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Hide Shimizu Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00701
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1898-1999

Contains official documents, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, photographs and other biographical material related to the life of Japanese Canadian Hide Shimizu and her family members. Includes material related to Shimizu's awards from the Order of Canada, the Order of the Precious Crown (Government of Japan) and the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC).

Shimizu, Hide

Shirley Yamada Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00673
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1987

Photographs, slides and negatives taken during Japanese Canadian redress campaign rallies in B.C., Ottawa and Washington, plus audio recordings of redress-related radio programs.

Yamada, Shirley

Ken Koyama Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00670
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1987-1992

Small collection of printed material regarding Japanese Canadian immigrants after WWII .

Koyama, Ken

Alert Music fonds

  • CA ON00349 2005.006
  • collection
  • 1984-2006

This fonds consists of 6 series, divided by format. They are: Textual Material, Photographic Material, Video Material, Audio Material, Cinefilms and Posters/Art Material.

The first series, Textual Material, includes press clippings, chart clippings, label copy, art work mock ups, bios, contracts, tour itineraries, endorsement deals and correspondence. Researchers may be particularly interested in the Soundscan sales reports that break down sales of Holly Cole’s albums.

The second series, Photographic Material, includes negatives, transparencies, contact sheets and proofs for album cover artwork, press/publicity stills, concert photos, promotional photos and some personal prints from Holly Cole and Kim Mitchell.

The third series, Video Material, includes source materials from live television tapings and performances, edited masters of music videos, colour corrected film transfers and source tapes necessary for finished editorial and finished programs for television. There are also screening cassettes of music videos, award show submissions, promotional cassettes for publicity and recorded tapings of live show appearances and interviews.

The fourth series, Audio Material, includes alternative mixes, outtakes, demos, different sequences, safety copies and master reels. This series also includes floppy discs holding mixing data and a hard drive

The fifth series, Cinefilms, includes original film negatives in both b& w and colour (16mm, 35mm and 8mm). Highlighted artists include Cole and Mitchell. The sixth series, Posters/Artwork, consists of posters showcasing touring dates from venues across Canada, Europe and Japan. There are also examples of original pasteups, negatives and colour separations, blue lines, prints for album covers, poster art, CD covers and inserts and 45 rpm sleeves in this collection.

This fonds includes material on the following productions:

Eric Andersen – Ghosts Upon the Road (album,1988)
The Box – The Box (album, 1984)
The Box – All the Time, All The Time, All The Time (album,1985)
The Box – Closer Together (album, 1987)
The Box – Pleasure and Pain (album, 1990)
Michael Breen – Michael Breen (album, 1987)
Breit Brothers – Breit Brothers (album, 1996)
Bundock – Mauve (album, 1986)
Bundock – S.A. (album, 1988)
Crystal Pistol – Crystal Pistol (album, 2005)
Andy Curran – Andy Curran (album 1990)
Groove Daddys – Sunburn (album, 1995)
Holly Cole Trio – Girl Talk (album, 1990)
Holly Cole Trio – Blame It On My Youth (album, 1991)
Holly Cole Trio – Christmas Blues (album, 1991)
Holly Cole Trio – Don’t Smoke In Bed (album, 1993)
Holly Cole and various – Count Your Blessings (album, 1994)
Holly Cole Trio – Greatest Hits/Collection (album, 1994)
Holly Cole Trio – Temptation (album, 1995)
Holly Cole Trio – It Happened One Night (album, 1996)
Holly Cole – Dark Dear Heart (album, 1997)
Holly Cole – Romantically Helpless (album, 2000)
Holly Cole – Baby It’s Cold Outside (album, 2001)
Holly Cole – Shade (album, 2003)
Holly Cole – Collection Vol. 1 (album, 2004)
Jazz Beards – Highballs, Lowbrows and Presbyterians (album, 1994)
John of Mark – John of Mark (album, 1995)
Johnny Favourite – The Tonight Album (album, 2000)
Looking for Marck – Looking For Marck (album)
Kim Mitchell – Akimbo Alogo (album, 1984)
Kim Mitchell – Shakin’ Like A Human Being (album, 1986)
Kim Mitchell – Rockland (album, 1989)
Kim Mitchell – Live in Oshawa unreleased (album, 1989)
Kim Mitchell – I Am A Wild Party (album, 1990)
Kim Mitchell – Aural Fixations (album, 1992)
Kim Mitchell – Itch (album, 1994)
Kim Mitchell Greatest
Hits (album, 1995)
Michel Pagliaro – Sous Peine D’Amour (album, 1988)
Piltch & Davis – Feast (album, 1996)
Pinheads – The Good, the Bad & the Pinheads (album, 1993)
Roxanne Potvin – The Way It Feels album, (2006)
Sylum Sylum (album)
Universal Honey – Earth Moon Transit (album, 1996)
various artists – Popcan (album, 1997)

Alert Music

William Blissett Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00273
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1953-1984

Collection of fifty-nine letters and postcards from contemporary Canadian, British, and American poets in response to William Blissett's inquiry as to the influence of Edmund Spencer on their work. The letters date from 1953-1984. Some replies are added to Blissett's letter to addressee. The 1984 letters give him permission to publish the earlier letters from sender.

Blissett, William

Patrick Byrne Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00247 2B Annex
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1939-1964

Papers consist of typed & printed copies of O Broin's poems; proofs for his selected poems, Than any Star. Typescripts compiled by O Broin including printed materials of literary works by MacEwen,George Miller, D. French, Layton, Spiecker and John Maclean. Compilations of material on the Collected Poetry Group Readings at the YM-YWHA Building, 1960-61.

O Broin, Padraig

Canadian Authors Association Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00101
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1921-1954

The bulk of the collection concerns the Toronto branch of the Association and is comprised mainly of correspondence, reports of meetings and conventions, membership lists, minutes of executive meetings, newspaper clippings, poetry, bills, receipts, financial statements, and programs.

Canadian Authors Association

Horatio C. Boultbee Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00198
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1930-1967

Includes Boultbee's writings and correspondence relating to the posthumous publication of his work.

Boultbee, Horatio C.

Joseph Brabant Lewis Carroll Manuscript Collection

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00371
  • Manuscript Collection
  • [1866?]-1896

The collection consists of correspondence from Charles L. Dodgson, photographs (including an 1865 photograph taken by Carroll), memorabilia, and Brabant's notes and correspondence about the collection.

Brabant, Joseph A. (Joseph Anthony)

Bristol, Bayly, and Armour Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00095 2B Annex
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1905-1920

Legal correspondence and documents chiefly on behalf of mining and transport companies.

Bristol, Bayly and Armour

Quentin Brown Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00213 2B Annex
  • Manuscript Collection
  • [1946?]

Includes materials relating to Lennox Robinson, collected by Quentin Brown such as the journals of Lady Gregory which were edited by Robinson; a stage manager’s copy of “Drama at Irish,” received from Robinson by Brown; a programme of a performance of “Drama at Irish;” photographs of Robinson; and newspaper clippings.

Brown, Quentin

C. H. D. Clarke Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00367
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1925-1980

The collection is comprised of material related to Clarke's scholarly studies and life work in wildlife conservation and management. It includes: correspondence; drafts of published and unpublished reports and conferences; articles; reprints; diaries; negatives and photographs. His unpublished drafts also include such subjects as doxology, literature, and reflections on man's relationship with nature.

Clarke, C. H. D. (Charles Henry Douglas)

Collection of 190 Pieces of Vellum Illustrating the History and Development of Handwriting

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00045
  • Manuscript Collection
  • ca. 380-1514

Collection of 190 pieces of vellum in Greek and Latin illustrating the history and development of handwriting from the 4th century until the end of the Middle Ages. Items 1-21 (which are Coptic in origin) illustrate the development of uncial writing from the beginning up to its decline in Egypt in the 9th century. All leaves, with the exception of items 106 and 170 are mounted; items 62-90 and 113-169 are bound volumes.

Worel, Charles F.

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