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Nouwen Family Photograph Albums

File consists of Nouwen family photograph albums. Predominantly put together by Maria Nouwen, also included is one album put together by Laurent J.M. Nouwen (Album 8) in the mid-1990s. The albums are titled the following:

  • Photograph Album 1 [1960-1969]
  • Photograph Album 2 [1966-1975]
  • Photograph Album 4 [1938-1940]
  • Photograph Album 6 [1953-1961]
  • Photograph Album 7 [1938-1948]
  • Photograph Album 8 [1993-1996]
  • Photograph Album 9 [1957]
  • Photograph Album 12 [1948-1956]
  • Photograph Album 13 [1971-1975]
  • Photograph Album 15 [1964-1970]
  • Photograph Album 16 [1934-1939]
  • Photograph Album 17 [1934]
  • Photograph Album 18 [1932-1934]
  • Memorial Album [1982-1996]

Materials from Pendle Hill Summer Institute

  • CA ON00389 F4-7-1-2145
  • File
  • 1976 - August 1982, predominant 1982
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானHenri Nouwen fonds

File consists of materials related to Pendle Hill, predominantly to the Summer Institute, a 5-week retreat run between June 28 and early August 1982 where Nouwen taught. There are also materials from the 1970s but they were most likely gathered by Nouwen for use during this event.
There are 36 handwritten pages by Nouwen which appear to be preparation notes for various lectures he gave at the institute. There is also a 6-page typed document by John Mogabgab titled "Pendle Hill Conversations Meeting 4 (October 27, 1977) Summary Notes".
Material that relates directly to the 1982 retreat includes correspondence from Pendle Hill dated May 17, 1982 to the 43 participants in the retreat regarding housing arrangements, health insurance, typewriting and cooperative housekeeping chores. There is also a typed list of all the participants and their addresses. As well, there is a eight page group of typed notes titled "Some Notes for a Five Weeks [sic] Reflection on the Gospel of Luke" as well as sheet music and a Curriculum Vitae of a lay reader from Sydney, Australia. There is also a photocopy of a long-distance phone bill containing a letter from one of Nouwen's suite mates regarding an overpayment. Nouwen's long-distance calls are noted.
File also includes three pamphlets from Pendle Hill, namely Parker Palmer's "Meeting for Learning" and "A Place called Community" and Douglas V. Steere's "On Speaking out of the Silence", as well as some ephemera.
Also contained in this file is a program schedule for a commemoration conference on Thomas Merton, hosted by Columbia University between November 27 and December 10, 1978. It appears that Nouwen cancelled some of his plans for this conference to visit Pendle Hill. See Weekly Calendars 1978.
File also contains an introduction package for the institute consisting of a welcome letter by Parker Palmer and brief staff biographies.


File consists of 13 copies of a pamphlet entitled, “Henri Nouwen bij Lannoo” and a poster for the dutch edition of The Prodigal Son. One copy of the pamphlet is a later edition with a new photograph, a shorter preface, and 3 additional books listed.

Music Pedagogy collection

  • CA OTUFM 56
  • Collection
  • 1906 - 2010

Collection consists of volumes of music instructional material, predominantly for piano instruction. The collection includes some ear training, theory, and sight reading material as well. Items published in Canada and internationally are included.

University of Toronto Music Library

Friedland, Martin Lawrence (oral history)

Oral history interview with Professor Martin Lawrence Friedland, conducted by Valerie Schatzker. Covers the arrival of the Friedland family in Canada ca. 1920 through Professor Friedland's current teaching and research activities in 1986. Focusses on Friedland's involvement with aspects of the University of Toronto, 1951-1986, and includes comment on curricula, particularly with respect to the Faculty of Arts, the course in Commerce and Finance in the Dept. of Political Economy, the School, and Faculty of Law, and Osgoode Hall Law School, student activities, Hart House, Caput, University of Toronto Press, with emphasis on the Manuscript Committee, faculty members including Cecil Augustus "Caesar" Wright and Bora Laskin, the University-Wide Committee, and the move toward unicameralism. Also discusses graduate education in law at Cambridge University, his participation in various federal and Ontario Royal Commissions, the Law Reform Commission, the University Settlement, his books and legal research.

Friedland, Martin Lawrence

Wilson, John Tuzo (oral history)

Oral history interview with Professor J. Tuzo Wilson conducted by Paul A. Bator; includes log. Commences with early education through to his principalship of Erindale College. Focusses on the period 1926-1976, his undergraduate education in physics and geology at the University of Toronto. Discusses the Dept. of Physics, faculty, curricula, student activities at Trinity College, his involvement with international scientific organizations, and Erindale College.

Wilson, John Tuzo

Wightman, Keith John Roy "Cator" (oral history)

Oral history interview conducted by Valerie Schatzker. Commences with a discussion of his family background and early education. Focusses on the period of 1930-1977, the administrative history of the Faculty of Medicine, its teaching staff and curriculum changes and developments, specifically in the Dept. of Therapeutics. Also discusses the Toronto General Hospital, provincial aide to higher education in medicine, the Ontario Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation and Gairdner Foundation.

Wightman, Keith John Roy "Cator"

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