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Samuel Sobieski Nelles fonds File
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General Correspondence

Letter from Dr. McCaul regarding application of former Victoria College students to University College (students had been suspended from Victoria for burning effigy of S.D. Rice), letter from Dr. John Beatty (professor of natural science) protesting his removal from Board of Victoria and suggesting that lay members of the Board be appointed by the laity of the Church, letter from Governor General's secretary re: regulations for Indian civil service exam (contains notes by Nelles on the need for a Methodist College), Rev. John Bredin re: Langton's defence of the University of Toronto, letter from William Leitch (principal of Queen's), letter from Nelles to A. Marling forwarding copy of university calendar, letter of condolence from students on death of Nelles family member, W.H. Miles of Bishop's College in Canada East re: transfer student, Dr. E.P. Harris (science professor) re: college's purchase of his cabinets of geological specimens, A.H. Reynar (French, German and English literature professor) outlining his studies in Berlin and asking for extension of stay in Europe, Reynar describes his thoughts on observance of the Sabbath, letter from Nelles to Nathanael Burwash encouraging him in his studies at Yale, letter explaining relationship between Queen's College School and Kingston Grammar School and offering advice on setting up grammar school in Cobourg, Nelles confirms M.A. degree for Rev. D.G. Sutherland, request from Board of Grammar School Trustees in Cobourg that Victoria furnish local equivalent of government grant, Judge Wilmott seeking professor for Mount Allison, letters from Rev. W.S. Griffin discussing his reactions to "The Life and Light of Man"

General Correspondence

Request from J.C. Dent for photo of Victoria College, request for replacement of diplomas from Dr. Hector Peltier, recommendation of C.M. Moss for position at Victoria by E.O. Haven, Moss's plans for his courses, John A. Williams thanks Nelles for a book, G.M. Grant on his appointment as Queen's principal, Dr. J. McLellan's approval of Victoria's improved standards, Mills on need for ranking students, Crooks' secretary re: regulations governing an honour degree, notification that Punshon has sent case of books to college library, John Macdonald asks to be relieved of the Treasurership of Victoria and discusses various other college matters, letter from Uzziel Ogden (professor of medicine) recommending Rev. John McCarroll for Doctor of Medicine, Crooks complaining of unfair treatment by Canada School Journal, Nelles' reply, W.H. McClive (Senate representative in Law) makes suggestions regarding Faculty of Law, Crooks re: Governor General's scholarship medals

Correspondence Between J.G. Hodgins and S.S. Nelles.

The originals of any photocopied letters in the correspondence between Hodgins and Nelles may be found in the personal papers of J.G. Hodgins which are held by the Archives of the United Church of Canada. Hodgins cites opinion of Rev. Henry Mattison of New York and Nathan Bangs re: attendance at class meetings as a condition of church membership, Mrs. Rolph and Aikens want to attach their medical school to Victoria, Hodgins in favour of moving Victoria to Toronto, Hodgins critical of pamphlet by Henry Wilkinson, donates prizes to Victoria, congratulates Nelles on birth of his daughter, Nelles re: university chancellorship for Ryerson, national university, apology of suspended students, Nelles re: college prizes, makes recommendations for Hodgins' new work, discusses reform of university Senate, newspaper reaction University Commission's report, Nelles thanks Hodgins for defending him in Synod, discusses University Commission report, Hodgins re: defence of Nelles in Synod, Nelles re: law course at Victoria, Nelles' comments on Leitch's pamphlet on university question, Nelles re: prizes and convocation, illness of Nelles' mother-in-law, unpleasant Conference, Nelles laments Ryerson's estrangement from the college, asks Hodgins for an English Composition text book and recommends Arnold's essays

Correspondence Between J.G. Hodgins and S.S. Nelles.

Nelles' praise for Hodgins' article on university question, makes a few suggestions for Hodgins' consideration, Hodgins' reply explaining his position on examiners, further reaction to Hodgins' article, attempt to win support for affiliation (particularly government financial support), Nelles compares matriculation requirements of Victoria and the University of Toronto, Nelles comments on Church of England, Nelles trying to get editor of New York Advocate (Fowler) as speaker at Victoria, college prizes, convocation programme, Nelles' comment on 1878 Annual Conference and Hodgins' re-election as Secretary of Synod, Nelles using Kant in lectures, controversy over dismissal of female teacher from Cobourg Collegiate Institute, Nelles wants Hodgins on Victoria Senate, Hodgins' negative reaction to new separate school legislation, asks for Nelles' support, Nelles' reply, election of members of Senate, marriage of Nelles' daughter, Hodgins outlines reasons for not sitting on Senate of Victoria, Nelles' disappointment at Hodgins' failure to get elected to Senate, Wilson's chance at president's post at University of Toronto, Nelles praises Hodgins' position on university question and refers to dissension in Church of England

Correspondence Between J.G. Hodgins and S.S. Nelles.

Nelles discusses mood at Teachers' Convention, expresses sorrow at Ryerson's failing health, Crooks asks for report of Victoria, Nelles thanks Hodgins for kind notice of his article in Methodist Magazine, Nelles offers opinion on harm of sacerdotalism, Hodgins discusses his friendship for Nelles and his feelings towards Methodism, Hodgins' assessment of Dean Grasett, Nelles re: sermon at memorial service for Ryerson, Hodgins sent copies of some Ryerson papers to Nelles, Hodgins re: testimonial for Mr. Davidson, Nelles' reply, Hodgins re: Ryerson's views on Bible in schools, subscriptions for Ryerson Chair, asks for return of Ryerson papers from Nelles, Nelles forced to curtail activities due to daughter's serious depression, Nelles asks for Ryerson's views on "Bible in Schools"

Family correspondence of Frederick Cecil Gullen re: Nelles Family.

Mostly letters addressed to Gullen in response to his enquiries about Nelles' family history, letter to Margaret Ray (librarian of Victoria University in charge of archival material) including printed copy of Nelles' family history, copies of abstracts of title for land sale by William Nelles (father of S.S. Nelles)

Diary. Cobourg.

Detailed account of daily activities, readings and thoughts with good insight into family and college routines. Not as introspective as the early journals,but does have occasional statements of beliefs. Discusses Aylesworth controversy, doctrine of eternal misery, conscience and desire.

Notebook of Speeches and Addresses.

Educational Speech. Conference of 1880.
Educational Speech. Cobourg Collegiate Institute. December 9, 1881.
Notebook of Speeches and Addresses. Educational Speech. Hamilton General Conference. September, 1882.
Convocation Address. May 17, 1883.
Educational Speech. District Meeting, Campbellford. May 22, 1883.
Educational Speech. London Conference, St. Catherines. June, 1883. Peterborough. June, 1883.
Address at Sunday School Convention. “The Sunday School as an authorized and fruitful field for the working power of the Church.” Cobourg. October 23, 1883.

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