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Binder contains 306 B&W negatives, one photograph on plain paper and 78 B&W photographs depicting G. Biedelman's Psych experiment, the new campus police car, Commerce class with R. Serpkenci, portraits of D. Parry from the Registrar's Office, Physics prof. M. Lee, Physics prof. Fawcett, Humanities prof. L. Pickup, Librarian J. Ball, H. Jackson, Library staff T. Nicholson, Residence Dons J. Wilson, B. Houck, R. Ellahi, and B. Johnson the new Health Services staff including Dr. Crosby, History prof. M. Eksteins, L. Follows, R. Blake of Accounting, Psych prof. J. Kennedy, Botany professor C. Lombardi, Prof. J. Tawinoga, Zoology professor D. Williams, Nanki, Geography professor T. Relph, Humanities prof. P. Thompson, Drama professor K. Hobbs, Geology prof. K. Howard, L. Fairwell from Phys. Services, Biology professors J. Silver and J. Gurd, Residences Admin. staff, and Botany prof. G. Israelstam, students in the Co-Op program, the Campbell Award, Fine Art Egyptian Model with M. Shaw, squash and volleyball in the Rec Centre, Scar. College radio station, students in the library, students in lecture, students in the cafeteria, Presentation to the bus driver at Scar. College for the last shuttle run with J. Hope, Geology meeting at Guild Inn with J. Westgate and N. Eylesae (?), sod turning ceremony for the new Flume building with Ed. Fulton, film set on campus grounds, Flume construction with Prof. R. Bryan, "Women Writing Around the World" display in library, computer labs, Psych experiment with J. Kennedy, residences, Highland Creek Valley, Scar. College grounds, Orientation, Library Open House, Scar. Hall site, R. Wing wall for mural, new air conditioning system, Humanities Wing, Science Wing, cafeteria pictures for brochure, and Prof. A. Weatherley's Zoology fish experiment. Hand-written labels included are "G. Biedelman, Psychology", "New Campus Police Car", "Commerce Class Ray Serpkenci", "David Parry - Registrar", "M. Lee, Physics Dept. S.C.", "M. Lee, Physics", "Fawcett, Physics", "Ian Brown Lab Personnel [?] & Lois Pickup, Humanities", "Co-Op PGM", "J. Ball - Library Heather Jackson//Campbell Award", "Egyptian Model - M. Shaw, Fine Art", "T. Nicholson - Library", "Co- Op PRGM at Scar. College", "Co-Op PGM//Bev AB", "Rec. Centre Squash & Volley", "Scar. College Radio STN", "Scar. College Library", "Class & Cafeteria } Students", "Presentation to Bus Driver at Scar. College : Last Shuttle Run", "Geology Meeting at Guild Inn - J. Westgate/N. Eylesae", "Sod Turning Ceremony for new Flume BLDG", "Sod Turning Flume BLDG Ceremony - Ed Fulton", "Res. Dons - Joan Wilson & Bruce Houck", "Filming at Scar. College", "Movie Set at Scar. College plus Flume BLDG", "New Health Services Staff @ Scar. College", "Flume Construction", "Flume Construction with Prof. R. Bryan", "'Women Writing Around the World' Display in Library at Scar. College", "Computer Labs", "Psychology Exp. - J. Kennedy", "M. Eksteins History, S.C.", "Lisa Follows", "Rosanna Blake, Accounting", "Student Resudence Dons Rohela Ellahi, Brad Johnson", "Flume Construction Residences, Scar. College", "College Valley & Flume Construction", "Scar. College", "Orientation 88", "Health Services Dr. Crosby", "Profs John Kennedy - Psych Czesia Lombardi - Botany", "Prof. J. Tawinoga", "Prof. D. Williams - Zoology and Nanki - Passport", "Library Open House", "Health Services", "New Health Serv. Staff", "Prof. T. Relph - Geog P. Thompson - Humanities", "Kevin Hobbs Drama", "Scar. Hall

Architectural models and drawings; Architecture; Athletics and recreation; Automobiles; Award ceremonies; Ball, John L.; Bladen Library; Buses; Ceremonies and celebrations; Computers and technology; Construction; Department of Arts, Culture and Media; Department of Biological Sciences; Department of Historical and Cultural Studies; Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences; Department of Psychology; Faculty; Geography; Ground breaking ceremonies; Health; Highland Creek Valley (Ont.); History profram; Humanities Wing; Laboratories; Lectures; Librarians; Library; Meeting Place; Meetings; Open House; Physics and Astrophysics program; Professors; Psychology program; Recreation Wing; Registrar; Residential architecture; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Science Wing; Sculpture; Staff; Student residences; Students; Students and libraries; Students and teachers; Students - - Athletics and recreation; Studying; Thompson, R. Paul, 1947-; Transportation; University Buildings; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus. UTSC Library; Volleyball; Athletics; Science and Technology; Women; Buildings - Exteriors; Buildings - Construction; Buildings - Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - Ceremonies; Events - Convocations; Events - Meetings; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff- Research; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Grounds - Campus Views; Grounds - Landscapes; Portraits - Students; Portraits - Faculty and Staff; Students - General; Students - Activities

 [unlabeled blue zeiss binder]

File contains a total of 132 colour negatives depicting alumni at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; descriptions include: "Campus Police"; "Life Science Profs-1994"; "Health Services"; "Life Sciences"; "Petite Life Sciences"; Kukla, Hicks, Williams Life Sciencs"; "Life Science Profs 1994"; "Rec Centre"; "Marilyn Smith, Life Sciences";"CK Govind Life Science"; "Ferrin Life Sciences"; "Dion Life Science"; "Roberta Fulthorpe/95 Earth Science"; "Julie Hendelson-Life Science"; "Joan Foley, Life Sciences"; "Life Sciences, Steve Zaks, Brenda Brown, Lucy Pickering

Alumni; Alumni and alumnae; Alumni Association; Awards Ceremonies; Campus Police; Earth Sciences; Faculty; Faculty and Staff; Faculty and Staff-General; Graduation; Life Sciences; Portraits- Faculty and Staff; Scarborough (Ont). Staff; Students; University of Toronto Scarborough; Buildings - Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - Ceremonies; Events - Convocations; Events - General; Faculty and Staff - General; Grounds - Campus Views; Portraits - Students - Portraits - Faculty and Staff; Students - General; Students - Activities; Students - Associations and Clubs

 1998 2758-2851[2/2]

File [2 of 2] contains a total of 76 B&W negatives and 301 colour negatives depicting the Miller Lash House, Award ceremonies, Portraits of Alumni, Events on Campus etc.; B&W negatives and coloured negatives are placed in archival preservers; descriptions include: "Miller Lash House Interior Insurance Photos"; "Fran With Students"; "Theme US Photo Exhibit, Cultural- Event"; "Graduation Event '98-Celebration-Commencement"; "Cynthia Bishop Management Co- op-Student Placement 1998"; "Biology Students, 1998"; "Art Openings"; "Opera Symposium- 1998"; "Library Staff"; "Barbecue Retirement"; "Summer Camp, Children, Colour"; "Paul Thompson-Campus Walkabout-Visitors, Dignitaries, Meeting, Colour" "Academic Services- Barbecue"; "Residence-Scar"; "Graduation"; "Daycare Groupshot"; "Computer Co-op"; "Graduation"; "Folley Miller Lash House" "Graduation 1980"; "Party-1981"; "Barek CITD, Multimedia, Art Cafe"; "Reception, John Perz"; "Biology"; "Linda Lange-Philosophy Portrait"; "Drama Prague Group-Alliance Chamber Ensemble"; "Drama, Theatre Cultural Prague Colour"; "Shana-Drama Student"; "Governing Council-Management-Co-op"; "Physics Awards Ceremony- Chemistry"; "Residence Students"; "Thompson Award Ceremony-Physics"; "Awards Ceremony Events"; Lhak Singh, Biology Student"; "Scar Insert, Rochelle Stralker"; "Co-op Students- Clayton Pereira, Stephanie Dillon, Scar Insert Colour"; "Geology, Earth Science"; "Tom Nowers, Associate Dean Student Services-Colour" "Scar Insert, Krashinkskt, Cleveland, Hyatt, Group Portrait, Colour"; "Students Sandy Ordee- Hida Abraha, Scar Insert, Colour Biology"; "Student Placement, Science Centre, Cranford, Arts Administration Co-op"; "Recreation Mohsin Bukhari, Scar Insret, Colour"; "Computer Co-op Management"

Academic Services; Alumni; Alumni and alumnae; Alumni Association; Art; Arts Administration Co-op; Awards Ceremonies; Biology; Celebrations and Ceremonies; Commencement; Computer Co-op Management; Cultural Affairs; Environmental Science; Events-Performances; Events-Party; Faculty; Faculty and Staff; Faculty and Staff-General; Geology; International Development Studies-IDS; Library; Management; Miller Lash House; Music & Culture Program; Open House; Performances; Physics; Portraits- Faculty and Staff; Portraits- Students; Principal; Professors; Programmes; Registrar; Residence; Scarborough (Ont). Staff; Students; Students- Drama; Students-Music; Students- Drama and Music; Student Services; Theatre; Thompson- Paul; University of Toronto Scarborough; Buildings - Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - Ceremonies; Events - Convocations; Events - General; Events - Performances; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Grounds - Campus Views; Portraits - Students - Portraits - Faculty and Staff; Students - General; Students - Activities; Students - Associations and Clubs

…No longer than ten (10) minutes / R. Murray Schafer

File contains score, with inscription to Feldbrill from the composer with thanks for the premiere performance, and a looseleaf sheet wishing Feldbrill a "Merry Xmas" from R. Murray Schafer. The piece was commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and dedicated to Eugene Rittich.

Schafer, R. Murray

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