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This series documents Prof. Munro’s university education at the University of British Columbia where he studied combined honours programme of history and economics from 1956 to 1960. Following graduation he proceeded to Yale University where he received his Master of Arts (1961) and his PhD (1965). Among the records in this series are his undergraduate course notes and essays for courses in history and economics as well as his ‘graduating essay’ entitled “The role of capital formation in the economic development of Jamaica in the post war period 1945-1958”. Course notes for his Masters and Doctoral degrees are confined to three courses in history. Course papers include ones for History 128b with R.S. Lopez entitled “The commercial policy of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, with England, 1419-1467 – ‘Wool, cloth and gold’” (1961). Course papers for History 151 in 1962 have comments by the professor, Mr. Krieger. Following are a prospectus for his doctoral thesis, drafts of some of its chapters, and a bound copy of his dissertation (1965).

Addresses, refereed reports and working papers

This series consists of papers prepared for presentation at conferences, workshops and other invited talks, reports prepared as a referee for scholarly journals, and working papers published on University of Toronto Department of Economics web site since 1998. The numbers attached to the working papers are from Professor Munro’s 2009 curriculum vitae [see B2014-0035/001(02)] and elsewhere. By the time of his death, he had completed 55 of them for the Departmental website.

Also by May 2009, Professor Munro had given papers at 81 scholarly conferences and invited lectures. He organized three of these conferences. Many of the conference and workshop papers are early versions of later published works (See Series 9). Refereed reports are for such scholarly journals as Journal of Economic History, Explorations in Economic History, Economic History Review (see also Series 5: Other activities), Medieval Studies, American Historical Review and university presses such as the University of Nebraska and Oxford University Press. Files may contain various versions of the typescript report or paper, the final version, along with associated correspondence.

University of Toronto. Chair of Ukrainian Studies

This series provides a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding the controversy that raged between 1978 and 1980 over the filling of the newly created Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Toronto. As the controversy heated up, Professor Luckyj resigned from the Search Committee in November, 1979 and opposed the appointment of the chosen candidate, Paul Magocsi. In addition to University officials and departments, most Ukrainian organizations in Canada became directly involved in or had opinions on the events as they unfolded. Amongst the latter were the the Ukrainian Students Clubs at the University of Toronto and the University of Alberta, the Ukrainian Studies Foundation, the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, and the Canadian National Youth Federation of Canada.

The records here form the complete file that was compiled by Professor Luckyj. The controversy is documented through the use of correspondence, minutes, memoranda, notes, interviews, letters to the editor, and articles in the press. Professor Luckyj has assembled a complete account of the events as portrayed in the faculty/staff and student press at the University of Toronto, the local press, and Ukrainian language papers in Canada.

In a postscript written in January, 1995 Professor Luckyj concludes that his original reservations have been borne out by subsequent events.

Complete issues of English and Ukrainian language papers that commented on the issue are stored flat in box 003.


Series consists of journal publications and presentations reflecting broad areas of Prof. Friedland’s research. Material focuses on the assessment and impacts of social support on quality of life and the history of occupational therapy. Topics covered include seniors’ driving safety, the mental health of university students, and the treatment of both psychological and physical conditions. Reflecting these areas, the series is divided into three sub-series: social support, history of occupational therapy, and a general sub-series. Records include presentation material, off-prints, background material and correspondence.

Restoring the Spirit: The Beginnings of Occupational Therapy in Canada, 1890-1930

Series consists of material compiled for the publication of Prof. Friedland’s book, “Restoring the Spirit: The Beginnings of Occupational Therapy in Canada, 1890-1930”. Series includes a survey conducted for the book, proposal to publisher, draft typescripts, correspondence and reviewer feedback. Series also includes presentation material related to various aspects of the history of occupational therapy in Canada.

Thelma Cardwell

Series documents the professional life of Thelma Cardwell (1920-2001), occupational therapist, professor and former Director at the University of Toronto’s Department of Occupational Therapy. Material covers Prof. Cardwell’s education, development of her academic career, activity in professional organizations such as the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy and the World Federation of Occupational Therapists, and awards received. Records include curricula vitae, tenure application, correspondence, diplomas, and text of a eulogy given by Prof. Friedland.

Mandatory retirement

Series consists of records related to cases brought to the Ontario Superior Court and the Supreme Court regarding mandatory retirement and age discrimination in the mid-1980’s to early 1990’s. Material documents Prof. Gunderson appearance as a witness within some of these hearings, in addition to the exhibits of other witnesses, background material, and correspondence.

Professional Organizations

This series is consists of files that MacIntosh kept on various organizations related to MacIntosh’s professional interests. Included are organizational meeting agenda and minutes, annual reports, correspondence and membership information. Organizations such as the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the Canadian Orthopedic Association, and the Ontario Medical Association are well represented in this series.


The correspondence in this series is arranged largely as it was organized by Dr. Patterson.

The first file, of largely personal correspondence, covers the years 1946-1990. It originally also included the material in the next few files: his correspondence as a member of the board of Spar Aerospace in the 1970s, and his memoranda on the establishment and expansion of the Institute of Aerophysics (1949-1958) which were included with his 1989 correspondence on the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the Institute for Aerospace Studies.

The remaining correspondence files relate to several of Dr. Patterson's publications: The Molecular Flow of Gases (1954), Priorities in Geolunar Space (1988-1990), and Pathway to Excellence. Most of the correspondence relates to the last volume. All of it, except for a file on book orders and complimentary copies (1971, 1977), was entitled by Dr. Patterson as "correspondence not referenced in the book Pathway to Excellence" (1938-1975).


In spite of a demanding administrative schedule, Dr. Patterson published frequently. As Director of the Institute of Aerophysics, he wrote the introduction to its Annual Progress Report for twenty years (1954-1974); copies are not included in this series and may be found in the University Archives Print Room. The items listed in this series complement, but do not duplicate, those in similar series in other accessions in this fonds.

Included in this series is drafts of articles and books and selected printed copies, along with covering correspondence. Book titles include: "Pathways to Excellence" (1977), "The Race for Unlimited Energy" (1979), "The Molecular Nature of Aerodynamics" (1981), "Message from Infinity" (1985), and "Priorities in Geolunar Space" (1989).

Also includes six audio cassette tapes of Patterson dictating the contents of his book "Message from Infinity".


Series consists of records relating to Prof. Fletcher’s professional activity with Arkelon Research in addition to other independent consulting projects. Material documents research conducted for organizations including offices of the federal and provincial governments. Government initiatives include those of the Department of Justice Canada, Special Committee on the Review of the Canadian Security Intelligence Act, Industry, Science and Technology Canada, and the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario. Series also includes records regarding the patent application for a tool to measure response time in survey research submitted by Arkelon Research. Files contain presentations, working documents, data print-outs, correspondence, reports, notes, and background material.

Conference presentations, workshops, and talks

Series consists of records relating to Prof. Fletchers conference presentations and workshops. Presentations reflect Prof. Fletcher’s early interest in political psychology and civil rights, particularly through the findings of both the Charter Project and the Australian Rights Project. Files primarily include speaking notes, drafts, and lecture slides in addition to some correspondence.

External professional activity

Series consists of records reflecting Prof. Fletcher’s professional activities and participation in conference planning for specific professional associations. The material documents administrative activities and the proceedings of the Ideas in Action: Essays in Politics and Law in Honor of Peter Russell symposium held at Innis College Town Hall, University of Toronto in 1996. Additionally, the series contains records associated with its resulting publication (1999) which was edited by Prof. Fletcher. The series also documents initiatives organized in memory of fellow political scientist, Christian Bay, comprising a published In Memorium (American Political Science Association) and a conference session (Canadian Political Science Association). One file pertains to the organization of a 1984 meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology. Records include correspondence, draft typescripts, notes, and audio recordings of the 1996 conference.


This series consists of exams from Professor Helleiner's courses at the U of T, a file of PhD comprehensive exam questions he submitted for the Department of Political Economy, and 2 files of exams from courses he taught as a visiting professor at McGill University and at Harvard University Summer School.

Personal and biographical

Series consists of records documenting Prof. Friedland’s career including aspects of its development as well as professional achievements. Files include job applications, tenure assessment, correspondence regarding cross appointments and research leaves, advocacy work, and biographical material. Also included are awards, correspondence, and presentation material related to honors presented to Prof. Friedland.

Early education

In 1955, Peter Russell entered Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar (Ontario). This series contains only class notebooks compiled by Prof. Russell while a student in the Bachelor of Arts programme between 1955-1957. Notes are mainly relating to course in political theory, labour and industrial relations.

Consulting and public service

In addition to his academic responsibilities at the University of Toronto, Prof. Russell was in demand for his expertise and advice in a number of areas, particularly surrounding aboriginal rights. Sub-series 5.1 (Subject files and correspondence) documents Prof. Russell’s consultation work in a number of areas and with a range of organizations, governmental bodies and initiatives. Five individual initiatives are represented in the remaining sub-series:
5.2: Dene Southern Support Group
5.3: Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
5.4: Ipperwash Inquiry
5.5: Deh Cho Files
5.6: Nepal

See sub-series descriptions for additional detail.

Professional activities and addresses

Files included from accession B2005-0001 within this series document Prof. Russell’s activities in various conferences and associations both nationally and internationally. Prof. Russell’s level of involvement ranged from regular membership activities to participating in various committees, presenting papers, and conference planning. He was also the subject of “Ideas in Action: a conference (essays) on politics and law in honour of Peter Russell” sponsored by Innis College, University of Toronto in 1996. Also documented in this series is Prof. Russell’s involvement with the Royal Society of Canada, primarily as Co-Foreign Secretary from 1996-2001, and as President of the Canadian Political Science Association during 1990 and 1991. Files contain correspondence, notes, minutes of meetings, manuscripts of papers, reports, and other material.

Files included in this series from the accession B2017-0006 and B2019-0008 document Prof. Russell’s professional activity, primarily representing addresses and presentations given. These cover a period from the mid-1990s to the late 2010s. The series also documents some administrative functions including conference organization.

Articles, reviews, published addresses and referee comments

This series contains records documenting Prof. Russell’s extensive production of both published and unpublished works including articles, papers, reviews, informal talks and addresses. Published articles were produced primarily for scholarly journals and document his specialized knowledge on Canada’s Supreme Court, the Charter of Rights and Canadian constitution, aboriginal rights both in Canada and Australia, commentaries for national media such as the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Talks and addresses from accession B2005-0001 include his speeches on receiving honorary degrees at University of Guelph (1998) and University of Toronto (2001) as well as invited talks to private business such as the Canadian Club, Royal Trust, Toronto Club, as well as universities and other academic institutions in Canada and abroad.

Also included are his commentaries as referee for various manuscripts submitted by other writers for publication. Files predominantly contain drafts of manuscripts, notes, and correspondence, as well as photocopies of related materials.


This series contains files relating to grant applications and research materials produced for some of the books and other publications Prof. Russell has undertaken.

Included are files relating to research funding for Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian judicial system, constitutional politics in Canada and Australia, as well as various subject files containing notes, correspondence, statistical data, and press clippings. Among the areas of research are the Sudan, judicial appointments and independence, Australian judge, Walter Murphy, Pierre Trudeau, books such as The Administration of Justice in Uganda: Some Problems and Proposals, Constitutional Odyssey and Recognizing Aboriginal Title: The Mabo Case and Indigenous Resistance to English-Settler Colonialism.

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