collection
  • 1945-1997

Fonds consists of manuscript scores, compositional sketches, correspondence, programs, and teaching materials, related to Kenins's career as a composer and professor at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto.

Kenins, Talivaldis

Annotated sheet music

Series consists of violin parts (and a few violin parts and full scores) for pieces that Jacques Israelievitch performed and/or recorded. Each part includes his bowings, fingerings, and other annotations.

Jacques Israelievitch collection

  • Collection
  • 1853-2015

Collection consists of predominantly violin parts with Jacques Israelievitch's bowings, fingerings, and other annotations; correspondence with composers; various programs from his performances ; and select reviews and newspaper clippings.

Jacques Israelievitch

Cruise menus

File contains:
-Four booklet style menus from Victoria Cruises
-A fan menu from the M.S. Tijluwah.
-M.S. Ruys Chinese Dinner menu printed on lace handkerchief, November 7, 1964.

Alison Prentice fonds

  • UTA 1674
  • collection
  • 1951-2018

This fonds consists of 3 accessions which together give a fairly complete documentation of Prof. Prentice’s career as a scholar, mentor and teacher. Extensive correspondence, memos, e-mails, research notes and manuscripts found in various series document her scholarly contributions. Correspondence with students, letters of recommendation and her leadership on associations and projects document her wide influence among historians. Since she was a pioneer in the teaching of women’s history, her teaching files found in Series 9 are important resources in studying women’s history as an emerging discipline in higher education.

Perhaps most importantly however, this fonds documents the network of Canadian academics, most of which were women, in the area of women’s history, the history of education and women’s studies in general. Many of Prof. Prentice projects and publications were collaborative and therefore the fonds documents her relationship with this network of women historians. It is also evident that through these collaborations, Prof. Prentice was not only at the centre of women’s studies within her own generation but also influenced the next generation of scholars who have gone on to make their own contributions in history departments and women’s studies programs throughout Canadian universities.

Prof Prentice is a pioneer in both teaching and researching women’s history. As a result, these records will be of interest to anyone researching the evolution of women’s history as a discipline, the teaching of the history of education and women’s history as well the role of women in higher education.

Prentice, Alison

Philip H. Byer fonds

  • UTA UTA 1230
  • collection
  • 1975-2011

This fonds consists of Byer’s work as a Professor at the University of Toronto, and his government and private-sector work for various committees and councils. The fonds includes a large collection of lecture notes, syllabi, and class materials used by Byer to deliver instruction for various engineering courses. The collection also includes Byer’s research notes for numerous committee and council projects for the University of Toronto and for various public and private-sector organizations. Many of Byer’s publication notes, talks, and conference presentations are also included in this fonds. The Philip H. Byer fonds consists of the following series; 1) Files for Courses, 2) Files for Lecture Notes and Papers/Publications and Presentations, 3) Files for Committees and Research Projects, and 4) Files for University Committees and Projects.

Byer, Philip H.

The Council of the Borough of Scarborough

File includes materials produced by Scarborough Council: Scarborough Municipal Handbook (1963); Scarborough Municipal Diary 1965; Invitation to the Opening of the Scarborough Centennial Civic Recreation Centre (1967); Scarborough: Helpful Information from your Local Council (1970); The Scarborough Civic Centre (1974).

Lorna Marsden fonds

  • UTA 1521
  • collection
  • 1970-1992

Records of Prof. Lorna Marsden documenting her career as sociologist, feminist, administrator and teacher in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto.

Marsden, Lorna

Michael Marrus fonds

  • UTA 1517
  • collection
  • 1964-2012

Fonds consists of correspondence, news clippings, reports, reviews, appointment calendars, and other records relating to Michael R. Marrus’s education, academic career, publishing record and university and community service. In particular, records document Prof. Marrus’s prestigious career as a historian of the Holocaust and an expert on the relationships between Christians and Jews (predominantly in France) during World War Two, and also document his involvement in ongoing concerns in the Jewish community, both pertaining to faith and Zionism. In particular, Prof. Marrus’s extensive publishing record is well-documented in contracts, reviews, and ongoing correspondence with readers and colleagues debating and exploring the assertions made in his work. The fonds also documents Prof. Marrus’s career as a student at Berkeley in the 1960s, and his return to student life with his pursuit of a Master of Studies in Law degree (MSL) from the University of Toronto in 2004. Some records also relate to Prof. Marrus’s teaching duties and appointments at the University of Toronto, as well as his service on the University’s Governing Council. One series documents his service on the International Catholic-Jewish Historical Commission (1999-2001) and with the Friends of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon.

Marrus, Michael

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