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Shyam Selvadurai Papers

  • MS COLL 00191
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1965-2013

Collection contains professional and personal papers pertaining to the life and career of Shyam Selvadurai. These papers contain extensive material on the novels of Selvadurai. This includes prolific drafts, most with holograph revisions, proofs and promotional material for all four of his novels. The collection also contains extensive research that was conducted by Selvadurai for Funny Boy and Cinnamon Gardens. Material also relates to two unpublished novels: one tracing the lives of the characters from Swimming in the Monsoon Sea as adults and living in Canada, and the other – The Vanishing Relics, which Selvadurai wrote during the course of his MFA in 2010.

Also included in the collection are drafts and published articles and stories, which appeared in journals, newspapers and magazines, as well as additions to anthologies which were edited by Selvadurai. Records relate to promotion and career of Selvadurai including articles and interviews, author photographs, readings and events. Collection also pertains to the personal life of Selvadurai with correspondence (primarily between 1985 and 2005), photographs and personal items. Other personal material relates to his education in Sri Lanka and Canada and theatre productions directed by Selvadurai as a young adult in Sri Lanka.

Selvadurai, Shyam

Elizabeth Brady Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1916-2015

Includes the personal and professional records of Elizabeth Brady (written as ‘EB’ throughout the finding aid). Personal material contains correspondence with friends and family spanning her childhood and young adulthood, as well as records pertaining to her education, notably yearbooks, transcripts, degrees and notes. Also includes correspondence with notable Canadian writers, including Anne Cameron (also known as Barbara Cameron/Cam Hubert) and Marian Engel.

Her professional records encompass her career as an editor, with Fireweed and Canadian Woman Studies, as well as a free-lance writer and novelist. There is material relating to all major writing projects, both published and unpublished, including poetry, articles, reviews, academic writing and novels. There are numerous drafts and revisions for two unpublished novels – Blue Notes and Present Fears, as well as two academic books – Barfly and Women and Solitude. Brady’s three published mystery novels are also well documented including notes, early drafts, research and correspondence.

Brady, Elizabeth

Letter from Don McNeill

File consists of a piece recounting in detail the funeral and burial of Henri Nouwen in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The letter is addressed to "A few of the many good friends of Henri J.M. Nouwen".


File consists of a photocopy of a reflection by Catherine Walsh on the life of Henri Nouwen published in America magazine (October 26, 1996): 8.

Priest's wise words remain as quiet guide

File consists of a tribute to Nouwen by Chip Jones. Also includes cover letter to Gabrielle Earnshaw, included with the article by Jones. The tribute was published in the Richmond Times Dispatch [Richmond, VA] (October 22, 1996): D1, D3.

A wounded healer goes home

File consists of a tribute to Nouwen by Michael R. Geisterfer. The tribute was published in the Christian Courier (October 18, 1996): 12.

Remembering Henri Nouwen: pastor and friend

File consists of a column of two works: A Living Word by Richard Groves and Ministry and Friendship by Robert Durback. The column was published in the Christian Century 113, no. 29 (October 16, 1996): 956 - 957.

A spiritual mentor's lasting influence

File consists of two copies of "Harvard Divinity Today" (Spring 2006, volume 2, number 1), including an article with reminiscences of Nouwen's time at Harvard by several of his former students and assistants including Michael Harank, Peter Weiskel, Michael O'Laughlin, Barbara Ernst Prey, Stephen Pavy, and James D. Smith, III.

A saint for the last of these

File consists of a photocopy of an article about Nouwen's life by Chris Glaser published in The Atlanta Journal / Atlanta Constitution (Monday, October 14, 1996): A14.

Henri Nouwen article

File consists of a copy of an article on Henri Nouwen by Michael Higgins published in the Tablet, (5 October, 1996) : 1308 - 1309.

Lives lived: Henri Nouwen

File consists of two photocopies on an article by Carolyn Whitney - Brown remembering the life of Henri Nouwen published in the Lives Lived column of Toronto's newspaper "The Globe and Mail". A letter to the editor about the article by H. MacAndrew is also included.

Text for a bulletin insert on Henri Nouwen

File consists of a piece by Carolyn Whitney - Brown used in the bulletin of a Saskatchewan ecumenical group. It draws upon Nouwen's themes of being beloved, and briefly describes his works and life.

[Preparing the Casket]

File consists of a handwritten draft by Carolyn Whitney Brown that recounts the work of those working in the Woodery to build Nouwen's coffin, and prepare Nouwen's body for the funeral service at Daybreak, Richmond Hill, ON. Includes a cover letter to Sue Mosteller from the author.

A word of gratitude for Henri Nouwen

File consists of a photocopy of a brief tribute to Nouwen published in the newsletter for The Annand Program for Spiritual Growth at the Yale Divinity School.

Interview with Toon Colen

File consists of an interview with Toon Colen interviewed by Peter Naus in Meerssen, The Netherlands. Colen was a member of a fraternity with Nouwen when they were young school children in The Netherlands. The interview is transcribed and available electronically or in hard copy. All transcriptions and audio recordings are only in Dutch. Brief English notes from interviewer are available in the file; they include: "Toon was a member of the 'dispuut' (fraternity) Henri belonged to as a student. He also organized trips to Israel and Greece with Henri during their time at university. Toon provided interesting information about these trips. He stayed in touch with Henri, although the connection was not as firm in recent years. He gave a very sensitive description of Henri's more problematic side and made some intriguing suggestions regarding the difference in impact of Henri's publications in Holland as compared to North America." There is a letter in the file from Colen to Joe Vorstermans regarding the return of photographs of Nouwen in Israel in the 1950s.

My favorite author: Fr. Henri Josef Machiel Nouwen

File consists of a copy of a speech/presentation delivered by Maria I. Bellavance to the North Texas Chapters of the Church and Synagogue Library Association on February 11, 1996. It provides a brief biography and listing of selected works.

A special friend Henri Nouwen

File consists of a pamphlet of a sermon given on September 23, 1996 by D. Stan Brown. It is the second in series of sermons contributed by guest preachers. The sermon recounts how Brown first encountered Nouwen's work and his initial meeting with Nouwen. It also describes how much of an influence Nouwen has been in Brown's life. The sermon was from the series "Creative Sermons for Help in Daily Living".

Priest leaves Yale post for new ministry

File consists of an interview of Nouwen conducted by John Knoble. Knoble interviews Nouwen about leaving Yale and going to the Abbey of the Genesse and then on to Latin America. Nouwen also discusses prayer. A brief biography of Nouwen is also given.

Even after his death, a priest stirs many denominations

File consists of a photocopy of a newspaper article by Jim Remsen about Nouwen and the work being carried out by Wendy Greer, Carl MacMillan and others to further his legacy. Includes Greer's summary of Nouwen's life and work. Article was published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday April 21, 2002.

Faces of faith = Henri Nouwen

File consists of an interview with Nouwen where he speaks of obedience, prayer and his place at L'Arche Daybreak. Interview was published in "The Other Side" (September/October 1989), by an unknown interviewer.

99 sayings by Henri Nouwen

File consists of a typescript copy of "99 sayings by Henri Nouwen", a collection of quotations by Nouwen, compiled by Jeff Imbach. File also includes a page with suggestions for titles for the book.

Prayer book: 10th anniversary edition

File consists of a prayer book containing prayers written and selected by the St. Elizabeth Community and is dedicated to Nouwen's memory. Selections were taken from a number of sources, including Nouwen's The Cup of War. The prayer book is divided into dates with themes attached to each period. Nouwen's prayer appears in the entry for November 25, Consolation & Peace.

Deepening our conversation with God

File consists of a reprint of an interview with Richard Foster and Nouwen that was originally conducted and published by Leadership in 1982. Nouwen and Foster discuss their lives, education, ministries and prayer. Interview was published in Leadership: A Practical Journal for Church Leaders 18 no. 1 (Winter 1997): 112 - 119.

Parting words: a conversation on prayer with Henri Nouwen

File consists of an interview with Nouwen by Rebecca Laird. The interview was conducted in August 1996. Nouwen speaks on prayer, community, ministry and love. File includes order form for the interview as well as an advance copy sent to Carl MacMillan at L'Arche Daybreak with accompanying cover letter by Laird. Two copies of reprints from 2000 of the interview have been added to the file. The original interview was published in Fellowship in Prayer 47, no. 6 (December 1996): 6 - 20.

Father Henri Nouwen: a spiritual guide for all seasons

File consists of an interview with Nouwen by Edward Wakin about the spiritual life. Nouwen reflects on prayer, discipline, the search for the true self and spiritual direction / spiritual guides. Interview was published in Vistor, vol. 6, July 18, 1982.

Befriending death

File consists of a transcript of a presentation Nouwen made to the National Catholic AIDS network in July, 1995.

Generation without fathers

File consists of a paper by Nouwen for the Canadian Catholic Conference of June 1, 1970 in Ottawa. This paper was likely published later as "Ministry for a Rootless Generation" in The Wounded Healer (1979). Included is an abstract of the article by the distributor.


Series consists of newsletters that relate to Henri Nouwen, including the newsletters for Henri Nouwen Stichting, the Henri Nouwen Society, Henri Nouwen Literary Centre, and L'Arche Daybreak.

Music Library Collection of Faculty Events

  • CA OTUFM 51
  • Collection
  • 1946-2020, 1965-2020 predominant

Collection consists of recordings and programs of performances by by faculty members, students, student ensembles, and guest artists, at one of the Faculty of Music theatres (Walter Hall and MacMillan Theatre), and at other University venues.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Music

Vocal jazz ensemble and 11 o'clock jazz orchestra

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place at Walter Hall.
Performers : Vocal Jazz Ensemble ; Lisa Martinelli, director ; Tavis Wier, guitar ; Jennifer Johnston, vocals ; Emma Love, vocals ; Shannon Hulburt, vocals ; Joe Organ, piano ; Stuart Sladden, vocal ; Damian Dobrowolski, bass ; Cory Apolcer, drums ; Cory Apolcer, drums ; Dan Blondon, trumpet ; Alex Samaras, bocals ; Shannon Hurlburt, vocals ; Stephanie Kujtan, vocals ; Anna Mastin, vocals Dan Blondon, vocals ; Joelle Turner, vocals ; Robin Dann vocals.
11 O'Clock Jazz Orchestra ; Sandra Salverda, trumpet ; Jonah Cristal-Clarke, piano ; Dave Neill, tenor sax ; Matt McClean, trumpet ; David Espeut, alto sax ; Jesse Malone, trumpet ; Roger Mantie, tenor sax.

Event tracks :
Vocal Jazz Ensemble:

  • Spain / Corea et all...
  • Sugar / Turrentine; Dayrll
  • The nearness of you / Carmichael et all ...
  • James / Pat Methany
  • Loves me like a rock / Paul Simon
  • Everbody's song but my own / Kenny Wheler
  • On the sunny side of the street / McHugh et all ...
  • Ain't no sunshine / Bill Withers
  • Oh, lady be good / Gershwin

10 O'Clock Jazz Orchestra:

  • Day in day out / Mercer; Blom
  • The touch of your lips / Ray Noble
  • Calendula / Kirk MacDonald
  • It only happens every time / Thad Jones
  • You must believe in spring / Legrand
  • Song for my father / Horace Silver

University of Toronto jazz orchestras

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place at MacMillan Theatre.
Performers : 11 O'clock Jazz Orchestra ; Jim Lewis, director ; 10 O'clock Jazz Orchestra ; Terry Promane, director
Event tracks :
11 O'clock Jazz Orchestra

  • Groove Merchat / Thad Jones
  • It's oh so nice / Sammy Nestico
  • Ruby my dear / Thelonious Monk
  • Stolen moments / Oliver Nelson
  • Come rain or come shine / Harold Arlen
  • Wind machine / Sammy Nestico
  • Spectrum / Bob Mintzer
  • Bye bye blues / John LaBarbera
  • The end of a love affair / Edward C. Redding
  • Seven steps to heaven / Victor Feldman

10 O'clock Jazz Orchestra :

  • You are the song; the song is you / Jerome Kern
  • Reflection / Jim McNeely
  • Have you heard / Pat Metheny
  • Love and Harmony / Cecil Bridgewater
  • Darn that dream / Jimmy Van Heusen
  • The farewell / Thad Jones

Composers :

  • Jones, Thad, 1923-1986
  • Nestico, Sammy
  • Monk, Thelonious
  • Arlen, Harold, 1905-1986
  • Mintzer, Bob
  • Nelson, Oliver,1932-1975
  • Labarbera, John
  • Redding, Edward C.
  • Feldman, Victor
  • Kern, Jerome, 1885-1945
  • McNeely, Jim
  • Metheny, Pat
  • Bridgewater, Cecil
  • Van Heusen, Jimmy, 1913-1990
  • Jones, Thad, 1923-1986

Symphonic band and Wind Ensemble

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : University of Toronto Symphonic Band ; Jeffrey Reynolds, conductor ; Denise Grant, conductor ; University of Toronto Wind Ensemble ; Denise Grant, conductor ; Ben Smith, piano ; Stephanie Crabb, trumpet ; Kristina Gill, English horn
Event tracks :
Symphonic Band:

  • Tiger Tail March / Julie Giroux
  • Ontario pictures / Howard Cable
  • Lric Essay / Donald Coakley
  • Romantic Variations / Morley Calvert
  • Blue shades / Frank Ticheli

Wind Ensemble:

  • and the mountains rising nowhere / Joseph Schwantner
  • Quiet city / Aaron Copland
  • Divertissement d'été / Jacques Castérède
  • Awayday / Adam Gorb

Composers :

  • Giroux, Julie, 1961-
  • Cable, Howard
  • Coakley, Donald
  • Calvert, Morley, 1928-1991
  • Ticheli, Frank, 1958-
  • Castérède, Jacques,1926-
  • Schwantner, Joseph C., 1943-
  • Copland, Aaron, 1900-1990
  • Gorb, Adam, 1958-

The Aldeburgh Connection : great song marathon : morning

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : Catherine Robbin, mezzo ; Jesse Clark, baritone ; Ariana Chris, mezzo ; Rachel Cleland, soprano ; Julien Patenaude, baritone ; Glynis Ratcliffe, soprano ; Mehgan Atchinson, soprano ; Carla Huhtanen, soprano ; Michael Schade, tenor
Event tracks :

  • Paradis, op. 95/1 / Gabriel Fauré
  • Fussreise ; Anakreons Grab ; Und steht Ihr früh am Morgen auf vom Bette ; Geselle, woll'n wir uns in Kutten hüllen / Hugo Wolf
  • Five popular Greek melodies. le Réveil de la mariée ; là-bas, vers l'église ; quel galant m'est comparable ; chanson des cueilleuses de lentisques ; tout gai! / Maurice Ravel
  • Ne poj, krasavica, op. 4/4 ; Siren', op. 21/5 ; vesennije vody, op. 14/1 / Sergei Rachmaninov
  • Chansons gaillardes. La maîtresse volage ; Chanson à boire ; madrigal / Francis Poulenc
  • Chansons villageoises. Cest le joli printemps ; les gars qui vont à la fête / Francis Poulenc
  • Flickån kam ifran sin älsklings möte, op. 4b ; I skogen / Wilhelm Stenhammer
  • Flickån kam ifran sin älsklings möte, op. 37/5 / Sibelius
  • A song for the lord mayr's table. The lord mayor's table ; holy thursday ; the contrast ; rhyme / William Walton
  • All mein' Gedanken, mein Herz und mein Sinn, op. 21/1 ; Du meines Herzens Krönelein, op. 21/2 ; Das Rosenband, op. 36/1 ; Hat gesagt, op. 36/3 / Richard Strauss
  • Ganymed, D 544 ; Der jungling and die Quelle, D 300 ; Der Musensohn, D 764 / Franz Schubert.

Composers :

  • Fauré, Gabriel, 1845-1924
  • Wolf, Hugo, 1860-1903
  • Ravel, Maurice, 1875-1937
  • Rachmaninoff, Sergei, 1873-1943
  • Poulenc, Francis, 1899-1963
  • Stenhammer, Wilhelm, 1871-1927
  • Sibelius, Jean, 1865-1957
  • Walton, William, 1902-1983
  • Strauss, Richard, 1864-1949
  • Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828

Advanced performance studies class

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place at Walter Hall.
Performers : Lorna MacDonald ; Kristen Moss, harp ; Gillian Howard, baroque oboe ; Richard Lee, baroque viola ; Gillian Epp, cello ; Adine Mintz, harpsichord ; Alyssa Michalsky, harp ; Anna Poltorak, flute ; David Corovillano, accordion ; Kimberley Pritchard, accordion ; Margaret Prime, flute ; Joey Roy, guitar ; Katherine Unrau, violin ; Susan Black, mezzo-soprano ; Elation Pauls, violin ; Grace Cho, viola ; Laura Bartow, cello ; Joy Lee, piano ; Brycellyn Woessner, harp ; Brittany Woessner, harp.
Event tracks :

  • Harp concerto in Bb major. 2nd movement / Handel
  • Sonata in F for oboe, viola ancd continuo / Locatelli
  • The swan / Saint-Saens
  • Stylus / Christos Hatzis
  • Bordel 1900 / Piazzolla
  • Tango. Etue no. 3 / Piazolla
  • Chanson perpetuelle / Chausson
  • Steel / Salzedo.

Composers :

  • Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1759
  • Locatelli, Pietro Antonio, 1695-1764
  • Saint-Saëns, Camille, 1835-1921
  • Hatzis, Christos, 1953-
  • Piazzolla, Astor
  • Chausson, Ernest, 1855-1899
  • Salzedo, Carlos, 1885-1961

Big noise

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers: Contemporary Music Ensemble ; Gary Kulesha, director.
Event tracks :

  • Overture on Hebrew themes (1919) / Sergei Prokofiev (Carlos Melendez, clarinet ; Galiano Quartet (Sarah Pratt, Shane Kim, violins ; Jeewon Kim, viola ; Jenny Yoon, cello) ; Gary Kulesha, piano)
  • Hymns #2 and #4 / Alfred Schnittke (Matt Swoboda, cello ; Brian Baty, bass ; Amber Hill, bassoon ; Luis Manuel Garcia, harpsichord ; Cecile Denis, harp ; Michael Gambacurta, timpani ; Charlene Jacks, bells)
  • Songs Probable and Improbable / Jasper Rooper (Angela Brubacher and Maria Knight, sopranos ; Elizabeth Janzen, piccolo ; Michael Gambacurta, percussion ; Gary Kulesha, piano)
  • Country Band March / Charles Ives (Elizabeth Janzen, flute and piccolo ; Carlos Melendez, clarinet ; Wallace Halladay, alto saxophone ; Donovan Fuller, trumpet ; Alex Eddington and Chris Richardson, trombones ; Aidan Pendleton, Katerina Kim, Michael Pallett, Kate Unrau, violins ; Michael Olsen, Monika Kulkowska, cellos ; Brian Baty, bass ; John Roney, piano ; Michael Gambacurta, percussion ; Gary Kulesha, piano)
  • Octet / Galina Ustvolskaya (John Roney, piano ; Rob D'Orante, Lief Mosbaugh, oboes ; Aidan Pendleton, Katerina Kim, Michael Pallett, Kate Unrau, violin ; Michael Gambacurta, timpani ; Gary Kulesha, conductor)
  • Kammermusik #1, op. 24 (1922) / Paul Hindemith (Elizabeth Janzen, flute, piccolo ; Carlos Melendez, clarinet ; Amber Hill, bassoon ; Donovan Fuller, trumpet ; David Carovillano, accordion ; Michael Gambacurta, percussion ; John Roney, piano ; Aidan Pendleton, Michael Pallett, violins ; Jeewon Kim, viola ; Michael Olsen, cello ; Brian Baty, bass ; Gary Kulesha, conductor).

Composers :

  • Prokofiev, Sergey, 1891-1953
  • Schnittke, Alfred, 1934-1998
  • Rooper, Jasper
  • Ives, Charles, 1874-1954
  • Ustvolʹskai︠a︡, Galina Ivanovna, 1919-2006
  • Hindemith, Paul, 1895-1963

University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : Measha Gosman (2nd work) ; Raffi Armenian, guest conductor.
Event tracks :

  • Overture to The Magic Flute / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Les Nuits d'été / Hector Berlioz
  • Symphony no. 4, op. 120 / Robert Schumann.

Composers :

  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791
  • Berlioz, Hector, 1803-1869
  • Schumann, Robert, 1810-1856
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