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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections File
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Hiltner Articles – 1960

File consists of copies of articles written by Seward Hiltner in 1960. Date unknown as to when Nouwen collected the articles; possibly while he was at the University of Notre Dame.

Hiltner Articles – 1963

File consists of copies of articles written by Seward Hiltner in 1963. Date unknown as to when Nouwen collected the articles; possibly while he was at the University of Notre Dame.

Hiltner Articles – 1967

File consists of copies of articles written by Seward Hiltner in 1967. Date unknown as to when Nouwen collected the articles; possibly while he was at the University of Notre Dame.

Hiltner Articles – 1968-1971

File consists of copies of articles written by Seward Hiltner between 1968 and 1971. Date unknown as to when Nouwen collected the articles; possibly while he was at the University of Notre Dame. File also contains a bound article with personalized handwritten note to Nouwen from Hiltner.

Hiltner - Papers, Manuscripts

File consists of copies of two short manuscripts by Seward Hiltner entitled, “Religious Anxiety and Values (Self Understanding By S. Hiltner)” (Abingdon Press, New York 1951), and “Clinical Pastoral Education: An Appraisal 1960”.

Hiltner - Curriculum Vitae

File consists of a copy of a curriculum vitae or biography of Seward Hiltner, in paragraph form, describing Hiltner's career and education.

Nouwen correspondence regarding Hiltner

File consists of correspondence between A.J. Van Den Blink, V.R. (full name unknown) (librarians/archivists at the Menninger Clinic), and Nouwen, regarding Nouwen’s interest in listening to audio tapes of Seward Hiltner housed in the archives. File also includes two copies of a bibliography of articles (one of which with the heading: "Articles to be Xeroxed on Inter-library loan for H.J.M. Nouwen Psych Dept."; a list of typed and handwritten notes of articles by Seward Hiltner, requested by Nouwen; an original typed letter to the National Council of Churches from Nouwen requesting pamphlets in which Nouwen writes "I am presently involved in research concerning Seward Hiltner, and am trying to collect as many of his writings as possible," and a letter of response; a copy of a typed letter from Hiltner to Mrs. Kay M. McKinney, Memorial Library, University of Notre Dame, granting permission to copy one of his articles for Nouwen; and interlibrary loan slips for material relating to Nouwen’s research on Seward Hiltner.

Accompaniment: individual requests for etc. file

File consists of a letter from Gregory Tucker requesting to spend time at Daybreak. File also includes a handwritten note, not in Nouwen's hand, summarizing the letter and saying that Nouwen is OK with the stay, if Tucker agrees to work with the Daybreak residents. File also consists of a letter from Joe Egan, Kathy Bruner and Sue Mosteller to Nouwen asking him to look over a document to be presented to Council on accompaniment. Attached are Nouwen’s typed notes and thoughts on accompaniment.

Advent 1988 - making the circle full file

File consists of a copy of "Making the circle full" the 1988 Advent booklet for Daybreak, without pictures. File also contains original sketches to be inserted into the designated locations in the booklet.

Advent book 1994 file

File consists of a copy of the 1994 Advent book and copies of typed letters from Nouwen and The Pastoral Team.

Advent/Christmas at Daybreak 1987 file

File consists of materials pertaining to Advent activities at Daybreak in 1987, such as a copy of a typed letter from Nouwen to Joe Egan, Beth Porter, and Jim Foran in regards to Advent meditations for 1987 at Daybreak, two copies of Nouwen’s typed proposal for the Advent meditations, an original and copy of a series of sketches with a typed notes containing a passage for the Reconciliation Service on December 15, 1987 at Dayspring. The file also contains a prayer booklet created for December 1, 1987 Dayspring service.

American spirituality reading notes

File consists of eight pages of typed reading notes titled "Over Spiritualiteit in Amrika" [On Spirituality in America]. The notes place spirituality in political, social economic, and religious context in the United States. These notes were possibly taken from a Dutch book on American spirituality, and could have been used for a class or for research for an article.

Archives file

File consists of materials pertaining to L'Arche Daybreak, materials include a newspaper article, an article from Equinox, a off print of a dictionary entry for Arche written by Nouwen and a L'Arche Daybreak folder with Friends of L'Arche Board of Directors information for 1991-1992.

Assistants file

File consists of a letter from Martha Robbins pertaining to being a teaching fellow for Nouwen during the spring of 1983.

Baptist peacemaker file

File consists of two brochures, Baptist Peacemaker International Spirituality #1 and Baptist Peacemaker International Spirituality #2. Within Baptist Peacemaker International Spirituality #2 there are annotations in Nouwen's hand.

Central America file

  • CA ON00389 F4-13-14100-1, 14100-2, 14100-3
  • File
  • [1982] - 1988
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of materials related to Central America, materials includes a variety of newsletters, Mesoamerica newsletters, newspaper articles, informational pamphlets, letters requesting support for causes and organizations, a preliminary report on “Education in the New Nicaragua” by Fr. Leonard Altilia for the Canada-Caribbean-Central America Policy Alternative and a copy of a manuscript pertaining to Honduras. File also contained several pages of handwritten notes in Nouwen's hand on Central America.

Charismatic movement - resources file

File consists of a letter from Emmanuelle De Mey writing from Paris and in Dutch. Attached to the letter is a manuscript in English entitled “Pastoral statement on the Roman Catholic charismatic renewal in the Netherlands”.

Christian unity file

File consists of a booklet from The Fifth Peter Ainslie Lecture on Christian Unity held at Yale University on October 9, 1986.

Christology file

File consists of two course syllabi for courses taught by Brian McDermott and Robert Bennett during the Spring of 1987.

Commonweal file

File consists of the June 15, 1984 Commonweal newsletter, a Latin America geared publication.

Covenant retreat notes, October 1991

File consists of Covenant Retreat Notes in French from October 1991 - in Nouwen's hand. Green dividing sheets [between lectures?]. Back of each last page in each section has "Covenant" with a sequential number. Also includes a second collection of notes with label: "Covenant Retreat Notes: 1. Arrupe, Fr. Pedro S.J. A Prayer to Jesus Christ Our Model (2). 2. Introductions to Pritch Books (unpublished). 3. French Texts. All of the material was written by Nouwen.

Daybreak constitution

File consists of Draft #2 of the Daybreak Constitution with a letter from the Constitution committee from May 15, 1995, asking for feedback on the draft before the next council meeting.

Daybreak Newsbreak

File consists of a copy of the spring 1993 newsletter of L'Arche Daybreak, called Newsbreak.

Daybreak Recruitment Committee

File consists of materials related to the L'Arche Daybreak Recruitment Committee. This includes the Committee Mandate; Calendar; Materials; Schools/Univ.; Churches [dividing tabs]. Steps to take in recruitment process; planning meeting agenda, calendar for recruitment and public relations [with annotations by Nouwen]; photocopies of advertisements; recruitment update; agenda for Recruitment meeting [annotations by Nouwen].

Daybreak Support Committee

File consists of materials related to Nouwen's Support Committee at L'Arche Daybreak. This includes Support Committee Meeting minutes; document titled Henri Nouwen - List of commitments made for 1987 with decisions pending; list of invitations declined (Nov. 1986) by Nouwen; minutes of meeting with Committee regarding Henri's schedule; and a letter from Nouwen thanking for the advice given at the Committee meeting.

Dumas, Marlene

File consists of a published book of prints by Marlene Dumas. The captions on the prints are in English, but the publishing information is in Dutch. File also contains a poem written in Dutch, accompanied by a photocopy of a photo of a storefront with the name "M.A. Remselaar" and a postcard of a print of "Grey, orange on maroon" by Mark Rothko.

Diary from Edmonton, Calgary and Paris

  • CA ON00389 F6-1-2006 01 1
  • File
  • December 25, 1954 - September 2, 1955
  • Part of Sheila Watson fonds

File consists of a notebook containing 64 pages of handwritten diary entries by Watson while in Canada and France, reflecting on her situation and her relationships, and reading notes in ink and pencil, three pages of drawings and several pieces of ephemera, including a draft poem "Only those who have known birds" and an reflection on "The Double Hook".

Reading journal

File consists of a notebook containing 56 pages of reading notes regarding the works of Wyndham Lewis, one piece of ephemera and one diary entry dated January 1964.

Day planner from Nanaimo

File consists of a commercial day planner containing 6 pages of 8 brief journal entries regarding Watson's visitors, correspondence, financial transactions and the publishing of "Deep Hollow Creek", recorded between January 2 and February 26.

Notes regarding The Double Hook

File consists of 9 pages containing handwritten notes of biblical quotations, Greek references and mythological descriptions and small fragments of writing that would become "The Double Hook".

Manuscripts of Landscape of the Moon

File consists of 13 pages (two blank) of typed drafts of Watson's unfinished novel "Landscape of the Moon". Includes three distinct sections, all beginnings to the novel.

Manuscript of Hania short story

File consists of two typed pages of a short story beginning with a quotation from the Gospel of Thomas and featuring a female character Hania. This short story is presumed to be written by Watson as it does not contain any annotations or signatures by her.

Manuscript fragments of unpublished short stories

File consists of the contents of an original file folder containing 26 pages of handwritten and annotated typescripts of what appear to be three short story drafts and research notes, including: one torn sheet of typed material; three four-leaf gatherings of lined paper containing three pages of handwritten prose, and two typed pages of prose, all opening paragraphs for a short story labelled by Watson as "Spaniel caps", featuring the characters Daedalus, Oedipus and Aesop; eight typed and heavily annotated fragments of the opening paragraphs of a short story featuring the characters Uncle Daedalus and Boots; four typed and annotated fragments of the opening two pages of a possible short story featuring the characters Tom Payne Wyatt and Bray. These fragments may be part of Watson's novel "Landscape of the Moon"; one page of handwritten glossary notes in German;and one page containing a typed quotation by Paul Nash.

Manuscript of Brother Oedipus

File consists of a 14 page typescript of "Brother Oedipus" with a title page signed by Watson. This appears to be a final draft that she may have submitted for publication.

Manuscript of one poem

File consists of one typed poem "Dark in my heart of darkness" presumed to be by Watson, containing a ink drawing on the reverse by Wilfred Watson titled "Annual Meet of the Vancouver Branch of the David Society."

Edited copy of Remedial Reading essay

File consists of a 2 page essay by Watson "Remedial Reading" from the journal "The B.C. Teacher", which has annotated and corrected by Watson.

Manuscripts of Ipsofacts and sadcontras - Mr. Ellmann, Mr. Wagner, Miss Beach and Mr. Lewis

  • CA ON00389 F6-2-4-2006 01 75
  • File
  • [between September, 1957 and May, 1961]
  • Part of Sheila Watson fonds

File consists of two typescripts of Watson's "Ipsofacts and sadcontras - Mr. Ellmann, Mr. Wagner, Miss Beach and Mr. Lewis", including a 13 page typescript of article with Watson's 21 Sussex Avenue address in Toronto, and a 9 page typescript of the article, numbered 5 to 13. Typescripts are annotated in pencil by Watson and another, most likely Marshall McLuhan, her thesis supervisor.

Manuscript regarding St. Augustine and the city

File consists of a three page typescript regarding St.Augustine and his conception of the city annotated "SW" on the first page. This article may have been intended to be an introductory piece in an anthology project on the city in literature begun by Watson while in Toronto working with Marshall McLuhan between 1968 and 1969.

Correspondence from books/

File consists of a letter from Jerome Agel, on behalf of books/, a newspaper based in New York City, soliciting an article on Wyndham Lewis from Watson.

Correspondence from The Capilano Review

File consists of two versions of a letter from Pierre Coupey, editor of The Capilano Review, thanking Watson for her permission to publish her work, and a letter from Daphne Marlatt, associate editor, regarding Watson's interview that was published in the periodical.

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