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Donald E. Moggridge fonds
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Referee reviews and comments

This series provides extensive documentation of Prof. Moggridge’s role as a peer reviewer or referee for many publications, research projects and grant applications. Correspondence, referee reports, notes and applications are found throughout these files often titled “Comments on others”. Records are filed chronologically.

Sir Ralph Hawtrey papers

In 1975 Moggridge was appointed to assist the executors of the Hawtrey’s estate with respect to managing literary rights. This series contains correspondence re. the Hawtrey estate and disposition of his papers and also contains a few draft writings of the famous British economist including an unpublished and undated manuscript entitled ‘Thoughts and Things’.


This series is a fairly good representation of the courses Prof. Moggridge taught in the Department of Economics, both undergraduate and graduate courses. For some courses, there is a complete or near complete set of lectures. There are also course materials such outlines, tests, assignments, essay topics and reading lists. Some the courses were given at Scarborough College in the 1970s and 1980s including North American History (B81Y), International Finance (B61S) and Literature of Political Economy II (B21S). There are three sets of lectures for Prof. Moggridge’s course on Economic History (342Y) and one set for the History of Economic Thought (429Y).

Books, chapters in books and articles

This series contains files relating to the research, writing and publishing of refereed articles and chapters in books, and thus contains extensive evidence of Prof. Moggridge’s written contribution to the field of economic history. Files often contain drafts starting with the papers as presented at conferences as well as additional drafts for publication. There is also correspondence with other economists relating to research, comments on drafts, outlines and correspondence with publishers.

Apart from many articles and chapters, three of Prof. Moggridge’s books are well documented as well: Keynes (1976 and 2nd edition, 1980, 3rd 1993), Maynard Keynes An Economist’s Biography (1992) and Harry Johnson: A Life in Economics (2008). There is correspondence with publishers and other economists for all three titles as well as drafts of all but the 2nd edition of Keynes.

The second accrual of Moggridge papers (B2019-0040) included publication agreements for many published works, research notes on Keynes, collected images of Keynes from various sources used in his books, correspondence and drafts relating to Harry Johnson: A Life in Economics as well as several other smaller publications.

Papers and talks

This series further documents Prof. Moggridge academic publishing and output. Included are non refereed articles and papers, as well as unpublished works such as talks, seminars, and papers presented at conferences. Files contain at least one draft of article or paper and possibly some related notes and/or correspondence. They are arranged chronologically.


Series includes references for past students and colleagues mainly seeking support for appointments, awards and promotions. Also included in this series are correspondence files with a few of Prof. Moggridge’s graduate students. These files can contain not only references but also comments on research and theses.


Throughout his career, Prof. Moggridge wrote over 100 reviews in such journals as Cambridge Review, Choice, Economic History Review, International Journal of Economic Literature, to list only a few. This small series contains some of these reviews, either as drafts or copies from the publication itself. It contains far more requests for reviews for which there is no further documentation.


This series contains professional correspondence files arranged chronologically. Some files have a subject heading or the name of correspondent while other files are simply marked miscellaneous. Correspondence details mainly research, publishing, reviewing and other professional activities and should be seen as supplemental to correspondence found in related series that document the same.

Professional Activities

This series documents Prof. Moggridge’s active involvement in a few key organizations and committees. There are files relating to his various executive positions he held in the History of Economic Society, his active role in organizing the HES conference at the University of Toronto and his participation at other HES conferences. There is also documentation relating to the Keynes Memorial Committee 1966-1968, the Pressnell Festschrift 1983-1988, and the Conference on Editorial Problems 1984-1988, the period for which he served as treasurer. Finally, filed in chronological order at the end of this series are files documenting attendance and participation at conferences, seminars, and workshops worldwide, sponsored by a variety of professional associations.


This series gives a good overview of Prof. Moggridge’s career. Correspondence and personnel documents discuss appointments, applications, leaves and promotions. There are also several files relating to awards and fellowships as well as research grant applications. Finally, there is a copy of an unpublished autobiography with related notes.

Documents relating to his education at Trinity and Cambridge were added in the 2019 accrual along with additional correspondence re. appointments and honours.


In addition to his original writings, Prof. Moggridge’s international contribution to the field in economic history is also supplemented with his editing projects and in particular the Collected Writings of the John Maynard Keynes with the Royal Economic Society. Prof. Moggridge was managing editor for twenty-four of the thirty volume series. Files contain extensive correspondence, notes and minutes of meetings that detail the projects from their inception to their distribution. Some the key economists with which Prof. Moggridge’s worked include Cambridge economists Lord Richard Kahn and Sir Austin Robinson, Don Patinkin of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, polish-born English economist Tadeusz Rabczynski. There is also extensive correspondence with publishers Macmillan and Cambridge University Press.

B2019-00039 added some original Keynes writings collected for this project include typescripts and proofs. Where possible, the original folders were kept to confirm provenance. There is also additional correspondence as well as a file relating to Keynes Centenary which includes clippings.

This series also documents other editorial projects and positions including: the editing of the J.E. Meade diaries and Lionel Robbins diaries with fellow University of Toronto economist Susan Howson; History of Economics Society (HES) proceedings from 1988 conference entitled Perspective in the History of Economic Thought; his role as managing editor for the HES journal Studies in the History of Economic Thought; as well as his work the Editorial Board and as Review Editor for the journal History of Political and Economy (HOPE). One file relating to Laughlin Currie was added to HOPE. B2019-0040 added one file relating to HOPE (1977-1983) and correspondence relating to the edition of Correspondence of D. H. Robertson sponsored by the Royal Economic Society (1992-1999)

Donald E. Moggridge fonds

  • UTA 1583
  • Fonds
  • 1924-2015, predominant 1964-2015

Most aspects of Prof. Moggridge’s career are well documented in this fonds except for his role as a university administrator for which there are no records. Much of his published and unpublished works are documented in Series 3, 4, and 5 through drafts and correspondence. His significant role as editor, especially with respect to The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes is extensively documented in correspondence found in Series 6.

It is clear that Prof. Moggridge’s expertise in the field of economic history and Keynes was widely sought after in the number of reviews, referee and comments he was routinely asked to do. Many of these are documented in Series 8 and 9.

Finally, his teaching role is well documented in the lectures for most of the courses he taught at different times in his career including early courses at Scarborough College. These are found in Series 10.

Moggridge, Donald E.