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Douglas H. Pimlott fonds Series
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Dr. Pimlott's expertise in wildlife preservation and the ecology resulted in requests to speak at conferences, government bodies and meetings of various local groups interested in the environment. These files consist of rough notes prepared for talks in Halifax, Sault Ste Marie, Regina and other unidentified locations on such topics as Arctic ecology and off-shore drilling, history of Algonquin Wildlands League, and wolves and men, among others. Also included is a tape recording of a talk by Stephen Lewis to public meeting of the Algonquin Wildlands League.

Reports, articles, papers

Dr. Pimlott wrote many articles, reports and papers as a graduate student, employee of the Newfoundland government (1950-1957) and Ontario Government's Department of Lands and Forests (1958-1962), and as professor of zoology at the University of Toronto (1962-1978). This series contains a wide variety of these writings covering his early studies of moose (later used for his doctoral theses entitled "Reproduction productivity and harvests of Newfoundland Moose", 1958) and wolves to his later work as environmentalist. Files include correspondence, draft manuscripts, reports, and offprints.

Research materials

This series consists of original data, correspondence, and notes compiled for research on moose during Dr. Pimlott's employment with the Newfoundland government and in preparation for his doctoral thesis at the University of Wisconsin (1951-1960). Also included is a draft of a paper by D.A. Chant, Professor of Zoology, University of Toronto, entitled "Biological and ethical considerations related to the question of growth" (Oct. 1974).

Field notebooks and diaries

Throughout his career, Dr. Pimlott continued to undertake field research on wolves, caribou and other wildlife in both Canada and Europe. This series consists of original field notebooks containing observations of wolves in Algonquin Park (Ontario), and Baffin Island as well as brief diaries of research trips to Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and other European countries. Among the more detailed diaries, are those kept at Inuvik, NWT, during a leave of absence from the University of Toronto. During this year (1973-1974) Dr. Pimlott was retained by the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (CARC) to serve as a Resource worker with the Committee on Original Peoples' Entitlement (COPE).

University of Toronto

This series consists mainly of incoming and outgoing memoranda and correspondence with administrators and faculty in the Department of Zoology, Faculty of Forestry (to which he was cross-appointed in 1969). Subjects include teaching responsibilities and course development, leaves of absence for research, conference attendance, etc.

Personal and In Memorabilia

This series consists of predominantly incoming correspondence received during the last months of his life, and condolence and tribute letters after his death on July 31, 1978. Also included is a file of memorial newspaper and magazine articles.

Copies of diplomas for his Master of Science (1954) and Doctorate degrees (1959) and awards from the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, Canadian Meteorological Society (1977), 25th Anniversary of accession of Queen Elizabeth (1977), Centennial Medal (1967) will be found in B1995-0003/003 (04).

Subject files

During his life, Dr. Pimlott was involved in many ecological and environmental issues and organizations relating to wildlife conservation and the Arctic. This series correspondence, drafts of articles, notes, newsletters, etc. documenting his participation in the Algonquin Wildlife League, as founding member and later, chairman, of the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, and in the World Wolf Conservation Group of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Resources (IUCN), among others. Also included in this series is correspondence regarding his research on wolves, grant applications to the National Research Council, and the Canadian National Sportsmen's Show, and Quetico Provincial Park.

Course materials

Dr. Pimlott was appointed to the Department of Zoology in 1962. This series contains all that has survived of course materials and student reports for three courses taught by Dr. Pimlott in zoology. Also included is a tape and transcript of instructions for a new course in Animal ecology dictated shortly before his death in March, 1978.

Professional activities

This series consists of predominantly incoming and outgoing correspondence with colleagues, associates, and others relating to his research, publishing and association activities. The majority of the correspondence begins with his appointment to the University of Toronto, Department of Zoology in 1962 and continues until his death in July, 1978. Among the correspondents are H. Albert Hochbaum (including copies of "Wilderness wildlife in Canada" (1969), representatives of various national and international governments regarding the study of wolves, private individuals including school children interested in the protection of wolves, organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Nature Resources (Wolf Specialist Group) and others.