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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections Cecil John Eustace fonds
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Files: 448-472

These files consist of photocopies of letters written by and amongst Zola’s contemporaries with the surnames
M through to Alexandrine Zola’s letters to Doctor Larat. The files within have been arranged alphabetically by
author, with recurring correspondents possessing their own distinct files. Letters sent by Alexandrine Zola to
various correspondents dominate these files, with particular emphasis on letters to the Laborde family (Amélie,
Albert and Elina). The dates range from 1871 to 1922. File #460 contains nine original cartes de visites from
Alexandrine Zola to various correspondents, dated from 1903.

Files: 473-482

These files consist of photocopies of letters written by and amongst Zola’s family and friends, starting with
letters written by Alexandrine to Eugène Fasquelle through to Zola’s mother Émilie Zola and finishing with
letters written to and from Zola’s wife, mistress and children between 1903 and 1905. File #474 contains
letters sent to Alexandrine Zola by Eugène Fasquelle. The dates of letters in these files range from 1841 to

  1. The letters sent to and from Zola’s family are arranged chronologically.

Files: 483-496

These files consist of photocopies of letters written amongst Zola’s immediate family: Alexandrine Zola,
Jeanne Rozerot, Denise Émile-Zola (previously Rozerot), Jacques Émile-Zola (previously Rozerot) and
eventually Denise’s husband Maurice Le Blond and Jacques’ wife Marguerite Émile-Zola. The files within are
arranged chronologically, starting in 1906 and continuing through to 1924, including undated letters. There is
no clear indication as to why these letters have been compiled and preserved, as they could not have provided
context for the annotations in the published volumes (as they were all written after Zola’s death); however, it is
possible that these letters were collected to document the lives of Zola’s children, who would eventually have a
great impact on the development of the project because the children of Denise and Jacques provided the
primary and foremost source of letters.

Files: 510-537

These files consist of photocopies of handwritten manuscripts, published material and typed transcriptions of
manuscripts and other documents pertaining to Zola’s works written between 1866 and 1952. The files within
have been arranged alphabetically by title of works, starting with Angeline and finishing with Vérité. These files
document some of Zola’s thought process and brainstorming when writing his books and short stories.
Germinal and Une Page d’amour contain extensive (though not complete) photocopies of manuscripts written in
Zola’s hand.

Files: 629-644

These files consist of articles and research materials compiled and written about the correspondents from the
Letters by Contemporaries series. Types of documents found in these files include various certificates
(including, marriage, death, professional/honorary), photographs, booklets or journal articles written about the
figure, as well as examples of their own work (poems, newspaper articles, etc). Key correspondents in these
files include Henry Céard, Alphonse Daudet, Louis Desprez, Paul Alexis and Alfred Bruneau. There are also
files on various other events including the commission of the Statue of Balzac and diverse matters. There are a
number of original pieces in these files including a program celebrating Henry Becque (dated May 31, 1904, in
File #640), an albumen print (dated 1898, in File #641), and a pamphlet discussing loans of the Government
of Egypt (dated 1873, in File #644)

Files: 698-742

These files consist of photocopies of off-prints, newspaper and academic articles and chapters from books
that discuss Émile Zola and/or Naturalism that have been written by authors with the surnames Bedo to
Hemmings. The dates of publication in these files range from 1900 to 1994. Key scholars in these files include
Saint-Georges de Bouhélier and Pedro Calheiros. These files include a number of original documents by SaintGeorges
de Bouhélier, with dates ranging from 1908-1938 (in Files #713-717, #719) and three newspapers:
Comœdia (dated 1908, in File #728), Le Figaro (dated 1927, in File #736) and La Feuille Litteraire (dated 1913, in
File #737).

Files: 943-1006

These files consist of photocopies of articles, off-prints and chapters from books that focus on either Émile
Zola or Naturalism written by authors with the surname Niederstenbruch to Page. The dates of publication
for material in these files range from 1898 to 1994. Recurring scholars include Robert J. Niess and Kazuo
Ozaki. There are articles written in French, English, Italian, Japanese and Russian in these files.

Files: 1158-1226

These files consist of off-prints, newspaper and academic articles, and chapters from books that pertain to
Émile Zola and/or Naturalism written by authors with surnames Rigaud to Salvan. The dates of the works
published in these files range from 1886 to 1998. Recurring authors include Guy Robert, Edouard Rod, Sergio
Sacchi, Murry Sachs and A.J. Salvan.

Files: 1352-1427

These files consist of off-prints, articles and chapters from books relating to Émile Zola and/or Naturalism
written by authors with surnames Tabarant to Varndoe. The publication dates for works contained in these
files range from 1876 to 1993. Recurring scholars include René Tournois, Clive Thomson and Akira
Tsuneoka. Most of the works contained in these files are written in French or English, however there are some
pieces written in Japanese.

Files: 1570-1577

These files consist of a bibliography of works written by Zola, including compilations of his works as well as
translations and updated editions. It is unclear when the document was compiled, however dates of
publication of items included on the list indicate that compilation occurred after the dissolution of the Zola
Research Program. Dorothy Speirs continued adding reference materials to the collection, and it is likely that
this bibliography was included in this process. Pages 187-222 are missing from the document, resulting in
works starting with “A” missing.
The document has been arranged into 8 separate sections, listed below:
1) Oeuvres completes
2) Collected editions of the novels
3) Individual works by title
4) Electronic publications
5) Selected works
6) Correspondence
7) Divers
8) Prefaces

Files: 1684-1801

These files consist of biographical cards for correspondents with surnames Colet to Hennique. Key
correspondents in these files include Numa Coste, Fernand Desmoulin, Louis Desprez, Edmond Duranty,
Gustave Flaubert, Edmond de Goncourt, Antoine Guillemet and Léon Hennique.

Notes on [Boleuphoke?]

File consists of a three pages of handwritten notes regarding a philosopher [Boleuphoke?] and his support of natural religion.


Series consists of drawings created by Wilfred Watson; the series is comprised of seventeen ink, pastel, crayon, watercolour, gauche and graphite drawings. The majority of these drawings are figurative and most likely from the period when Watson was living in Nanaimo, B.C.


Series consists of correspondence—specifically letters, cards, and notes with occasional enclosures that includes manuscripts, publications and photographs—created and accumulated by Wilfred Watson. Series is primarily composed of personal correspondence from friends and colleagues (Fred Flahiff, Northrop Frye, Ruth Humphrey, Janet Lander, M.E. Madsen, Marshall McLuhan, Rob Sanders, and Keith Swift), as well as correspondence from publishers (Northern Review Press and ECW Press, as well as the periodicals "Experiment" and "The Fiddlehead").

Patrick O'Neill fonds

  • CA ON00389 F8
  • Fonds
  • 1875-1998, predominant 1918-1938

Fonds consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence with constituents, government officials, supporters, and other MPs; official documents; political pamphlets and booklets; election posters and flyers; newspaper clippings; personal records (notebook, speech notes); photographs; and personal memorabilia, including a leather pouch with relics of St. Anthony and St. Oliver Plunket. Fonds also includes a sous-fonds of O’Neill’s daughter, Teresa V. O’Neill. The Teresa V. O’Neill sous-fonds includes a draft of her doctoral thesis and correspondence related to her role of literary executrix of her father’s estate.

O’Neill, Patrick

Letters from Nana White

File consists of letters from Nana (Nancy) White. One letter from Holland includes notes to Nouwen from Doris in Dutch and Lou in English. Nancy would marry and change her name to Nancy King Walmsley.

Letters from Chris Glaser

File consists of transcripts of letters from Chris Glaser regarding his ministry to the gay community at Yale Divinity School for the academic year of 1973 and 1974.

Letter from Jim Helton

File consists of a letter from Jim Helton, requesting to be a teaching assistant in Nouwen's Thomas Merton course. File also includes photocopied excerpts from the book "Jesus of Nazareth: Meditation on His Humanity". Helton was the interim Director of Yale Divinity School's Visual Education Service.

Letter from Fr. Kallistos Ware

File consists of a letter from Fr. Kallistos Ware, as well as several of his publications, namely "The Power of the Name: The Jesus Prayer in Orthodox Spirituality", "The Jesus Prayer in St. Gregory of Sinai", "The Sacrament of Baptism and the Ascetic Life in the Teaching of Mark the Monk" and "'Prayer Without Ceasing' The Ideal of Continual Prayer in Eastern Monasticism".

Letters from Ken Aman

File consists of letters from Ken Aman, requesting a letter of recommendation from Nouwen. Also includes three manuscripts by him titled "Religion in a Post-Capitalist Era: Marx's Critique Revisited", "Hans Kung and Political Christianity" and "The Function of Marx's Critique of Religion".

Letters from Ed Bednar

File consists of letters from Ed Bednar, including a proposal for a center for contemplative study as well as a manuscript by Bednar titled "The Spiritual Father: on the personal element in contemplative studies". Also includes a long letter from Nouwen as well as correspondence from Fr. Paschal Phillips OCSO.

Letters from Dr. Sheila A. Cassidy

File consists of letters from Dr. Sheila A. Cassidy, writing from England, a long typed letter from Nouwen and an article by Cassidy titled "Reflections: Dr. Sheila Cassidy in an Interview with Robin Daniels".

Letters from Walter Gaffney

File consists of letters from Walter Gaffney, including a newspaper clipping about the HBO production of “One Man’s War”, about Dr. Joel Filártiga. Also includes a letter from Nouwen.

Letters from Greg and Ellen Youngchild

File consists of letters from Gregory (Greg) Youngchild and Ellen Youngchild. Greg was a teaching assitant to Nouwen. Also contains original notes for their wedding homily by Nouwen.

Nouwen, Henri J.M.

Letter from John L. Chatty

File consists of a letter from John L. Chatty, on behalf of The Incredibly Far Off-Broadway Ensemble Theatre regarding Nouwen's play "You're Home Now, Vincent".

Letters from Foster Parents Plan

File consists of letters Foster Parents Plan regarding Nouwen's sponsorship of a young boy, Hugo Corini, from Bolivia, including short notes from Hugo (translated by the agency).

Letters from Chris Glaser

File consists of letters from Chris Glaser regarding his involvment in the PUBC Consultation on Homosexuality and his gay ministry.

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