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Martin Lawrence Friedland fonds
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Martin Lawrence Friedland fonds

  • UTA 1294
  • Fonds
  • 1868-2015

Fonds consists of five accessions of records documenting the life of Martin L. Friedland, as a student, professor of law and administrator at the University of Toronto; as an expert on legal matters and a contributor to the formation of public policy at the provincial and federal levels; and as an author of sixteen books and numerous articles, in particular the researching and writing of his book "University of Toronto: A history (University of Toronto Press, 2002 & 2013).

See accession-level descriptions for further details.

Friedland, Martin Lawrence

Courts and Trials

After I was appointed dean in early 1972, I started to organise an interdisciplinary series of lectures on courts and trials (file 2). This was designed to make a statement that we were not just a professional school but were part of the University. The series was widely advertised and was given every few weeks throughout the academic year 1972-73 (files 3-4). The contributors were from a wide array of disciplines--Reg Allen in philosophy, Don Dewees in economics, Tony Doob in psychology, Jim Giffen in sociology, Charles Hanly in psychoanalysis, Ken McNaught in history, Anatol Rapoport in mathematics, and Peter Russell and Don Smiley in political science (files 5-15). Northrop Frye backed out (file 8), but later contributed to the Crime in Literature series. The series was published by the U of T Press in 1975 (files 17-22) and the book was dedicated to Bora Laskin (file 11).

Correspondence: Attin-Boyd

Correspondence with the following individuals
Attin, Harold
Atwood, Margaret
Austin, Robin

Backhouse, Connie
Baer, Carl
Baker, Katherine
Baldachin, Alan
Ballantyne, Susan
Ballingall, Sally
Bashevkin, Sylvia
Batten, Jack
Baudouin, Jean-Louis
Beattie, John
Beatty, David
Beaudoin, Gerald
Beck, Stan
Beckwith, John
Bederman, Nolan
Beetz, Jean
Behboodi, Rob
Bennett, Beatrice
Bennet, Paul
Benson, Margaret
Berg, Brad
Berger, Earl
Berner, Sargent
Bickenbach, Jerome
Bindman, Stephen
Binnie, Susan
Bissell, Claude
Blacklock, Jim
Blais, Pierre
Bliss, Harvey
Blumenstein, Robi
Bol, Jennifer
Bomhof, Scott
Borovoy, Alan
Bowker, William
Boyd, David
Boyd, Neil

Correspondence: Gall-Groberman

Correspondence with the following individuals:

Gall, Gerry
Garber, Ralph
Gartner, Rosemary
Getz, Leon
Gibson, Dale
Glaspell, Barry
Glazebrook, Peter
Gleason, Harold
Godin, Paul
Godfrid, Samuel
Godsoe, Craig
Golden, Aubrey
Goldenberg, Sydney
Goldfarb, Clifford
Goldring, Warren
Goldstein, Pinchas
Gooch, Paul
Goodman, Eddie
Goodman, Wolfe
Gosse, Richard
Gottlieb, Gary
Grafstein, Jerry
Graham, Bill
Grange, Sam
Grauer, Chris
Gray, R.J.
Green, Bernie
Greene, Bob
Greenland, Cyril
Greenspan, Eddie
Groberman, Harvey

Correspondence: Iacobucci-Keith

Correspondence with the following individuals

Iacobucci, Ed
Iacobucci, Frank
Ianni, Ron
Isaacs, Julius
Israel, Milton

Jackman, Hal
Jackson, R.M.
Jacobs, Harvey
Janisch, Hudson
Jarvis, Ken
Jessiman, Stacey
Jolliffe, Ted
Johnson, Mark
Johnston, David
Johnstone, Robert
Johnston, Sandy
Jorgensen, Birthe

Kadish, Sanford
Kaplan, Bill
Kaplan, Bob
Kaufman, Fred
Kealey, Linda
Keith, K.J.

Correspondence: Marrus-Millgate

Correspondence with the following individuals

Marrus, Michael
Marsden, Lorna
Marsden, Wes
Marston, Geoffrey
Martin, Arthur
Martin, Craig
Martin, Peter
Martin, Robyn
Martin, Sheilah
Mathews, A.S.
McAlpine, John
McCallum, Margaret
McCamus, John
McClean, Bertie
McCulley, Joe
McDonald, David
McGarry, Robert
McGillivray, Anne
McGuigan, Leo
McIntosh, Jeff
McKeown, Stewart
McKinley, Hilda
McKellar, John
McKonica, Jim
McLaren, John
McMurtry, Bill
McMurtry, Roy
McPherson, Jim
McReary, Stephen
McRisson, Peter
McWhinney, Ted
McWilliams, Peter
Meltz, Noah
Mendes Da Costa, Derek
Merrills, John
Mewett, Alan
Mickevius, Ray
Millard, Chris
Miller, Jeffrey
Millgate, Jane

Correspondence: Milne-Northey

Correspondence with the following individuals

Milne, Arthur
Milner, Jim
Mironi, Mordehai
Missen, Ron
Mitchell, Chet
Mohr, Hans
Moldaver, Michael
Monroe-Blum, Heather
Montagnes, Ian
Moore, Basil
Moore, Chris
Morden, John
Morgan, Ed
Morissette, Yves-Marie
Morrison, Ian
Morton, Des (History)
Morton, J. Desmond
Morton, Ted
Moseley, Tim
Mosher, Janet
Muldoon, Frank
Munsche, Peter
Murphy, Harold
Murphy, James
Murray, Paul
Mustard, Fraser
Mykitiuk, Roxanne

        Nathan, Hartley

Nathanson, David
Nathanson, Rick
Newman, Peter
Newton, Lori
Nicholson, Warren
Nosanchuk, Saul
Northey, Jack

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