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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections File
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Letter from Saint Bernard's Institute

File consists of a letter from Rev. Robert J. Kennedy, Director at the Office of Continuing Education at Saint Bernard's Institute (Rochester, NY) and a typed letter from Nouwen.

Letter from Shibboleth

File consists of a letter from the editorial staff of Shibboleth, the student magazine at Yale Divinity School.

Letter to Earl Thollander

File consists of a short typed letter to Earl Thollander at Doubleday publishers from Nouwen thanking him for the dust jacket for "A Cry for Mercy".

Letters from Ron van den Bosch

File consists of letters from Ron van den Bosch including a typed letter from Nouwen regarding the death of their mutual friend Ken Feit.

Letters from Jacob van Lutsenburg Maas

File consists of letters from Jacob van Lutsenburg Maas, writing to Nouwen seeking assistance in finding an English publisher for his deceased brother Adriaan's manuscript "Gast Onder Gasten" about hospitality.

Letters from Nouwen's 25th Anniversary of Ordination

File consists of letters, telegrams and greeting cards sent to Nouwen on the occassion of the 25th anniversary of his Ordination. The letters have been numbered by the Archivist. The list of correspondents includes:

  1. Br. M. Alexis
  2. Bob Durback
  3. Bob Serigan
  4. Br. James
  5. Kathy Begina
  6. Walter and Jet Gaffney
  7. Robert Jay Lifton, M.D.
  8. Marge and Tom Melizzi
  9. [Juanita Gerken?]
  10. Jean [Emmons]
  11. June E. Hagan
  12. Jane Bouvier
  13. Kathy Sennott
  14. Phyllis Howelb
  15. Madeline and Dorothea McGinley
  16. Art Laffin
  17. Steve and Carol Berry
  18. Sr. Gabriel Marie
  19. Caroline S. Wales
    20.Manette and Harry Adams
  20. Sr. Catherine
  21. Ken and Lenore Smith-Aman
    23.Joseph G. Kelly
  22. Kay Hartlage and Eileen Walsh
  23. Peg Oetjen
  24. Elaine Fitzpatrick
  25. Barbara Grecco
    28.Mary Fern [Hollis]
  26. Don McNeill
  27. Virginia van Dooren
  28. Tom and Ada Karlin (telegram also from Meg and Ovidio Penalver, Agnes Baker and Laura Shilter)
  29. Sr. Doreen, CP
  30. Frank and Sandy (Sandra) Cihlar
    34.Ellie Drury
  31. Mary Ann Logue
  32. Mabel and John Treadwell
    37.Covenant Peace Community (Rev. Hud Richard)
  33. Gerry McCrane
  34. Fr. John Eudes Bamberger
    40.David [Schlaver?]
  35. Rose and Dan Lucey
  36. Carol [Plantinga]
  37. Jeff [Merkle]
  38. Frank Yeomans
  39. Br. Christian [photograph removed]
    46.Hans and Ann Hermans
  40. Frank Yeomans, Maria Malanchuk, Arlene Ganem, Brad Wolcott and Vincent [last name unknown]
    48.Carolyn Beehler
    49.Callie and Wim Stone
    50.Caroline S. Wales
    51.Steve and Carol Berry
    52.John and Marjorie Mogabgab
    53.Rudy Hokanson and Susan Miller
    54.Sr. Marci [Marcelline] Yurkovic
  41. Anne and Mary [lastname unknown]
    56.unknown prayer card and photograph [photograph removed]
  42. Br. Anthony, OCSO [photograph removed]
    58.Elaine Blondin Kriedel
  43. P. and C.
  44. Br. Theodore.

Letter from Rev. John W. Ackerman

File consists of a letter from Rev. John W. Ackerman regarding the launch of a newsletter of spiritual formation tentatively titled "Teach Us to Pray", and a short typed note from June E. Hagan, Nouwen's adminstrative assistant.

Letters from Caritas Danmark

File consists of letters from Anne Lise Timmermann on behalf of Caritas Danmark, two typed letters from Nouwen and information and copies of letters to Timmerman from Mgr. Hussler, leader of Caritas Internationalis, and John Willem Gran, bishop of Oslo, all regarding a Caritas retreat to be held in Magleas, Denmark from December 16 to 19.

Letter from Pio Celestino

File consists of a very long letter from Pio Celestino to a Mr. Wallis, criticising Nouwen's book "Gracias" as being exploitative, colonial and of trivializing the Latin American experience of aboriginals.

Letter from The Center for Human Development

File consists of a letter from the Center for Human Development at The Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.) including two information packages about the Trappist monk Vincent Dwyer, OCSO.

Letters from Kelly and Priscilla Clark

File consists of letters from (Rev. Charles H.) Kelly Clark and his wife Priscilla and a long typed letter from Nouwen regarding the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of his Ordination.

Letters from Joe Collins

File consists of letters from Joe Collins, a long typed letter from Nouwen (regarding the celebration of his 25th Anniversary), a newsletter "Food First News" and a copy of the book "World Hunger: Ten Myths" by Frances More Lappé and Collins.

Letters from James Connor

File consists of letters from James (Jim) Connor, and three long typed letters from Nouwen, two short typed notes from June E. Hagan, Nouwen's administrative assistant and a copy of a letter sent by Connor to Archbishop John L. May regarding gay sexuality.

Letters from Louise Craig

File consists of letters from Louise Craig, including a journal of her pilgrimage to the Holy Land and two typed (one very long) from Nouwen.

Letters from Carol Cruickshank

File consists of letters from Carol Cruikshank, including a copies of letters sent to Cruickshank from Mary Shaw and Pastor Frank C. Williams regarding "A Living Reminder" as well as three typed letters from Nouwen.

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