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Callahan, Annice
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Letters from Sr. Annice Callahan, R.S.C.J.

File consists of three letters from Sr. Annice Callahan, R.S.C.J., including an outline for her course "Spirituality: A Source for Theology," the monthly calendar of Regis College, and 17 of her poems. File also includes a paper about spirituality and Nouwen (possibly by a student in her course?).

Letters from Sr. Annice Callahan, RSCJ

File consists of five letters, one including a paper, an article and seminar outlines and lecture notes and another a course outline and handouts, from Sr. Annice Callahan, RSCJ, of Regis College (Toronto, ON), and two letters from Dr. George P. Schner, SJ, regarding the faculty seminar given by Callahan. File also includes drafts of two articles, "Henri Nouwen as a Prophet of Conversion" and "Dorothy Day and Henri Nouwen" and a paper, including an invitation to the canonization of Rose Philippine Duchesne, by Callahan (some edited by Nouwen?), written responses by students to a talk given by Nouwen at Regis College, a Regis College calendar for January - May 1989, and copies of two typed letters, one very long, from Nouwen. In this letter he writes: "My opinion is not that we minister best out of our needs and wounds, but that we minister best when we have recognized our own needs and have attended to our own wounds. Our needs and wounds can only be a source of our ministry when they have been acknowledged and given appropriate attention. When we would minister to others out of our needs and wounds, we would do harm to them. It is very important for us that we recognize how our needs and wounds can be a great source of our suffering and call us to an ever fuller surrender to God's first love, the love than can fulfill all our needs and heal all our wounds. As long as our needs are raw needs and our wounds are open wounds, we will inflict wounds on others and create needs in others without realizing it."

Letters from Sr. Annice Callahan, R.S.C.J.

File consists of letters from Sr. Annice Callahan, R.S.C.J., including a syllabus for her course at Regis College "Spiritual Guides for Today", which includes Nouwen's work, and a typescript of her book on spiritualities of the heart, "Henri Nouwen: The Heart as Home".