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Letters from George Strohmeyer

File consists of two letters from George Strohmeyer regarding a Directed Covenant Retreat. Also includes a copy of a letter sent to Strohmeyer by Marni Davis, Zone Coordinator for L'Arche US/Canada West Zone.

Letter from Travis Tamerius

File consists of one letter from Travis Tamerius, responding to "The Return of the Prodigal Son", and including personal journal entries regarding the nature of human struggle and suffering.

Letters from Dotti Taylor

File consists of two letters from Dotti Taylor, responding to "Return of the Prodigal Son", including four poems, and inviting Nouwen to visit her local parish.

Letters from Joseph R. Truesdale III

File consists of five letters from Joseph "Tag" R. Truesdale III responding to "The Return of the Prodigal Son", his two visits to Daybreak, Psalm 69, the gift of a wooden cross, the possibility of a visit with Nouwen and Bill van Buren, and an optical illusion illustration.

Letter from University Lutheran Church and Campus Center (Gainesville, FL)

File consists of one letter from Jack A. Saarela, Pastor at University Lutheran Church and Campus Center (Gainesville, FL), thanking Nouwen for granting permission to use readings from "The Return of the Prodigal Son" and for the posters of Rembrandt's painting, responding to "In Memoriam", and requesting to meet. Letter also consists of program of Lenten Vespers.

Letters from Jeanne Vergroesen

File consists of two letters from Jeanne Vergroesen, including an obituary, death notice, liturgy and word of thanks regarding Wim Vergroesen's funeral.

Letters from Fr. John E. Vesey

File consists of three letters from Fr. John E. Vesey (Guatemala) including a Christmas card, a hand-written letter on letterhead of Vicaria de Pastoral. The third is a typed letter from Vesey writing as Secretary General of the Conferencia Episcopal de Guatemala, Comision Nacional de Cataquesis. Attached to this letter is a photocopy of a letter from President, Martyrology Commission dated May 10, 1995.

Letter from Rolf Wagenaar

File consists of one typed letter from Rolf Wagenaar, Pastor, on behalf of Basilica of Our Lady (= Basiliek van Onze Lieve Vrouw Sterre der zee Maastrict, Netherlands), requesting that Nouwen give a short lecture for a reflection series on passion and belief. On February 15, Nouwen responded by fax, declining the invitation, and suggesting someone else. File includes a fax cover sheet.

Letter from Gail Way

File consists of one typed letter from Gail Way, thanking Nouwen for his book "The Road to Daybreak", and, on behalf of "the Fellowship" inviting Nouwen to be present at their annual event "at Mount Hermon near Santa Cruz" (CA).

Letter from Duncan P. Westwood

File consists of one typed letter from Duncan P. Westwood, a doctoral candidate, seeking an interview with Nouwen at L'Arche.

Letters from Joseph Wieczorek

File consists of two typed letters from Joseph Wieczorek, brother of Conrad Wieczorek, Nouwen's editor. Included is a fax cover sheet, addressed to Nouwen from Administrative Assistant Kathy Christie.

Letters from Willibrordushuis

File consists of one handwritten letter and one small card attached to a brochure, from Nellie Ruiter of Willibrordushuis (The Hague, NL). A short translation is attached to the letter.

Letter from Windborne Productions

File consists of one facsimile from Anne-Lis Morris, Associate Producer, on behalf of Windborne Productions and the Cross Currents program. Morris is arranging the second half of an interview of Nouwen by Brian Stiller for Cross Currents. Letter is addressed to Kathy Christie, and she asks Christie to copy the letter to Nouwen and Paula at the Dayspring.

Letter from Ed Wojcicki

File consists of one handwritten letter from Ed Wojcicki, asking Nouwen about visiting Daybreak, and if he could help him set up an Internet site.

Letter from Tom Workman

File consists of one typed letter from W. T. (Tom) Workman, thanking Nouwen for copies of "Our Greatest Gift", delivered to his family by Nouwen while visiting Frank Hamilton.

Letter from W T the B S: We Take the Bible Seriously

File consists of one letter from W T the B S: We Take the Bible Seriously, a Bible study group for teenagers associated with the Church of Christ, Hurstville (Sydney, Australia), asking Nouwen for a brief account of his "Christian conversion". File also includes a copy of a typed letter of response from Nouwen.

Letter from Yale-New Haven Hospital

File consists of one letter from Robert L. Morgan, Director of the Department of Religious Ministries at Yale-New Haven Hospital, asking Nouwen if they could meet when Nouwen presents at a symposium at Yale Divinity School on "ethical, theological and pastoral issues of mental retardation". Further, Morgan invites Nouwen to talk at an "annual statewide observation of National Pastoral Care Week" in New Haven in the last week of October, 1995.

Letter from All Saints' Parish

File consists of one typed letter from Rev. Carol Anderson, DD, on behalf of All Saints' Parish (Beverly Hills, CA), inviting Nouwen to lead a three-day parish retreat there from October 4-6, 1996.

Letter from the Archdiocese of Chicago

File consists of one letter from Rev. R. Peter Bowman, Vicar for Administration, Moderator of the Curia, on behalf of the Archdiocese of Chicago, regarding the Convocation of Priests and Parish Staffs and the Liturgical celebration for people with disabilities. Nouwen co-led this liturgy with Cardinal Bernadin.

Letter from AUFATMEN Magazine

File consists of one fax from Ulrich Eggers, on behalf of AUFATMEN Magazine (Germany), thanking Nouwen for permission to reprint his article on "Solitude/community", and asking for a public use photo of Nouwen at Daybreak. The letter is addressed to both Nouwen and his administrative assistant Kathy Christie.

Letters from Fred and Helen Baldwin

File consists of two note cards, one signed by Fred Baldwin, the other by Helen Baldwin, both from the "Red Barn Community" (Peapack, NJ). Both note cards accompanied gifts: one accompanied a statuette of the Prodigal Son.

Letter from Jean Reardon Baumann

File consists of a letter from Jean Reardon Baumann, who was a friend of Sr. Ita Ford, asking Nouwen for Fr. John Vesey's contact information. Sr. Ita Ford was one of four U.S. churchwomen (three nuns and one social worker) killed in El Salvador on December 2, 1980. [See "New York Times" archive.]

Letters from Gilles Beauchemin, S.J.

File consists of two letters from Gilles Beauchemin, S.J., one letter addressed to the priests at L'Arche. The file also contains a one-page article.

Letter from Jim Berney

File consists of a Christmas card from Jim Berney, General Director, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada.

Letter from S. Aline Bertrand

File consists of one letter from S. Aline Bertrand, of Religieuses de Notre-Dame de Charite du Bon Pasteur, thanking Nouwen for writing "In the Name of Jesus", and asking for contact information for the Servant Leadership School (Washington, DC) established by Gordon Cosby and Diana Chambers.

Letter from Shaun Best

File consists of a three-page letter from Shaun Best, Founder and President of The Challenged Conquistadors, Inc. File also includes a portfolio regarding The Challenged Conquistadors, Inc.

Letter from Peggy Brunet

File consists of one card from Peggy Brunet, addressed to and forwarded by Doubleday, asking for Nouwen's address.

Letter from Stratford Caldecott

File consists of a brief note from Stratford Caldecott of Westminster College, Oxford, accompanying a newsletter entitled "Faith & Culture: The Newsletter of the Centre for Faith & Culture" from Westminster College, along with a conference list for the Centre (June 24-30, 1996).

Letter from Lisa Cataldo

File consists of a letter from Lisa Cataldo, asking if she could talk with Nouwen about doctoral studies. File also includes a typed letter of response from Nouwen.

Letters from Chapel of the Incarnation

File consists of two letters from Denise Phillips, Director of Liturgy and Catechesis, on behalf of Chapel of the Incarnation at the University of Dallas (Irving, TX). The first letter invites Nouwen to speak at their Fischer Series on Christian Life in March of 1997; the second letter is addressed to Nouwen's administrative assistant Kathy Christie, noting regret that Nouwen declined the invitation. File also includes a prayer card.

Letter from Christ the King Retreat House

File consists of a letter from Francine Bauser, C.S.J., a former student of Nouwen's from Yale Divinity School, telling of her past work and inviting Nouwen to speak in October 1996 at Christ the King Retreat House (Syracuse, NY).

Letter from Michael F. Clarke

File consists of a Heart Touching Heart Ministries (Mississauga, ON) newsletter from Michael F. Clarke, Executive Director.

Letter from Bill Cobb

File consists of a letter from (Rev.) William Ellis (Bill) Cobb, updating Nouwen on his family and his work, currently with Old South Congregational Church (Windsor, VT). File also includes three Easter poems and a Seven Step Program handout.

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