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Victoria University (Toronto, Ont.). Bursar's Office fonds

  • CA ON00357 2001
  • collection
  • 1831-2017

Fonds consists of the records from the Upper Canada Academy and the period when Victoria University (formerly College) was situated in Cobourg. It includes records of the Academy Treasurer, John Beatty and of the Bursars/Treasurers, John Potts and George Cox.

Subsequent records are from the Bursars of Victoria University:
W.J. Little (1932-1951)
W.C. James (1951-1963)
F.C. Stokes (1963-1985)
Larry Kurtz, (1985-2003)
David Keeling (2004-2009)
Ray deSouza (Present)

Victoria University (Toronto, Ont.). Bursar's Office

Daniel Graisberry Revell fonds

  • UTA 1694
  • collection
  • 1892-1904

Course and laboratory notes taken by Daniel G. Revell while a student in Arts (1892-1894) Medicine (1898-1900), and as a Fellow in Anatomy at the University of Toronto. Also included are notes taken at this time and later when he was an instructor (1901-1907) at the University of Chicago.

Revell, Daniel Graisberry

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals fonds

  • UTA 1693
  • collection
  • 1959-1985

Records of the journal "Victorian Periodicals Review" including editors files, correspondence, minutes, agenda, production files, book reviews, conference files, subscription files and financial records. The "Victorian Periodicals Review" was published at the University of Toronto from 1973-2011. Records are arranged into series by Editor.

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals

John Reid fonds

  • UTA 1692
  • collection
  • 1962-1964

Copies of material on T. F. McIlwraith, professor of Anthropology, including his memorial volume. Also copies of some original correspondence and addresses of McIwraith.

Reid, John

Henry Abraham Regier fonds

  • UTA 1691
  • collection
  • 1970-1979

Files relating largely to the World Population Year and the World Population Conference held in Budapest, 1974; other files on population studies in general and Canadian population and immigration studies in particular; and a little material on later environmental concerns. Professor Regier was a special adviser to the official Canadian delegation at the 1974 conference.

Regier, Henry A.

Wayne Ray fonds

  • UTA 1687
  • collection
  • 1980-1985

Nine-two coloured slides document the grounds and landscaping at 93 Highland, the official residence of the University of Toronto President. They were taken while Ray was a grounds keeper in the Physical Plant Department and include views of a retaining wall construction, a slope reconstruction, the rock garden, the greenhouse potting shed and the conservatory. In addition there is one landscape drawing of the rock garden done by Ray. Also included are 75 b&w and colour photographs showing the University of Toronto Bookstore move to the Koefler Centre in 1985 as well as various images of physical plant staff members at work.

Ray, Wayne

Henry (Harry) Pullan fonds

  • UTA 1677
  • collection
  • 1911-1965

Personal records of Henry (Harry) Pullan, graduate in architecture in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (BASc 1911). The majority of records document reunions of the Class of 1911 (1930-1965 including minutes (1930-1960),correspondence of the Secretary-Treasurer, lists of class alumni, casualty lists of deceased class members, drafts of submissions to the newsletter "Ruminations" , and correspondence with the Engineering Alumni Association.

Photographs and negatives document 2nd year class of 1911, including several images of the Trienial Class reunions from 1957-1963. There is also a unique group photograph of the 2nd year class of 1911 taken in the drafting room. This was reproduced in Ruminations and includes a name key.

Pullan, Henry (Harry)

Ralph Presgrave fonds

  • UTA 1676
  • collection
  • 1916-1918

24 black-and-white photographs documenting the activities of the Overseas Training Company of the Canadian Officers Training Company, University of Toronto, during World War I. Includes images of the OTC tents in the quad outside Burwash Hall and a final photograph before it was disbanded, trenches in Forest Hill, and a photoprint of Philosopher's Walk, looking north towards Bloor Street.

Presgrave, Ralph

Frederic John Poynton fonds

  • UTA 1672
  • collection
  • 1913-1933

Volume entitled "Research on Rheumatism" and related glass plate negatives document research done by Dr. F.J. Poynton of University College Hospital London. Correspondence, clippings and a citation document the gift of this material to the Faculty of Medicine. The research was undertaken by Poynton with Dr. Alexander Pain from 1897-1913.

Poynton, Frederic John

Pollution Probe at the University of Toronto fonds

  • UTA 1668
  • collection
  • 1970

List of the materials placed in the gazebo time capsules directly south of the Robarts Library building. These two rolls of film are duplicates of the two rolls that were placed at the bottom of the crypt underneath the gazebo.

Pollution Probe at the University of Toronto

Poculi Ludique Societas fonds

  • UTA 1667
  • collection
  • 1984-1985

Posters advertising the following theatrical productions: "Comedy of Errors", "The Coventry Christmas Play", "Man's desire and fleeting beauty", "Dr. Faustus". Accompanying material: theatre programmes for these plays and for "The death of Herod".

Poculi Ludique Societas

Adelaide Mary Plumptre fonds

  • UTA 1666
  • collection
  • 1923-1924

Notes on lectures given in an Extension Course in Journalism at University of Toronto during the winter session, 1923-1924.

Plumptre, Adelaide Mary

Selwyn Pieters fonds

  • UTA 1663
  • collection
  • 1991-1998

Records document the activities of Selwyn Pieters, an African-Canadian part-time student, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology in 1997. Included are records relating to his academic standing, student papers, lectures given in his final years, invitations, awards, memberships and participation in student groups. He was a student representative on the Academic Board of Governing Council, 1993-1998.

Pieters, Selwyn

Peterkin Williamson Family fonds

  • UTA 1661
  • collection
  • 1906-1989

Fonds consists of 3 accessions

B2013-0020: 1910-1918: Documents, photographs and artifacts document three generations of the Peterkin - Williamson family. Most of the items relate to Marie Peterkin (B.A. 1919) including a photo album with family photos, photos of fellow students, house parties in Bala and the Toronto Island, convocation,, fellow female workers on break at the munitions factory during World War I. There are also a few items for Ruby Peterkin, aunt to Marie Peterkin, who served in Salinika as nurse in the No. 4 Canadian General Hospital. There are a few photos including two from Salonika as well as an engraved letter opener from her time overseas. Marie Peterkin married John Williamson (B.A. 1910) and their daughter is the donor of this accession Mary Williamson (B.A. 1955). This accession includes the graduating portrait for each as well as two UT letters earned by Mary.

B2014-0013: Photo album originally belonged to John D. Williamson (B.A. 1910) and documents various members and activities of the Williamson family members. Photos show campus views of grounds and students ca. 1906 – 1917 as well as a trip to western Canada 1912, and to Temagami 1916 and 1917. There are also two portraits of J.Peter Williamson, son of John D. Williamson.

B2017-0015: Includes 60th Anniversary Distinguished Graduate Award medal, won by Mary Williamson, alumnus of the Faculty of Library and Information Science. Includes accompanying photograph and letter. One photograph of Marie Peterkin (Williamson) taken ca. 1950 with former U.C. classamate Vida Peene (U.C. 1919). Finally there are a series of photographer proof portraits of J.Peter Williamson in military uniform, 1951.

B2019-0026: Consists of Two binders of collected documents on Marie Peterkin (B.A. 1919) and John Williamson (B.A. 1910) including memoriabilia, legal documents, photographs, diaires, correspondence and some family histories. This accession also has a photo album documenting the couple's trips to Bermuda and Florida in the 1950s and 1960s. There are two oversized certificates for John Williamson.

Peterkin Williamson Family

Skelton, Christopher

Interview with Christopher Skelton, publisher of René Hague's "A Commentary on the Anathemata of David Jones" (1977).

Found on tape: 69 (box 5)


Contains postcards of various locations in Europe both sent and received by the Robsons.

Travel Diaries

Contains two travel diaries regarding trips to Europe. Mostly written by Rhena Robson, with some contributions by DO Robson.


Typed and handwritten lectures and addresses. Includes 1960 dinner program for a Victoria dinner in honour of Hartley Robertson and William Staples. Also includes addresses to the Victoria Classics Club, and several memorial resolutions for deceased Victoria faculty: Norman Wentworth DeWitt (1876-1958); Charles Bruce Sissons (1879-1965); John Charles Robertson (1862-1956).

Research Notes and Lectures

Contains research and speaking notes from Donald and Rhena covering Greek and Roman music, women in Athens, The Saturnalia, and Cicero.

Blank Postcards

Contains 22 blank postcards from England, France, Italy, and Greece. These were selected by the Archivist from the many blank postcards that the Robson's collected on their travels.


Contains a report card from Athens High School and a grades report for summer 1930 from the University of Chicago (both for Rhena Robson). Also includes Senate memorial resolution for DO Robson on his death.

Thesis Work: The Samnites in the Po Valley

For Doctor of Philosophy degree, University of Toronto, 1932. Contains annotated typescript of thesis, carbon copies, and related materials, including notes, hand drawn maps, and programme for oral examination.

Correspondence and Offprints

Contains correspondence with academics and editors as well as offprints and journals: Terriolis Etrusca Illyrica der vorchristliche geographische Wortschatz Tarols / Alois Maria Schoen-Pontarra, 1940; The foundations of Roman Italy / by Joshua Whatmough, 1938; The nationality of the poet Caecilius Statius, 1938; The Samnites in the Po Valley, 1934; [Review of ? / Livy].

Travel Photographs

Contains a selected group of undated travel photographs from a variety of countries documenting grounds, buildings, people, and other features that primarily relate to the Robsons' academic work in classics. The Archivist selected these from a larger set of travel images.

Donald and Rhena Robson Fonds

  • CA ON00357 2191
  • collection
  • 1925-1976

Contains correspondence, postcards and travel and academic photographs, travel diaries, family research, as well as scholarly research and lectures.

Robson, Donald Oakley

Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: singers from the fourth-year Lieder class by Dr. Kathryn Tremills ; Sabina Rzazade, Minira Najafzade, piano


  • Erinnerung, op. 4, no. 8 / Christian Reinhold, Gustav Jenner (Dasha Tereshchenko, soprano)
  • Frühlingsblick, op. 5, no. 3 / Nikolaus Lenau, Othmar Shoeck (Alina Tigelman, soprano)
  • Liebesbotschaft, D.957, no. 1 / Ludwig Rellstab, Franz Schubert (Gabriel Klassen, baritone)
  • Winterreise. Die stürmische Morgen, D. 911, no. 18 / Wilhelm Müller, Franz Schubert (Frank (Enquan) Yu, tenor)
  • Vater Unser / Arvo Pärt (Ivan Vutev, countertenor)
  • Was weinst du, Blümlein, op. 23, no. 1 / Hermann Rollett, Clara Schumann (Rhianna McDonald, soprano)
  • Stiller fliedertrunkner Sommerabend, op. 28 / Oskar Ludwig Brandt, Luise Greger (Tarquin Wongkee, mezzo-soprano)
  • Heiliges Leid, op. 95 / Friedrich Länger, Luise Greger (Taline Yeremian, mezzo-soprano)
  • Meine Rose, op. 90, no. 2 / Nikolaus Lenau, Robert Schumann (William Salinas-Crosby, tenor)
  • Über allen Gipfeln / J.W. von Goethe, Mary Howe (Jamie Bateman, soprano)
  • Die Einsame, op. 9, no. 2 / Joseph van Eichendorff, Hans Pfitzner (Rayleigh Becker, tenor)
  • Ich atmet' einen Linden duft, op. 44, no. 1 / Friedrich Rückert, Gustav Mahler (Janelle Yausif, soprano)
  • Wer rief dich denn?, no. 6 / trans. Paul Heyse, Hugo Wolf (Maren Richardson, soprano)
  • Nachruf / Karl Stieler, Clara Faißt (Sarah Luedke, mezzo-soprano)
  • Allerseelen, op. 10, no. 8 (Hermann von Gilm, Richard Strauss (Jaidyn McFadden, soprano)
  • Erhebung, op. 2, no. 3 / Richard Dehmel, Arnold Schoenberg (Nikan Ingabire Kanate, soprano).

University of Toronto Guitar Ensemble and flute and guitar duos

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Rob MacDonald, director


  • Sonata in D minor, K. 213 / Domenico Scarlatti, arr. Julian Gray and Ron Pearl ; Duo nocturne no. 4, op. 37 / Antoine de l'Hoyer (Carl Jung, Grey Le, guitars)
  • Serenata op. 109, no. 1 / Ferdinando Carulli (Jessie Zhou, flute ; Ciel Fang, guitar)
  • Five microtangos. …pero siempre conmigo! ; Entre mis brazos / Claudio Camisassa (Josie Li, flute ; James Baker, guitar)
  • Mountain songs. Barbara Allen ; The House carpenter / Robert Beaser (Megan Mahoney, flute ; Scott Jolicoeur, guitar)
  • La tendre / Christoph Nichelmann, arr. Andrew Forrest (Daniel Chernyak, Linda Liu, Keer Pan, guitars)
  • Three chorales. Ach was soll ich Sünder machen ; Das neugerborne Kinderlein ; Herr, ich habe mißgehandelt / J.S. Bach, arr. Logan Gabriel ; Ponteio (agolopado) / Celso Machado (Daniele Chernyak, Elizabeth Chernyak, Linda Liu, Keer Pan, guitars)
  • Sonatina op. 71, no. 3 / Mauro Giuliani, arr. Heinrich Albert (Demian Bolañs Cobeña, Elizabeth Chernyak, Ciel Fang, guitars)
  • Musica incidental campesina. Preludio ; Interludio / Leo Brouwer (Demian Bolaños Cobeña, Ciel Fang, guitars)
  • Sonatina, op. 25. Tempo di Siciliane ; Allegretto grazioso / Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (Josh Chong, flute ; Cédric Thériault, guitar)
  • Summer garden suite. Opening ; Summer garden ; Farewell / Sérgio Assad (Scott Jolicoeur, Cédric Thériault, guitars)
  • Baião de Gude / Paulo Bellinati (Simon Farintosh, Scott Jolicoeur, Cédric Thériault, guitars).

University of Toronto Contemporary Music Ensemble presents Land of Winter

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: University of Toronto Contemporary Music Ensemble ; Wallace Halladay, director


  • Introduction (Wallace Halladay ; Donnacha Dennehy)
  • Land of Winter / Donnacha Dennehy (Canadian premiere).

Edward B. Philip fonds

  • UTA 1659
  • collection
  • 1922-1923

Two collections of photoprints and accompanying negatives relating to student activities in the School of Practical Science: I) "Good Old School Days at S.P.S." - views of electrical engineering study room and laboratory, sports trophies won by School of Practical Science athletic teams, Edward B. Philip with schoolmates, School of Practical Science professors; II) "Initiation Potpourri" - exterior view of the School of Practical Science Building; scenes of freshman initiations; junior engineering rugby team; World War I. Compiled by Edward B. Philip.

Philip, Edward B.

Vera Peters fonds

  • UTA 1655
  • collection
  • 1948-1993

Biographical files, photographs, correspondence, drafts of addresses, research notes, manuscripts and articles documenting Dr. Vera Peter's career as a medical researcher and a pioneer in the treatment of Hodgkin's disease and breast cancer.

Peters, Vera

George Armstrong Peters fonds

  • UTA 1654
  • collection
  • 1897-1902

Case studies of medical patients, with 24 photographs tipped in belonging to Dr. George A. Peters (MB 1886; MD, CM Trinity, 1887; FRCS, England), Associate Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery.

Peters, George Armstrong

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