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Faculty, Staff, and Associates

File includes an invitation to a Celebration of Distinguished Service at UTSC from 2005, procedures for academic appointments, a handbook for UofT staff, and a memorial service pamphlet for faculty member David Harford.

Coal Country

File contains a report by Harry Swain on coal availability and uses in parts of the United States.

Research at Scarborough

File contains Vol 2 No 1 Summer 1989, No 3 Spring 1990,
No 4 Spring 1991, No 6 Fall 1993, September 1994, and November 1995 of the newsletter Research at Scarborough and provides information about the research taking place at the Scarborough Campus.


File contains October 1998, June 1999, and October 1999 of the Insight newsletter which provides information on the activities taking place at the Scarborough Campus.

Timeline - History of Campus

File includes various material related to the history of UTSC, including clippings, official documents, and timelines. File name taken from original file title.

Scarborough Board of Education

File includes Opportunities in the Secondary Schools of Scarborough (c. 1964); Scarborough School Directory (1964); list of Scarborough Board of Education Trustees (inscription reads "Visitors to the College Jan 27th/1966" and names checked off in pencil); Your Night Schools (1966); Scarborough School Directory (1970); Inventory of Parks - Recreation Facilities - Schools (1972); Your Schools (newsletter, 1972); Scarborough School Directory (1976); article entitled "The Outdoor School" (1977);


File includes Scarborough municipal by-laws 9510, 10827, 11883,
12077, 12096, 14122 and, 14402.

[Scarborough Community misc.]

File includes promotional material for the Scarborough Town Centre; promotional material for Scarborough (industrial and residential); list of manufacturing industrial firms; population census 1964; Scarborough Social Soundings (questionnaire on social needs); list of clubs, associations, and local groups 1964.

General Publicity 1964

File includes articles on development of Scarborough College, Erindale Campus, Birchmount Collegiate, W.E. Beckel's address of the importance of television in education, opening the Queenston Drive Public School, "talk-back" system. File name taken from original file title.

General Publicity 1970

File includes articles about concerts and lectures, Lester B. Pearson Watts Lecture, Black Panthers, the Metro waterfront, university taxation, Scarborough Women's Club, future and separation of Scarborough College. File name taken from original file title.

General Publicity 1975

File includes articles on concerts, lectures, events, Save the Rouge Valley Committee, tuition hike, space problems, 10th Anniversary. File name taken from original file title.


File includes articles on Department of Forestry, Centennial College, curriculum changes, fundraising for Centenary Hospital.


File includes articles about closure and/or merging of Scarborough campus, Scarborough College Student Council.


File includes articles about University of Toronto debt and budget cuts, visitation of two historians to campus.

General Publicity 1984

File includes articles about closure of stables after fire, as well as undated clippings and papers. File name taken from original file title.

[1989 2/2]

File includes articles about "Science Waterloo Days", Scarborough and Erindale campuses.


File includes articles about UofT's new SAP R/3 client-server system, researchers using wireless systems.


File includes a Self Guided Tour of Architectural Features of the UTSC Campus.

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