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St. Francis file

File consists of a Marvel Comics comic book entitled “Francis: Bother of the universe: His complete life story” as well as two newspaper articles on the publication of the comic book.

Spiritual Life Committee

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's participation in the Spiritual Life Committee at L'Arche Daybreak from 1987 to 1991. This includes calendars for meetings and celebrations; agendas for meetings; correspondence from Nouwen with the Community on behalf of the Spiritual Life Committee; blank Worship Ministries registration forms; minutes of meetings; statement of values; "Some Thoughts Around the Mandate for the Spiritual Life Committee" [several copies]; "Mandate for Spiritual Life Committee: Draft No. 1" with annotations by Nouwen; handwritten notes for the "Mandate of the Liturgy Committee"; "Concept of a Mandate for the Spiritual Life Committee"; Mandate for the Spiritual Life Committee drafts; and a copy of "Dayspring Report to Spiritual Life Committee."

Spiritual life

File consists of the summer 1991 copy of Spiritual Life. There are no annotations in the booklet.

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith

File consists of materials relating to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, including an accompanying pamphlet for an audio cassette which features a speech by Pope John Paul II given at World Mission Sunday on October 19, 1986; a pamphlet titled "Message of Pope John Paul II for "World Mission Day" 1986" from October 19, 1986; a pamphlet with the label 'Special Leaflet' which is titled "The theme 'With Jesus, let's build peace in the world'"; a pamphlet with the label 'Leaflet 2A' with the title "Material for the Liturgy" which features readings to be used and suggestions for homilies. All texts mention 1986 as being the International Year of Peace.

Sister Disciples of the Divine Master

File consists of an informational brochure about the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master, with information on the history, priesthood, apostolic engagement, Eucharist, and liturgy of the Sisters.

Schedule of activities

File consists of a letter from Nouwen asking for a committee to help him make decisions on invitations to accept or decline, including a calendar of invitations accepted or pending for April 23 1990 through 1992 (with crossing out according to the decision made). Weekly published MMM [Monday Morning Message, a L'Arche Daybreak weekly message to members] (June 4, 1990), a memorandum regarding Daybreak's annual picnic, and Weekly Published MMM (May 28, 1990).

Sanctuary file

File consists of materials about sanctuary and the church as sanctuary, refugee sanctuary, as well as copies of newspaper articles, bibliographies, and newsletters. File also contains handwritten notes in Nouwen's hand pertaining to sanctuary.

Sabbatical scrapbook

File consists of a scrapbook created by members of L'Arche Daybreak as a gift for Nouwen for his sabbatical in 1995. It consists of photographs of the Woodery, Green House, Genesis Place, card from Centre Street, card from Thelus [George], Peter Rotterman, David Gray, card (with photograph of a sunrise) from Wendy, note from The Hermitage, notes from the Red House, notes from Friends (Judy & Alan Steers, Mary Bee, Martha [Crealock?], Stephanie & Joe Vorstermans and family, Beth), notes from Seniors, notes from the Big House, notes from Office Folks (Wayne & Susan, Wendy & George, Tracey, Jennifer; Myrna, Sue Mosteller), the New House, Church Street, photographs, Stephenson.

Sabbatical notebook

File consists of a blank notebook with artistic additions by friends of Nouwen. Cover page: "A Book of Wishes for Your Special Year from your Downtown Family. 28 August 1995". Cover has many pieces from reproductions of Vincent van Gogh paintings glued on, like a collage, and inside cover is the label for the artwork: "'Inspiration' by John Guido." Most pages are blank, but on every few pages, there is a notecard glued in with a drawing or a word drawn by a member of Daybreak (and signed by the artist). This notebook was likely personalised for Nouwen by the L'Arche Daybreak community before he went on his sabbatical in 1995.

Robin, Marthe file

File consists of material related to Marthe Robin, material includes published books and brochures, a newspaper article and a copy of two newsletters.

Retreat centers file

File consists of letters to Connie Ellis, Nouwen’s administrative assistant, regarding retreat centre. File also contains a letter from Sister Gunda Figdor-Waldstein, writing from Austria, the letter is accompanied by two photographs.

Reflections on Dayspring (proposal)

File consists of a note to all assistants regarding a meeting on November 14, 1989. File also includes a document by Nouwen titled: "Reflections on the Dayspring - November 1989" with a history of L'Arche, functions of the Dayspring, future projections, and budget for operating costs January-December 1990. "Proposal to the Ansgar Foundation in Regard to the Development of the Dayspring, Spiritual Centre of the L'Arche Community of Daybreak near Toronto" with notes and edits [this is a draft of "Reflections on the Dayspring"].

Red barn community and retreat request

File consists of a list of names and address from the "Red Barn Community"; a note from one of Nouwen's administrative assistants regarding Rev. Glen Carlson, who wants help from Nouwen in organizing a one week retreat for Protestant clergy; and list of potential speaking engagements for 1994 [this seems to be part of an invitation to Nouwen to speak: giving him potential times to speak for them. It is unclear to which invitation this list belongs].

Recipes file

File consists of a collection of recipes, many of them are handwritten, only one of the recipes is in Nouwen’s hand.

Rabbula: Icon of glory file

File consists of materials relating to the Rabbula: Icon of Glory, these materials include three photographs of icons with a sticky in S. Ron's hand: "The Slide Program Icon Glory will offer the information on these."; two audio cassette tapes of the slide show and a paper copy of a slide show. The file also contains a manuscript pertaining to Rabbula Gospel. The materials appear to have been given to Nouwen by S. Ron.

Psalm course 1989

File consists of materials regarding the Psalm course taught by Nouwen in 1989. This includes an introduction to the Psalm course with 5 page document "The Spiritual Life at Daybreak"; and handouts and correspondence with members.

Proposal for Dayspring Addition

File consists of correspondence with Joe Lobko (Architect) regarding a proposed addition to the Dayspring and a possible exemption from the Site Plan Process. This includes a proposal for an apartment for Nouwen. Also includes a letter from April 1993 from Nouwen to Daybreak friends regarding his plans for 1993-1995 (including a sabbatical in 1995 and writing a book on the Flying Rodleighs).

Prier file

File consists of three magazines called Prier.

Prayers/Quotations - resources file

File consists of prayers, poems and quotations from a variety of sources, such as newspapers, articles and friends. File also contains several handwritten notes in Nouwen’s hand of drafts of prayers.

Photograph of Helene Corbin

File consists of a laminated photograph of Helene Corbin (1983-1991) with note printed on back with name, dates of birth and death, and note in French about her L'Arche home.

Peru file

File consists of materials relating to Peru, such material include letters written in Spanish, Peru Update newsletters and a newspaper article. File also contains two photographs attached to the letter dated August 21, 1984.

Peacemaking - World Peacemakers file

File consists of materials relating to the World Peacemakers, Inc., materials include newsletters, copies of typed letters from Nouwen on both Daybreak and World Peacemakers, Inc. letterhead, letters to Nouwen from various people at World Peacemakers, Inc.

Peacemaking file

File consists of material pertaining to peace, such as a brochure on a peace walk, a newsletter, a newspaper article regarding a Holocaust survivor and documents pertaining to the organization of the National Peace Day Celebrations.

Peacemaking file

File consists of material related to peacemaking, such as copies of articles, conference information, letters to Nouwen and copies of poems. The file also contains handwritten note in Nouwen’s hand as well as several copies of a sermon given by Nouwen at St. Peter’s Church, New York City on Sunday June 13, 1982.

Peace - resources file

File consists of a newsletter from Peace Media Service, copy of “Prayer during the Gulf War” and “Prayer on the eve of the Gulf War” as well as a manuscript about prayer during times of war. File also contains handwritten notes by Nouwen pertaining to war and peace.

Peace pilgrim file

File consists of newsletters from Peace Pilgrim as well as information pertaining to the organization. File also contains letters from Peace Pilgrim to Nouwen.

Peace Pentecost file

File consists of handwritten notes in Nouwen’s hand regarding Peace Pentecost and a pamphlet from a mass given by Nouwen on May 26, 1985, as part of a conference organized by the Sojourners Peace Ministry. The conference was titled, "The Rise of Christian Conscience: A national conference for Christian Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience," and took place in Washington, D.C., May 25-28, 1985.

Peace pagoda - Buddhist file

File consists of mass letters pertaining to the New England Peace Pagoda inauguration week and the Peace Pagoda 1984 spring/summer work camp to construct the Peace Pagoda.

Pax Christi file

File consists of a letter to Nouwen from Pax Christi USA encouraging Nouwen to write for their new newsletter. File also contains the Erie Christian Witness Fall 1982 newsletter with an article called "Community is the crucible" and has annotations in Nouwen's hand.

Pastoral team responses

File consists of responses to Pastoral Team correspondence. This includes a letter to Gordie Henry (Church Street) asking if he could consider being a member of the pastoral team (back of page has Gordie's positive response); agenda for pastoral team day; letters regarding membership on the Pastoral Team (responses); formation of the pastoral team [several copies of the letter from Nouwen]; agendas for meetings; and reflections on the team.

Pastoral team, L'Arche

File consists of materials created by the Pastoral Team between 1992 and 1996 [predominant 1995]. This includes the Holy Week 1996 schedule; minutes of meetings of the Pastoral team; list of the 1996-1997 Pastoral Team; memos regarding meetings and meeting agendas; "Suggestions for Homilists and Readers regarding anti-Judaism in New Testament readings" from L'Arche Daybreak Pastoral Team Ecumenical and Interfaith Committee; Proposed Mandate for Beth Porter's Inter-confessional Ministry; Holy Thursday Service (April 4, 1996) and Easter Vigil (April 6, 1996) schedules with notepad of Holy Sacrament of Baptism forms; "Some Reflections on the Pastor, the Pastoral Team and the Pastoral Team Leader"; letter from Archbishop of Toronto with concerns about the Provincial Government's proposed legislation to extend spousal benefits to same-sex couples; and a Confirmation certificate for Gail Stevens.

Pastoral team, L'Arche

File consists of materials created by the Pastoral Team between 1992 and 1995. This includes correspondence regarding meetings and worship schedules, invitations to special Eucharists; Advent/Christmas Celebrations 1994 schedule; additions to the pastoral team; Pastoral Team correspondence to each other and to the Daybreak community; thank you letter to those who accepted membership on the committee; and reflections on the Pastoral Team by Nouwen.

Pastor evaluation visit

File consists of materials related to the visit by Jean Vanier, Jean-Christophe Pascal, and a priest of L'Arche of Nouwen's choosing to evaluate Nouwen as the Pastor of L'Arche Daybreak. This includes a letter from Vanier to Nouwen explaining the schedule and purpose of the visit, a "Report on Mission to Daybreak to Evaluate the Place of Henri Nouwen as Priest of the Community by Fr. David Rothrock, Jean-Christophe Pascal and Jean Vanier", preparation letters and reflections, Nouwen's plan for the year of 1990-1991, and a calendar with his schedule for the year.

Pascal, Jean Christophe

File consists of a letter to Nouwen from Jean Christophe Pascal. Pascal is writing on L'Arche Zones des Ameriques (Outremont, Quebec) letterhead.

Palmgrove Community

File consists of a promotional leaflet about the Palmgrove Community in Utu-Abak, Nigeria. The leaflet is titled "A Day in the Life of Shared Work Learning and Joy" and gives information and pictures on the laundry department, the medical clinic, the school, and Palmgrove tiles (a source of income for the community).

Our Lady of Sorrows file

File consists of a card with two picture cutouts of stained glass windows depicting St. Luke and St. John. On the verso, inscribed in pen, possible Nouwen's hand, verses from John 19:25-37 and Luke 2:33-35.

Ordo file

File consists of a two pamphlets (May and June 1990) from American Ordo – Priests of the Sacred Heart as well as a prayer card.

Nuclear issues file

File consists of materials pertaining to nuclear war and pastoral issues, includes two published booklets as well as a copy of an article “Nuclear weapons and nuclear war: The shape of the Catholic debate” by David Hollenbach.

Nouwen bibliography

File consists of a "List of Henri Nouwen Titles by Publisher" (April 1991); a copy of "Theology and Experience: A Complete Bibliography on Henri Nouwen" by Robert Durback (TSF Bulletin September-October 1983); a copy of Christian Spirituality: A Short Bibliography; and a photocopy of "The Life of Christian Devotion Bibliography."

Nicaraguan prints file

File consists of thirteen Nicaraguan prints consistent with those from a calendar. The writing on the verso of the prints is in Dutch.

Neyrey, Jerome H. file

File consists of a copy of “Worksheets for the study of the fourth gospel” by Jerome H. Neyrey, Weston School of Theology.
File includes an audio cassette featuring two lectures by Joseph Neyrey. Side 1 is from October 30, 1986. Side 2 is from February 26, 1986. Both lectures feature talks on chapters in the Bible. It is possible that Nouwen attended these lectures, but there is no record in his calendar files.

Music file

File consists of various types of sheet music, hymns and Christmas tunes, as well as booklets of songs in English, French, and Spanish. File also contains a copy of an article on Mahler’s Symphony No.5. Ave Verum and it is annotated by Nouwen.

Moral rearmament file

File consists of letters from Richard W.B. Ruffin and Maarten de Pous. The letters from Ruffin refer to Nouwen’s participation in the Moral Re-Armament conference in Georgetown in 1985 and the letter from Maarten de Pous is in Dutch.

Monday Morning Meeting

File consists of an agenda for the Monday Morning Meeting on May 8, 1989 with notes written as to who attended or not, the Council Report for May 4, 1989, the schedule for the week at the Dayspring (May 8-15, 1989), and an advertisement from the Retirement Programme for a fisherman.

Molina, Father Uriel file

File consists of a letter from Solveig D. Eskedahl and Joseph L. Sholkin on behalf of Fr. Uriel Molina as well as a copy of a “letter to the editors” letter written by Molina regarding Nicaragua and Central America. The file also contains a copy of the Nicaragua portion of a book with an unknown title, the table on contents is copied with the Nicaraguan portion.

Mogabgab, John file

File consists of copies of manuscripts written by John Mogabgab as well as copies of handwritten notes in Nouwen’s hand outlining a course they taught together in 1982 called “Parker on Community: Expectant Waiting”.

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