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Decade Book

The book contains detailed information on the establishment of Scarborough college and its early history as described by the first dean of Scarborough College. Also includes a message from David Onley, and a detailed history on student newspapers and student expression on campus.

Research: Peasant Movement Project

Series consists of documentation related to Prof. Hassanpour’s Peasant Movement Project. This project intended to historicize and analyze the Mukriyan peasant movement from 1952 to 1953. Research included interviews organized by Prof. Hassanpour and studies of archival documents including United States Consulate- reports from Tabriz, declassified documents from the U.S. State Department and historical newspapers and dailies. Prof. Hassanpour’s work on this project spanned a large portion of his academic career: beginning his research in the 1970s, he finalized the planned manuscript prior to passing away in 2017. Material in this series includes background research, files related to the administration of the project, and recordings of interviews conducted with individuals who has witnessed or participated in the movement. Please see sub-series descriptions for additional detail.

Amir Hassanpour fonds

  • UTA 1372
  • collection
  • 1920 - 2017

Fonds consists of records documenting the professional and personal life of Prof. Hassanpour, Kurdish-Iranian Marxist scholar and Professor at UofT’s Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. Material reflects key areas of Prof. Hassanpour’s research, most significantly Kurdish history and culture; the history of political movements, grassroots organization, and class struggle in Iran, Iraq and Turkey; and communication theory and sociolinguistics. Material includes correspondence with colleagues and scholars internationally, documentation of research with particular focus on Prof. Hassanpour’s dissertation and his Peasant Movement Project, records relating to conference presentations, interviews, and teaching, as well as his publishing activity.

Prof. Hassanpour was deeply invested in the preservation of Kurdish oral, visual, and textual documentary heritage as a response to the historical state suppression of cultural-political struggle of Kurdish people. Reflected in records throughout the fonds is Prof. Hassanpour’s work in pursuing the establishment of Kurdish Studies as a discipline, his work editing journals related to Kurdistan, and his effort in exposing and circulating books on Kurdish Studies to libraries and research institutions internationally. Prof. Hassanpour also actively collected and preserved Kurdish texts, dailies, and visual materials. This material is included in Series 9 (Reference material) and through bibliographic and audio material held in other repositories at the University of Toronto Libraries (please see the related material note below).

Hassanpour, Amir

Transcripts, questionnaires, and recordings

Sub-series includes transcripts, questionnaires, and recordings from the Kurdish oral history project which Professor Hassanpour designed and led as part of his historiography of the Peasant Movement in Mukriyan Kurdistan.

Publications - General

This series contains publications of books, journals and other research in which Blissymbols are the topic of study. It includes materials that were not published directly by Blissymbolics Communication Institute - Canada, but they may have involvement by way of granting copyright for the use of Blissymbols.

Being Sexual: An Illustrated Series on Sexuality and Relationships

This sub-series contains the published volumes of Being Sexual: An Illustrated Series on Sexuality and Relationships and “After You Tell” written by Susan E. Ludwig. Being Sexual was a 17 volume series published by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SEICCAN) in 1993. The purpose of the publication was to provide clear sexuality education for young adults and adults with developmental disabilities, problems with speech, literary, learning or communication. The volumes are written in English alongside a Blissymbol translation. The Blissymbolics Communication institute provided the symbol translation for each volume.

There are 17 volumes total covering the following topics: Relationships, A Woman’s Body, A Man’s Body, Adolescence, Male Masturbation, Female Masturbation, Heterosexual Intercourse, Human Reproduction, Birth Control, Homosexuality, Sexuality and Physical Disability, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS, Sexual Self Advocacy, Sexual Abuse, Sexuality and Aging and the Being Sexual Teaching Manual. “After You Tell” is a book which describes what an individual should expect after an individual reports sexual abuse to the authorities. At the back of each volume there is a glossary of the Blissymbols used.

Sex Information and Education Council of Canada

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