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Records relating to teaching

Series consists of lectures and addresses, 1946-1952, and lectures (including drafts and plans), and research and teaching notes, 1924-1951.

Records relating to writing and editing

Series consists of articles, fragments, notes, and correspondence regarding the editing of A Pocketful of Canada, published in 1946. Also includes drafts, typescripts, and other records regarding various fiction and non-fiction works, 1944-1951.

Student records

Series consists of class notebooks, 1909-1913; and notes for Ph.d. thesis, [ca. 1926].

Records relating to teaching

Series consists of records, 1987-2003, relating to courses and seminars Ng taught, primarily at Emmanuel College/Toronto School of Theology, as well committee and academic content work done there. Material includes correspondence, reports, course proposals, curricula, memoranda, notes, research material, reading lists, minutes, surveys and thesis reviews.

Records relating to writing

Series consists of records, 1989-2001,relating to reviews, articles and editorial work for various journals and books. Includes correspondence, notes, drafts and typescripts.

Records relating to professional activities

Series consists of records, 1983-2002, relating to local, national and international conferences, study groups, workshops, consultations and other events held by many different organizations, including the United Church of Canada, the Association of Theological Schools, and various Asian oriented groups; as well as records relating to task forces, committees and other membership activities of various professional organizations. Material includes correspondence, project proposals, financial records, newsletters/releases. directories, schedules, informational material, minutes, reports, memoranda, academic papers and notes.


Series consists of records relating to Johnston's early academic life, 1946-1961, including her attendance at Brantford Public School, Brantford Collegiate Institute and Vocational School, and Victoria College, and her employment seeking activities upon graduation. Records include report cards, diplomas, commencement programs, residence room assignment, tuition receipt, correspondence from Kingsley Joblin, invitations, award information and programs, a programme for a Victoria College Dramatic Society performance of Thieves' Carnival by Jean Anouilh including a mask, awards programmes and commencement programmes.

Professional life

Series consists of records relating to the administrative aspects of Johnston's professional life, 1959-2009, including awards and recognition, diplomas and degrees, her CV as of 2009, and records relating to her installation as Principal of Victoria College.

Records relating to the church, theatre and other activities

Consists of records relating to Johnston's delivery of speeches and addresses, her involvement in theatrical productions, and other participation in non-academic gatherings, 1965-2003, including Johnston's baccalaureate address, involvement in the Bob Review, and various sermons and addresses given in church services.

Teaching records

Series consists of 4 subseries relating to various courses taught by Johnston, including the Bible course, 1961-2008; Chaucer course, 1959-2004; Undergraduate courses in Shakespeare and early English and medieval drama, 1962-2002; and graduate courses, 1976-2005.

Scholarship and publications

Series consists of records relating to Johnston's academic scholarship and publications, 1971-2009, including notebooks (notes and transcriptions from archival research), correspondence, lectures, article drafts and unpublished papers. Also includes records relating to Bring Furth the Pagants': Essays Presented to Alexandra F. Johnston and other publications about Johnston.


Series consists of photographs of Alexandra Johnston, including various portraits; a photo of Johnston presenting an achievement gift to Iris French, wife of President Goldwin French, 1986; a portrait of the class of 1961's 25th anniversary spring reunion, 1986; convocations, 1985, 1991; and documentation of her induction into the Royal Society, 1997.

Student Records

Series consists of A.B.B. Moore's student records including his examination results from Union Theological College, Montreal, 1928–1930, and lecture notes from Oxford University, 1931.

Diaries and Journals

Series consists of diaries and journals, 1924–1989, that span Moore’s life as a student, minister, President of Victoria University, Moderator of the United Church, and into retirement. The entries record student, work related and social activities, appointments, travel, and observations on various issues.


Series consists records, 1937-1992, including notes, sermons/prayers and service bulletins, essays, addresses, eulogies and related correspondence, articles, reviews and correspondence relating to “Here Where We Live”; subjects are primarily re religious and church issues.

Tributes / Memorabilia

Series consists of records, including correspondence, scrapbooks, certificates, printed material, and photographs,1927–2004, relating to various tributes and honors accorded A.B.B. Moore, primarily from Victoria University; as well as memorabilia accumulated by him, 1930–1945, relating to his wife and father.


Series consists of manuscript/typescript of memoirs originally titled "Some of My Yesterdays", [ca. 1983]-[ca. 1988], and published as "Here Where We Live" in 1988.

General historical material

Series consists of records, 1829-1941, including addresses, correspondence and published material, of a general nature, relating to the history of Victoria College/University.


Series consists of various correspondence, 1836-1935, including an autographed letter from John A. Macdonald to Dr. Potts, correspondence on the McKenzie Rebellion, and various unidentified letters.

The 'University Question' and federation

Series consists of records and published material relating to the 'University Question' debate, 1847-1863, and debates around university federation, 1884-1927. Includes pamphlets, news clippings, correspondence and published material.


Series consists predominantly of acts, petitions and other documents relating to legislation pertaining to Victoria University, 1841-1981. The series also contains some correspondence and a list of acts relating to Victoria.

University administration

Series consists of records relating to the general administration of the university, 1836-1923, including correspondence, reports, and the original draft of the Charter of Upper Canada Academy.

Collections management

Series consists of records relating to library and art/object collections at Victoria University, and information on personnel files, 1844-1943.


Series consists of records relating to committees, 1890–1904, inluding the Board of Regents, committee on the Jubilee, and the Executive Committee meeting

Director's records

Series consists of files of Directors Eva Kushner, Roseann Runte, Brian Merrilees, 1989-2001, including Advisory Board minutes and other records, Management Board minutes and other records, annual reports, financial statements, subject/correspondence files relating to various NFC activities as well as to Collected Works matters, including the appointment of staff and files relating to the applications of individual fellows/associates and visiting scholars.

Records relating to "The Legacy of Northrop Frye" Conference

The "Legacy of Northrop Frye" Conference was held at Victoria University, October 29-31, 1992. It took place in co-operation with the University of Toronto, McMaster University, Queen's University, Acadia University and the Royal Society of Canada.

Series consists of records, 1991-1993, including correspondence, applications, programme, minutes, financial and other records of the Conference Chair Alvin Lee and the NFC Director, Eva Kushner that relate to the planning and organization of the Conference; and the subsequent publication of the papers in The Legacy of Northrop Frye, 1992-1995.

General Records

Series consists of subject/correspondence files, 1993-2011. Predominantly from the Collected Works Associate Editor, Jean O'Grady, on various NFC matters, including reviews of non-Collected Works items, requests for information, fellowships, and conferences.

Records relating to The Collected Works of Northrop Frye

The Collected Works of Northrop Frye is a thirty volume series of University of Toronto Press publications that began in 1996 and continued until 2012; it published annotated versions of Northrop Frye’s books, correspondence, essays, speeches, notebooks, diaries, and interviews with Frye, edited by international Frye scholars.

Series consists of three sub-series relating to the production and editing The Collected Works of Northrop Frye: general records, 1991-2011; records of the General Editor, 1995-2011; and records of the Associate Editor, 1992-2011.

Records related to teaching and lectures

Series consists mainly of rough notes for course lectures that Bigwood taught through the U of T Classics Department (including lectures for the High School Classics Day program). Also consists of course materials, including reading lists, copies of exams and assignments, bibliographies, as well as course descriptions and summary course evaluations.

Series also consists of administrative records related to the Department and Victoria College, including Joan Bigwood's work as a Don of Women's Residence.

Research notes and article drafts

Series consists of research notes, bibliographical notes, notes and rough drafts, typescripts, etc. of articles that Joan Bigwood later published. Also includes several offprints from journals of her articles. Series also consists of a selection of index cards with bibliographical notes.

Notes for Reviews

Series consists of notes and drafts of reviews of other people's work that were published in academic journals.

Records of Paul Anthony Wilson Wallace

Series consists of diaries, journals, composition books, correspondence, manuscripts, and publication regarding Paul A.W. Wallace's career as a writer and teacher, as well as a lot of documentation about his life as a soldier in World War I, and about Go Home Bay and the Madawaska Club, a cottage community associated with the University of Toronto. Also included are school work and manuscripts of "magazines" written and illustrated by Paul and his friends as children.

Wallace, Paul Anthony Wilson

Records of Edward Wilson Wallace, Jr.

Series consists of an account of a bicycle tour of England, Scotland and Ireland and reminiscences of his father, Edward Wilson Wallace entitled "Round the World with Edward" in regards to a trip from China with Edward Jr.

Wallace, Edward Wilson, Jr.

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